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“I\'m not hurt!” Qin Wanru shook her head and comforted her, “grandma asked me to see how is the arrangement here, and what do you need If there were any shortages, I\'d buy them and arrange them for you.

Grandma said that she wanted you to marry into General\'s Mansion with other people\'s respect, and she didn\'t want you to feel wronged.”

Qin Wanru took out several cheques from her sleeves and handed them over to Shui Ruolan\'s hands, “Aunt Shui, grandma was afraid that you didn\'t have enough money, so she asked me to send you more.”

Looking at the cheques in her hand and realizing they were Old Grandma\'s private money, Shui Ruolan felt her nose went sour and wanted to cry.

Old Grandma was treating her as a daughter and was doing everything for her with all efforts for years.

“Aunt Shui, if there is anything wrong, just ask Nanny Duan to come back and tell them, here is not the mansion!” Qin Wanru blinked her beautiful eyes and reminded Shui Ruolan.

Shui Ruolan got calmed, and sharpness flashed in her eyes because she was not stupid.

Of course she understood Qin Wanru\'s meaning, so she nodded her head immediately, “Wanru, don\'t be worry, if there were anything wrong, I wouldn\'t force myself to make it.”

Qin Wanru became less concerned on hearing this.

She was so worried that Shui Ruolan underestimated any accidents and became impulsive.

When that really happened, everything would be too late!

Now that everything was negotiated and tackled with, Qin Wanru talked with Shui Ruolan for a few sentences and tossed a glimpse at Nanny Duan, and then she retreated.

Nanny Duan also followed behind her.

“Nanny Duan, can you do me a favor to find out who was slapped by Qing Yue by the door just now And send someone to watch him.” Standing in the corridor, Qin Wanru whispered to her.

That filthy look man was very suspicious, and if she didn\'t pay much attention to him, he could have escaped!

Nanny Duan understood the gravity of this issue, so she nodded her head as the response and asked someone to follow that man.

Before long, they heard about the man in detail.

“He is a lock jerk who idles around, getting married once and having an old mother in his home.

However, his wife found he didn\'t have a decent job and was living off others, so she ran away with others.

All in all, he was not a good person, and he also made friends with riff-raffs.

Nanny Duan reported all she heard to Qin Wanru.

“Where was this bully idling usually” Qin Wanru stood on the path, picking up a red maple leaf from the ground and checking one of its holes, and asked indifferently.

“I heard he was idling in some villages here, and he did a great job in idling around because many people knew him, so he was kind of somebody here.” Nanny Duan was a meticulous person, and she had prepared to answer Qin Wanru questions before Qin Wanru asked her to collect these messages.

“He is not finding troubles in Jiangzhou” Qin Wanru said.

“No, he isn\'t in Jiangzhou.

There are many jerks in Jiangzhou town, and he is not qualified to get ranked in this list.

So he should better idle in his own territory.

In the past days, he was leading a life that would not make him starve to death, but without any reason, he became a little bit rich recently.” Nanny Duan frowned and as she was talking about this man, she found something weird.

“What did that happen” Qin Wanru raised her eyebrows, and a slight smile showed on her pinky little face because she understood now.

“Last night, he not only brought much food for his mother, but also he invited some of his brothers who used to follow him and had a feast.”

Nanny Duan has undertaken many experiences, although it was Qin Wanru who kept asking her and she was answering, she still realized some underlying meanings, “Second Miss, is there anything wrong with this jerk Why he earned so many money by the time Miss Shui was about to get married, and he even invited some jerks like him to eat a big meal, what he was scheming”

The deeper they thought, the more suspicious it became.

“Initially, I was only thinking to figure out what kind of person was vilifying General\'s Mansion in the crowd, Nanny Duan, do you think I should tell this to grandma” Qin Wanru bit her little lips and put on an embarra.s.sing look which made her childish little face so adorable.

She shook the maple leaf in her hand and narrowed her feline eyes!

“For this issue, you should better not tell Old Grandma now, and I\'ll ask others to have an eye on him, ensuring he won\'t t do something like he did that day.” Nanny Duan thought for a while and said.

