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“Your Highness, save me!” Seeing Chu Liuyue come in, Shao Yanru raised her face full of tears and looked at Chu Liuyue entreatingly.

She stood up from the brocade chair with a frightened and helpless look.

Her lips trembled and the handkerchief in her hand was twisted tightly.

“I… I dont want to marry Prince Qing.

I… I want to marry…”

She didnt finish her words, but the meaning behind the words, as well as the affection in her eyes, both showed whom she wanted to marry!

Her tears fell like rain as she said this.

No matter how hard she tried, she could not stop crying.

She covered her eyes with the handkerchief in her hand.

Such beauty was as beautiful as jade, and she seemingly had affection for him, which really made him feel sorry about her.

Chu Liuyue came over and reached out to hold her in his arms.

He patted her on her back gently and comforted her softly, “Dont worry… I know… I know…”

He did regret it at this time.

Why hadnt he jumped down directly and only paid attention to Chu Liuzhou at that time He hadnt expected that Chu Qing dared to have such wishful thinking, which left space for him to seek loopholes.

As this matter was getting worse now, they wanted to make up for it afterward.

Honored Consort Shu asked the guards to find Shao Wanru, but unexpectedly, they met Chu Liuchen again and couldnt bring her back.

He frowned tightly because Duke Xings Mansion was a great help.

Without such support, it would be a great loss.

“Your Highness, I dont want to marry Commandery Prince Qing.

I… I would rather die than marry him!” Shao Yanru cried and choked with sobs.

“Your Highness, please find a way to help me.

How about saying that it was you who saved me Even if I become a consort in Prince Yues Mansion, it will still be better than marrying into Commandery Prince Qings Mansion.

Your Highness, please save me!”

Chu Liuyue frowned more tightly and his heart missed a beat.

He had never thought of this idea before.

He just wanted to substitute the Fifth Miss of Shaos Mansion for Shao Yanru about the accident of falling into the water.

What would happen if he took over Chu Qings matter

Thinking about the series of consequences that would be caused, Chu Liuyue immediately dismissed the idea in his heart that he substituted for Chu Qing in saving Shao Yanru.

He couldnt mess up his situation because of Shao Yanru.

If he really had enough power to conceal Shao Yanrus matter, it would be fine.

But it involved so many people and things, how could he have absolute power to control everything If not, this matter would inevitably be spread to his Emperor Father.

Besides, if someone deliberately said in front of his Emperor Father that it was because of Duke Xing that he did this, it would not be a good thing for him!

Honored Consort Shu might stand on his side and help him patch up the lie, but what about Chu Liuzhou Chu Liuzhou and the Empress behind him would inevitably put the blame on him, which would make him in a passive position.

This was different from putting the blame on Shao Wanru.

He knew that Chu Liuzhou also felt satisfied with Duke Xings Mansion and wanted to marry Shao Yanru.

If he could hide it for Shao Yanru, he would definitely do it.

Either Chu Liuzhou or he was not willing to see Shao Yanru marry Chu Qing.

They would blame it on Shao Wanru if they could.

As long as someone took over the matter of falling into the water, Shao Yanru could get rid of it.

Even if there were some rumors, people would only have some doubts.

Since Chu Liuzhou, Honored Consort Shu and he claimed so, Shao Wanru wouldnt get rid of this matter even if she wanted to.

But in the current situation, he dared not to promise!

Seeing the hesitation in Chu Liuyues eyes, Shao Yanru became anxious and her tears fell more and more.

She looked at Chu Liuyue pitifully and said, “Just now, my second sister said that she was willing to undertake this matter, but I thought… my second sisters reputation is also very important.

I cant ruin my second sisters reputation… If Your Highness can admit this matter… I… Even if I follow you without an official title, I can realize my dream in this life! Your Highness, save me! I… have admired … since I was a child…”

Shao Yanru cried so hard that she could not speak coherently.

Obviously, she was extremely sad and desperately wanted to escape, but she was still worried about her sisters reputation, who was of non-lineal descent.

She kept saying that for his sake and for her sisters sake, which was really moving.

She was a kind and dignified girl with outstanding appearance, and she also had the background of Duke Xings Mansion.

Moreover, Chu Liuyue originally had wanted to choose her, how could he not be tempted at this time

Seeing that the beautys eyes were red with tears, he sighed softly and said, “Since your second sister is willing to undertake this, let her do so!”

“Let… let Second Sister…” Shao Yanru raised her head in horror and looked at Chu Liuyue sadly, “But… but Second Sisters reputation…”

“Her reputation is not as important as yours.

Its also a good thing for her to marry Chu Qing now.

After all, that is Commandery Prince Qings Mansion.

Its much better than an ordinary family!”

Reminded by Shao Yanru, Chu Liuyue felt that this idea was not bad.

He had met Shao Jieer several times.

She was a daughter of non-lineal descent who was not very eye-catching.

She looked good but only at a common level.

He had seen so many beautiful women, among which there were thousands of girls like Shao Jieer at least.

Let alone that she was a daughter of non-lineal descent.

“But… but…” Shao Yanru was still hesitating and looked at Chu Liuyue in a panic as if she was frightened and unknown what to do at the moment.

Her flustered expression and her beautiful eyes with tears falling down were the most attractive things for a man.

Chu Liuyue reached out and patted her on the back, comforting her in a soft voice, “Ill arrange it.

It will be good for you and for her.”

