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“Go and get the key to the room next to my sister Wanrus room!” Shao Yanru looked at Han Dan and said coldly.

“First… First Miss, you want the key to that room” Han Dan said in a shiver.

“What Is there a problem” Shao Yanrus face darkened.

“No… no… uh… theres… a small problem.

All keys are in the hands of the nanny in charge.

Im afraid its hard to get it!” She touched the key in her chest pocket and said in a panic.

She was indeed shocked and frightened.

Fifth Miss Shao had taken away the key to the room next to First Miss Shaos room from her.

She asked her to take out the two keys, but she just took away one key, saying that she took it for another purpose.

She also asked her not to hand over the other one so easily.

Was the person she referred to First Miss Shao

Han Dan felt a chill at the center of her spine as if something had gone through that spot and numerous eyes were staring at her from the dark.

So, she couldnt help wanting to see if Fifth Miss Shao was in the dark behind her!

The calculation was so accurate!

Thinking of Fifth Miss Shao who was like this, how could Han Dan not feel panicky In fact, she was more willing to let Fifth Miss Shao go to the palace.

With such calculation and her beautiful looks, she was most likely to become outstanding.

“Is that difficult” Shao Yanru said sulkily.

She looked eerie in the lamplight.

“The nanny in charge always brings the unused keys with her.

Its so hard to take it away secretly.

But dont worry, First Miss.

Ill try my best to get the key.”

Han Dan calmed down and spoke with loyalty.

Fifth Miss Shao had given her word: if she did as she was asked to do, she would be fine and get a lot of benefits in the future.

Hearing these words, Shao Yanru looked a little placid and nodded, saying, “Is there anything unusual about my sister Wanru”

“Nothing is unusual about Fifth Miss, but…” After a moment of hesitation, she stole a glance at Shao Yanrus face in fear.

“If you have anything to say, just say it.

Anything youve seen!” Shao Yanru became kinder and kinder.

She even raised her hand, signaling to Han Dan to rise.

With a smile, Shuqi took her and helped her up.

“A little eunuch came to see Fifth Miss when you were having your meal, First Miss.

The eunuch looks familiar to me.

He seems… seems…” Han Dan lowered her head slightly.

“Whose man” Shao Yanru became nervous and felt something bad.

“He seems to be Prince Yues man.

You know that Prince Yue came here with a little eunuch.

I paid special attention to him and found that he is Prince Yues man,” Han Dan said as Shao Wanru had told her.

Shao Yanru had been suspicious of Chu Liuyue.

Hearing what Han Dan said, she immediately believed it.

She stood up angrily and pressed the corner of the table hard, feeling that Chu Liuyue didnt care about her so much simply because of Shao Wanru.

“What did they say and do” Shao Yanru asked angrily.

“I couldnt hear them clearly, nor did I dare to get too close.

The eunuch stayed there for a short time.

Even if I wanted to go over, it was too late.

But I saw that the eunuch talked to Fifth Miss respectfully.

He saluted Fifth Miss Shao again and again and also gave her a small delicate jewelry box!” Han Dan said.

Shao Yanru trembled with anger.

Chu Liuyue had always been nice to her and given her a lot of gifts.

The good head-ornaments and jewelry in her hands were Chu Liuyues gifts to her.

She knew that the man would give a woman jewelry if he liked her.

But now, he had sent jewelry to Shao Wanru, not her, which meant that he cherished that woman more than her

She got angry with her lips shaking.

She picked up the cup of tea on the table, gulped it down, and then put the cup heavily down.

“Get the key quickly.

Ill give you handsome rewards!”

“Thank you very much, First Miss.

I will get it as soon as possible.

Dont worry, First Miss!” Han Dan said hurriedly with gratitude.

Shao Yanru waved her hand and Han Dan left.

Shuqi saw her off to the door and let her leave only when she found that no one was around outside.

Shao Yanru also took the next day to rest, and she claimed that her legs could not move.

When Shao Wanru got back, it was already after lunchtime.

And all the people had lunch together.

When she walked past Shao Yanrus room, she found that that door was closed.

She turned her eyes and went to her room.

When she walked past Shao Cailings room, she saw a closed lock, which, however, didnt lock the door, and smiled silently.

Han Dan had already come and reported that the key had been taken away by Shao Yanru.

She walked back to Shao Caihuans room.

Then, Yujie took out a key from her chest pocket, opened the lock, removed the lock from the door handle, hung it, and closed it, looking like the door was locked.

Those who were not careful would think the door was locked.

After all, the lock was closed.

Yujie was fast.

The two of them paused for a moment and then went back.

When she got back in her room and sat down, Yujie brought her tea.

She drank the tea and then said, “Let me see what the gift is.”

“Miss, Ive seen it.

It is a set of head-ornaments inlaid with extremely beautiful ruby and pearls.

Such exquisite head-ornaments are not something that ordinary people can have.

Ive never seen such beautiful head-ornaments in so many years.

This set is much more beautiful than the one that First Miss wore last time!”

The last set that Yujie mentioned was, in fact, a gift from Chu Liuyue to Shao Yanru.

The reason why Yujie remembered it so clearly was that Shao Yanru had been dressed so beautifully that day.

