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The lock dropped!

Qing Yue almost goggled as she couldn\'t believe that the still tightly locked chain dropped on the ground.

She mumbled, “It was… it was not locked, and it was only hanging on the door!”

Who could know that this lock was only put on the chain but never locked the door

“Good, sharp observation!” A laugh came from the room inside the door.

“Mingqiu Nun!” Qin Wanru stepped back and said with profound respect.

The door was opened in Qing Yue\'s astonishment, and a nun showed herself up in front of them.

She was in her thirties and looked much younger than Jingxin Monastery master.

Wearing a plain cloth, she looked beautiful, gentle and amiable with her slender eyes looking at Qin Wanru.

“You really want to learn medicine” Mingqiu Nun smiled at Qin Wanru gently.

“I really want to learn medicine!” Qin Wanru nodded her head, and she kneeled, “please, nun, let me be your student!”

Mingqiu Nun didn\'t reply her instantly, she looked at Qin Wanru\'s face for more observations, and that made her smile more obvious.

She thought Qin Wanru could be a good student before, but she was refused by Old Madam Qin and Qin Wanru in the past.

Later, she discarded this idea, and for this time, Qin Wanru wanted to learn again, but she was afraid that this was only her short interest, so she set several examinations for her on purpose.

Examinations for plots, observations, and patience!

And Qin Wanru pa.s.sed all of them!

She was more satisfied with Qin Wanru, “since then, you can follow me and learn medicine!”

Hearing Mingqiu Nun\'s response, Qin Wanru went exhilaration, and she made several solemn Chinese salutes profoundly and respectfully to Mingqiu Nun.

Mingqiu Nun supported her to stand up with a smile and took her inside the room.

After they got back to the room, Qin Wanru bowed to Mingqiu Nun respectfully again and served her the tea which Qing Yue just gave to her.

Then she stood up as asked.

“Did you read the medical book I just gave to you” Asked Mingqiu Nun who received her tea and took a sip, putting it aside.

“Yes, I read it!” Qin Wanru answered.

“Since then, I\'ll give you a short test!”

“Master, please give me the test!”

“You don\'t need to call me master because you\'re not a nun but daughter of a prestigious family.

My student was supposed to be a nun, so you still call me nun!” Mingqiu Nun said and smiled.

“Yes!” Qin Wanru nodded her head and reply.

Next, Mingqiu Nun asked her some questions about the contents and practical operations on the medical book.

With the medical skills of her previous life, adding with the knowledge she carefully learned after the rebirth in her current life.

No matter what the Mingqiu Nun asked, Qin Wanru could answer fluently without any stammer.

Her performance made Mingqiu Nun much more satisfied.

Entering in the inner room with a not large iron box in her hands, she pushed it to Qin Wanru, “you go to my sister\'s place and take the medical book there.

The book in her hand, which concentrates on operational practice, is the following one of the book in your hand.

I\'ll deliver you specific solutions of syndromes and a set of golden needles used in acupuncture.

Now you\'re living in Jingxin Monastery, so you come to learn here every morning, and then you go back.

For the beginning and the middle of the month, you\'ll come here for learning practical operations!”

Thanks, nun!” Qin Wanru was thrilled, and she took the box by both of her hands respectfully.

Returning from Mingqiu Nun\'s place, Qin Wanru visited the Zen room of Jingxin Monastery master and took the following medical book before visiting Old Grandma.

Old Grandma was in stable condition and good mood, but worrying about Shui Ruolan\'s wedding business of not getting fully prepared, so she asked Qin Wanru to go and check if there was anything required.

But no matter what was needed, money was never a concern as Old Grandma took another five money cheques with Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanru knew Old Grandma was afraid that Madam Di made any other troubles.

She nodded her head as she was concerned about Madam Di who didn\'t have a personality for settling down, so even if Old Grandma didn\'t mention it, she wanted to visit Shui Ruolan.

The village at the foot of Jingxin Monastery was not large, but it was decorated and people\'s enthusiasm ignited the atmosphere.

A large “Xi” (happiness) was hanging at the front gate, spreading the news that this family was about to have a wedding ceremony.

People in the village found this suddenly emerging wedding interesting, so crowds of people were gathering outside the house in groups and gossiping about the details.

Some people were gathering around the door when Qin Wanru arrived in a carriage.

They were only for watching the scene for fun, and when a carriage arrived, some bold ones would turn to the front of the carriage for witnessing the person sitting inside.

The carriage stopped at the door, waiting for Qing Yue to support Qin Wanru get down it, and everyone around was exclaiming overwhelmingly.

“Who\'s… who\'s the Miss She looks so attractive like a fairy.” Someone was whispering aside.

“Is this Second Miss Qin” It seemed that someone had seen her before, and his exclamation was a little bit loud, which appealed Qin Wanru to look aside slightly and a thirty years old man came into his sight.

The man was wearing like an ordinary village person, very skinny and obscene, and he shunned away from Qin Wanru\' searching.

Qin Wanru turned around and was supported by Qing Yue for walking inside.

“Second Miss Qin Which family\'s Second Miss” Someone asked in a lowered voice because he didn\'t get Qin Wanru\'s ident.i.ty.

