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“Did the Second Miss of Duke Xings Mansion fall into the lake and was saved by the Commandery Prince Qing” Hearing the words of the Empress, the Empress Dowager Queen frowned.

After all, this kind of thing was disgraceful.

She knew this Shao Jieer.

In the beginning, she wanted her to be Cheners concubine, but she didnt expect that her reputation would be ruined.

Shao Wanru lowered her head and looked at the table in front of her calmly, quietly listening to what the Empress Queen reported to the Empress Dowager Queen.

There was a trace of deep sarcasm in her eyes.

Shao Yanru originally wanted Shao Wanrus reputation to be ruined, but now she lost the chance and let Shao Jieer take the imputation!

Shao Jieer might have thought that she would have a good marriage, but how could she get Chu Qing so easily He was the son of the former emperor.

Even if his father was not the current emperor, the son of the former emperor should be treated well.

It was impossible for him to marry a concubines daughter with a bad reputation.

Chu Qing was an idle king and had no power.

But the emperor must let him marry a noble girl in order to show his kindness.

Shao Jieer was not suitable, and people might even think that someone was scheming against Chu Qing.

It could be predicted that even if she married into Commandery Prince Qings Manor, her status would not be high.

She would even be ignored because Chu Qing could not marry Shao Yanru whom he liked owing to her.

If she really married into the Prince Qings Mansion, Shao Jieers fate could be predicted!

She didnt care about Shao Jieers situation.

Originally, Shao Jieer didnt treat her as a sister and even helped Shao Yanru plot against her.

But today, even if Shao Jieer really took Shao Yanrus imputation, she wouldnt let Shao Yanru escape unscathed.

There was a flash of hostility in her eyes, and then it dissipated at the bottom of her eyes.

“Shao Jieers status is not enough.

The emperor also said that he would decide Chu Qings marriage.

In this Beauty Contest, several of them will be sent to Prince Qings Manor!” The Empress Dowager said unhappily.

“Then let Shao Jieer become a nun!” Chu Liuchen raised his eyebrows and said indifferently.

In this case, if she couldnt enter Prince Qings Mansion, she could only be a nun from now on!

“You … this is the fate of a girl … how can it be ruined just like that…” Empress Dowager scolded with a smile.

“But now uncle means that Commandery Prince Qing could not marry her.

What should we do” Chu Liuchen spread out his hands and said helplessly.

“Let her go to the Commandery Prince Qings Mansion, but the status …” Empress Dowager Queen thought for a while and said.

Shao Jieer was the daughter of a concubine of Duke Xing, so it is excessive to ruin her like this.

Besides, no one was willing to see this happening.

But how could she fall into the lake without any reason

“Empress, did anyone intervene in this matter” The Empress Dowager Queen did not hide her suspicion since they were all her family members.

She asked the Empress directly.

“I dont think so… Prince Yue, Prince Zhou, and Commandery Prince Qing are going to enjoy the scenery today, so they specially asked people to put some fruits, snacks, tea and wine along the way.

They originally thought that if they were tired of walking, they could stop and rest for a while.

They could enjoy the lake scenery, and they could drink and chat happily.

The Second Miss of Shaos Mansion fell into the water in one of the pavilions.

At that time, she was there alone.

The First Miss of Shaos Mansion was going to look for the Fifth Miss!”

The Empress Queen thought for a while and said.

This accident had been shifted to Shao Jieer, so what Shao Jieer had done before should become Shao Yanrus.

“Why did she look for Fifth Miss Shao” Empress Dowager Queen looked at Shao Wanru, who was sitting there obediently with her head down, and asked in surprise, “Is the relationship between the sisters of Duke Xings Mansion so good”

Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion and Ruian Great Elder Princess had always been at odds with each other.

At that time, Shao Wanru was forced to go to the Yuhui Nunnery by the whole Duke Xings Mansion.

Duke Xings Mansion might say it in a different way outside, but how could the Empress Dowager not know the truth But the words she said were really impolite.

The Empress was stunned, and then carefully looked at the Empress Dowagers face.

Seeing that she looked good, she turned to Chu Liuchen beside her.

His expression looked better, and there was a casual smile on his face, which was elegant and harmless.

However, when his eyes met with the Empresss, there was a trace of darkness in his eyes, as if there was a cold sword light flashing across his eyes.

The Empresss eyes moved away subconsciously.

Turning to Shao Wanru on the side, looking at Shao Wanrus beautiful little face, the Empress Queen smiled and asked softly, “Fifth Miss Shao, do you know why First Miss Shao was looking for you”

If she couldnt answer this question, there would be someone who could!

Having been in the palace for so long, how could the Empress Queen not know what to say at this time

Although Empress Dowagers words were ambiguous, the meaning in her words didnt seem to be partial to First Miss Shao.

It could be seen that Empress Dowager didnt like this First Miss of Shaos Mansion.

After listening carefully to the Empress Dowagers words, she secretly meant that Shao Yanru deliberately said some superficial words, so the Empress had to be careful when answering her.

Shao Wanru looked up.

It was unexpected that the Empress kicked the topic to her.

But actually, it could be predicted.

She shook her head with a gentle smile and said, “I dont know why Big Sister looked for me.

Second Sister and I were in the pavilion before, but I felt a little depressed there, so I walked around the pavilion casually.

When I came out, I saw Big Sister from a distance.

She must have seen me.

I wanted to go for a while before I went back, so I didnt turn back.

I dont know why Big Sister came to find me!”