And Shuqi, who followed her, had repeatedly hinted that no better one could be found in the whole capital.

It was not only expensive, but it also showed the status of the wearer.

“Miss, having this set of jewelry alone proves that you are nobler than First Miss and that you are cherished more than she… is,” Yujie said with a smile.

It was hard to say something clearly, and such vague words sounded even more convincing.

Next door, Shao Yanru tugged her handkerchief and clenched her teeth in fury.

Chu Liuyue had indeed given Shao Yanru a set of jewelry, which was even better than the one in her hands.

The envy and hatred were like thousands of ants gnawing her heart.

She couldnt wait to go over and slap Shao Wanru a few times, asking her to hand over the jewelry.

That was hers.

She was the future Princess Yue.

“Stop that.

People will think wildly if they find it out!” Shao Wanru said in a soft, low voice.

But Shao Yanru thought that she was shameless, lowly, and vulgar when she heard it.

She thought, “Do you really think that you are Chu Liuyues sweetheart only with a set of jewelry Ill never let your dream come true!”

Standing beside her with her head lowered, Shuqi didnt dare to utter a single word.

She knew that her Miss was quite resentful.

“Miss, this is nothing… Didnt you see it yesterday First Miss tried to lean against Prince Yue like a vulnerable bird.

That was so ridiculous.

Prince Yue didnt take her seriously, but she still thought that she was important.

Earlier, when First Miss fell into the water, Prince Yue saw it clearly.

Does she really believe that Prince Yue doesnt care about it and still wants her to be his princess”

Yujie mocked unabashedly.

The voice went straight to Shao Yanrus ears, and her heart seemed to be hit hard.

She felt great pain and was flustered.

She didnt want to think about this incident, but she warned herself repeatedly: now everyone thought it was Shao Jieer who fell into the water, and it had nothing to do with her; It was also Shao Jieer who wanted to marry into Prince Qings Mansion, and it had nothing to do with her.

However, no matter how much she said to herself, she could not fool herself that she did not feel the guilt.

If it had not been for all kinds of reasons, she would not have joined the Consort Selection at this time.

Instead, she should have worked out ways to be a bystander.

When the fight for the throne had come to an end, she would come out to pick the fruit of victory.

Prince Yue and Prince Zhou clearly knew that it was she who fell into the water.

She couldnt figure out the scene at that time, but she could guess it.

All men hated such things.

Was it because of this that Chu Liuyue tried to stay away from her and began to like Shao Wanru

If Shao Wanru married into Prince Yues Mansion, she, Shao Yanru, would have no chance!

Putting aside her mixed feelings, Shao Yanru gritted her teeth and continued to listen.

She had especially come here simply because she wanted to confirm the matter herself.

She did not believe the words of the palace maid, but now she had to believe them.

Chu Liuyue was really interested in Shao Wanru.

The main reason was that she fell into the water and lost her reputation.

She was unwilling to give up.

She was also a victim at that time! It was all Shao Wanrus fault.

It was Shao Wanru who had hurt her.

Now she also wanted to seduce Prince Yue.

How could there be such an easy meal in the world

“Well, stop it.

As for Prince Yue… its not suitable for us to talk about… My sisters current situation was caused by herself.

Because she plotted against me!” Shao Wanru said.

This sounded ironic, but it was true.

It was a truth that Shao Wanru had never said before.

Shao Yanru had always known that she had been framed because Shao Wanru had made a new plot based on her plot.

Otherwise, Shao Wanru would have been the one who fell into trouble at that time.

But she could not find any one of her loopholes.

She knew that the woman had trapped her, but she could not find any evidence.

She felt so terrible about it.

She didnt want to suppress her anger, but she didnt know how to vent it.

Now when she heard Shao Wanrus words, she suddenly felt that she had seen the light.

Since Shao Wanru had said such words, what she had just said must be true.

Sure enough, Chu Liuyue misunderstood her because she fell into the water.

She couldnt let him misunderstand her like this, nor could she let him choose Shao Wanru.

She held the armrest of her chair firmly, making the chair move with a creak.

Shuqi instantly looked at Shao Yanru and was sacred ashen.

No sound should be made in this room, or Fifth Miss would be alarmed.

Shao Yanru also realized her reckless behavior, so she stopped moving and continued to listen.

Anyway, she was here today to eavesdrop on Shao Wanrus conversation and learn the truth.

“First Miss was really… She was carried by Commandery Prince Qing, and several guards also helped her by taking her hands.

In fact, even if she were married to Commandery Prince Qing, he might not want her, let alone Prince Yue!” With sharp ears, Yujie immediately heard the sound next door.

She winked at Shao Wanru and also signaled to her with her hand.

They had long known that Shao Yanru was eavesdropping on them in the room next door.

The two rooms were adjacent, and it was hard for people on both sides to hear each other clearly.

Coincidentally, there was a small window high in the wall between the two rooms, and the sound could go through it.

Besides, the voices of the two girls were loud.

Shao Wanru had checked her room when she came in, and Shao Yanru, who was so cautious, must have also checked her room and noticed it.

Then there was the matter about the key.

Shao Wanru had thought about how to send the wrong message to Shao Yanru.

With this window, her big problem was solved.

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