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Seeing the female physician come in, Shao Yanru stepped away from the bed.

The female physician stepped forward, put down the small medicine chest in her hand, and said, “Fifth Miss, Im sorry to disturb you!”

“Never mind!” Shao Wanru said lightly.

Looking up at Shao Wanru, the female physician froze for a while and then hurriedly lowered her head to hide the amazement in her eyes.

She, who had assisted the imperial physicians in the imperial palace, had seen all kinds of beauties.

Nevertheless, she was amazed at the first sight of the Fifth Miss.

Even in the imperial palace, no one could compare with such beauty.

Yujie lifted Shao Wanrus foot carefully and rolled up one of her trousers to show her bound up ankle.

With the complacency on her face fading away, Shao Yanru involuntarily frowned.

Looking at Shao Wanrus bound up ankle, she suddenly had a terrible intuition, involuntarily clenched the handkerchief in her hand and compressed her lips!

The female physician collected herself, loosened the tight knot by pulling it, and untied the bound up white bandage.

Shao Wanrus ankle as swollen as a steamed bun was showed in front of them.

It was so scary that Shao Yanrus face changed.

“Miss, why does it get worse instead of getting better after the ointment was applied to it” Yujie cried out in a low voice.

The female physician frowned, reached out to rub Shao Wanrus red and swollen ankle, and then put her hand to her nose to sniff the ointment on her finger.

“Is the Fifth Miss injured How is her injury” Hearing the voice from inside, Imperial Physician Qu asked slowly.

“Shes seriously injured!” The female physician reached out to press Shao Wanrus ankle, while answering, “She has probably sprained her ankle and had it set, but shes seriously injured and should have a good rest.

But the ointment…” The female physician paused when speaking of this.

“Whats wrong with the ointment It is given by the First Miss and said to be the best ointment from the imperial palace.

Doesnt it work” Yujie whimpered, reaching out to fetch a bottle containing the ointment on the table beside her and hand it to the female physician.

Shao Yanrus face changed dramatically.

When she was about to reach out, she immediately stopped, suppressed her panic, and said, “How can it not work I used it before!”

The female physician took the ointment and sniffed it, and then sniffed the ointment on her finger.

After that, she said to Yujie, “Give it to Imperial Physician Qu for an examination!”

She was just an ordinary female physician.

There was something that she didnt dare to say and had to make Imperial Physician Qu speak for her!

Yujie hurriedly got out of the area behind the screen and handed the ointment in her hand to Imperial Physician Qu.

Imperial Physician Qu took it, touched it with his finger, and put his finger in front of his nose to sniff it.

After that, he said with his face changing dramatically, “Is this the ointment applied to the Fifth Misss ankle”

“Yes, this is the ointment applied to the Fifth Misss ankle… Her ankle is terribly swollen.

If she keeps using this kind of ointment, her injury will not only get better but also… suppurate and even rot!” The female physician said, looking at Shao Wanrus wound, which was blue and purple and rather scary.

She took out a strip of white cotton cloth from her medicine chest and carefully removed the ointment on Shao Wanrus ankle, while telling Qu Le, whose face also changed dramatically, “Go get some water and wash off all the ointment on your masters ankle.

Dont leave any behind!”

“Big Sister, why” Shao Wanru looked up at Shao Yanru in front of her bed and asked.

“First Miss, you brought this ointment and gave it to my master.

Why does it make her injury even worse First Miss… you… you said that this ointment is very effective.

Why… will it make her injury suppurate and even rot” Yujie was so anxious that she finished Shao Wanrus sentence in a choked voice.

With her face darkening, Nanny Sheng, who was standing outside the screen, wanted to interrupt, but she didnt know what to say.

She rubbed her hands anxiously with sweat on her forehead.

Didnt the First Miss say that she could definitely tear the mask off Shao Wanrus face this time Why did she get into this situation

“How… how could it be possible This is the ointment granted by the imperial palace and brought from our mansion.

Shuqi, fetch the ointment I used to show it to Imperial Physician Qu!” Shao Yanru said in a panic.

“Yes, Ill fetch it right away!” Shuqi ran out in a hurry and soon came back with a bottle of ointment.

She handed it to Imperial Physician Qu and said, “Imperial Physician, please examine it and see if its the same as the Fifth Misss ointment.”

Imperial Physician Qu reached out to take it, put it in front of his nose to smell it, and applied some ointment on his hand.

After a careful examination, he said, “This bottle of ointment is effective.

The Fifth Misss ointment was originally effective, but someone added something else into it so that it made the Fifth Misss injury get worse instead of getting better.

First Miss, are both of the two bottles of ointment yours”

“They are both mines.

I instructed Shuqi to go to our mansion to fetch them.

At that time, both my Fifth Sister and I were injured, but… but…” Shao Yanru seemed to be stunned and began to stammer.

“Imperial Physician Qu, who intends to hurt my master Who cant tolerate my master My master has come to the Yuhui Nunnery to live in seclusion.

What else can she do” Yujie looked at Imperial Physician Qu and said angrily with red eyes.

“Uh… I really have no idea!” Imperial Physician Qu said helplessly.

He was an imperial physician who could treat patients, but it didnt mean that he could solve a case.

Two bottles of the same ointment were given by the imperial palace.

However, one was effective, while the other one was harmful.

The bottle of harmful ointment was given by the First Miss Shao.

Although Imperial Physician Qu thought that the First Miss Shao was unlikely to do this, the evidence was in front of him.

