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The news that Prince Zhou broke his leg at the gate of the imperial palace went out the next day.

The Emperor was furious in the court and poured out a stream of abuse against those from the six departments and nine ministers who might have any connection with it.

In the imperial court not as lively as usual, all officials lowered their heads and listened to the Emperors furious abuse.

Then, the Emperor threw all the memorials at them.

Prince Zhou, the legitimate son of the Emperor as well as the most popular candidate for the Crown Prince, had an accident at the palace gate.

Thinking that Prince Chen was frightened and got sick at the same time, many people had all kinds of suspicions, but didnt dare to say so.

Everyone was secretly guessing who did it, and the person behind it seemed to intend to kill two birds with one stone.

If it were any other prince who met Prince Zhou at the gate of the imperial palace this time, there would be nothing serious.

After all, it was Prince Zhou who fell off the carriage.

However, Prince Chen was as fragile as a crystal.

He could get sick easily either on a hot day or on a cold day.

What was more, in order to save Prince Zhou at the gate of the imperial palace, he had been exposed to the wind for a long time.

There was such heavy snow and a strong wind last night, and everyone knew that the palace gate was the windiest place.

It was normal for him to get sick and remain unconscious after being exposed to the wind.

The person behind it managed to kill two birds with one stone indeed.

Plenty of officials secretly looked at Prince Yue, who was standing in front and listening to the Emperors lecture.

Although Prince Yue was as expressionless as usual, no one knew what he was thinking at the moment.

It seemed that he was most likely to benefit from it.

But why did the Emperor keep mentioning Prince Cheng

Most of the officials in the imperial court were smart people.

After thinking carefully, they suddenly realized what the Emperor meant.

Could it be possible that Prince Cheng was also likely to be the person behind it Could it be possible that Prince Cheng, who had always been said to have so few desires that he was even unwilling to get married, also coveted the throne

Reminded by the Emperor, plenty of officials thought so.

After all, the current Emperor inherited the throne from the late Emperor, who was the current Emperors elder brother, which indicated that it could be considered a tradition in their country for the younger brother to inherit the throne from the elder brother.

However, unlike the late Emperor, the current Emperor had several grown-up sons who seemed to be interested in the throne.

However, only one of them could inherit the throne, and the person, who finally sat on the throne, was the winner.

The sanguinary battle behind it was tremendously chilly.

Of course, each of them only had a life, so there were not many people who intended to take sides in the battle for the throne.

Everyone thought that it was better to do nothing, especially in the current unclear situation.

No one knew whom the Emperor would finally choose to be his successor.

Everyone cherished not only their lives but also the lives of their family members.

No one dared to take risks.

At this moment, theyd better act like deaf people and accept the Emperors lecture, since even Prince Yue didnt say a word.

Therefore, only the Emperors furious abuse could be heard in the quiet hall.

After a long while, the Emperor stopped cursing and then issued an appointment which allowed Commandery Prince Qing to join the court meeting and investigate the case about what had happened to Prince Zhou at the gate of the imperial palace.

Since Chu Qing became Commandery Prince Qing, he had been an idle prince and no one took him seriously.

Both he and Prince Chen were the sons of the late Emperor, but only Prince Chen won the Emperors and the Empress Dowagers favor.

Moreover, Prince Chen had been raised by the Empress Dowager since he was a child.

So the Emperor and the Empress Dowager certainly had a much deeper affection for Prince Chen than that for Commandery Prince Qing.

Although Prince Qing was also the son of the late emperor, he couldnt compare with Prince Chen.

Besides, there was one good thing about Prince Chen: he would not be a threat to the successor of the throne.

The Emperor and the Empress Dowager doted on him so much naturally had a lot to do with his poor health.

The officials all thought that it was reasonable for the Emperor to do so.

Anyone, who sat on the throne, would not only appease Prince Chen but also dote on him.

Of course, the Emperor had to do so to show his kindness to his citizens, right

But Chu Qing was different.

He was strong.

Although Chu Liuchen was superior to him, he was also the son of the late Emperor.

If he was in power, it would be a different situation.

Although Chu Qing had been recognized as a member of the royal family and became Commandery Prince Qing, no one in the imperial court was stupid enough to suggest that he should join the imperial court meeting.

They all thought that Commandery Prince Qing could only be an idle prince during his lifetime and it was not bad.

Unexpectedly, the Emperor allowed Chu Qing to join the imperial court meeting when others did not mention it.

In such an atmosphere, no one would be stupid enough to refute it.

Therefore, Chu Qing successfully joined the imperial court meeting and was mainly in charge of the case about what had happened to Prince Zhou at the gate of the imperial palace.

After the Emperor appointed Chu Qing, he turned around angrily and left the court.

All the officials breathed a sigh of relief and left after making their farewells.

Chu Qing also took a deep breath and was overjoyed.

He didnt expect that it would be so easy for him to join the imperial court meeting and what had happened to Prince Zhou would turn out to be his opportunity.

He had been worried about joining the imperial court meeting and intended to do something in secret to make it happen.

Unexpectedly, he got the opportunity, and it was the Emperors idea to allow him to join the imperial court meeting, which was much better and safer than his secretly inducing others to suggest it.

“Commandery Prince Qing!” Hearing a cold voice, Chu Qing quickly restrained his emotions and turned around with a smile.

He, who had just joined the imperial court meeting, could not offend anyone, let alone Chu Liuyue.

“Prince Yue!”

