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“Tell Qu Le to run the errand!” Shao Wanru thought for a moment and said.

“Okay, after Qu Le comes back, I will tell her!” Yujie looked out of the window and said.

Qu Le went to fetch some ointment, but hadnt come back now.

Yujie wondered if there was any accident.

“Bring me the painting drawn by Pushan Nun!” Shao Wanru gave an order.

She felt extremely strange about the painting and thought that Pushan Nun seemed to be up to something by sending it to Shao Yanru in such a rush.

Yujie answered and rolled up the painting in her hand.

After that, she went to the back of the screen and took out the painting drawn by Pushan Nun.

It was a portrait of the thousand-hand Guanyin.

Shao Wanru reached out to touch the drawing paper and found it of high quality.

Such a piece of drawing paper should be expensive.

Of course, the drawing paper of high quality is smooth to the touch and easier to the collection.

Numerous masterpieces left by famous painters in history were drawn on paper of high quality.

Otherwise, they would have been damaged and couldnt be handed down to later generations.

In terms of the quality of the drawing paper, it was a masterpiece that could be handed down to later generations.

Besides, it was drawn with good ink with a faint fragrance.

Shao Wanru noticed the content of the painting.

The hands of Guanyin were vivid with an object for exorcising demons recorded in Buddhist legends on each of them.

Shao Wanru had read a lot of ancient records on the mountain, but she was still incapable of telling the story of the object on each of the hands of Guanyin.

With so many objects, there should be plenty of legends.

She found nothing strange in the painting but a small seal with two characters, which didnt seem like “Pushan”.

It should be a private seal of Pushan Nuns, if she had another name.

Because the private seal was too small, she couldnt recognize the characters for the time being.

One of the characters seemed to be “lan” or “quan”, while the other one was even smaller and couldnt be seen clearly.

The seal should belong to someone with the character “lan” or “quan” in her name.

The character style didnt seem to be ordinary.

Shao Wanru was confused, and didnt find the secret behind it after looking at it carefully for a while.

She could neither figure out something nor see the characters clearly.

She could only continue looking at it, but didnt find anything.

There seemed to be nothing wrong with the painting.

She put down the painting in her hand helplessly and heard someone talking at the door.

So she raised her voice to say, “Qu Le!”

Qu Le just came back.

Knowing that Shao Wanru was appreciating the painting inside, she did not dare to come in and report to her.

So she talked with Yujie about what she had seen in Mingqiu Nuns place just now.

Hearing Shao Wanru call her, she hurried in.

After bowing to Shao Wanru, she put the ointment on the table and said, “Miss, when I went to fetch the ointment, I saw a man in Mingqiu Nuns Zen room.”

“A man” Shao Wanru asked casually, “Does he come to ask her to make a diagnosis and give a treatment”

Although Mingqiu Nuns reputation was not known to outsiders, it was known to the nuns in the nunnery.

Could it be possible that this man knew Mingqiu Nuns reputation

“He doesnt come for a diagnosis and treatment, but seems to bear old grudges against Mingqiu Nun.

She just ignored him, but he refused to leave, sat in her silence room and kept talking with her.

When I arrived there, I intended to meet Mingqiu Nun after he left.

But he kept staying there.

I became anxious and sent someone to report to Mingqiu Nun.

She asked me to go over, and gave me the ointment on hearing that I needed it.

So I came back late!”

Qu Le reported.

“Did you hear anything” Shao Wanru asked with her face darkening.

She could not allow anyone to disturb Mingqiu Nun.

“When I went in, the man stopped talking.

I heard nothing.

But when I was about to leave, I heard him mention you, so I deliberately slowed down,” Qu Le said.

“What did he say about me” Shao Wanru asked in astonishment.

She didnt expect that this man would know her and even know the relationship between Mingqiu Nun and her.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have mentioned her in front of Mingqiu Nun.

“He said that you were quite a good girl, and…” Qu Le said while thinking.

Suddenly, she continued saying with her eyes lighting up, “I also heard this man talk about medical skills and ask Mingqiu Nun if she still kept the book about acupuncture she got when she was a child!”

Qu Le heard this when she was about to go out.

The man was talking to Mingqiu Nun, but Mingqiu Nun ignored him, so he seemed to be talking to himself.

Nevertheless, the man remained passionate even when talking to himself, as if he didnt know that Mingqiu Nun didnt want to talk to him.

He continued talking about various things.

He looked learned and refined, but somehow acted like a fool unable to tell Mingqiu Nuns aloofness!

“Miss, should I go and have a look” Yujie also came in and said worriedly.

She had stayed with Mingqiu Nun for so many years and regarded Mingqiu Nun as her only relative.

How could she not worry

“No, I think I know who it is!” Shao Wanru suddenly smiled, shook her head and said.

“Who is so dull” Yujie said angrily.

“Youve met him too!” Shao Wanru smiled and reminded her, “He has excellent medical skills and know the relationship between Mingqiu Nun and me…”

There were plenty of doctors with excellent medical skills.

However, if someone had excellent medical skills and knew the relationship between Shao Wanru and Mingqiu Nun, he must be a member of Prince Chens Mansion.

