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Chapter 594 Have to Go Down the Mountain

Shao Yanru knew that at this moment, she could neither panic nor get angry.

She should maintain her image as a good elder sister who was on Shao Wanrus side.

Seeing that the female physician finished binding up Shao Wanrus ankle, Shao Ruru got out of the area behind the screen with the female physician.

Outside the screen, Imperial Physician Qu glanced at Shao Yanru with doubts.

It was obvious that he was also suspicious of Shao Yanru.

However, he, who had worked in the imperial palace for a long time, was rather shrewd, so he turned his head away after a glance.

“Imperial Physician Qu, what should we do now Where… where is the ointment” Shao Yanru looked at Imperial Physician Qus empty hands and asked with her face changing dramatically.

“Theyve been taken away by a maid just now!” Imperial Physician Qu said indifferently.

It had little influence on him that the two bottles of ointment were taken away.

It seemed to be strange, so he did not want to get involved in it.

“Since the female physician has applied the ointment to the Fifth Misss ankle, Ill leave the ointment behind.

Apply it to her ankle every day and recuperate for a few months, and shell recover!”

Shao Yanru bit her lip and glared at Shuqi with cold eyes as if wanting to eat her.

Shuqi was so scared that she lowered her head immediately with her face turning pale.

Just now, Qu Le rushed out too swiftly and Yujie was in front of her.

When she saw it, Qu Le had taken the ointment and rushed to the door.

She couldnt catch up with her even if she wanted to!

“Fifth Miss, just have a good rest.

We are leaving now!” Sensing the cold atmosphere, Imperial Physician Qu said to the female physician, who had packed up.

“Thank you, Imperial Physician Qu.

Yujie, send Imperial Physician Qu off on behalf of me!” Shao Wanrus soft voice came from behind the screen.

“Fifth Miss, its very kind of you to say so!” Imperial Physician Qu said, “You dont need to do that.

You should have a good rest and take care of your injury.

Although your bones have been set, youre still injured.

So you will get hurt again easily.

If its not necessary, youd better not walk around at will!”

After that, he glanced at Shao Yanru, who was standing aside.

The First Miss Shao had said that after spraining her ankle, the Fifth Miss not only walked a long way to enjoy the scenery but also went out again at night.

He had been convinced of these words before, but now he suddenly realized that her words seemed to be too intentional as if she intended to suggest that the Fifth Miss Shao feigned her injury.

In any case, the First Miss Shao didnt seem to be innocent!

Nevertheless, it had nothing to do with him.

He was just an imperial physician invited to come up the mountain and had better tell the truth.

Two maids went down the mountain a moment ago.

One of them turned to Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion, while the other turned to Ruian Great Elder Princess.

It was obvious that they wouldnt let it go easily.

Imperial Physician Qu felt so regretful at the moment.

If he had known that there were secrets and plots behind it, he would not have promised Duke Xing to pay this visit.

“Thank you, Imperial Physician Qu!” Shao Wanru said.

Imperial Physician Qu left with the female physician.

Yujie sent them to the corridor.

Looking at the room with a worried look, she bowed deeply to Imperial Physician Qu and said, “Imperial Physician Qu, Im supposed to send you to the door of the courtyard, but now there is no other maid around my master.

Im afraid… something will happen to her, Ill ask Qinger to send you off!”

After that, she nodded and called Qinger, who was in the yard.

Qinger replied and came over.

Imperial Physician Qu and the female physician remembered that the First Miss Shao and her maid were still in the room, while the Fifth Miss Shao was alone.

After exchanging glances, they nodded at Yujie as a hint for her to go back!

After Qinger sent Imperial Physician Qu and the female physician off, Yujie returned to the room.

Shao Yanru had turned back to the area behind the screen, stood in front of the bed, and said with a quite ashamed look, “Fifth Sister, it… it seems that I put you in danger.

Rest assured.

I will definitely find out the one intending to hurt us.

I brought two bottles of ointment for us, but I didnt expect that someone has added something else into the ointment!”

Shao Wanru showed a sarcastic smile.

Now Shao Yanru still insisted that it had nothing to do with her and both of them were supposed to be victims.

Shao Yanru really thought that she, who had stayed in the Yuhui Nunnery for a long time with only a few maids around, was so naive that she couldnt even distinguish the good from the bad!

“Big Sister, please go back!” She said coldly.

“Fifth Sister, I…” Shao Yanru still wanted to explain but was stopped by Yujie.

“First Miss, please go back.

The imperial physician said that my master should have a good rest.

Otherwise, it may be more difficult for her to recover!” Yujie said coldly, staring at Shao Yanrus face angrily.

If Yujie did this in the past, she would definitely be scolded by Shao Yanru.

But at this moment, it was not the time to criticize a maids manner.

Shao Yanru turned around helplessly and was about to leave with Shuqi.

However, she heard Shao Wanrus extremely cold voice coming from behind!

“Big Sister, there wont always be someone to take the blame!”

“I…” Shao Yanru turned around and intended to explain, only to see that Shao Wanru still tightly closed her eyes and Yujie was standing aside and looking at her warily as if intending to stop her as soon as she did anything to Shao Wanru.

Shao Yanru collected herself and said with a depressed look, “Fifth Sister, time reveals ones heart.

You will find out what kind of person I am in the future!”