“There are plenty of people involved in what happened to second brother.

Third brother is now also in the Imperial Institute of Medicine.

Im going to visit them later.

If you have any message for them, I can take a message for you!” Chu Liuyue said lightly.

“I dont dare to trouble you, Prince Yue.

I know little about the case now.

I have to find out the truth before reporting it to His Majesty!” Commandery Prince Qing evaded the issue indifferently.

“In that case, Im leaving now.

I hope that you could find out the truth soon and bring justice for second brother and third brother!” Chu Liuyue said and twisted the corners of his mouth to show a very faint and very perfunctory smile.

Then he ignored Chu Qing and left.

Chu Qing, who had been left alone, blushed and recalled that it was obviously Shao Yanru whom he had saved that day, but the servant from Prince Yues Mansion claimed that it was Shao Jieer, the Second Miss of the Shaos Mansion.

How dared Shao Jieer, who was just a concubines daughter, lie and shift the blame on him However, he could not say that it was not Shao Jieer whom he had saved at that time.

With Chu Liuyues, Chu Liuzhous and Honored Consort Shus claims, it could only be Shao Jieer!

He had to swallow it.

As he thought of it, he felt so indignant that he smashed the table in front of him at that time in his mansion.

He was both aggrieved and furious.

They dared to treat him like that only because he was just an idle prince with no power but only a title.

Not only Chu Liuyue, Chu Liuzhou and Honored Consort Shu, but also Shao Yanru aroused hatred in Chu Qings heart.

Regarding Shao Jieer, he was definitely reluctant to marry such a concubines daughter.

How dared a concubines daughter, who was humble and not valued, covet the position of his princess Did she really think that Duke Xings Mansion was powerful enough to enable her to marry him as his princess

Chu Qing had tried hard to hold back his anger in the past few days.

In order to suppress his anger, he did not even go out and stayed home with the excuse of getting sick.

Unexpectedly, a stroke of luck fell in his lap when he stayed home.

From now on, he, who held a post in the Ministry of Justice in charge of looking into Chu Liuzhous case, was no longer an idle and powerless prince.

There was something that couldnt be rushed and should be taken slowly indeed!

If Duke Xings Mansion offered him some great benefits, he could actually take Shao Jieer as his concubine.

Now he could just wait for Duke Xings next move.

During the process of looking into Prince Zhous case, he could get in touch with numerous people, including some high-ranking officials and some important relatives of the royal family.

It was very beneficial to his plan.

The selection of his princess was even more important, so he couldnt make his choice rashly.

He had taken a fancy to Shao Yanru before, but now Shao Yanru didnt like him, so he didnt want her to be his princess.

He would like to see this woman kneel in front of him and beg him to accept her after he inherited the throne in the future…

Shao Wanru heard the news that Prince Zhou fell at the gate of the imperial palace.

Of course, she also heard the news that Chu Liuchen stayed in the Imperial Institute of Medicine with Prince Zhou.

Shao Wanru fiddled with a hairpin in her hand and listened to Qingers report with a trace of gloom across her watery eyes.

She did not believe that it was an accident.

In particular, Chu Liuchen wouldnt get into trouble after she specially went to remind him to be careful yesterday!

With inexplicable trust in Chu Liuchen, Shao Wanru stopping thinking over it.

This kind of thing was a serious matter in the imperial court, and as a girl in the boudoir, she was incapable of intervening in it.

She could only intervene in some domestic affairs in the mansion, such as Wang Yishus affairs.

“Miss, I met Doctor Qiu just now as expected.

When he saw me, he stopped and greeted me.

Then he wanted to say something but hesitated for a while before leaving.”

Qu Le, who came in with a hamper, put down the hamper in her hand, wiped the sweat off her head and said.

She had walked a little too fast just now so that her head was covered with sweat even in winter.

Qu Le usually went to fetch the lunch at this time.

But in the past, Qu Le had never seen Doctor Qiu on her way.

Doctor Qiu usually took remote paths to get in and out of the backyard, so it was impossible for him to meet the members of the Piaoyun Courtyard.

However, he met Qu Le today.

“What did you say” Shao Wanru smiled slightly, rolled her watery eyes slightly, and asked.

“Of course, I said as you told me.

I asked about Miss Wangs health condition politely.

Doctor Qiu said that Miss Wang was really in terrible condition and was probably going to die in these few days.

If you were available… Speaking of this, he stopped and deliberately let me imagine it!”

Qu Le said disdainfully.

Several of her masters trusted servants, including her, now had confirmed Doctor Qius evil intent towards her master.

Doctor Qiu now acted as her master guessed.

They found their master increasingly admirable and convincing.

“Miss, are we going now” Qinger asked.

“Its not the right time yet.

Lets wait for a few more days!” Shao Wanru smiled and said unhurriedly.

She leaned against the chair, passed the hairpin in her hand backward and said to Yujie, who was combing her hair, “Ill wear this hairpin!”

The hairpin made of purple bamboo was elegant and natural, suiting her well in the current situation.

Without a bright look, it was simple but gorgeous, of an ancient style and a properly plain color.

“Qinger, keep an eye on the door of the backyard tonight and see if Wang Shengxue will come, if he will go to visit Wang Yishu and what they will talk about!”

“Yes, I got it!” Qinger said with a nod and left.

Yujie inserted the hairpin in Shao Wanrus bun.

After Shao Wanru took a look in the mirror, she stood up and said, “Lets go and have a look now!”

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