Thinking of this, Yujie suddenly opened her eyes wide and asked in disbelief, “Is it Doctor… Doctor Qi from Prince Chens Mansion”

In Xiao Xuanzis view, Doctor Qi was as miraculous as a god.

When he guarded outside with Yujie, he had told Yujie how capable Doctor Qi was many times.

Thus, Yujie was impressed by Doctor Qi although she had only met Doctor Qi once.

Hearing Shao Wanrus words, she opened her mouth wide and wondered if Doctor Qi was really the man Qu Le talked about!

“Miss, how, how is this possible Mingqiu Nun has always stayed in Jiangzhou before.

I heard that Doctor Qi has been in Prince Chens Mansion for a long time.

How could Doctor Qi be, be the man” Yujie asked in astonishment.

However, Shao Wanru smiled without saying anything.

When she was in Jiangzhou, Mingqiu Nun sometimes faintly suggested that she couldnt come to the capital city, and it seemed to have something to do with someone.

Besides, she remembered that Chu Liuchen once privately mentioned that Doctor Qis medical skills and Mingqiu Nuns medical skills seemed to be complementary and their cooperation was very beneficial to the treatment for his illness.

They seemed to come from the same sect.

If she didnt get it wrong, the reason why Mingqiu Nun didnt want to come to the capital city seemed to be Doctor Qi.

Shao Wanru was only a little suspicious at first, but now she was basically sure.

She knew about Doctor Qis character after meeting him that day.

He should be an extremely arrogant person, who was unlikely to consent to someones request even if the one begged him.

Even in front of Chu Liuchen, he dared to swing his arms when he got angry.

Now he kept talking in front of Mingqiu Nun, so he must be acquainted with Mingqiu Nun.

She could say that he must be extremely acquainted with Mingqiu Nun.

Chu Liuchen was on the mountain today, so it was reasonable that Doctor Qi followed him here.

“We dont have to interfere in it and let Mingqiu Nun do as she wants!” After thinking it through, Shao Wanru told Yujie.

She knew about Yujies character well.

If Yujie got angry and really did something, it would influence the relationship between Mingqiu Nun and Doctor Qi.

They had better wait and see.

If possible, Shao Wanru hoped that Mingqiu Nun would not be alone for the rest of her life.

“But…” Yujie said.

She was still a little worried and could only rest assured after seeing it with her own eyes.

“Drop the idea.

Qu Le, take the painting down the mountain and asked grandma to have it mounted!” Shao Wanru waved her hand slightly and gave an order.

Yujie had told Qu Le about it a moment ago at the door.

At this moment, Qu Le replied and left.

After finding the two paintings behind the screen, she carried them out.

“Its fine.

If you really want to make sure of it, go and have a look, but dont interfere in it.

Its Mingqiu Nuns business.” Shao Wanru looked at Yujie, who showed a bitter face, rubbed her head and said helplessly.

“Thank you, Miss.

Dont worry.

I just want to make sure if it is Doctor Qi.

If it is him, I will come back and will never disturb him!” Hearing Shao Wanru let her go, Yujie was very excited and immediately promised her.

She then chased after Qu Le.

When arriving at the corridor, she saw Qu Le had arrived at the door.

She quickened her pace and said, “Qu Le, wait for me.

Lets go out together!”

“Are you also going down the mountain” Qu Le asked, with the paintings in her hands.

“No, Im going to see Mingqiu Nun.

Lets go together!” Yujie came up to Qu Le, shook her hand and answered.

It was good to have a companion, who could talk to her on the way.

Qu Le nodded, handed the other painting to Yujie and said, “Look, each of us holds a painting.

In this way, even if you are seen by someone, they will not think that you deliberately go there to eavesdrop!”

“What are you talking about Im just worried about Mingqiu Nun!” Yujie said with a smile, but still took the painting.

The two of them told Qinger something in the courtyard and then walked out of the courtyard together.

The two of them walked for a while, laughing and talking.

When they were about to turn a corner at a door, a girl suddenly came towards them from the opposite side.

Yujie, who was nimble, was frightened, but she pulled Qu Le to take two steps back and happened to avoid the girl.

The girl on the opposite side was not so lucky.

When she saw them, it was too late to stop.

She stumbled, fell to the ground, and then held her legs and screamed in pain.

The two maids looked at each other.

Yujie stepped forward and asked, “Excuse me, are you okay”

“Completely not okay! You didnt come to help me up after bumping into me.

You are so impolite!” The girl raised her face and said angrily.

She turned out to be a delicate girl.

However, she looked sullen, glared at the two maids angrily and seemed to vent her anger on them.

Judging from her dress, she looked like a Miss.

However, there was no maid around her, which made the two maids unsure of her identity at the moment.

Qu Le came over, reached out to help her up and apologized, “Miss, Im very sorry.

When you bumped into us just now, we didnt notice you!”

Her words were very polite, but she clarified what had happened just now.

It was not that they intended to bump into the girl, but the girl bumped into them.

“Hey, what are you talking about Its obvious that you two were so blind that you almost bumped into me.

Although you didnt bump into me, you made me fall.

Dont you think youve done wrong” The girl said angrily.

She raised her leg, only to find that her dress was torn apart with several scratched parts and she couldnt wear it again obviously.

So she said, “You should pay for my newly made dress I wear for the first time.”

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