Before they figured it out clearly, Nanny Duan thought they should not startle Old Grandma because if it were only a small issue or they didn\'t have pieces of evidence, Old Grandma was only sharing their astonishment and concerns, and that had no help at all!

“Then I have to bother Nanny Duan to concern about this issue.

If you found something else, please remember to tell grandma or father.” Qin Wanru lifted her head and looked at Nanny Duan and told her.

Nanny Duan was a prudent person, and this issue really mattered, allowing no mistake at all!

“Don\'t worry Second Miss, I understand.” Nanny Duan looked very grave because the reiteration of Qin Wanru showed that she was really thinking of this issue.

Qin Wanru picked up the leaf by her hands and approached to that hole on it, lifting her head and looking through the hole where a broken sky unfolded in front of her eyes.

The sky was vast, but because of the hole on the leaf, she could only see a small scale of it, and maybe that was the meaning of the proverb—-man couldn\'t see the forest for the trees! She smiled faintly and She bent up her lips slightly.

At this place, she was not the only one who couldn\'t see the forest for the trees!

After the conversation with Nanny Duan, Qin Wanru didn\'t linger for long but went to the room of Shui Ruolan and said goodbye to her.

Then she brought Qing Yue back to Jingxin Monastery and prepared to wait for news from Nanny Duan calmly.

She and Nanny Duan neither mentioned Madam Di, but they both understood Madam Di inevitably got involved in it.

For the next few days, Qin Wanru went through in peace.

In the morning, she would visit Jing Qiu Nun for medical learning, and in the afternoon, she would talk with Old Grandma for making her happy!

Since she laid the foundation in her previous life, she learned everything quickly.

Jing Qiu Nun found it was nothing hard for her to learn the basic, so she skipped some elementary parts and taught her acupuncture.

In a few days, Qin Wanru\'s hands were dotted with multiple needle marks, especially on the part where her thumb met the wrist because that was the most convenient part for doing the acupuncture.

However, her hands, white, flawless, and tender before she learned medicine, were red and swollen.

Old Grandma felt so worried about her that she almost forced Qin Wanru to stop learning.

However, Qin Wanru had made up her mind, and she continued learning even though her hands were as swollen as steamed buns.

She didn\'t say any complaints but was always smiling like a flower.

Therefore, Old Grandma couldn\'t say anything!

Fortunately, she located her needles accurately except for those beginning ones, and her swollen hands gradually came back to normal.

Additionally, Jing Qiu Nun made her medicine for reducing her swollen condition, and it worked well!

Few days pa.s.sed by, one afternoon when Qin Wanru talked with Old Grandma for a while, she left Old Grandma and saw Nanny Duan was coming towards her in a hurry, so she stopped.

“Second Miss!” Nanny Duan was walking quickly, which made her perspire seriously.

She made an abrupt stop when she saw Qin Wanru blocked the yard\'s gate with her small body.

Wiping her sweat away, she considered Qin Wanru as her leader for somewhat reasons.

“Nanny, is there anything wrong” Finding Nanny Duan\'s sweat on her face, Qin Wanru waved to her and turned to stand aside, and then she asked Nanny Duan in a low voice.

“Second Miss, something terrible really happened! It was the thing that you asked me to watch out!” Nanny Duan, wearing a pale face, followed her and she looked terrible.

Before she stopped, she whispered to Qin Wanru.

“What did you know now” Qin Wanru felt nervous, “it\'s Aunt Shui and father\'s wedding ceremony tomorrow, so that\'ll happen on tomorrow”

Because of the wedding, tomorrow would be the day critical to all of them which allowed not a single mistake, and Old Grandma and Qin Wanru would go down the mountain for tomorrow.

“I heard that those local bullies were planning to smash the bridal sedan chair as what… what Second Miss had done on the day in front of the mansion\'s gate before.” Nanny Duan wiped her sweat on her forehead again.

It was such a critical issue that she couldn\'t decide herself, and she never thought that this would startle Old Grandma.

“How dare they” Qing Yue said furiously, “didn\'t they feel scared of general\'s punishment”

“They said… they said it was your behavior of smas.h.i. ng the bridal sedan chair inspired them, and they\'ll learn from you and do the same thing.

They said it was her previous marriage\'s relatives didn\'t allow Miss Shui to remarry!”

