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“Not Jingxin Monastery master but her sister in cla.s.s.” Qin Wanru missed slapping his hand and answered randomly.

She achieved her purpose, so now she stood up and planned to leave.

“You are leaving now” Chu Liuchen asked with a smile.

It seemed that he was in a mood which made him talkative and easy to communicate with, and of course, only seemingly.

“If possible, does childe want to ask me for anything else” Qin Wanru asked carefully.

“I don\'t have anything else now, but I think you\'ll come to find me for other businesses.” Chu Liuchen sighed, wearing an elegant and harmless smile.

He would think like this if Qin Wanru didn\'t have any connections with him before.

“I… I\'ll find you for other things later” Qin Wanru blinked her eyes and didn\'t know if he was joking or taking it seriously.

“I don\'t know.

I\'m tired, and I want to sleep because I stayed up late all night.

My arms felt painful too!” Chu Liuchen closed his eyes, and suddenly he turned from an elegant lad into fatigue but a beautiful one.

Qin Wanru blushed, and she tossed a shy and angry look at him, turning around and leaving instantly.

She was afraid to slap this sick and arrogant lad uncontrollably if staying any longer.

Certainly, that was just an idea!

Hearing her leaving, Chu Liuchen opened his eyes, and a smile was visible on his pale lips carrying some tiredness in a lad\'s age.

“Childe, Queen asked you to go back to the capital city please, a letter arrived!” A guard ran from the dark corner outside the room and presented him a letter respectfully.

“I don\'t want to read!” Chu Liuchen replied indifferently, but a smile remained on his face.

However, the smile was frigid which made Xiao Xuanzi lowered his head hurriedly.

His eyes, nose and mouth all indicated that he was already a motionless wooden man.

“But… but the Queen has something essential to tell you!” Feeling the coldness and bitterness in the air, the guard dared not to lift his head.

His long and slender fingers reached to the letter from the guard\'s hand, leaving the guard to sigh heavily and relieved.

Finally, he would like to read the letter and he could finish his task.

But for the next second, this relief disappeared because what he heard was only the sound of tearing the letter and his gentle voice, “tell her to forget it! She is trying so hard now, what was she doing earlier! I never know she is such an amiable mother!”

He said in a mild voice, but the meaning in his words had a gloomy and bloodthirsty feeling, the guard couldn\'t support him and he kneeled, “childe… ”

Chu Liuchen shook his hands and said impatiently, “go back to tell her, I\'ll not die in a short time.

Tell her don\'t put on a face that she really cares about me.

I\'m not a three years old kid allowing her to fool me around!”

After he finished the sentence, he turned his head aside and picked up a handkerchief to cover his mouth as he began to cough violently.

Xiao Xuanzi went into a panic immediately, he came to his side, patting his back gently, “sir, are you alright Don\'t worry, speak slowly!”

Chu Liuchen continued to cough, and it seemed that he couldn\'t stop now.

“Why you don\'t leave!” Chu Liuchen had to pat him on the back gently while yelling strictly to the guard who was still on his knees.

The guard dared not to say anything else and retreated in a rush.

Chu Liuchen coughed a longer time after the guard left.

Xiao Xuanzi brought him warm water and he took a few sips to breathe smoothly again.

“Sir, are you feeling better now” Xiao Xuanzi was worried.

“I\'m fine, won\'t die!” Sarcasm was hanging on Chu Liuchen\'s lips, which were as pale as a piece of white paper.

Everyone could tell that he was in bad condition.

“Sir, how about I invite Jingxin Monastery master to help you Maybe she was the person we\'re finding, and magic doctor Qi has said that the person is living around!” Xiao Xuanzi persuaded him.

Actually, he has persuaded him several times recently, since Jingxin Monastery master could be the person they kept finding, why he didn\'t want to see him

The longer he dragged to visit the doctor, his health condition would be worse.

“Why in such a hurry!” Chu Liuchen found it challenging to stop coughing, so he touched his sore head and leaned back heavily on the lounge chair.

“Sir, it\'s better to cure your disease earlier.” Xiao Xuanzi came to rub his head gently as he knew every time after his coughing, he would feel dizzy and headache for a while.

“If I recovered, others will be worried, so it\'s not bad now!” He mumbled in a low voice but loud enough to make Xiao Xuanzi hear everything.

“Sir… “Xiao Xuanzi went red because he was so worried, “you really want to play and travel around continually”

“Of course, I\'ll go back!” Chu Liuchen said indifferently, lying calmly there without any att.i.tude.

Xiao Xuanzi became less worried when he heard this master would go back.

He was afraid to see him abandon himself outside and keep playing around, neither visiting any doctors nor going back to the capital city.

If he really did something like this, he would die outside and think of this, Xiao Xuanzi felt so heartbroken.

“Then when will you go back” Xiao Xuanzi wiped his tears and asked.

“How many Fenghua Glazed Cups did we find” Chu Liuchen didn\'t answer his question.

Under the suns.h.i. ne, his long and curl eyelashes reflected on his face, making his face look transparently pale and morbid.

“We already have seven or eight ones!” Xiao Xuanzi answered.

Although Fenghua Glazed Cup was very precious, they found a lot.

