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After coming out of the Empress Dowagers mansion, Shao Wanru was led to Prince Chens Mansion.

They entered through a side door of the imperial palace.

After that, they were led by people from Prince Chens Mansion to Chu Liuchens yard.

When they entered the room, Xiao Xuanzi stepped forward and saluted, “Fifth Miss!”

“How is Prince Chen going” Shao Wanru frowned slightly and asked softly.

“You can go to have a look!” Xiao Xuanzi shrugged his head and said.

He brought a brocade stool to the bed and then stepped aside.

Shao Wanru walked over and sat down on the brocade stool.

She bit her lip in silence and looked at Chu Liuchen, who was lying in the quilt.

His face and lips were as pale as usual as if there was no trace of blood and he was lying in the bed without breath, which made her feel suffocated.

Xiao Xuanzi silently left the inner room and closed the door for them.

Shao Wanru reached out her hand.

She hesitated for a moment, but still put her finger under his nose to feel his breath.

The breath was very light, but he did have.

Then, she got her hand into the quilt and gently pulled his hand out.

She put her hand on his pulse and closed her eyes to carefully feel his pulse.

In fact, his pulse was not very weak.

At least, it made Shao Wanru feel that his pulse was much stronger than his breath.

She inexplicably relaxed.

She knew that he would not easily die in that way! A scourge would last thousands of years.

How could a scourge like him die early

When she thought about it, the whole thing seemed to be happening right in front of her eyes, so it seemed that everything had been planned early.

In this case, it was even more impossible for Chu Liuchen to die easily.

“You are worried about me, arent you” Chu Liuchens voice came into her ears.

Shao Wanru suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Chu Liuchen, who was lying in the bed.

She didnt know when he had opened his beautiful eyes.

He looked at Shao Wanru with a smile.

He looked a little lazy as usual, but his face was too pale.

“You… you are indeed fine!” Shao Wanru bit her lip and said after a long while.

“How could I be fine I spat out a mouthful of poisoned blood, so I am not well!” Chu Liuchen said lightly.

“Poisoned blood You were poisoned” Understanding the meaning of Chu Liuchens words, Shao Wanru couldnt help narrowing her eyes.

“I have been poisoned at an early age.

The so-called fetal poison can also be the real poison!” Chu Liuchen held Shao Wanrus hand and said softly.

Shao Wanrus hands couldnt help trembling.

Everyone knew that Chu Liuchen had been born with the fetal poison.

The so-called fetal poison might have been caused by the Empresss diet and other aspects to which she had not paid attention.

It turned out the real poison instead of the fetal poison, but Shao Wanru was not surprised at this point.

She had felt Chu Liuchens pulse several times, and she always felt that this symptom seemed to be seen in someone poisoned, but this kind of poison was not very obvious.

She had never felt the pulse of the fetus poison before, so she thought that it might be the fetus poison.

Since it was also called poison, the fetus poison might also have similar symptoms to common poisoning.

Now she finally understood that the so-called fetus poison was just to deceive the public.

Actually, he was really poisoned!

“Are you afraid” Chu Liuchen raised his beautiful eyes and looked at Shao Wanru.

Shao Wanru nodded first and then shook her head.

“Dont be afraid.

Of course, I will protect you.

I still have the ability to protect the person I want to protect!” Chu Liuchen smiled slightly.

“The savior… Whats going on” After hesitating for a moment, Shao Wanru thought of the scene in Huaguang Temple and could not help asking.

“Becoming my savior… Imperial Grandmother will think highly of you.

No matter how partial your grandmother is, it will be fine as long as Imperial Grandmother likes you!” Chu Liuchen said with a smile.

Even now his voice was a little hoarse, it still made people feel that he was as gentle as jade.

Shao Wanru pursed her lips and wanted to say something, but she didnt know what to say for a while.

She felt inexplicably panicked, so she turned her head and subconsciously avoided those burning eyes.

There was an uncontrollable feeling in her heart, which she couldnt tell.

She only felt that she didnt know what to say in this situation.

Her long eyelashes fluttered twice, and there was a very strange feeling in her heart, which made it hard for her to say what she had prepared for the moment.

“Thank you, Prince!” She bit her lips again to suppress her throbbing heart and thanked him.

“It was just a piece of cake.

Anyway, you are also my future princess.

If someone bullies you, that will make me ashamed!” Chu Liuchens handsome eyes were filled with a smile.

He reached out to hold her hand and closed his eyes slightly.

This time he did it seriously though starting it as a false thing.

He achieved many things at one stroke, including using this as an excuse to cure his chronic illness.

If his illness continued, his body would not be able to support that longer.

The timing was just right!

“Is there really someone… or those men in black are yours…” Shao Wanru hesitated for a moment and asked.

“They are not mine!” Although Shao Wanru was hesitant, Chu Liuchen knew what she was asking.

Of course, he had made some contribution to it, otherwise, he wouldnt have taken advantage of this opportunity.

“Who is that” Shao Wanru asked.

“Whoever is okay!” Chu Liuchens words became more and more casual.

