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“I couldnt be better.

Lets go!” Chu Liuchen squinted at her with a slight smile and said with gentle eyes.

Chu Liuchen didnt let go of Shao Wanru before she was pulled to the front of the wheelchair.

Seeing that Chu Liuchen slowly sat back in the wheelchair, Xiao Xuanzi continued pushing the wheelchair forward slowly.

“Honored Consort Shu had a child.

I heard that she lost the child and it had something to do with my mother!” Chu Liuchen said.

Shao Wanru was stunned, but she immediately understood why Chu Liuchen told her the reason why Honored Consort Shu set her up.

“What does it have to do with me”

“Of course it has something to do with you.

She probably got some news from someone serving my grandma recently and knew that you may marry into Prince Chens Mansion, so she set a trap for you.

In fact, she wants to crack me down!” Chu Liuchen said leisurely, looking indifferent.

There was only a trace of rage and hostility across his eyes.

Although he looked calm and indifferent, his rage still seemed to be bloodthirsty.

After he figured out his feelings for Shao Wanru, he was no longer the young man who reconciled himself to his situation and gave up hope for himself.

Since Honored Consort Shu expanded her connections that far, he should cut off her connections!

“She wants to ruin my reputation so that I cant marry into Prince Chens Mansion” Shao Wanru understood and said with a frown.

“She really thinks that with my uncles guilt for her, she can do anything she likes in the imperial palace!” Chu Liuchen said with a sneer.

Not only she but also her family intended to send some girls to Prince Yues Mansion and Prince Zhous Mansion, hoping that one of the girls could be another favored honored consort in the future.

“What happened today…” Shao Wanru wanted to say something but stopped on second thought.

In fact, she wanted to make it clear, but she didnt know where to start, so she could only pause for a moment.

“I saw clearly what happened today.

It was the Second Miss of your mansion who pushed Shao Yanru into the water, and Shao Yanru got drunk before that!” Chu Liuchen said gently.

The voice of such a young man was clear and leisurely as if it had a penetrating power.

“Your Highness, you saw it just now” Shao Wanru lowered her watery eyes to look at Chu Liuchen and asked, unable to hide the shock in her heart.

Although she had carried out her plan and knew that Shao Jieer would definitely take actions to deal with Shao Yanru for her future and marriage, she did not see the real situation.

Since Chu Liuchen said that, he probably had watched the whole thing.

“Of course I saw it because I happened to be in an attic facing the crack of the pavilion.” Chu Liuchen said with a smile.

There was a waterside pavilion in the lake and plum blossoms in full bloom by the lake.

Beside the plum blossom forest, there were pavilions of different shapes, which made the scenery around the lake look magnificent.

Sitting in the attic and admiring the scenery, people could enjoy extraordinary scenery.

This was an important reason why there was a layer of gauze hanging in the waterside pavilion.

Since the gauze was practical and could make the waterside pavilion look better, they hung a layer of gauze in the waterside pavilion.

Among the plum trees, the red plum blossoms were as red as fire, the white plum blossoms were pure and elegant, and the yellow plum blossoms were delicate.

Along with the waterside pavilion in the lake, they provided extraordinary scenery for those sitting in the attic.

“Your Highness, what do you think they are going to do” Although Shao Wanru had her thoughts, she could not help asking, while raising her watery eyes to look at Chu Liuchens face.

“Of course, they are going to do all they can to push the blame onto you!” Chu Liuchen said lazily with a slight smile.

On hearing his words, Shao Wanru fell silent for a while.

Although she had guessed that, she still felt rage.

She clenched both of her fists tightly and calmed down.

“Rest assured.

As long as Im here, none of them can frame you!” Chu Liuchen squinted at her and suddenly said with a smile.

Shao Wanru bit her red lips and managed to suppress the inexplicable bitterness in her heart.

She did not have this feeling even when she was set up by her relatives.

However, Chu Liuchens words made her feel that, and her clear watery eyes became wet.

She bit her lip hard to suppress the bitterness that was about to make her cry!

“Your Highness, are you… better now”

“Im fine.

I not only got better but also spat out a lot of poisonous blood.

So Ive got much better from my severe and lingering illness now!” Chu Liuchen tilted his head to look at her and said with a meaningful smile.

Shao Wanru was stunned, turned to look at Chu Liuchen, and asked in surprise, “You got much better from your severe and lingering illness” She, who was proficient in medical skills, knew that it was very difficult to cure Chu Liuchens illness.

“Why cant I get better Ive been to hell this time.

Its good to have such a bonus!”

“So are you going to recover, Your Highness” After hesitating for a while, Shao Wanru asked cautiously.

It was not only about the improvement of Chu Liuchens health.

How could she not know what turbulent waves it would bring

“Ive recuperated for so many years, and after such an accident, I naturally should recover!” Chu Liuchen raised his eyebrows slightly and said casually.

So was Chu Liuchen going to rise and trample everyone underfoot

Shao Wanru was shocked and turned her head in a panic to avoid Chu Liuchens pretty eyes.

For some unknown reason, her heart beat wildly a few times, and she was lost in contemplation.

Chu Liuchens fierce and desperate eyes in the last life appeared in her mind.

