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Chapter 607 Tell Me the Next Time When You Want to Go Downhill

Shao Wanru felt that he was not helping her but hurting her again.

When she was hung on the tree on the cliff, she was too nervous to notice the injuries though she was injured.

Therefore, she didnt feel it so painful.

At this moment, he wiped her wound open, and her forehead was covered with sweat because of pain.

Her face turned pale, and she reached out for Chu Liuchens hand subconsciously.

“Your… Your Highness, it hurts so much!” She looked at him with a pitiful look in her beautiful eyes, showing a look of weakness.

“Now you know it hurts.

What were you doing before I told them to protect you, not to hang you on a tree! Since they failed to fulfill their duty, Ill replace them with someone else!” Chu Liuchen said coldly, yet his hands became gentler.

He no longer wiped her wound with so much strength.

Shao Wanru held his hands quickly, but this time, it was not to stop him from wiping her wounds.

She asked hurriedly, “What happened to the hidden guard”

“I dont need a useless man!” Chu Liuchen said with a frosty look.

“No, he didnt do it out of his own will, but I asked him to help me.

Your Highness, this will never happen again.

In fact, I just felt that I could no longer stay in the Yuhui Nunnery, so I took the chance to go downhill with them,” Shao Wanru said in a hurry, sensing that things might go worse.

She didnt dare to hide it anymore.

Qinger was her guard in public, while there were two hidden guards protecting her in dark.

On normal days, these two guards were responsible for delivering messages downhill, and Qinger would contact them.

Since she had Qinger and these two hidden guards with her, Shao Wanru felt that it was easier for her to handle things.

It was the same this time.

Jing Zhaoyins men would appear below Yuhui Nunnery just because the hidden guards delivered the message to Chu Liuchen asking him to arrange for it.

“So you put yourself in danger Shao Wanru, how capable youre! You really dared to do so just for this purpose!” Chu Liuchen suddenly threw the handkerchief on Shao Wanrus fair shanks and stood up with a grim look.

He sat down in front of the bed and pulled Shao Wanru into his arms, looking down at her.

Before Shao Wanru could react, she was kissed on the lips, and both her hands and head were pressed tightly.

As a result, she had to bear Chu Liuchens hot breath…

Chu Liuchen didnt let her go until a long while later.

The look around his eyes and eyebrows appeared gentler.

He reached out to touch the corner of Shao Wanrus lips, which became even softer after the kiss, and the look in his eyes was still unfathomable.

Shao Wanru gasped heavily while she reached out to push Chu Liuchen subconsciously.

She had never seen him so angry like this.

The two of them had always been courteous to each other, and sometimes, there were some ambiguous interactions between them, but they had never been as passionate as today.

This made Shao Wanru both shy and annoyed.

Her heart beat wildly, and she didnt know what to do next.

Sensing that Chu Liuchens body temperature also went high, Shao Wanru was at a loss even more and pushed Chu Liuchen.

Her eyes became watery, making Chu Liuchen feel heartbroken and take pity on her.

Her delicate and charming face, as beautiful and attractive as flowers in full bloom, made his heart race.

While growing older, Shao Wanru became increasingly beautiful.

However, she had always remained aloof in front of others, which covered her charms.

Just now, because of the kiss, her charms were revealed completely, and she was as beautiful as a dream and fantasy, so charming and attractive.

Chu Liuchen held her in his arms tightly again before letting her go slowly.

As the girl was becoming more and more beautiful, she shouldnt go outside after returning to the capital.

Since now she got injured, it was better for her to stay and have a rest in the yard.

With this in thought, Chu Liuchen gradually regained his composure.

He let go of Shao Wanru and squatted down to wipe Shao Wanrus wound.

This time, his movement was so gentle that Shao Wanru almost didnt feel any pain.

After wiping all the stain off her feet, he took out a bottle of ointment from his inner pocket.

He applied some light green ointment to her wound, and she immediately felt a cool feeling from her legs.

She couldnt help blushing, let out a groan of comfort, and relaxed completely.

It was quiet in the room, and only their breathing could be heard.

“Tell me next time when you want to go downhill.” Chu Liuchen stood up, reached out for one of her hands, and ripped the sleeve, revealing her fair and tender arms, where there were scratches.

“This is no big deal, but if you intervene, it may become a big deal which is not easy to deal with,” Shao Wanru said in a euphemistic manner.

She surely knew Chu Liuchens ability, but she didnt want to bother Chu Liuchen for she could deal with these affairs of the inner court herself.

Moreover, she had the people sent by Chu Liuchen with her, so it could be regarded that Chu Liuchen helped her in secret.

Without Qinger and these hidden guards, she wouldnt have taken the things over so smoothly.

Chu Liuchen snorted and ignored her.

He cleaned the wounds on her arms with a handkerchief before applying ointment to them.

Shao Wanru lowered her eyes and let him treat her wounds obediently.

Though he still looked grim, his aura was less aggressive.

“These two hidden guards are good, dont replace them.

They did a good job, and I get used to them, so dont replace them,” Shao Wanru said.

“How could they have done a good job since youre injured like this” Chu Liuchen said and raised his eyebrows.

