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“Miss, Miss Qi has sent a letter to the First Young Master! This time, she did it in a much more obscure way than last time.” Qinger came back a bit late.

“Dont worry about her!” Shao Wanru blinked her eyes and came to a conclusion in her mind.

After being smashed by the people sent by Madam of Duke Xing this time, Qi Rongzhi would restrain herself a little.

But she would not stop so easily, especially tomorrow was the day when no one was in the mansion.

All the Misses were going to enter the palace, and Madam of Duke Xing was busy preparing things for her eldest daughter to enter the palace.

The guard in Qi Rongzhis place was relatively simple.

So if she got help, it would not be difficult for her to escape!

The news that the Misses would go to the palace tomorrow had been sent to Qi Rongzhi on purpose.

Qi Rongzhis letter had also indicated that she was going to take action.

“Prepare a carriage outside the back door.

If Qi Rongzhi can escape, she will definitely go to the back door.

She will go there when we enter the palace.

At that time, everyone will be in a mess.

The five Misses will enter the palace together.

The servant girls and old maids will also be in a mess and they will all be in the front door!” Shao Wanru turned the handkerchief in her hand with a leisurely smile.

Qi Rongzhi had been able to endure until now.

But perhaps she couldnt bear it any longer!

The marriage in the past made people feel that Madam of Duke Xing was kind and generous.

And she even took up the daughter of a small aristocratic family.

She was a loving elder.

But what about now A chill flashed in her eyes.

“Miss, when I came back just now, I saw the First Misss servant girl Moyan going to the back door!” Qinger suddenly said.

The two most capable principal maids by Shao Yanrus side were Shuqi and Moyan.

But in the past, the one who followed Shao Yanru was Shuqi.

Moyan was rarely seen.

It was almost the same as when they were on the mountain.

Since Moyan was rarely seen, Qinger paid more attention to her when she saw Moyan sneaking to the back door alone.

Shao Wanru lowered her head, silently picked up the tea, and took a sip.

“Lets wait and see what will happen tomorrow!”

It seemed that not only Consort Shu but also Shao Yanru would take action tomorrow…

“Your Highness, its First Miss Shaos letter!” Xiao Qizi respectfully presented the letter in his hand.

Chu Liuyue looked up at the letter in Xiao Qizis hand and continued to finish the calligraphy.

After he finished writing, he cleaned his hands, wiped the water stains on his hands carefully with a handkerchief, and then took the letter from Xiao Qizis hand.

He pulled out the letter and looked at the contents on it.

His expression turned cold.

It was very quiet in the study.

Only Chu Liuyue frowned slightly.

After reading it, he put the letter in his hand into the envelope and handed it to Xiao Qizi conveniently.

Xiao Qizi walked to the bottom of the first bookshelf on the left, took out a box, and put the letter into it.

The thick stack was written by First Miss Shao to his master.

Sitting in front of the desk, Chu Liuyue picked up the teacup beside him and took a sip.

There was no joy on his face.

Xiao Qizi didnt dare to talk.

He just stood aside with his hands down and didnt dare to move.

After a long time, he heard Chu Liuyue say, “Does Prince Zhou still go to the palace to see the Empress at that time every day”

“Yes, its still the same time.

He basically went to see the Empress at that time!” Xiao Qizi thought for a while and said with certainty.

“Go to the palace at that time tomorrow!” Chu Liuyue said.

“But Consort Shu asked you to go there early tomorrow.” Xiao Qizi reminded him carefully.

“Whats the difference if I go there earlier or later The Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion is not the daughter of an ordinary family.

If she becomes my concubine, Ruian Great Elder Princess will not forgive me!”

Chu Liuyue raised the corner of his mouth and said lightly.

It was not that he didnt want the Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion to be his consort, but with her status, how could she really be his consort

If he really had something with the two of them, Ruian Great Elder Princess and the Empress Dowager would inevitably force him to marry her.

Although Ruian Great Elder Princess could say something in front of the Empress Dowager, it was not worthy compared with the real help of Duke Xings Mansion.

Moreover, Shao Yanru liked him very much.

She also looked beautiful and outstanding.

The Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion could not compare with her!

He really didnt want to cooperate with Consort Shus idea! But he couldnt refuse her directly! Consort Shu didnt have any children.

She was close to his mother, so he could utilize her if he was close to her!

He could not refuse directly, but he could let Chu Liuzhou come to stir up trouble.

At that time, he would be careful, and this matter would not be related to him.

If Chu Liuzhou had something to do with the Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion, he would have nothing to do with how this matter was handled.

He was very happy to see the Empress Dowager and the Empress fight.

“But in this way, Consort Shu will be unhappy!” Xiao Qizi knew that Chu Liuyue attached great importance to Consort Shu, so he said.

“After this matter is over, it will be the draft.

I will naturally choose a girl from Consort Shus family.” Chu Liuyue leaned back, and he was not very worried about this.

Even if Chu Liuzhou really made some trouble with this Miss of Duke Xings Mansion, it would be an accident.

It had nothing to do with him.

He had planned to choose a girl from Consort Shus family.

“Prince, Lord Wen is here!” A young eunuch reported in a shrill voice.

“Come in please!” A kind smile appeared on Chu Liuyues face.

He had sent someone to invite Wen Xichi.

Xiao Qizi hurriedly went forward and picked up the curtain.