His eyes, which were so dark and seemed to indicate that he was going to destroy the world, hung over her heart and somehow made her feel out of breath.

Feeling her hand gently held, she recovered from the breathless state and only felt a little sweat on her back.

Although it was just a gaze in her memory, it made her feel despair and darkness.

His gaze seemed to be filled with deathly stillness, but it also seemed to indicate that he was going to destroy everything.

What had he experienced so that he had that kind of gaze which seemed to indicate that he was going to drag the whole world into the endless bloody darkness

“Your Highness, its great that you can recover, but… others…” Shao Wanru reminded him softly.

She didnt know what had happened to him in the last life, but it was definitely fatal for him.

But what would happen to him, who was high above everyone, and make him feel desperate and dark

“I dont care about what others will do.

You can rest assured because I will protect you.

After our marriage is announced, I will definitely support you openly and never allow anyone to bully you!” Chu Liuchen said meaningfully.

His words were very gentle, and he was as gentle and elegant as usual.

However, he seemed to be looking at her with something in his eyes, which made Shao Wanru feel her heart beat wildly at the moment.

She bit her lip and managed to suppress her wild heartbeat!

It should be the reason why Chu Liuchen in front of her looked different from the desperate and bloodthirsty figure in her memory!

“Your Highness, those people…” Suddenly, she looked up and saw several guards in front of the plum blossom forest.

She gently drew back her hand from Chu Liuchens hand and said with cold eyes.

They came so quickly!

Chu Liuchen looked up to squint at the guards in front of them with his fluid eyes shining brightly.

Xiao Xuanzi pushed the wheelchair forward as if he didnt see the guards who obviously came to block the way.

Shao Wanru hesitated for a moment, and then followed Chu Liuchen without stopping.

“Greetings, Your Highness!” Seeing Chu Liuchen come out, one of the guards, who seemed to be the leader, froze for a while and said.

He, who didnt expect to meet Chu Liuchen here, hurried forward to bow to Chu Liuchen.

“Whats the matter” Chu Liuchen asked lazily.

“I am here to find the Fifth Miss Shao.

The First Miss Shao had an accident just now, so we come to ask the Fifth Miss to take care of her!” The guard reported in a decent manner.

After that, he bowed to Shao Wanru.

The Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion could be the only Fifth Miss here at the moment.

“Who sent you here” Chu Liuchen lazily lifted the corners of his mouth to show a cold smile, while asking with ripples in his eyes.

Xiao Xuanzi stepped back calmly because his master was very dangerous in this situation.

“Your Highness, I volunteer to help, not sent by anyone.

The First Miss Shao is in poor condition, so we hurry to ask the Misses from Duke Xings Mansion to go there.

The Second Miss Shao is already there.

Only Fifth Miss Shao is absent.

Fifth Miss Shao, please go there as soon as possible!”

The guard said sincerely.

How could the guards in the imperial palace be dispatched at will Besides, there would be some disputes over this matter later.

Smart people would not get involved in this kind of thing.

“Well, are you afraid that I will tell my uncle that someone secretly dispatched the guards with an unclear intention” Chu Liuchen said with an increasingly affable smile.

He acted like a young master who was as pretty as jade and gave out warm lights.

Anyone would think that he was very nice and gentle at a glance.

However, hearing his words, the guard broke out in a cold sweat with his face changing dramatically and his fingers beginning to convulse.

Being dispatched secretly by someone with an unclear intention was enough to make the guards on the scene die without a burial place with the members of the nine branches of their families implicated.

The Emperor, who had a higher demand for the guards loyalty, would punish them immediately if they did anything wrong.

Moreover, he would exterminate them and leave no chance for their survival.

What was more, it was reported by Prince Chen.

As the Emperors guards, they knew that the Emperor attached such great importance to Prince Chen that sometimes others even thought that Prince Chen was the Emperors biological son.

The Emperor was definitely not pretending to care about Prince Chen as the rumors said.

After all, Chu Liuchen couldnt live long, so the Emperor could get rid of him easily!

Thinking of this, the guards all knelt down.

“Your Highness, we dont dare.

We just help them find the Fifth Miss and dont know anything else!” The guards said anxiously with their heads covered with sweat.

Even the cold of winter couldnt dispel their nervousness and panic.

“Why are you kneeling in front of me I am just an idle prince who is too weak to meddle in other things.

Seeing you kneel in front of me, those who dont know the truth may think that I held you up in your official business!” Chu Liuchen said with a smile.

“Your Highness, you must be joking.

We just intend to help!” The guards stood up in a panic and said.

Although they got some profit, they could not pay with their lives.

“Since there is nothing else, you can leave now.

Im taking the Fifth Miss Shao to meet my grandma!” Chu Liuchen waved his hand and said with a smile!

“Yes, Your Highness, please go ahead!” The guards said, made way for them, and did not dare to stop them.

Watching the Fifth Miss Shao leave with Prince Chen, several guards looked at each other and didnt know what to do at the moment!

“Lets go and report it to Prince Zhou!” One of them suggested.

“Okay!” All of them said and felt as if they were granted an amnesty.

Ghosts could get hurt in a fight among immortals.

It was better for them to stay out of it…

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