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“What You… you fell into Shao Wanrus trap and took the medicine” Madam of Duke Xing suddenly stood up.

Because she got up in a hurry, she was so unsteady that she almost couldnt stand stably.

She held the arm of a servant girl to stand firm.

“Mother, what should we do What should we do Where did you get the medicine How does it work” Shao Yanru couldnt bear it anymore and shouted in a low voice.

She had always been vicious and never showed mercy to people.

Even if she beat people to death on the spot, she would not be merciful.

But these were against others.

Now it was her turn.

How could she not panic In addition, she had delayed for a long time, so she felt that things were getting worse and her whole body was cold.

“This medicine was given by Old Madam.

Just wait.

Ill go and ask Old Madam right now!” Madam of Duke Xing stood up and walked out.

Old Madam gave her the powder and asked her to put it in the tea for Shao Wanru.

She only said that the powder would not only cause people to faint, but also cause harm to women.

In order to show that she was only following Old Madams orders, no matter what Old Madam said, she answered, and Madam of Duke Xing did not ask more.

Shao Wanru was in trouble, and then they could be fine!

No matter what kind of harm, it had nothing to do with her.

She just needed to add fuel to the fire and watch the show.

Ruer had said that she should stay out of it as long as she didnt interfere.

It was the best way to push the matter to Old Madam.

Even if something bad happened, Old Madam would take responsibility for it.

Shao Wanru didnt dare to say anything because of filial piety.

And Duke Xing wouldnt blame her.

But she had never expected that this matter would fall on her favorite daughter.

At this time, she had to figure out the cause of this matter in any case.

She took Shao Yanru to Old Madams courtyard.

As soon as she entered the room, she rushed to Old Madam and burst into tears.

Nanny Yu asked the others to leave, and she stayed outside the room.

Hearing the cries inside from time to time, she frowned tightly.

She was the personal old maid of Old Madam.

She had always been loyal to Old Madam.

Even if Infanta Qinghua and Old Madam did not get along well at that time, she firmly stood by Old Madams side.

But now, for the first time, she hesitated.

Was Old Madam really right

The tiger even did not eat its children.

Old Madam and Fifth Miss were related by blood.

Old Madam was too vicious to plot against Fifth Miss.

She wanted to ruin Fifth Misss life.

If Fifth Miss was hurt now, Fifth Miss would have to marry into Prince Qings Manor.

Moreover, she would be a consort who was difficult to give birth to a child.

A woman, without the support of her parents family and children, was useless even if she was the legal wife.

Whats more, although Commandery Prince Qing was useless, he was the descendant of the royal family.

The royal family couldnt just watch him break off his male offspring.

In the future, he would marry women into the manor one by one.

It was easy to imagine what would happen to Fifth Miss.

Only with deep hatred would one use this to women.

However, the Fifth Miss was not only Old Madams granddaughter but also Old Madams savior.

Old Madams behavior was really hateful and disgusting.

Moving her stiff feet, Nanny Yu lowered her head.

Although this matter was instigated by Madam of Duke Xing and First Miss, if Old Madam did not have evil intentions to Fifth Miss, such a thing would not happen!

Old Madam really shouldnt have been so vicious.

Nanny Yu didnt know how to persuade Old Madam.

She couldnt watch Old Madam fall into such a dark situation.

However, she was just an old maid.

In the past, Old Madam trusted her, but now it seemed that Old Madam didnt listen to her anymore.

After Fifth Miss entering the mansion, Old Madam became annoyed and always got angry for no reason.

Old Madam also blamed that she had made some mistakes in the ways she handled things.

What happened to Old Madam

“Ruer, let someone check your body.

Dont worry, I wont let anything happen to you.

Although the powder is harmful to women, it depends on the persons physique.

She is young, so it is more possible that something will happen to her.

You are a little older and in good health.

You should be fine!”

After listening to Madam of Duke Xing and Shao Yanrus crying, Old Madams expression changed greatly.

After a long while, she said slowly.

“Ruer, you can leave now.

Let the doctor of our mansion see you.

We also need to invite some famous doctors to cure you!”

“Yes, grandma!” Shao Yanru didnt dare to treat her body like a childs play.

She wiped her tears and stood up.

She held the servant girls hand and went back first.

Her current body couldnt hold on any longer.

She didnt know if it was because of her body or her psychology.

Her body was cold and she seemed to be in a trance when she looked at people in front of her.

She couldnt walk steadily for a few steps back to the courtyard, so she had to be supported by two servant girls before she could go back.

Seeing Shao Yanru leave, Madam of Duke Xing also stood up, looked at Old Madam, and cried in a trembling voice.

She said, “Mother, is it… is it harmful to her to have offspring”

When Shao Yanru was there just now, she didnt dare to ask her, for fear that she would hit her daughter into despair.

Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion was silent, and her face turned pale.

After a while, she nodded and said, “There is indeed something harmful, but its not a big problem!”

“Whats the big problem” Madam of Duke Xing did not believe Old Madams words and continued to ask her.