“Ask the two Misses of Duke Xings Mansion to come here.

This kind of thing has to be made clear in person, lest there will be another dispute after this!” Chu Liuchen said casually.

His slender fingers tapped gently on the armrest of the chair as if he was trying to relieve the Empress Dowagers worries.

“Thats exactly right!” Honored Consort Shu finally had a chance to say something.

She pinched her handkerchief and nodded in agreement.

“Then ask them to come here!” The Empress Dowager nodded and raised her voice.

Immediately, a palace maid came over and bowed to Empress Dowager.

Then she left.

At this time, a eunuch came in from outside and reported, “Empress Dowager Queen, Prince Yue Your highness is here!”

“Let him in!” Empress Dowager Queen said.

Chu Liuyue followed behind the eunuch and came in.

First, he saluted to Empress Dowager, then he greeted Empress and Honored Consort Shu, and then he met his two brothers.

When he sat down by Chu Liuzhous side, he subconsciously looked at the other side.

When he saluted just now, he had already seen someone on the opposite side.

It seemed that this person should be the Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion.

He looked up and saw a beautiful face like a lotus flower.

Even though she was still lowering her head, he could see her long and curly eyelashes.

Then she slightly lifted them, and her watery eyes were full of mist.

Shao Wanrus eyes were originally clear, but sometimes with some emotions, they were full of mist, reflecting her jade-like skin and delicate cherry lips.

Chu Liuyue clenched his hands in his sleeves almost subconsciously, and his heartbeat faster involuntarily.

He actually saw the woman in the waterside pavilion of the lake again.

At that moment, he even thought that he was hallucinating.

He stared at Shao Wanru unconsciously, and the amazement in his eyes almost overflowed.

If he had not been good at self-control, he would have immediately stood up at this time.

It turned out to be the Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion It should be her

He had seen Shao Wanru three years ago.

At that time, although Shao Wanrus eyes were picturesque and exquisite, she was too young to provoke him.

But he had never expected that three years later, Shao Wanru would make him feel so amazing.

She was as beautiful as a picture, like a fairy in a dream falling into the mortal world.

The so-called devastating beauty was nothing more than this! Such a beautiful girl was the one he expected.

She was the most beautiful one in his heart, the devastating peony!

A cold snort came from beside him.

The teacup on the table slipped down from the slender fingers and fell heavily on the table.

The hot tea inside splashed out, and a few drops of tea splashed on Chu Liuyues hands.

It was so painful that Chu Liuyue immediately woke up from his trance.

He stood up hurriedly and took two steps back, looking at Chu Liuchen who was sitting beside him in astonishment.

“Brother, Im really sorry.

I originally wanted to toast you with a cup of tea instead of wine, but just now my hands were soft, and the cup fell off.” Chu Liuchen slowly wiped his hands with a handkerchief, and then raised his head with an elegant smile.

Chu Liuyue looked at the teacup near him and then looked at Chu Liuchen, who didnt get any water drops.

His expression became bad.

If he couldnt hold the cup, normally, he would only throw the cup in front of himself.

How could he fall it in front of the person opposite him

“My brother, you dont have to be so polite.

Third brother, you should be careful in the future.

If the water burns on you, it will be my fault!” Chu Liuyues expression was very gentle.

He didnt take it seriously and reached out his hands to pat the water stain that accidentally splashed on his clothes.

He was very calm.

Although he was so angry, Chu Liuyue had to show his generosity in front of Empress Dowager.

He was very clear about Chu Liuchens character.

If Chu Liuyue really dared to talk about this matter, with Chu Liuchens character, he would really say something offensive.

Then Chu Liuyue could only listen to it.

The Empress Dowager would not stand on his side.

Chu Liuzhou looked at Chu Liuchen and then looked at Chu Liuyue.

Finally, he looked at Shao Wanru thoughtfully.

His mind was also in a whirl.

If Shao Yanru was valued by the whole Duke Xings Mansion, then it would be highly valued by Great Elder Princess to marry this Shao Wanru in front of him.

However, Great Elder Princess couldnt compare with Duke Xing, so Shao Yanru would be better.

But if he could have such a beautiful girl to accompany him, it would be a good thing.

Anyway, Shao Wanru was still young, so it would be easy for her to be eliminated during the Beauty Contest.

It would not be difficult for him to take her into the palace when his position was confirmed in the future.

But what was wrong with Chu Liuyue Did he also fall in love with this beautiful girl in front of him

Although the beauty was good, it was not as important as the magnificent land! If Chu Liuyue also took a fancy to her, he might get some benefits from it!

“Yueer, did you go to the place of the two Misses of Shaos Mansion just now” The Empress Dowager didnt see the interaction between the two brothers and asked.

“Imperial Grandmother, I was afraid that something would happen to the two Misses of Duke Xings Mansion, so I made a special visit and went to have a look.

Second Miss Shao, who fell into the water, was still having a shower.

When First Miss Shao helped to drag Second Miss Shao up, her clothes and hair were also a little wet and she was also having a shower.” Chu Liuyue said with a smile.

Shao Yanrus hair was still wet before, so it was a better reason that her hair was wet.

Shao Wanrus heart skipped a beat, and her long eyelashes fluttered twice.

She slowly raised her beautiful eyes and looked at Chu Liuyue gloomily.

This fake witness had been made in front of the Empress Dowager!

In her last life, it was he and Shao Yanru who framed her to kill the Sixth Prince.

She narrowed her eyes and hid the light mocking smile on her face…

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