“Well, we cant blame them for this… I made the request myself.

I wont do it again.” Shao Wanru begged with a soft voice.

She looked at the wounds on her arms and blinked her watery eyes, putting on a look of grievance.

“Tell them to receive their punishment of twenty slaps!” Chu Liuchen said in a lazy tone.


“One more word, it wont be as simple as twenty slaps.” Chu Liuchens voice lowered, and he cast Shao Wanru a threatening look.

After thinking for a while, Shao Wanru thought shed better obey him.

She pursed her lips and stopped mentioning the two hidden guards.

“These two hidden guards have excellent martial arts, so it wont be a problem for them to stand these twenty slaps.” she thought.

After treating all the wounds on Shao Wanrus arms, Chu Liuchen turned to look at her robe.

Seeing his gaze, Shao Wanru was panicked.

She bent down and hugged herself in a hurry, afraid that Chu Liuchen would tear her clothes in anger.

“I dont have any wounds on my body except for my arms and feet.

I got the scratches because I wanted to hold and grasp the tree branch tightly.”

Chu Liuchen didnt insist this time.

“Hmm,” he replied in an ambiguous tone after seeing that Shao Wanrus robe was unscratched.

He cleaned his hands in the basin and sat down beside the bed.

He pulled Shao Wanru into his arms and tidied her hair that was scattered.

“In the following time, you can rest in this yard,” Chu Liuchen leaned back into the cushion that Shao Wanru leaned before and said with a grim look.

Shao Wanru stole a glance at him, who was as beautiful as a banished immortal and thus looked so ethereal as if he were from another world.

“There shouldnt have been such a perfect man in this world.” Shao Wanru thought to herself.

Chu Liuchen closed his eyes slightly, and his long, curly eyelashes hung above his eyelid, making him look even more charming.

His appearance would even make a woman feel a bit diminished by comparison.

If it were not for his light-colored lips, his pale face, and his sick and weak aura, he would be even more stunning.

No man in the city could be his match.

Despite this, Shao Wanru still thought that Chu Liuchens beauty was beyond gender.

His pale lips made him look sick, but this also made him look so gentle like these gentlemen in ancient times.

He lay there, eyes closed, looking so aloof and distant.

Everyone who saw this would take pity on him.

Was this the reason why the Empress Dowager and Emperor doted him so much?

There were countless handsome men in the world, but he was unparalleled.

Shao Wanru didnt know from when her heart started beating wildly as if it were going to jump out of her throat.

She blinked her watery eyes twice and lowered her head to kiss him on the lips.

Compared with her red lips, his lips were so pale, which made him so gentle and handsome and different from other men.

He looked thin, but he was powerful.

She could feel his chest so strong when in his arms, and it brought her comfort and peace.

The faint fragrance of medicine was familiar to her.

As she had learned medicine from Mingqiu Nun, she was familiar with the fragrance of medicine.

She found that the medicine fragrance on Chu Liuchen was so familiar and pleasant, so she relaxed down subconsciously.

Because of the accident, she had been tense all the time.

Though she knew that she might get into trouble when she went downhill, she didnt know what kind of trouble it would be.

She had kept an eye on the front carriage even when she was sitting in the back carriage at that time.

Later, the front carriage rolled downhill and Qinger jumped out of it.

Then, with the help of the hidden guards, Shao Wanru climbed onto a tree on the cliff with Yujie.

Though she was not hung there for long, she was filled with anxiety, afraid that she would fall off the cliff.

Later, she got injured, but she didnt tell Ruian Great Elder Princess about it, afraid that the princess would worry about her.

As a result, the wounds all over her body ached all the time, causing her to be tense.

As she had applied ointment to these wounds, she felt cool and comfortable all over her body.

The medicine fragrance filled her nose and made her relax.

She closed her watery eyes and fell asleep soon.

Sensing that Shao Wanrus breathing became steady, Chu Liuchen looked down at her.

She looked like a child when she was asleep, no longer so vivacious but more childish.

Chu Liuchen fondled her forehead, then her soft cheeks, and her lips at last.

However, he furrowed his handsome eyebrows, giving others an ambiguous feeling.

He looked at her blankly and put her down after a long while.

He pulled the quilt over and covered her with it before leaving.

“Your Highness!” Seeing him walk out, Xiao Xuanzi went forward and bent toward him in a hurry.

Yujie followed him and looked into the room with a worried look before bowing to him as well.

“Your Miss is asleep.

Go get her clothes changed before going to bed,” Chu Liuchen said in an indifferent tone.

Yujie nodded immediately for she was eager to see Shao Wanru.

She walked into the room and closed the door behind her.

After passing the screen, she almost screamed when she saw that Shao Wanrus clothes were torn apart.

However, she was bold after all.

She covered her mouth hurriedly and went forward to check Shao Wanrus condition carefully.

“Lets dig into what happened last time!” In the corridor, Chu Liuchens chilling voice sounded.

“The gate of the palace!”

“Yes!” Xiao Xuanzi understood what he meant at once.

His mouth corner twitched in secret.

“Master is in anger.

Who was so blind to provoke him…”

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