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Chapter 601 Another One Intending to Make Use of Qinger

“You are no match for her!” Qi Rongzhi handed her teacup to Qin Yuru for drinking wine, filled both her cup and Qin Yurus cup, and then said sadly.

“Bitch! Since she wont let me go, I wont let her go either.

Only one of us can survive!” Qin Yuru picked up the wine cup, tossed it off, and said viciously.

“Shes going to come out of the Yuhui Nunnery, and you wont be able to see her after that even if you want to.

I heard that the consort selection for several princes is going to be held.

She, who is of high status, is very likely to stand out in the selection.

When the time comes, she will be a princess, while you, the Young Madam of Duke Yongs Mansion, will be obviously inferior to her and have to kneel in front of her and bow to her.”

Qi Rongzhi took a sip of wine and said.

“I wont let that happen! I wont have the chance to see her after that, but I got the chance now, right Since she is still in the Yuhui Nunnery, I have plenty of opportunities!” Qin Yuru said in a sharp voice.

“In fact, you are right.

I tell you…” Qi Rongzhi pulled her chair towards Qin Yuru and said in a low voice.

Qin Yuru also leaned over and then began to nod with a vicious smile slowly showing up on her gloomy face…

After Shao Yanru left, Shao Wanrus life became much more peaceful.

She didnt have to worry that Shao Yanru would suddenly make trouble and restored her life in seclusion.

She basically didnt show up in front of others.

As the last batch of the officers of the Ministry of Justice left, the Yuhui Nunnery went back to what it had been before and even attracted a little more pilgrims.

Plenty of people were curious about the place where the late emperors concubines were locked up, and some of them took the opportunity to sneak into the back mountain of the Yuhui Nunnery with the excuse of offering incense to the Buddha.

Although the nuns of the Yuhui Nunnery prohibited these pilgrims from going to the back mountain, some people still sneaked to the edge of the high wall and tried to look inside.

Fortunately, with some nuns guarding the side door, no one could sneak in.

After all, the nuns were not the members of the Ministry of Justice and could only try to persuade them to leave.

If they really did something against the rules, the nuns could do nothing about it.

Moreover, the maple forest on the back mountain open to the public recently offered an opportunity for many visitors to sneak to the high wall with the excuse of enjoying the view.

The nuns in the Yuhui Nunnery could do nothing but turn a blind eye to it.

Fortunately, most of the pilgrims were civilized.

After being persuaded to leave or stealing a glance and finding nothing unusual, they were no longer curious and would not go there next time.

In fact, except for the high wall, there was nothing worth seeing.

They couldnt get into the area behind the high wall.

The only side door of the high wall was guarded by several strong nuns, and no one was allowed to approach it.

Under such circumstances, someone came to visit Shao Wanru, which really made her feel strange.

“Second Miss!” The old maid stepped forward, bowed to Shao Wanru, and addressed her as before.

“Who sent you here” After looking the old maid up and down and recognizing that she was a servant of the Generals Mansion, Shao Wanru involuntarily put down the altar in her hand and asked in astonishment.

In the past three years, she got some news of the Qins Mansion on the mountain occasionally, but not much.

Apart from the news of Shui Ruolan giving birth to a child reported by someone sent by the Qins Mansion, other news was found out by Shao Wanru.

The Qins Mansion had never sent someone to report something else.

She was wondering what they sent the old maid here this time for!

“Second Miss, Old Grandma is seriously sick.” The old maid wiped her slightly red eyes and said.

“Grandma is sick How did it happen” Shao Wanru asked in surprise.

“Its probably because she feels sad or she gets old.

I have no idea.

Many doctors couldnt cure her for the time being and only said that shes seriously sick.

Thats the reason why Madam thought of you and hoped that you could go down the mountain to treat Old Grandma!” The old maid said.

“When should I go” Shao Wanru nodded and asked.

“It would be best if you could go now.”

Shao Wanru looked out of the window and found that it was already afternoon.

If she went to the Qins Mansion to treat her grandma, she definitely could not come back today.

But in that case, where should she spend the night

She should live in her mansion after going down the mountain.

But she went back in a hurry and didnt have a room prepared for her in Duke Xings Mansion.

It was inappropriate for her to live in a guest room after returning to her mansion!

“Miss, its inappropriate for you to go down the mountain.

Lets ask Old Grandma to come up the mountain later!” Yujie advised.

“But Old Madam is seriously sick…” The old maid said hesitantly and uneasily.

“When we were in Jiangzhou, Old Grandma went to the Jingxin Monastery every time she got seriously sick.

Besides, Mingqiu Nun is on the mountain now!” Yujie ignored the old maid and reminded Shao Wanru.

Although Shao Wanru knew some medical skills, she certainly couldnt compare with Mingqiu Nun.

Moreover, no one knew Old Grandmas condition better than Mingqiu Nun!

“Go back now.

Ask Old Madam to come up the mountain today if its still early, or ask her to come tomorrow if its too late!” Shao Wanru said.

She found Yujies suggestion quite good after thinking for a while.

“Yes, Second Miss, Im going back now!” The old maid looked at Yujie and Shao Wanru, seemed to be reluctant, but had to agree.

