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She was popular because she had an extraordinary temperament at a young age.

Xiaowan, go to talk with Second Miss Qin.

I have something to talk with Miss Shui. Mrs.

Xin turned back and gently told her daughter.

Luo Xiaowan bit her lip, raised her head and carefully looked at Qin Wanru.

Her eyes were still red because she had been crying.

Seeing that Qin Wanru, who was much younger than herself, looked at her with her big black eyes, she was a little shy, took a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

She walked over and said, Second Miss Qin, please follow me!

Actually, she was very embarrassed.

She did not want to entertain any guest because she just cried.

Moreover, the guest was a younger lady than herself.

She had witnessed everything herself.

When things went wrong, she only cried.

However, Second Miss Qin dealt with it calmly.

Therefore, she admired Qin Wanru.

Meanwhile, she felt more and more embarrassed.

She played her handkerchief a few times.

She took Qin Wanru into a wing-room, called people to serve tea and snacks.

She was a little less scary because of Qin Wanru\'s composure.

How old are you They sat at the table.

Luo Xiaowan looked at her up and down, whispering curiously.

Miss Luo, I\'m eleven years old. Qin Wanru blinked and replied.

Inexplicably, she was also very fond of this gentle Miss Luo.

It could be seen that Luo Xiaowan was really gentle, not like Madam Di and Qin Yuru.

You\'re eleven years old, but you look a little bit younger! I thought you were at most ten years old. Luo Xiaowan also calmed down, covered her lips with a handkerchief, and chuckled.

Qin Wanru was really thinner and smaller than her peers.

Fortunately, when she grew up, she was not short.

Miss Luo, how old are you Qin Wanru smiled and asked curiously.

I\'m thirteen years old! Luo Xiaowan twisted her handkerchief again, quite embarrassed.

I\'m older than you but I can\'t compare with you.

I\'m scared to cry!

Although she blushed with shame, Luo Xiaowan was very straightforward.

Miss Luo is protected by Mrs.

Xin, she will help you.

Moreover, you have never encountered such a thing.

In fact, if this person ran to my window, I\'ll cry with fear too.

Seeing Luo Xiaowan\'s embarrassment, Qin Wan said with a smile.

These words could be regarded as self-exposure.

They looked at each other and could not help but laugh.

The friendship between girls was sometimes very simple.

They felt the same way about each other due to a sentence or an action.

Luo Xiaowan was not so cautious.

Thinking that she was older, she was not that embarrassed.

My name is Xiaowan, you can call me Sister Xiaowan.

What\'s your name

Sister Xiaowan, my name is Wanru. Qin Wanru said briskly.

She was very fond of this really gentle Luo Xiaowan.

Then I call you sister Wanru! We have the same character in our name, so we\'re destined together. Luo Xiaowan laughed.

We\'re really predestined! Qin Wanru also laughed.

They had never seen each other in the last life.

However, they met in Jiangzhou in this life.

Her rebirth had changed many things.

This also made Qin Wanru more confident in her future.

She must be able to reverse the ending.

Sister Wanru, is the general\'s wife not your biological mother Who is your biological mother Luo Xiaowan asked in astonishment.

Qin Wanru lowered her head and shook it silently.

She did not know exactly til she died in the last life.

I don\'t know!

How can you not know Is your biological mother not in the General\'s Mansion Luo Xiaowan asked in surprise.

She thought that Qin Wanru\'s biological mother was a concubine in the General\'s Mansion.

In order to improve her status, the general asked her wife to adopt her and make her a daughter born of the legal wife.

My biological mother doesn\'t live in the General\'s Mansion! Qin Wanru shook her head again.

Is it possible that...

she was Ningyuan Army General\'s former concubine, but now...

she has died Luo Xiaowan knew that she inadvertently hurt Qin Wanru.

To rectify, she said hurriedly.

However, the more she said, the more hurt Qin Wanru got.

A old woman behind her was helplessly pulling her sleeves, suggesting that she said the wrong.

This was the stewardess that Mrs.

Xin arranged for her, for fear that her daughter did bad things with a good intention.

Sister Wanru , I had no disrespect.

I\'m just curious.

Sister Wanru, don\'t be angry! Luo Xiaowan felt that she was wrong as she finished.

She stretched out to pull Qin Wanru\'s sleeves.

Sister Xiaowan, I\'m fine.

I just can\'t find my mother.

My mother does not live in the General\'s Mansion.

There is no died concubine there. Qin Wanru looked up, and shook her head with some bitterness.

Qin Huaiyong had few concubines.

It was easy to investigate.

Sister Wanru, don\'t be sad.

Maybe you\'ll know who your mother is in a few days. Luo Xiaowan comforted her.

And even if you don\'t have a mother, it doesn\'t matter because you still have a father, a grandmother, and your Aunt Shui!

Luo Xiaowan also witnessed that how Shui Ruolan protected Qin Wanru.