Since Nanny Duan received this information, she felt like a cat on hot bricks.

There was nothing worthwhile for gossiping on the general\'s side, but it was troublesome if people were gossiping about Miss Shui.

Miss Shui was a widow now, and if she didn\'t win her ex-husband\'s family\'s permission and aroused a huge fight, even if the general finally married Miss Shui, she and the general\'s reputation would be both ruined.

Moreover, general\'s hands were tied because he couldn\'t punish Miss Shui\'s previous husband relatives, or it would be harmful and indecent.

“They learned from me and wanted to smash the bridal sedan chair” Qin Wanru laughed, “Nanny Duan, you sure your information was reliable”

“It\'s very reliable.

I paid attention to them after Second Miss you left that day.

I asked two people to watch them and both of them made this conclusion, “Second Miss, this….

this is Madam\'s idea, right” Nanny Duan hesitated for a few seconds and said directly.

Although Second Miss was not an adult and she was a little bit shorter than her, Nanny Duan felt Second Miss was intelligent and sensible, so she felt secure to tell this thing to her before telling others.

“Don\'t tell this to grandma, tell father! You go down the mountain right now and find father, and then you tell him those bullies are finding troubles for us and ask him to put them into jail first.” Qin Wanru\'s voice was gentle, but she said it in a strict and severe way without any hesitations, “make sure that all of them are caught in case they make troubles tomorrow.”

“So… just tell general to catch them without any reasons After all, we don\'t have any solid evidence!” Although Nanny Duan was experienced enough, her tactics were all picked up in her life in the backyard and she thought it was impossible to persuade anyone if lacking evidence.

“Nanny, if what you described happened, do you think it will influence father and Aunt Shui” Qin Wanru put on a stern face and asked seriously.

“Yes, great impact.

Miss Shui couldn\'t lift her head in front of others, and general\'s reputation… would get influenced.” Nanny Duan thought and said.

“That\'s not enough.

If Aunt Shui\'s ex-husband\'s family made a sensation and smashed the bridal sedan chair, it would be so shameful for Aunt Shui, and she didn\'t dare to go outside.

For father, if someone were targeting on this issue, father\'s career path would be blocked!” Qin Wanru sneered and her long eyelashes fluttered.

“These two points mentioned above, evidence would be less significant.

You tell father, and I believe he would make his decision clear.”

Something like these, evidence was unnecessary, as long as they found anything suspicious, eliminating would be their only solution.

Qin Wanru believed Qin Huaiyong had resolution and courage.

Although Qin Wanru was digging the seriousness of this issue, she still looked calmed which soothed Nanny Duan too.

She nodded her head, “Second Miss, then I won\'t visit Old Grandma but turn to meet the general”

“Yes, hurry up, and come back quickly and stay with Aunt Shui.

I\'ll leave the mountain with grandma, but I\'m afraid it won\'t be easy.” Qin Wanru nodded her head and coldness flashed in her eyes.

Now that Madam Di was making trouble with Shui Ruolan\'s wedding, she wouldn\'t let them go easily.

Madam Di didn\'t want Shui Ruolan to marry into General\'s Mansion smoothly.

On the one hand, she would deal with Shui Ruolan\' business, and on the other hand, she would find trouble with grandma.

“Yes, Second Miss, then I leave!” Nanny Duan knew this thing didn\'t allow any procrastination, so she turned around and left.

Initially, she had no idea but sought to ask Old Grandma for a plan, and now she knew it was useless to tell Old Grandma after she understood Qin Wanru\'s words.

Therefore, she left Jingxin Monastery and jumped on her little carriage which brought her here and went down the mountain.

Qin Wanru went to the yard where carriages of all families were placed there and the carriage of Ningyuan Army General\'s Mansion was waiting there already.

A cart driver saw her and bowed to her in a hurry, “Second Miss, when\'ll Old Grandma go down the mountain I\'m ready for everything now!”

“Everything was ready” Qin Wanru picked up her eyebrows and asked.

“Yes, Second Miss, everything was ready.” The cart driver replied respectfully, but when he finished his sentence, a ma.s.sive sound stunned everyone, and they all turned around, and a horrible scene came into their sight astonis.h.i. ngly…


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