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Chapter 555 Arent You Afraid of Me

Acted in an affected way with heavy makeup It was just because her lips were redder than those of ordinary people that she was accused of acting in an affected way with heavy makeup!

Feeling humiliated and angry, she suddenly opened her eyes.

She heard her rapid breathing in the darkness, held a corner of the quilt tightly and looked at the darkness above her head.

It turned out that the reason why she was driven out of the Wens Mansion in the last life was that she was framed for acting in an affected way with heavy makeup in the mourning hall due to her red lips!

“Whats wrong Did you have a nightmare” There suddenly came a treacherous voice from the darkness.

It made her feel cold in the darkness.

If she had not recognized that it was Chu Liuchens voice at once, she would have screamed at once.

She lifted the gauze curtain and found no one.

She asked hesitantly, “Your Highness”

“Hmm!” It was a long while before she heard the answer.

She looked towards the ground.

There was a mat, but she saw no one sitting there.

Could it be that he was lying on the mat In the faint moonlight shining into the room through the window, she found there seemed to be someone lying on the mat!

In order to see the moonlight at night, the screen in front of her bed had been removed.

She sat up from the bed and cautiously walked towards the mat.

With nothing else in the silence room, she was not afraid of being tripped.

Suddenly, she kicked something and couldnt help falling forward.

She subconsciously reached out in an attempt to grab something, but she couldnt grab anything in the darkness.

Just as she closed her eyes helplessly, she felt her slender waist held by a big hand and she fell into his thin but firm arms.

Then they fell down together.

She subconsciously reached out to feel about.

The skin under her hand was as smooth as jade.

She did not know what she had touched, so she touched it again.

This time she felt an extremely soft part.

“Why are you touching my face” She could not tell whether Chu Liuchen”s emotion based on his voice in the darkness.

Shao Wanru put down her hand and immediately realized that she had touched his lips just now.

She could not help blushing.

After calming down, she asked, “Why are you here now, Your Highness”

She reached out to touch sideways and seemed to have touched something warm and wet.

It was as soft and smooth as silk, but very wet.

Was Chu Liuchens hair wet

“Your Highness, let me stir your hair.

Leaving your hair wet and blown by the wind will do harm to your health!” Shao Wanru pushed him hard and said.

Chu Liuchen was not an ordinary person and weaker than others.

Feeling that he had loosened his grip of her slender waist, Shao Wanru sat up and felt about sideways.

The stool on the mat should be located beside her.

She remembered that there was a clean towel on the stool before falling asleep.

She felt about for a while and touched it as she expected.

She said, “Your Highness, please sit up.

Let me stir your hair!”

The figure in the darkness didnt move or make a sound, as if he didnt hear her words.

Shao Wanru reached out again to feel about and didnt know what she had touched this time.

She reached out to feel the undulations and realized that it should be his chest.

“Your Highness, please sit up!” she said.

He seemed to be in a very bad mood.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have come out without drying his hair after taking a bath.

This time, she heard the sound of clothes rubbing after a while, and then Chu Liuchen sat up with his back to her.

She wrapped his dark hair with the handkerchief in her hands, carefully dried it up strand by strand, and then put all his hair together and stirred it again.

“I was assassinated!” Chu Liuchen finally spoke with a hint of gloom in his voice.

“Your Highness, have you got hurt” Feeling her heart skipped a beat, Shao Wanru involuntarily exerted more strength and asked.

Chu Liuchen felt pain in the head and said, “Can you be gentle”

“Your Highness, I cant see it clearly in the dark!” Shao Wanru apologized with little sincerity.

After that, she pulled his hair with more strength than before.

Chu Liuchen could not help screaming in pain.

He said angrily, “Cant you do a better job”

Shao Wanru lifted the corners of her mouth and said with a smile, “Rest assured, Your Highness.

I will be very careful this time.

Tell me about the assassination.”

After being pulled by her a few times, Chu Liuchen didnt feel like telling her about it.

He said listlessly, “Its just an assassination and no big deal.

You dont have to pull my hair in shock.

It has happened before!”

“Youve been assassinated several times, Your Highness” Shao Wanru asked.

“It happened when I was in the imperial palace in my childhood.

When I was young, they poisoned me.

I dont know what they were thinking.

I am just an invalid incompetent for the throne.

But they still cant bear my existence!” Chu Liuchen said casually, raising his long and narrow eyes in the darkness and showing a trace of charm and cruelty she had never seen before.

She heard that he had left the imperial palace early.

As such a young and weak child, what a difficult situation he had been in when he was in the imperial palace.