On the way from the capital city to Jiangzhou, they have already collected seven or eight ones.

“Sir, do you want to check them”

“No, I don\'t have many people I can use.

It\'s good enough to find all of these.

Are there anyone expecting me to find something big”

Chu Liuchen replied indifferently.

It was out of anyone\'s expectations that Fenghua Glazed Cup could be found in Ningyuan Army General\'s Mansion.

He was only threatening that little girl for fun, never thought it really existed and it was different from all those previously found ones.

This was a surprise.

But he didn\'t plan to tell anyone about this surprise.

Accident or not, who cared!

Who dared!

That was an excuse at the very beginning as n.o.body expected him to achieve anything.

What they expected the most maybe was his sudden death in outside, and that result could end up everything.

“Sir, I think it seems to be the Second Miss Qin!” Xiao Xuanzi understood Chu Liuchen, so he certainly knew what his excuse to leave the capital city this time was.

“What\'s the difference if she seems like or not, and the daughter of Ningyuan Army General was not bad as well!” Chu Liuchen smiled a little bit, which added some strength to him and his previously pale face.

He now no longer looked like a beautiful lad in an ink-painting who was pretty enough but had no strength.

“Sir, you could ignore that.

Bur for your own business, the Queen, urged you for a long time, even the Emperor… also said that, so you need to consider it!” Xiao Xuanzi rubbed Chu Liuchen\'s forehead gently, mentioning him mildly.

Since they are heading back to the capital city now, then that troublesome business would be re-mentioned in front of him.

“Yes, of course, I\'ll think about it!” Chu Liuchen laughed, and his eyes were always curved even if they were closed.

A lad in his fourteen or fifteen years of age could look so beautiful like he was not a real human being, which made Xiao Xuanzi took a deep breath secretly.

Even if he didn\'t look real, his master was the best looking man.

And since he was laughing, which could indicate his solid confidence.

“So do you want Jingxin Monastery master to help you with your disease” Xiao Xuanzi suggested immediately in his good mood.

“That would be ok as well!” Chu Liuchen didn\'t reject his suggestion this time.

“I\'ll arrange it right now!” Xiao Xuanzi said thrillingly.

“You don\'t need to go, just ask Qin Huaiyong to do it.” Chu Liuchen told him indifferently.

“Yes, yes!” Xiao Xuanzi only hoped Chu Liuchen could see the doctor, and he didn\'t care about the rest things, so now he nodded his head constantly.

His master was born to have this illness, which was also called as Foetal Poisoning, which made him very weak innately, and everyone thought he wouldn\'t live long.

Even the doctors in the palace had nothing to do with his disease but said they would try the best and follow his fate, and it was impossible to cure him.

However, that was not true.

His master had a hope to get recovered.

Xiao Xuanzi has an inexplicable sense of trust towards Chu Liuchen, regarding that his master could do anything as long as he wanted.

Now that Chu Liuchen set up a specific answer, Xiao Xuanzi didn\'t feel worried anymore.

He was nervous every day since they left the capital city, only being worried that his master would abandon himself when he was unhappy.

When Qin Wanru came back, she saw Chu Liuchen was lying in a large lounge chair with his head resting on a light orchid pillow, and it seemed that he fell into sleep already.

He covered himself with a big black cloak which had a cl.u.s.ter of bamboo on it, demonstrating elegance.

Even though she met him multiple times, she had to admitted that Chu Liuchen always left people a beautiful image.

All his movements were like a picture, carrying a sense of dignity and fairy.

He could even lie there still to convey the tranquility and the beauty of life.

Xiao Xuanzi didn\'t feel expected on seeing her come back, and he waved to her gently.

Qin Wanru collected all her ideas and stepped forward.

“Second Miss Qin, can you help me give the ma.s.sage to my master\'s forehead because he was coughing seriously and didn\'t recover from it yet!” Xiao Xuanzi lowered his voice for not interrupting Chu Liuchen, “I need to go into the room and make the medicine for him.”

“Is there anyone else here” Qin Wanru checked around.

“Yes, but those are some guards, they\'re too strong which will make our master feel painful!” Xiao Xuanzi whispered.

So your master was made from gla.s.s, and could break if using more strength Qin Wanru hesitated for a second and nodded her head reluctantly.

Xiao Xuanzi became very happy and showed a palm and fist salute to her respectfully.

Then he left the sit to her.

But he was squatting there, and he pulled the stool that Qin Wanru was sitting on it before and invited her to sit down, “Second Miss Qin, please sit and give the ma.s.sage, it\'ll be more comfortable, I\'ll come back soon! I think he is now sleeping!”

“When will he wake up” Suddenly, an insecure feeling came upon Qin Wanru.

“I… I can\'t tell about that, maybe he\'ll wake up soon, but longer… it depends on how tired he is!” Xiao Xuanzi looked helpless and replied ambiguously.

So, no idea

Qin Wanru ground her teeth unhappily because she thought Chu Liuchen did this on purpose, he knew she would come and even calculate the time of her arrival.

But the point was she was the one asking for help!

If she knew she would come back so fast, then she wouldn\'t leave in a hurry…


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