“I… I will listen to you, but… but dont let my second sister wronged …” Shao Yanru sobbed helplessly.

“Her status is not high enough, but becoming a consort is still not bad, because after all, that is Commandery Prince Qings Mansion!” Seeing that she cared so much about her sister, Chu Liuyue felt that it was better for him to make things clear.

If Shao Yanru married him, she must be the official wife of Commandery Prince Qing.

But if Shao Jieer married him after losing her reputation, it would be good enough for her to be a consort.

Duke Xing had always been cautious and would not dare to ask for a high position for Shao Jieer.

If the eldest daughter of lineal descent became an official wife of a Prince, and a daughter of non-lineal descent also became an official wife of a Commandery Prince, this must arouse the suspicion of the emperor, even if Duke Xing didnt intend to do anything.

Chu Liuyue also thought so.

Since he intended to marry Shao Yanru, he didnt want Duke Xings Mansion to be a target for all either.

Thus, he didnt care that Shao Jieer might have no status in Commandery Prince Qings Mansion.

“Its all up to you, Your Highness!” Shao Yanru choked with sobs, as she ordered Shuqi to invite Shao Jieer in the next room to come over.

Seeing Shao Jieer coming over, she immediately hugged Shao Jieer and burst into tears.

She kept apologizing, “Second sister… second sister… As your sister, Im so sorry!”

“Big Sister, youre too polite… I… have always been taken care of by you.

I do this all for you… Im ok with this… As long as youre fine, I am ok with anything…” Shao Jieer also cried, and her words sounded very pleasant.

Looking at the two affectionate sisters, Chu Liuyue felt that this thing was very good.

Shao Jieer was willing to undertake this, which was much better than concealing Shao Yanrus matter.

Originally, he was a little hesitant in his heart, but after hearing Shao Jieers words to Shao Yanru, he became firm.

Since it had been decided, Shao Jieer naturally had to act as she had fallen into the water.

She wet her hair, changed her clothes, and then wet her previous clothes.

It had happened all of a sudden.

At that time, the guards had seen a girl fall into the water, and then she had been rescued by Chu Qing.

When she fell into the water, her appearance was naturally different from that on ordinary days.

Because she was in panic and fear, it didnt matter if she looked different at a glance.

Someone was immediately sent to inform Chu Liuzhou and Honored Consort Shu.

Honored Consort Shu also could hardly absolve herself from the blame because such a thing had happened to Shao Yanru in the palace.

If Shao Jieer could undertake this, her responsibilities would be much less.

Anyway, the eldest daughter of lineal descent and a second daughter of non-lineal descent were not at the same status.

Of course, if Chu Liuzhou wanted to marry Shao Yanru, he would not allow Shao Yanru to lose her reputation and to marry Chu Qing.

As for Chu Qing, Chu Liuyue intended to ask Honored Consort Shu to send someone to inform him of this, as well as Chu Liuzhous and his idea.

Since Chu Qing was also smart, he would never take the risk of offending Chu Liuzhou, Honored Consort Shu and him by insisting that the person he had saved was Shao Yanru.

After everything was arranged, Chu Liuyue left Shao Yanrus room and went to the Empress Dowagers place.

After their discussion, they had decided to go to Empress Dowagers place to explain this matter.

Seeing that Chu Liuyue left the room, the pitiful look on Shao Yanrus face immediately disappeared.

She reached out and pushed away Shao Jieer, who still wanted to show their sisterhood with her.

She patted her sleeves and said coldly, “If you marry into the Commandery Prince Qings Mansion in the future, dont forget my kindness!”

“Thank you, Eldest Sister!” Shao Jieer took two steps back and wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

She really wanted to thank Shao Yanru at this time.

She didnt expect that the marriage to Commandery Prince Qing would fall on her.

Becoming the official wife of Commandery Prince Qing was something good that she had never thought about before.

When she saw Shao Yanru pull off her hair like crazy, Shao Jieer was both regretful and afraid.

She was afraid that she could not escape her punishment.

To her surprise, everything changed.

Shao Yanru let her bear the matter of being saved and let her marry into the Commandery Prince Qings Mansion.

This was not a good thing for Shao Yanru, but it was absolutely a good thing for Shao Jieer.

Because of this, she could do anything for Shao Yanru.

“Do you know what to say” Shao Yanru looked at her disdainfully and raised the corner of her mouth sarcastically.

She was just a daughter of non-lineal descent, but she dared to think about the position of the official wife of Commandery Prince.

She didnt even think whether she was qualified or not.

She was daydreaming!

Chu Qing was originally going to marry Shao Yanru, but now had to take Shao Jieer into the mansion.

Having no fate with Shao Yanru might make Chu Qing want to strangle Shao Jieer.

Shao Jieer even thought that she would get a big bargain.

Really stupid!

“Dont worry, Big Sister.

I know what to say… I will never get you into trouble!” Shao Jieer gritted her teeth and expressed her loyalty.

Before Chu Liuyue came, Shao Yanru had already arranged everything.

She and Chu Liuyue had known each other for a long time, so she definitely knew that it was impossible for Chu Liuyue to admit it.

The best result was to ask Shao Jieer to undertake this!

“In this case, you go get ready.

Empress Dowager will definitely send someone here to call you over later!” said Shao Yanru.

“Yes, Big Sister.

Ill prepare for it now.

Please teach me how to say it later…” Shao Jieer nodded repeatedly.

She could do anything now after getting such a good marriage!

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