After that, she turned away in a hurry with red eyes, seeming to be reluctant to let Shao Wanru notice her sad look.

Yujie had been staring at her fixedly, so how could she not notice Shao Yanrus sad look At this time, the First Miss still kept her hypocritical mask and really treated her master and her as fools.

Shao Yanru stepped out of the room, looked back at the door of the silence room, and gnashed her teeth so hard that her teeth were almost pressed into her gums.

She really underestimated Shao Wanru by considering Shao Wanru as just a little girl, who lived in the nunnery and seldom got in touch with others.

Unexpectedly, Shao Wanru was so cunning.

Did she fall into Shao Wanrus trap this time

If it werent for the fact that Shao Wanru acted as if she didnt sprain her ankle, she wouldnt have made it significant and even specially sent for Imperial Physician Qu.

Although her grandma would push someone forward to take the blame for what had happened just now as she wished, there would probably be some rumors about her and they would even be spread to the imperial palace.

She had intended to make Shao Wanru leave a bad impression on the members of the imperial harem and the emperor, but now she suffered the consequences of her own deeds.

Thinking of her good reputation she managed to establish during all these years, Shao Yanru gnashed her teeth in hatred.

After returning to her room, she stood there quietly and looked at the window coldly.

Meanwhile, Shuqi stood in the shadow at the door, not daring to move and even breathe heavily.

“Pack up my belongings.

Im going down the mountain!” After a long while, Shao Yanru said, and her voice almost came out through her teeth.

“Miss, its not the right time for you to go down the mountain now!” Shuqi was shocked and murmured.

First Miss came up the mountain in order to avoid the consort selection for several princes.

What should the First Miss do if she went down the mountain at this time

“Hurry up and get the carriage ready!” Shao Yanru said as she waved her hand to slap Shuqi hard so that Shuqi took a step back and hit her head heavily on the wall by the door.

The sharp pain made Shuqi burst into tears, but she didnt dare to say anything else and hurried out with a nod.

Behind her, Shao Yanru looked crazy with red eyes.

All her plans had to be held back because of this.

She would never spare Shao Wanru, who made her unable to stay in the Yuhui Nunnery to avoid the consort selection…

When Great Elder Princess came to Duke Xings Mansion aggressively with a group of people, Madam of Duke Xing wanted to stop her, but she failed, and Ruian Great Elder Princess rushed to Old Madams yard with her entourage.

Someone had reported it to Old Madam, so she had freshened up hastily.

As soon as she went to the outer room with a maids help, she saw Ruian Great Elder Princess rush in with a group of people.

After entering the room, Ruian Great Elder Princess directly instructed her entourage to take action without talking to Old Madam.

The ornate room immediately became a mess.

“You… you…” Old Madam was so angry that she couldnt even say anything and just pointed at them and trembled all over.

Nanny Yu hurriedly patted her back so that she could get her breath back.

Seeing that they had almost smashed everything in the room, Ruian Great Elder Princess said to Old Madam in a cold voice, “You hurt my granddaughter again and again.

Last time, you tried to let an evil Taoist priest take her away.

This time, you directly gave her a bottle of ointment mixed with something else.

Is there no room in your mansion for such a little girl”

“What… what do you mean” Old Madam finally got her breath back and said.

“Mother, I dont know who should take the blame for the incident.

Both Yanru and Wanru were injured on the mountain, so Yanru instructed her maid to come down the mountain to fetch two bottles of ointment.

But just now, it was said that a bottle of ointment has been mixed with something else.

After Wanru applied it to her injury, her injury got worse instead of getting better.

Great Elder Princess was furious and thought it was our mansion that intended to hurt Wanru.

But… but we didnt know it before giving the ointment.

Besides, the maid brought two bottles of ointment to the mountain without knowing which one of them was harmful.”

At this time, Madam of Duke Xing, who had learned the cause of the matter from Nanny Sheng, hurriedly explained it to Old Madam and then added a key sentence, “Mother, I think someone intended to set up our Duke Xings Mansion.

Im wondering if its a political enemy of Duke Xings or someone else behind it!”

“Duke Xings political enemy intended to set up two unmarried girls” Ruian Great Elder Princess raised her head and said with a sneer, “I dont care what you are going to say this time.

If you cant offer a convincing explanation, lets argue in front of the Empress Dowager!”

After that, she turned around and left with her entourage, leaving no chance for Old Madam and Madam of Duke Xing to explain.

The members of Ruian Great Elder Princesss Mansion went back as aggressively as when they came.

After they got out of Duke Xings Mansion, Ruian Great Elder Princess got into her gorgeous carriage, and the carriage turned and headed for Great Elder Princesss Mansion.

The carriage was followed by two rows of old maids and maids, making them look tough.

Seeing such a large group of people pass by, the pedestrians on the street began to talk about it.

A maid of Great Elder Princesss Mansion fell behind and looked kind.

Some passers-by involuntarily stopped her and ask about what had happened just now.

A group of people from the Great Elder Princesss Mansion came and went in a big way.

Something must have happened.

The old maid who stopped by them was eloquent.

She told the whole story with a face full of anger and specially mentioned that the bottle of ointment mixed with something else was proved by Imperial Physician Qu from the imperial palace.

After that, she hurried to chase after the Great Elder Princesss carriage.

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