At this time, she had no time to care that the person in front of her was Old Madam.

There was a trace of fierceness in her expression.

Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion turned around uneasily.

“At least half probably!”

“Half” Madam of Duke Xing screamed, “Old Madam, how could you be so vicious to use this poison!”

Her words were very direct, almost directly showing the anger to Old Madam.

She, who had always been docile in front of Old Madam, almost couldnt control herself and wanted to slap the old face in front of her.

Her most beloved daughter, her promising daughter, was going to be ruined in the hands of this old woman.

How could she not hate her!

However, she had never thought that when she gave the medicine powder to Shao Wanru before.

She knew that it was poisonous and might even cut off Shao Wanrus fertility.

She was secretly happy.

She was afraid that the medicine powder would not work well, so she deliberately asked Shao Yanru to add more.

Now it fell on her daughter, and she blamed all the things on Old Madam.

If she hadnt been rational, she would have thrown herself at Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion and beaten her face to swelling.

“Why are you screaming Vicious Dont you know this Ruer was careless, so she couldnt blame anyone.

Fortunately, Jieer shouldered this now!” Old Madam had always been tough in front of her daughter-in-law.

It was the first time that she had been offended by Madam of Duke Xing.

At this time, she felt a little angry and scolded her with a gloomy face.

Lucky Madam of Duke Xings face was livid with anger.

It was really lucky! If a woman lost her fertility, no matter who she married, her result would not be good.

Even if she got the high position of Empress, what was the point of an Empress who couldnt have a child Who would care for her

How could the old woman still have the face to say that it was very lucky

She clenched her fists under her sleeves and gritted her teeth.

After a long while, she said to Old Madam in a gloomy voice, “Mother, we cant let it go like this!”

“What are you going to do” Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion was shocked.

Now she only hoped that things would go on like this, and the more people talked about it, the more serious the matter would become.

“Im going to tear that little b*tch apart!” Madam of Duke Xing clenched her fists and turned to leave.

Such rude behavior made Old Madam pat the table hard twice in anger.

Looking at Madam of Duke Xings back, she scolded angrily, “You, you, you didnt treat me as an elder!”

Nanny Yu came in and comforted her carefully, “Madam is also angry.

First Misss situation is so bad this time.

Im afraid that Madam cant bear it.

You know how much First Miss is valued in the mansion.

If such a thing happens to First Miss this time, Madam will definitely vent her anger.”

“So what How dare she say that in front of me How dare she do it on her own!” Old Madam sneered.

“Madam used to deal with a lot of people in the mansion, and you dont know many of these things.

You are the elder, so you can just ignore many things.

Do you still want to meddle in the affairs of the backyard”

Nanny Yu served her a cup of tea and said with a smile, “You are the elder, so you should enjoy your good life.

In fact, both the Fifth Miss and the First Miss are your children.

When they are well, the whole Duke Xings Mansion will flourish.

The identity of the Fifth Miss is not ordinary.

Even if our mansion does not treat her well, we cant do anything to her.

Besides, she is Prince Chens savior and Empress Dowager likes her!”

Nanny Yus intention was to remind Old Madam that Shao Wanru was no longer a little girl who could be manipulated by her.

If it had been three years ago, Old Madam could have taken over the authority to control her because of her young age.

But now the Fifth Miss was already fourteen years old.

Although she was not old, there were some things that could be controlled by her.

Whats more, Empress Dowager liked her.

If Prince Chen still thanked her for saving his life, the Fifth Miss would no longer be someone that Old Madam could deal with whatever she wanted.

Unconsciously, Fifth Miss had grown up!

In the past three years, with Old Madam and Madams temperament, they would definitely torture Fifth Miss and even arrange everything for her in the future.

However, Fifth Misss departure made this plot in vain.

Thinking of this, Nanny Yus back suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

Was it really a coincidence that Fifth Miss left three years ago If it wasnt, who thought of this idea for her Would it be Ruian Great Elder Princess who had always been straightforward With Great Elder Princesss character, she really didnt seem to be able to come up with such a twisted plan.

Was it Fifth Miss herself

At that time, was the eleven-year-old little girl already scheming everything

Thinking of the expression on Fifth Misss face when she rescued Old Madam that day, Nanny Yu suddenly felt that it was not impossible!

Three years ago, the Fifth Miss was not simple.

Now, it was three years later.

So what had happened to the First Miss today was not an accident.

Her fingers in her sleeves were cold and her eyes were full of horror.

If what she had guessed was true, the Fifth Miss was really too incredible.

It seemed that every step she took was extremely accurate…

She had stepped correctly on every key point and everyones weakness…

Then what about the thing that happened today

“Old Madam, do you want to send someone to see Madam Dont really make any trouble.

Fifth Misss identity is unusual!” Nanny Yu shivered and looked back at Old Madam in a hurry.

She was in a hurry because she thought of some things that couldnt be seen through.

Madam of Duke Xings Mansion was about to do something definitely…

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