He raised his thin lips with a sweet and elegant smile.

Even though he was sick, he still looked extremely elegant and handsome.

When Shao Wanru said this, she knew that she had made a slip of the tongue.

This was not something that she could inquire about.

Fortunately, Chu Liuchen did not say anything, so she was not that embarrassed.

“Prince, do I need to do something” She tried hard to suppress the uncertainty in her heart, and her watery eyes slowly became clear again.

“You have to do nothing.

You can go back later.

Since Im still not well, I wont keep you here!” Chu Liuchen smiled slightly, but he still held Shao Wanrus hand with no intention of letting her go.

“Then Prince, take good care of yourself!” Shao Wanru tried to pull her hand back, but being held tightly made her dare not to exert too much strength.

It seemed that Chu Liuchen was not just acting now, because she had felt his pulse just now.

“Of course, I have to take good care of myself, but its still early for you to go back now.

Take a rest with me!” As Chu Liuchen said this, he exerted force in his hand to pull Shao Wanru.

She fell to the bed involuntarily and almost fell straight on him.

Seeing the pale handsome face in front of her, Shao Wanru was frightened to reach out and hold the edge of the bed.

Finally, she stabilized her body, and her face couldnt help but show embarrassment and annoyance, “Your Highness!”

“Just for a while.

Dont worry, Im tired now and I really dont have much energy!” Chu Liuchen pulled her sleeves naturally and pulled her to his front.

Shao Wanru was pulled to lie on the bed in an extremely stiff posture.

If it werent for the fact that Chu Liuchen was so weak that he almost couldnt move, she would have struggled hard.

But now she didnt dare to move for fear that she would hurt him again!

“Prince, you can sleep first.

Im not leaving yet!” Shao Wanru said helplessly as she tried to push his hand away.

She spoke this so naturally that her face turned red after she finished her words.

“Please stay here for an hour.

Imperial Grandmother will be unhappy if you leave early!” After taking the medicine, Chu Liuchen really couldnt hold on any longer.

He closed his eyes slightly and relaxed his hands a little so that Shao Wanru could sit at the edge of the bed.

“Prince, please rest assured.

Ill stay here for an hour before I leave!” Shao Wanru sighed helplessly and leaned against the bed.

She also knew that it was better to leave after an hour.

If she left too early, the Empress Dowager would be a little unhappy and think that she was too perfunctory.

The good situation created for her before might be gone!

In the quiet room, only Chu Liuchens light breathing could be heard.

This time, the breathing was next to her ears, which was not as weak as the sound she had hardly heard when entering the room.

Her heart also relaxed, and her watery eyes turned to Chu Liuchen.

His handsome and elegant face was really like a god from heaven, and he was also a cold god because one can see the coldness in his character from his light-colored thin lips.

Shao Wanru had always known that Chu Liuchen was cold and heartless.

It could be said that since she was reborn, she had known this clearly.

Although her memory of the last life was messy, the scene that those women in the emperors harem had died there clearly appeared in her memory.

This was because of Chu Liuchen.

So many beauties had died in a ferocious and twisted way under the sky.

Even the sky had also been bloody!

How could Chu Liuchen be a kind person Even though he had always looked harmless in front of others and like a noble and beautiful young man who walked out of the ink-wash mountains and rivers.

But these didnt prevent Shao Wanru from knowing Chu Liuchens cruel nature.

But now this ferocious and beautiful young man was sleeping quietly beside her.

His long curly eyelashes fell on his pale eyelids, making people feel that he was much more handsome than an ordinary person.

Because of his pale face, he looked even delicate at this time, although he had never shown this kind of weakness in the past.

If she counted in the ages of her two lives, Shao Wanru felt that she was actually older than him!

Thinking of what he had done for her just now, she put a strand of his hair aside and inexplicably felt soft and warm in her heart.

In her two lives, no one had ever taken the initiative to take care of her like this.

He had done many things for her, and he could think of her at the moment that he might die.

She clenched her hand hard and poked her palm with her fingertips to make her mind clear.

She took a deep breath to suppress the thoughts about something else in her heart at this moment, and her watery eyes became clear.

She reached out to tuck a corner of the quilt for Chu Liuchen and then turned her head to look at his handsome face quietly!

After an hour, Xiao Xuanzi came in to remind her.

Shao Wanru carefully pulled her hand from Chu Liuchens hand and then left Prince Chens Mansion quietly.

After she withdrew her hand and left quietly, Chu Liuchen opened his eyes slightly and reached out to rub his eyebrows.

There was a little confusion in his clear eyes, and he looked at the slightly closed door with a rare hesitant look.

Xiao Xuanzi opened the door and walked in quietly.

When he saw Chu Liuchens slightly open eyes, he took two steps forward and said in a low voice, “Master, how should we deal with those people who led the assassins here”

Although his master deliberately prepared this plan, it was certain that these people were not reliable.

“Kill them without mercy!” The cold voice was filled with a strange hostility.

The gentle and elegant young man just now had immediately become as bloodthirsty as a ghost…

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