Wen Xichi was dressed in a blue brocade robe and stood in the yard.

He stepped inside until he saw the curtain was lifted.

After entering the room, he bowed to Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue turned out from the back of the desk with a smile and sat down at the reception on the right side of the study.

He waved to Wen Xichi and said, “Yuanqing, come and sit here!”

“Prince, what can I do for you” Wen Xichi turned around and sat down opposite him.

He frowned slightly and asked calmly.

“Its not a big deal.

Ive troubled Yuanqing with the previous thing.

Recently, I happened to get an ancient book.

I want to invite Yuanqing to have a look and see if its the authentic work!”

Xiao Qizi took out a book from the bookshelf on the side and handed it over gravely.

Wen Xichi took it and flipped through it.

It was indeed an ancient book and was a little broken.

It happened to be the handwriting of the scholar from the previous dynasty that he was looking for.

“I heard that Yuanqing is looking for his authentic work.

If it is true, I will give it to you for appreciation!” Chu Liuyue smiled, picked up the teacup at hand, took a sip, and said slowly.

“Thank you, Prince!” Wen Xichis eyes were calm.

He casually flipped through the book in his hands and put it aside with little interest.

“Yuanqing, you dont like it” Chu Liuyue glanced at the ancient book he found and asked in surprise.

Of course, this ancient book was the real one.

He thought of many ways to get it.

Originally, he just wanted to give it to Wen Xichi, but he didnt expect that Wen Xichi didnt care about it at all.

“I like it.

But I could not be so doted on by Prince!” Wen Xichi lowered his head slightly, and there was some alienation in his expression.

“Since you like it, you dont have to be so polite.

There is no need to be so polite between you and me!” Chu Liuyue said with a smile.

His face, which had always been cold and serious, became softer because of this smile.

Of course, he wanted to win Wen Xichi over.

Compared with the other two sons of the prime minister, Wen Xichi was so worthy to be roped in!

“Thanks to your ideas, First Miss Shao got great help in the previous thing!” When it came to this matter, Chu Liuyues eyes were filled with gratitude.

However, Wen Xichi was silent for a while.

After a long time, he said, “Its not of great help.

Prince, I dont deserve your appreciation!”

Although Chu Liuyue mentioned Shao Yanru, Wen Xichi knew that what he said was to let him know Shao Yanrus and his identity.

If he offended one of them, he would offend both of them.

If he did one of them a favor, he would do both of them a favor.

Thinking of what he had found in Jingxin Monastery, a trace of sarcasm flashed in Wen Xichis eyes.

Shao Yanru was very scheming.

He had already known it when he was young.

He did not expect that she and Prince Yue had already had this kind of relationship.

Prince Yue told him so clearly, it seemed that the position of Prince Yues wife must belong to her.

His handsome eyebrows frowned tightly.

He did not like the current situation.

“Do not say that you dont deserve.

No one expected this thing.

I didnt expect that it would make such a big deal, which made my father angry.

Although this matter was handled later, this Fifth Miss Shao was not treated as a misfortune.

At least it can reduce the influence of the matter of First Miss Shao.

Speaking of this, its all up to Yuanqing.

Im here to serve tea as wine and thank you on behalf of her!”

Chu Liuyue picked up the teacup at his hand and said to Wen Xichi with a smile.

Wen Xichis eyes darkened for a moment.

He didnt like to mention this matter.

In the past, he didnt pay much attention to everything.

Even though he didnt care about this official position, it was this idea that he had come up with before that made him feel inexplicably uncomfortable.

He even felt very uncomfortable, as if he had done something against his will.

However, when he thought about it carefully, he found that it was nothing.

Although Shao Wanru had been in touch with him and reminded him of some things, she obviously knew these things by accident.

Or maybe Qin Huaiyong asked her to tell him because he wanted to let him be close to his family.

At that time, Qin Huaiyong also wanted to unite by marriage with his mansion.

Thinking of this, some of the help from Shao Wanru was not so important to him.

He knew this was the truth, but he always remembered it in his heart.

If his plan succeeded that time, Shao Wanru would end up with an extremely miserable life.

Every time he thought of this, he would always dream at midnight, dreaming that Shao Wanru knelt in the mourning hall with a sad face and looked haggard, which made people feel sorry for her!

He knew that this dream was fake, but every time he woke up, he felt distressed.

He covered his chest and sat on the bed for a long time without sleeping.

He even wondered if he had forgotten something important.

Did Shao Wanru really have something to do with him

This feeling was so uncomfortable that he almost didnt want to recall that he had helped Chu Liuyue to plot against Shao Wanru that day.

Fortunately, this matter was later disturbed by someone, so that it was known by the emperor.

“Prince, let bygones be bygones.

Lets not talk about it!” Wen Xichi picked up the teacup beside him and drank it up.

He hid the displeasure in his eyes, and then put down the teacup in his hand heavily.

“Yuanqing, in fact, I have something to trouble you this time!” Seeing Wen Xichi put down the teacup in his hand, Chu Liuyue smiled more and more friendly.

He had always been cold, and such a smile could hardly be seen by others.

If it was seen by others, the people would feel flattered.

Wen Xichi was shocked, but it was not because he was appreciated.

There were silent waves in his eyes, but he didnt show them on his face.

He looked up and said, “Prince, please tell me!”

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