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When Duke Xing, Shao Jing returned home, he went directly to Old Madams Xinning Pavilion directly.

Hearing that Madam of Duke Xing had already returned to her own Yingyue Pavilion, he then went directly there.

Madam of Duke Xing was lying on the bed in her room.

Only after taking the medicine did she feel better, and then she began to think about the things that happened today.

Nanny Sheng was her henchman like her arm.

She could be said to be the most trusted person around her.

Now she had been forced to sacrifice her, how could she feel comfortable

She had always contacted Honored Consort Shu in the palace through Nanny Sheng.

Now that Nanny Sheng was dead, who else should she use

The poison from Honored Consort Shu had something to do with what had happened before in the palace Madam of Duke Xing frowned, complaining about Honored Consort Shu in her heart.

She had just wanted a common and effective chronic poison, which was not easy to be noticed.

How could Consort Shu have given her such a special poison

Didnt she push her to in the teeth of the storm

The current situation was very difficult for her to handle.

She had originally thought if something happened to her after she had the meal, people would inevitably check the food, so it was impossible for them to suspect herself immediately.

In her plan, as soon as she had a chance later, she would ask Nanny Sheng to find another place to destroy the oiled paper.

Unexpectedly, when they had checked her directly instead of the kitchen.

And they had even rummaged the back yard of the ancestral hall so that she had been attacked by panic.

She had been forced to push the buck to Nanny Sheng.

She had had no other choices.

Although the crisis had passed, she couldnt get in touch with Honored Consort Shu.

Their plan had been spoiled, but she was not able to notify her.

She became very anxious.

Next, Madam of Duke Xing must find herself another trusted subordinate to deal with these extremely secret things.

She couldnt think of a suitable person for the time being.

Suddenly, Shao Yanrus performance came across her mind, and she felt annoyed.

Her own daughter hadnt helped her at all.

If she had said a few more words to imply Shao Wanru might be the person behind Nanny Sheng, maybe she could have thought of a way to set that b*tch up.

What should she do right now

She was really unwilling to let Shao Wanru go.

She had come out of the ancestral hall and was regarded as the victim.

As she had expected, Duke Xings Mansion couldnt send her back to the ancestral hall again and watch her being murdered.

But her health was impaired, and she had felt very uncomfortable just now.

This was one of the main reasons why her face had been as pale as ashes.

After taking the medicine, she felt a little better, but she still felt cold all over.

She had a choking sensation in the chest and a vomit sensation in the throat.

But she could neither vomit nor swallow.

She felt so dizzy that she could not think of a plan.

The door was kicked open suddenly, and the chubby Duke Xing rushed in with a cold and angry face.

The servant girl standing by the bed turned pale with fear, and she came forward to greet Duke Xing.

“Get out!” Duke Xing waved his hand.

The servant girl didnt dare to say more, ran out, and closed the door for them.

Duke Xing walked to the bed and looked at his wife with cold eyes.

Involuntarily avoiding his gaze, Madam of Duke Xing murmured, “Good evening, Duke Xing!”

It seemed to have wakened up Duke Xing.

He reached out and grabbed her by the collar, directly dragged her out of the bed, and slammed her to the ground.

Madam of Duke Xing hadnt expected him to hit her.

She was thrown out and hit one of the legs of the table hard.

She then shrank in pain.

The cups and the teapot on the table were knocked down.

One of them broke beside her.

The fragments flew over and scratched her face.

She subconsciously covered her face because of the pain.

When she put down her hands and saw the blood, she screamed in fright.

Duke Xing pretended not to notice her injury.

He stared at her with a cold look like a poisonous snake.

There were no outsiders now, and he did not intend to pretend.

“Well Done! How dare you poison yourself! Do you want to die If so, you should just tell me, and I can strangle you right now!” Duke Xing stretched out his hand to drag her up and pushed her to the edge of the bed.

With both of his hands, he squeezed her neck fiercely.

Madam of Duke Xing struggled to hit him frantically with both hands and feet, with anger in her eyes.

The feeling of suffocation made her not only speechless but also unable to breathe, and she almost fainted.

She saw the murderous intent in Duke Xings eyes, unconcealed killing intent!

She was struggling hard to get rid of this predicament.

She naturally wanted to survive, and she couldnt die like this.

Her daughter was going to be the Empress.

She would be the Empresss mother and look down upon all the other madams of the aristocratic families.

Later, Duke Xing let her go.

She gasped for breathing.

Her throat and her chest hurt badly like being pricked, but all this made her know clearly that she was not dead yet.

Tears fell one after another.

She tried to calm down and then looked up at Duke Xing, who was staring at her with a sullen look.

This was her husband, but right now he was looking at her suffering coldly, and he had almost strangled her to death just now.

She felt choked, and then a mouthful of blood was vomited out, ticking down on the clean carpet in front of her, and the carpet was immediately contaminated.

