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Qin Huaiyong arrived early.

He went up into the mountain before noon, and then he came to visit the Old Grandma first.

Old Grandma saw him and asked others to leave the room.

Nanny Duan knew they wanted to have some conversations between mother and son, so she stood and waited outside the door deliberately.

Huaiyong, how do you want to deal with this issue Sitting on the bed, Old Grandma asked him in a sullen look.

Mother, it was impossible to divorce with Madam Di now! With only him and his mother staying in the room, Qin Huaiyong found it unnecessary to hide the truth.

He gave her a wry smile and replied, by then, even though I was not rich nor respectable, Duke Yong was so benevolent and generous that they allowed their daughter to marry me, meaning she had to marry someone beneath herself.

I couldn\'t be so ungrateful!

Qin Huaiyong replied tiredly.

I won\'t force you to do that!Before Qin Huaiyong came, Old Grandma has already made this thing straight.

It was surely unlike to get rid of Madam Di.

Not mentioning that Duke Yong kept emphasising the statement of marrying a daughter inferior to her since Qin Huaiyong was in a critical moment of relocating to work in the capital city, something like this should never happen right now.

Ningyuan Army General\'s Mansion was second to none in Jiangzhou.

But when it comes to comparing it with other mansions in the capital city, it was nothing.

Moreover, Qin Yuru wouldn\'t be taken into consideration and thinking of Qin Huaiyong\'s personalities and concerns, it was unlikely that he would abandon his daughter aside.

You marry Ruolan then.

You marry her as your legal wife and ask her to take care of Zhuozhuo.

From now on, people living in the backyard would listen to both Madam Di and Ruolan.

I\'m too old to be useful enough and can\'t help you watch all the people living in the backyard.

Old Grandma sighed and leaned back in dismay.

Mum, I\'ll listen to you, and you\'ll be healthy soon! Qin Huaiyong felt heart-rending about Old Grandma\'s terrible health condition and facial expressions.

It won\'t be long until everyone in Jiangzhou Prefecture would know that today Madam Di was attempting to frame Zhuozhuo.

And people would also know that Madam Di schemed to hurt Ruolan, and you marry her is trying to deal with this accident and gave Ruolan an identity.

On the other hand, since Zhuozhuo doesn\'t have a mother to take care of her, Ruolan will raise Zhuozhuo.

Nobody will gossip about today\'s accident at your work, which is the luckiest thing in all of these tragedies.

Old Grandma continued to say.

I thought perhaps it\'s not a good time to have Ruolan marry you and move into our family, but now the current situation forces us to do so.

She said reasonably and every word she uttered were considerations for Qin Huaiyong, which made him both shameful and shy.

He was grateful about the marriage thing in thr past indeed, but he harbored his selfish intentions on specific issues as well.

Old Grandma did not expose him and kept thinking of him; how could he not be ashamed!


“So there won\'t have any problems with Madam Di Old Grandma shook her hands and relieved, and she turned to Qin Huaiyong and asked smoothly.

She did something like this, how could she still be so unashamed and say anything else It was so vicious for her to think of kidnapping Wanru.

Wanru is such a good child, and we have raised her so many years.

How could she do that! Qin Huaiyong sneered and snarled.

The cart driver was sent to stand in front Qin Huaiyong, and then he understood when he saw Madam Di ran to him in a hurry and a mess.

He asked someone to interrogate the cart driver immediately.

He grew up as a general and picked up a set of torture tactics in interrogating traitors.

The cart driver could not tolerate cruel interrogation and confessed everything.

He immediately gave Madam Di two sharp slaps in her face and brought his people to Jingxin Monastery.

Madam Di didn\'t have the right to say anything as he never said he would divorce with her.

Even if Duke Yong in the capital city knew this, it would be unreasonable for them to get intervened into the issue.

He managed to have Madam Di and Duke Yong in control on this issue now.

Now that the problem was addressed, you go back to the mansion and get everything prepared.

I will leave the mountain five days later.

Then we will complete this marriage.

You tell Madam Di to have this wedding ceremony done both perfectly and loudly in the mansion. Old Grandma thought for a while and nodded her head, and said, I have a house at the foot of the mountain, you could ask Ruolan to live there by then, and you can go there and pick her up on the wedding day.

That house was far from Ningyuan Army General\'s Mansion, and it would take him to walk through more than half of the Jiangzhou city to pick her up.

And that was also part of the Old Grandma\'s plan which could make Ruolan more respectable.

On the hand, it could tell others that this marriage was decent and legal, and it happened naturally in case there were more gossips about this marriage in the future.

Your son understood now! Qin Huaiyong promised to do all she asked.

What about Yuru\'s accident There were many womenfolk on site by then, and that could produce more rumors in the future! Old Grandma sighed.

After all, Qin Yuru was her granddaughter, and she was concerned about her.

I\'ll make Yuru go to the capital city first and live in Duke Yong temporarily.

Jiangzhou....she can\'t stay here anymore, and her marriage issue would allow me to deal with after I go to the capital city. Qin Huaiyong felt headache and pressed his temple.

His dissatisfaction was piling up towards Madam Di.

There wouldn\'t have anything like this happened if Madam Di did an excellent job in education.

His good daughter was now largely destroyed, and her reputation in Jiangzhou was ruined as well.

He could only hope nobody could mention this anymore when she went to the capital city someday.

Since Prince Duke Yong wanted to marry, then they will get this marriage settled.

So this time Qin Yuru went to the capital city was for this engagement.