“Yujie, walk her out!” Shao Wanru gave an order in a soft voice.

Yujie nodded and walked the old maid out.

Walking into the yard, the old maid looked at Qinger, who was sweeping the floor, pointed to Qinger with a smile, and said after rolling her eyes, “Yujie, as the personal maid of the Second Miss, you dont have to walk me out of the courtyard.

The little maid can walk me out!”

“Uh…” Yujie said hesitantly.

“Yujie, youd better go back to serve the Second Miss.

If you walk me out and the Second Miss needs something, do you want an inferior maid to serve her” The old maid advised.

“Well, Qinger, come here and walk this nanny out!” The old maid made sense, so Yujie agreed with a nod after thinking for a while.

“Okay!” Qinger replied.

She put down the broom in her hand and ran over cheerfully.

At first glance, the old maid could tell that she was a little maid, who was not very smart and much less dignified than Yujie.

The old maid was very satisfied.

After saying goodbye to Yujie, she walked out behind Qinger.

“You are Qinger, right” As soon as they left the courtyard, the old maid took a few steps forward with a smile, walked side by side with Qinger, and greeted her with a smile.

“Yes, Im Qinger.

Which mansion do you come from What do you come here for” Qinger asked curiously.

She was in the yard just now, so she did not know where the old maid came from.

When the old maid came, she opened the door.

After that, Yujie happened to be standing in the corridor.

At the sight of Yujie, the old maid called “Yujie” loudly and then was led into the room to meet Shao Wanru.

“Im here to meet the Second Miss because Old Madam is sick…” The old maid said with a sad face.

“Second Miss My master is the Fifth Miss.” Qinger interrupted the old maid and corrected her.

“I know that the Second Miss is now the Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion, but she has been the Second Miss before.

I…” The old maid hurriedly explained.

However, she was interrupted by Qinger, who looked serious, “She used to be the Second Miss.

But now everyone calls my master the Fifth Miss.

Otherwise, it will be confusing!”

“I know, but I…”

“You should call my master the Fifth Miss.

Otherwise, both Duke Xings Mansion and Great Elder Princesss Mansion will get angry and probably want to find out who still addresses my master as before!” Qinger interrupted the old maid rudely again and seemed to be angry, “If you refuse to address my master in the right way, I wont walk you out!”

After saying that, Qinger stopped as if refusing to walk her out.

“Fine, fine, fine, I was wrong.

Shes the Fifth Miss, the Fifth Miss!” The old maid hurriedly changed the way of addressing Shao Wanru.

Now Qinger showed a satisfied look, continued walking, and said, “You are the former servant of my master, so you are from the Qins Mansion I heard that Madam and Old Madam of the Qins Mansion are very kind to my master.

Im wondering you were sent by Madam or Old Madam”

Qinger was just a young girl, who got angry and cooled down easily.

Hearing the old maid correct herself, she showed a complacent smile, which made the old maid beside her secretly despise her, “Shes such a little girl that she argued with me for the way of addressing her master.”

Nevertheless, it was easy to fool such a person and more convenient to get the information she wanted from such a person.

Compared with Yujie, who was shrewd, Qinger was much better.

“I was sent by Madam Shui.

Old Madam is sick.

Madam Shui remembered that the Second… Fifth Miss has treated Old Madam before, so she specially instructed me to ask the Fifth Miss to go down the mountain.

But the Fifth Miss was reluctant!” The old maid said with a sigh and her face darkening, “Old Madam is sick, and she insists on asking Old Madam to come up the mountain, but…”

“Is Old Madam the former grandma of my master” Qinger opened her eyes wide and asked curiously because Shao Wanrus being recognized as a Miss of Duke Xings Mansion was a legend known to plenty of people in the capital city.

The most important reason was that Shao Wanru was actually very noble and was related to the Great Elder Princess.

Although Qinger was a little maid, she knew this sensational matter.

“Yes, our Old Madam is the former grandma of the Second… Fifth Miss.

She has raised the Fifth Miss since the Fifth Miss was a child and has been sincerely kind to the Fifth Miss.

However, why is it so difficult for her, who is sick now, to meet the Fifth Miss!” The old maid said with emotion.

As she said, her eyes turned red and she wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

Qinger rolled her eyes and said sincerely with a nod, “My master is now the Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion, which attaches great importance to rules and doesnt allow any mistakes.

Now she has been observing mourning for the Heir and the Infanta, so she cant meet anyone at will.”

“But our Old Madam is seriously sick!” The old maid said, thinking the maid quite queer and watching her consider her words reasonable, dumbfounded.

Was the maids brain made of stone The maid didnt even know what she was talking about.

“Anyway, she has been sick for a few days, so she doesnt have to meet my master today.

Just ask her to come up the mountain tomorrow.

Shell be fine after my master asks the nun in the nunnery to treat her!” Qinger said, still looking careless and not understand the situation.

“In fact, I noticed it just now that the Second… Fifth Miss wanted to go down the mountain to see Old Madam.

Old Madam is old and her sickness could be serious!” The old maid said, thinking that she didnt have to be so tactful.

In front of such an obtuse maid, if her words were too tactful, she would waste her words on the maid!

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