“Jiang Wanyan, do you think you are very smart Do you think no one else knows what you have done You poisoned yourself! Nanny Sheng died for you!” Duke Xing sneered, seeming not to notice the blood on the corners of her lips.

“I… I have no other choices! If could think of other ways, how would I have done this I hurt myself with poison.

My health was impaired!” She burst into tears.

She had been pretending to cry in the courtyard of Old Madam before.

But now she was really crying, full of grievances.

“I was locked up in the ancestral hall, and it was not good for Ruer.

She is about to enter the palace take part in the wife selection of the Prince.

If people know that her mother is prisoned in the ancestral hall, how will they think of her How will the Empress regard her How can she become the legal wife of the prince I have to get out of the ancestral hall to help her, but you…but you were blind to me.

If I hadnt been forced to this point, how could I have treated myself like this!”

Madam of Duke Xing coughed while crying.

The blood was still dripping down the corners of his lips, and she looked extremely miserable.

But in Duke Xings eyes, but she was nothing but disgusting.

They had been married for so many years, how could he not know that she was quite good at acting

Duke Xing felt regretful to have married this cousin.

He had felt good about marrying her back then.

Now he realized anyone else would have been better than her, at least others would not have dragged him down.

“Why didnt you kill yourself If you die, Ruer may have a mother of good reputation!” He curled his lips mockingly.

This smile was full of chill, and Madam of Duke Xings hair was standing up.

She knew that Duke Xing was really angry.

Even if she was quite bold at ordinary times, she didnt dare to annoy him anymore.

“If I die, Ruer will lose the qualification to take part in the competition for the position of the princes wife, and she will have to observe mourning for me for three years.

If it were not for Ruer, I wished I could die.”

Madam of Duke Xing cried while talking.

What she said was true.

If she had died at this time, both of his daughters would have to observe mourning.

Time had changed.

If they were grounded at home for three years, no one knew what would happen.

“Stop making trouble!” Duke Xing knew that she was right.

But the more time he spent with her, the angrier he got, so he flicked his sleeves and turned to stride out.

He did not care about her at all, leaving her lying on the ground and covered in blood.

This incident was not just a poison case within his home.

The people from the Ministry of Justice had come to ask questions.

He had to deal with them now in case they would discover other secrets in his house!

“Help! Somebody, come in! Are you all dead Why dont you come in soon…” After Duke Xing left, Madam of Duke Xing yelled in the room with a bit of hysterical craziness, scaring the maids outside.

They looked at each other and didnt dare to go in.

In the end, two high-ranking servant girls who were more trusted by her walked in cautiously…

The red plum blossoms in the yard were blooming now.

Shao Wanru asked Yujie to carry an empty long-necked vase, and they went to the garden together, wanting to pick some beautiful red plum blossoms.

But she had seen few flowers she liked all along the way.

Fortunately, there were no other people in the garden, so Shao Wanru walked around among the plum trees freely, looking at the flowers from different angles!

Only when she felt the flower looked good from all angles, would she pick it.

By this time, she had only collected two flowers.

After the incident of Madam of Duke Xing, it seemed that everyone became quiet all of a sudden.

Nanny Xi had not returned yet.

She should have been asked to stay in the palace by the Empress.

Without the etiquette instructor, the ladies would also stay in their own rooms, and no one was in the mood to go out to walk in the garden after such a big incident.

Shao Wanru was quite happy about it.

She really didnt want to see Shao Yanru.

She had always put on a false hypocritical face, and it would spoil Shao Wanrus good mood.

“Miss, cant we find out the truth about Nanny Sheng” Yujie saw that Wanru was really focusing on picking plum blossoms, and she finally could help but ask her.

“No, we can find out some clues, but I dont know how many!” Shao Wanru said leisurely.

All she could do was to lead people to investigate in the palace.

She could not control what would happen next in the palace.

“How will things develop” Yujie asked worriedly.

“How I heard that persons illness is severe, and she has seen several doctors before.

Even the imperial doctors in the palace were invited!” Shao Wanru said calmly.

Inviting imperial doctors meant Madam of Duke Xing was not pretending to be ill this time.

“Will she find out we changed the poison”

“Yes, they will.

The person who provided her with the poison will find it, but its hard for her to recover now!” Shao Wanru smiled slightly and tiptoed to pick a plum blossom that she liked.

Although the poison was chronic, and Madam of Duke Xing hadnt taken much, the toxicity was actually very overbearing.

It would not be easy to detoxicate her, otherwise, the poison would not have been used in the palace.

The plum blossom was picked, and she looked at it from different angles.

It looked really good.

She turned around and inserted it into the vase in Yujies hand.

Suddenly she saw a figure from the corner of her eyes, and she turned her head to look at the pavilion deep into the plum forest.

Was there someone watching her

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