We can only do it in this way! Old Grandma nodded her head and asked with concerns, how is your job transfer order

Don\'t worry, mother, I have some solutions now.

People from Duke Yong visited me and talked about it with me days ago.

News is coming from other sources as well.

Qin Huaiyong mumbled.

Those news contained information about that mysterious Prince Chen who has arrived in Jiangzhou.

However, Qin Huaiyong dared not to say much even in front of mother! But he thought even if he said nothing, Old Grandma could guess a few things about it!

Mother, where is the madam who was mistaken by Madam Di\'s people She was also in Jiangzhou, and I should meet her. Qin Huaiyong stood up since he finished all the businesses of the Old Grandma.

He came in such a hurry with a significant reason as well!

So was she an important figure Old Grandma frowned and asked in a whisper.

She was the daughter of Prince Yang Quhou and his wife from the capital city. Qin Huaiyong rubbed his centre of eyebrows.

It was challenging to handle this issue.

Since he saw the name tag of the this Prince\'s madam, he knew that he should not get over with the issue randomly but take it seriously.

Prince Yang Quhou! Old Grandma got stunned and changed her facial expression a little bit.

The family of Prince\'s madam was powerful, how could it be such a coincidence! Why didn\'t she stay in the capital city but came to Jiangzhou What for

I don\'t know maybe for visiting her relatives! Qin Huaiyong said.

Then, you go now. Old Grandma said, and she mentioned Qin Huaiyong after thinking for a while, This Prince\'s Madam seems to like Zhuozhuo a lot.

Thanks, mother, I know what to do! Said Qin Huaiyong, and he stopped at the door and put his feet on the threshold for a second and nodded his head.

Coming out of Old Grandma\'s yard, Nanny Duan instructed Qin Huaiyong to the yard of Prince Yang Quhou\' Madam.

After her people reported, Qin Huaiyong was invited into the room.

They both greeted each other and sat separately, with one in the guest\'s spot and the other in the host\'s sit.

So may I ask General Qin, how to handle the issue Madam Xin was a very straightforward woman, so she just said that straight to the point.

Madam, this issue was a matter of my family business, but it made your precious daughter get into trouble.

Luckily, she was safe and sound.

Otherwise, I would be so guilty and willing to get blamed and punished. Qin Huaiyong stood up, and he made a palm and fist salute for showing his politeness, and said, I prepared your generous gifts for you and Miss, only for compensating our misbehaviors.

You\'re too polite, General.

It\'s not a matter of gift, but the girl at your General\'s Mansion had nothing to do with this issue, now she was so poor. Madam Xin said, and she already knew that Qin Huaiyong would do something like this, taking a sip from the cup and smiling slightly.

Her words made Qin Huaiyong went into silence after he retook the sit, so Madam meant...

I didn\'t mean anything.

After all, I\'m an outsider, but as a mother, whose daughter was almost hurt, felt unwilling to see a poor kid like her.

Why not find a mother for her! Madam Xin turned to Qin Huaiyong and said.

But her words and posture carried a certain sense of fierceness.

Qin Huaiyong looked awkward and terrible: So did Madam Xin intend to intervene in my family business

If Old Grandma mentioned this issue, Qin Huiyong would think she was thinking of him.

However, Madam Xi was just an outsider, and her words implied the intention of forced marriage.

Did General Qin thought I was forcing this marriage Madam Xi laughed.

So what did you mean Qin Huaiyong asked.

Of course it\'s because I think the young girl was pathetic, but your cousin is poor as well because she is a widow and was plotted.

If nobody helped her, she was no more than a concubine and maybe worse, a remarried one.

No one would respect her. This period was long enough for Madam Xin to hear about Shui Ruolan\'s situation.

A poor cousin and a poor young girl.

So why don\'t you find them a solution for survival This is a good thing which can help you to accumulate your virtue and reputation.

I think Miss shui and Second Miss Qin are both kind.

If General could show some mercy, you\'ll be blessed someday!

After she finished her sentence, Qin Huaiyong kept in silence for a while and sighed eventually.

He stood up and posed a palm and fist salute to Madam Xin, I would like to extend their gratitude to you on behalf of them.

How would you thank me I only think this is not fair! Madam Xin stood up as well, and she bowed politely.

For this issue, everyone understood in hearts.

Although Madam Xin was a straightforward person, she was still a woman.

So Qin Huaiyong couldn\'t stay any longer.

After he left, he went to Qin Wanru\'s yard where Qin Wanru was waiting for him already.

She saw Qin Huaiyong is striding over, so she went to greet him politely in a hurry.

Qin Huaiyong shook his hands and stride into the room.

Qin Wanru followed, and she wanted to bow and salute to him again, but Qin Huaiyong stopped her.

Wanru, your mother was somehow deceived as well.

That cart driver plotted something by employing this accident and made trouble like this...

Looking into daughter\'s dark eyes, Qin Huaiyong was frowning and couldn\'t go on to preach words only for presenting her a false peace.

Qin Wanru\'s eyes were so bright and clean that they could reflect a man\'s heart.

Qin Huaiyong couldn\'t make up those fake words anymore.

He was attempting to hide the fact and sustain the peaceful condition in the surface by speaking some reasonable words because he thought daughter was still young.

However, his daughters\' clean and bright eyes which could reflect his figure made him feel much more guilty.

Although Qin Wanru was young, she was a smart kid!

He sighed slightly and just skipped this part, from now on, Aunt Shui is your mother, do you like it


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