Well, I still have a grandmother, Aunt Shui and a father! Qin Wanru nodded with her thick and curled eyelashes flicked twice, hiding serenity in her eyes.

In this life, she would not muddle along without any aim.

From her biological mother and the seal in her hand, she suspected that she was not Qin Huaiyong\'s biological daughter.

She guessed from many clues in the previous world.

Wanru, let\'s go back! Shui Ruolan\'s voice suddenly came from the door.

Qin Wanru stood up.

Sister Wanru , I\'ll return to the capital city in a few days.

If you come there in the future, come and play with me. Luo Xiaowan stood up reluctantly.

Well, I must find you to play after I go to the capital city! Qin Wanru laughed and nodded hard.

Seeing that she answered seriously, Luo Xiaowan was also happy.

She reached out and touched Qin Wanru\'s head like an adult.

Don\'t forget it!

I won\'t! Qin Wanru narrowed her eyes as she smiled.

Looking at them, Mrs.

Xin couldn\'t help but laugh.

Her daughter was always weak, so she would be sad for many days after something like this happened.

But now, it seemed that she was not sad at all.

It was a good thing.

She inquired about Shui Ruolan\'s matter because she was indignant that Madam Di\'s servant had almost hurt her daughter.

Now, she really wanted to free Qin Wanru from persecution.

Coincidentally, she was still a victim.

Thus, she was justified.

Qin Wanru followed Shui Ruolan to the dowager\'s yard from Mrs.

Xin\'s yard.

The old lady was in poor health and had not got up in the past few days.

Even though she was better now, they tried to protect her from wind.

In the middle of the day, they helped her to walk and bask in the gallery.

After they amused the old lady in the room for a while, Qin Wanru let Shui Ruolan go to rest.

Yesterday, Shui Ruolan did not rest well.

Shui Ruolan originally didn\'t want to go, but the old lady and Qin Wanru let her go back together.

She was really tired.

Moreover, there was nothing to do now.

Thus, she agreed to go back to sleep for a while, thinking that she would still keep watch at night for the old lady.

Zhuozhuo, something has happened When Shui Ruolan left, the old lady stopped smiling.

Don\'t tell me that nothing happened.

Right now, your Aunt Shui left so fast.

Obviously, something was wrong.

The old lady said in a low voice.

As soon as Qin Wanru heard it, she knew that Shui Ruolan gave the game away.

She shook her hand and behaved in a spoiled manner.

Grandma, the coachman in our mansion brought some bad things like secret fragrance and rope.

He climbed to a young lady\'s window to frame her up.

She lived opposite me.

In the end, he was founded.

Originally, she wanted to tell her grandmother after the end of the matter.

Until then, her grandmother would not be worried.

Madam Di, this evil woman! The old lady understood it as soon as she heard it.

She was trembling.

It was clear that he wanted to deal with Qin Wanru, but he got the wrong room.

Thinking that Qin Wanru was almost robbed by Madam Di, the old lady was ashamed and sad.

She reached out and held Qin Wanru into her arms.

She was distressed with tears falling down.

Grandmother, my father may come later.

I lived opposite a fair lady from the capital city.

It provoked big trouble! Qin Wanru patted the old lady\'s back.

When she saw her little granddaughter comfort her like an adult, a lump came into her throat.

This child was always sensible, but Madam Di had prejudice against her.

Unexpectedly, she thought of such a vicious plot to destroy Zhuozhuo.

She would not agree.

Even if she died, she would protect the child.

Grandmother, please rest assured that my father will marry Aunt Shui this time.

Moreover, Aunt Shui\'s integrity and my father\'s reputation will not be ruined.

I begged Aunt Shui to protect me in front of the lady.

I also said that my mother framed up Aunt Shui and my father. Qin Wanru rest her head against his shoulder and acted coquettishly.

The old lady\'s heart softened.

This child was really endearing.

I\'m to blame...

If I haven\'t been sick, I must have made my decision for you and Ruolan...



The old lady was sad.

She couldn\'t help but cough severely.

Qin Wanru hurriedly came out of the old lady\'s arms and gently patted her back to help her calm down.

Grandma, don\'t be upset.

This time you must uphold the justice for Aunt Shui.

Aunt Shui will be able to redress the scales for Zhuozhuo.

Qin Wanru patted her back and pacified her.

She knew how to make her grandmother\'s mind more determined.

There were too many things happening in the General\'s Mansion, the old lady was afraid that it would affect Qin Huaiyong\'s career, so she put this matter on hold temporarily.

But now there was a legitimate reason, plus what just happened, so it would be successful that Aunt Shui married into General\'s Mansion in just ways.

Zhuozhuo, please rest assured.

I\'ll definitely make a decision for your Aunt Shui this time. The old lady regained control herself and pull Qin Wanru\'s hand.

Even a child saw through it.

How could she not see through it

Since it was so, she would wait for the subsequent message!


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