“First Miss, I remember that the two bottles of ointment were brought here by you, right They seemed to be stored in Madam Dowagers private storeroom at that time.

Could it be that someone intends to hurt Madam Dowager” Nanny Sheng rolled her eyes and said loudly in a hurry.

“Look into it.

We must find out who intends to hurt my Fifth Sister and me!” Shao Yanru said anxiously while looking at Shao Wanru with red eyes, “Fifth Sister, we will find out the truth.

You and I are on the mountain.

Im wondering who could set up us in this way.

Very few people can enter grandmas private storeroom.

Its impossible that we cant find out the person!”

Shao Wanru sneered.

It meant that they were determined to protect Shao Yanru even at the cost of pushing Madam Dowager forward to take the blame.

Since Madam Dowager was an elder, even if she got involved in the plot, Shao Wanru could do nothing to her.

No wonder Shao Yanru could live well even in the imperial palace.

Ordinary people couldnt compare with her in talking black into white.

She shifted all the blame onto others and maintained her image as the innocent and flawless First Miss Shao.

However, one always walking around the river would inevitably get his shoes wet.

Shao Wanru intended to slowly ruin the good reputation she had accumulated little by little…

“Big Sister, you gave the ointment to me and said that it was effective and suggested me to use it when I got injured.

Now you said that something else has been added into the ointment in the mansion.

So you mean that you have nothing to do with it!” Shao Wanru said with a cold face, stared quietly at Shao Yanru, who was beside her bed, with deep coldness in her bright eyes, and then smiled gently, “Big Sister, whatever you say is true.

Anyway someone in the mansion will take the blame, just like what happened in the Baiyun Taoist Temple!”

She said in a gentle tone, but her blunt words embarrassed Shao Yanru.

She didnt expect that Shao Wanru would tear off the hypocritical close relationship between them in front of imperial physician Qu and the female physician.

She was really flustered at the moment.

“Fifth Sister, we will find out the truth and wont let you suffer for nothing! You have to believe me and believe that our mansion will definitely…” Shao Yanru promised.

“Big Sister, stop it.

Im going to have a rest.

I will ask my maternal grandma to investigate into it!” Shao Wanru closed her eyes slightly and said wearily.

“Fifth Miss, this is the business of our Duke Xings Mansion and should be handled by our mansion.

How can you ask Great Elder Princess to intervene in it” Nanny Sheng said disapprovingly outside.

Shao Wanru remained silent as if she didnt hear what she said.

She closed her eyes with a pale face and just ignored Nanny Sheng.

The female physician applied a new ointment to Shao Wanrus ankle.

Looking at the ravishing and pale face of the Fifth Miss Shao, she couldnt help feeling pity for her.

The Fifth Miss Shao in front of her was indeed an unfavored Miss as people said.

She didnt know the thought of Duke Xings Mansion, which neglected the noble Fifth Miss and allowed her to be hurt.

It was obvious that someone intended to hurt her with the ointment!

The case of the Baiyun Taoist Temple was discussed animatedly out of and in the imperial palace.

The evil Xiushui Taoist Priest had done that for a long time.

Plenty of imperial concubines had been to the Baiyun Taoist Temple before marrying into the imperial palace.

Therefore, numerous people were concerned about this case, for fear that they would get involved in it.

As more people paid attention to the case, they knew that it was Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion who intended to make the Fifth Miss Shao shave her head and become a nun.

It was said that Old Madam forced her to shave her head and asked the evil Xiushui Taoist Priest to take her to the Baiyun Taoist Temple.

If it werent for the fact that the evil Xiushui Taoist Priest was found out to be a man, the Fifth Miss Shaos life would have been ruined.

It required high intelligence to live well in the imperial palace.

Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion might not know well about the secrets and plots behind the case, it was certain that Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion was not kind to the Fifth Miss Shao.

Regarding the Miss Qi and the wife of the heir of Duke Yong pushed forward to take the blame later, few people believed it.

They were just scapegoats!

Now the answer coming into the female physicians mind was that the First Miss of Duke Xing was looking for a scapegoat.

This time, she didnt know which one in Duke Xings Mansion would be the unfortunate one.

Stealing a glance at the beauty well-known in the capital, the female physician suddenly thought that she was a vicious beauty!

“Nanny Sheng, go down the mountain now and ask grandma to investigate into the matter.

We must find out the one with evil intent towards my Fifth Sister and me!”

Shao Yanru said loudly.

“Yes, I will go down the mountain right away!” Nanny Sheng understood and hurried out.

“Miss, let me report it to Ruian Great Elder Princess and ask her to uphold justice for you!” Qu Le looked at Nanny Sheng, who had run to the door, and said angrily.

“Go ahead!” Shao Wanru waved her hand and said indifferently.

Qu Le turned around, rushed out of the area behind the screen, ran up to Imperial Physician Qu, reached out to grab the two ointment bottles, and then chased after Nanny Sheng in a hurry.

“Fifth Sister…” Shao Yanru hurriedly said, trying to stop that.

“Big Sister, Im tired and very uncomfortable.

Can you please stop talking” Shao Wanru said softly, but the meaning in her words made Shao Yanru blush.

Shao Yanru gnashed her teeth hard, suppressed the grievance in her heart, forced a gentle smile, and said, “Ive been inconsiderate.

Fifth Sister, you can take a rest now, and Ill accompany the imperial physician!”

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