Many people have a surname called Qin in Jiangzhou, not only the Qin Mansion of Ningyuan Army General or other affluent and populated Qin Mansions, the countrymen would consider all of them as wealthy families, and all the misses were qualified to be called as Miss.

“The Second Miss from Ningyuan Army General\'s Mansion!” It was still the voice of that man.

Sneering appeared on Qin Wanru\'s lips.

She was hanging around on the street in the past, but because she was less favored than Qin Yuru and couldn\'t wander on the road as free as Qin Yuru, she then had fewer chances to walk on the way.

A normal man in the village could recognize her in a second with substantial certainty, and he had dishonest behaviors, it was never a normal anymore.

“She was the one… who smashed the bridal sedan chair… “His words reminded many people, and they realized all of a sudden.

Qin Wanru went into the yard and waved her hands to ask others closing the gate.

However, she didn\'t leave but stood there.

“That was exactly the Second Miss Qin, n.o.body know what she is plotting.

Is she planning to marry Big Prince of the Magistrate Qi again” The man instigated the crowds with his words out of the door, and his voice was not low, which allowed Qin Wanru to hear him inside the door.

Her cherry lips showed a beautiful curl when she was smiling, but it looked cold.

“No way!”

“Impossible, wasn\'t that marriage dissolved” Someone doubted.

The whole thing was influential enough to make everyone in Jiangzhou.

The countrymen were absent by then, but they all heard about it.

“You\'ll wait and see it, and it would be a great show! We\'ll see her smash the bridal sedan chair!” The man said in a proud voice.

Then he spoke some provocative words, and Qing Yue became outrageous, “Miss, I\'ll teach him a lesson in case he was speaking nonsense there.”

“Ok, take the two old women by the door with you!” Qin Wanru didn\'t stop her but turned around and smiled.

Her smile underlined her prestige and her power.

“Yes, Miss!” Qing Yue didn\'t expect Qin Wanru would agree with her request so fast that she became so surprised and led the two rough old women with her opening the door.

The two old women held two thick sticks by the door in her hands.

The front gate was opened abruptly; Qing Yue walked out and turned to the man\'s direction.

The two old women were standing behind her with thick sticks.

Everyone outside the door got stunned on seeing their behaviors.

Qin Wanru turned out as well.

Standing at the front door, she watched the scene indifferently.

The man shrank back behind other people.

But Qing Yue was coming towards him which allowed him to go nowhere.

She stood in front of him and slapped him in his face, “smash the bridal sedan chair You want to try again” “Or you want to make a trouble again”

“Ah, how could you slap me” The man who got slapped became stunned.

He caressed his scorching face and snarled in a sudden realization, and then he wanted to slap Qing Yue as well.

Finis.h.i. ng the slap, Qing Yue stepped back already, and the two old women stepped forward with sticks in their hands which intimidated the man from making things worse.

“Who are you And why are you speaking nonsense here Do you want to make a mess” Qing Yue sneered.

She picked up some of Qin Wanru\'s styles and behaviors in these days, and now she was doing a good job.

“You little girl, what\'re you driveling about!” The man barked, “Everyone was gossiping, and why did you beat us So General\'s Mansion doesn\'t allow people to talk!”

He was undoubtedly making trouble because he was exaggerating his issue to everybody\'s business, and place General\'s Mansion to the opposite of everyone, and that was not something an ordinary countryman would do.

Qin Wanru sneered and waited for him to reply.

No matter what was going, this shouldn\'t be a calculated occasion.

She would unveil the things and beat people off the guard.

“Others were only watching for fun, but you\'re vilifying our General\'s Mansion.

I don\'t know which sent you as a spy, but how dare you vilifying General\'s Mansion!” Qing Yue sneered and stepped forward, “who gave you the courage that you dared to do something like this!”

She made an aggressive remark which upgraded his behavior opposite to General\'s Mansion, and now everyone on site felt unbearable.

People looked around and walked back, leaving that man alone.

“What… What nonsense! I\'m only here for watching something funny… how could I gossip about so many things!” The man went into a panic when he saw the crowd hiding him was retreating, and he argued loudly.

“You were only watching this bustle, but still finding troubles on purpose.

You really had dirty intentions even for watching a show.

Don\'t make us find you doing anything wrong, or… you\'ll get punished by your criminal behaviors!” Qing Yue sneered and warned him, and then she walked towards Qin Wanru with two old women following behind her.

Qin Wanru was looking at the man and saw his facial expression changed and became more panic than the moment Qing Yue slapped in his face, because he now had new ideas.

She brought Qing Yue back to the yard.

Shui Ruolan got the message already and asked someone to invite her.

In the main room, the red silk was hanging down, and the red “Xi” was attached to everyone.

Shui Ruolan\'s clothes were not pure red but were not as plain as what she was wearing as usual.

She wore a blue outfit with red patterns embroidered on it which her look younger than regular days.

“Wanru, what just happened” She saw Qin Wanru and pulled her over.

Then she checked her face and found no accident, and this made her relieved.

The accident happened outside the door was reported to her early.


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