Shao Wanru felt her heart softened, stirred his hair gently and said, “Havent the Empress Dowager and the Emperor always protected you I heard that they were very kind to you when you were in the imperial palace!”

“Im just an evil being left by the previous emperor with no parents.

Although Imperial Grandmother treated me sincerely, she couldnt take care of me in every respect.

There were numerous ways to torture a child in the imperial palace.

Imperial Grandmother couldnt protect me all the time even if she wanted to.

Later, I was poisoned, so Imperial Grandmother agreed to let me leave the imperial palace!”

Chu Liuchen said indifferently.

Shao Wanru touched his slightly dry hair, took out a small comb from the drawer of the desk and combed his hair.

She found his hair extremely smooth and felt comfortable when touching it.

“Your Highness, you are the son of the former emperor, not an evil being left by the former emperor.” Shao Wanru said softly, “The descendants of the emperor of the former dynasty are the real evil beings!”

In any case, the children of the previous emperor were extremely noble.

What was more, he was the lineal eldest son of the former emperor.

If the former emperor had passed away a few years later, he would have inherited the throne.

How could there be the current emperor

But now at the thought that he was just an orphan of noble status, she combed his hair in an increasingly gentle way.

“Its not bad to have no parents.

At least Ive been under no ones control since my childhood till now!” Chu Liuchen said slowly.

There was inexplicable meaning in his words.

Shao Wanru could feel something wrong, but she couldnt explain it.

She just considered his words extremely meaningful.

Shao Wanru had always thought that she had lived a miserable life.

However, compared with Chu Liuchen, her life seemed to be better.

At least Old Madam Qin loved her sincerely and had protected her for so many years.

No matter in the last life or in this life, Old Madam Qin loved her dearly.

In particular, in her innocent childhood, Old Madam Qin had always protected her.

Chu Liuchen was in a different situation.

He had probably realized the situation he was in long ago.

With the humiliating identity as the lineal son of the former emperor, he had always been in poor health.

Although the Empress Dowager tried to protect him, the imperial palace was a merciless place! He must have suffered more than she had since his childhood!

“Your Highness, the Empress Dowager has always been on your side!” Shao Wanru comforted him.

She did not mention the emperor.

Although it was said that the emperor cared for his nephew so much as if Chu Liuchen were the apple of his eye and treated Chu Liuchen even better than he did to his sons.

Nevertheless, in Shao Wanrus opinion, he did that just because he knew that Chu Liuchen was weak and could not live for long.

If Chu Liuchen was strong and healthy, the emperor would probably consider him a threat and definitely would not treat him better than he did to his sons!

“Imperial Grandmother is very kind to me.” Chu Liuchen said lightly, and suddenly changed the topic, “Do you know how I deal with those assassins and those who poisoned me before”

Shao Wanru had an intuition that she should not ask this question, but the next moment, the Prince said before she asked, “Peel off their skin and pluck out their sinews, and then send their skin and sinews to their masters.

Several of their masters passed out directly after seeing the bloody stuff on the table, and then shouted and complained of it in front of my imperial uncle and requested to find out the truth!”

With a hint of delight, Chu Liuchens voice was pleasant to the ears, but seemed like a gust of chilly wind from the deepest hell, making her feel inexplicably cold and scared.

Shao Wanru stopped moving her hands for a while and felt as if the entire space was filled with a strange smell of blood because of Chu Liuchens words.

“Whats wrong Are you afraid Are you afraid that one day you will find a piece of human skin on the table” Chu Liuchen said in an increasingly cruel voice, looking like a devil coming from the deepest hell.

She picked up the comb after it slid down slowly, and let it slid down again.

Shao Wanru looked calm and said with no sign of shortness of breath, “I didnt plot to murder you, Your Highness.

Why bother scaring me”

She suddenly thought of the dream she had a moment ago.

In that dream, everyone rebuked her for being shameless, as if she had really done something unpardonably wicked.

But in fact, it was just because her lips were redder than those of ordinary people.

Someone who had a mind to beat his dog would easily find his stick!

In this life, she was an evil ghost climbing up from the deepest hell and no better than Chu Liuchen, so why should she be scared by his words

Those who had died once could be extremely bold!

“Arent you afraid of me” Feeling that she still combed his hair calmly without trembling, Chu Liuchen asked.

“Why should I be afraid They plotted to murder you, so you dont have to be kind to those villains.

Being kind to them means being cruel to others.

If they managed to carry out their plans, you will not be able to live until now! If there must be someone going to the hell, its better to be them!” Shao Wanru said indifferently.

Her words were extremely cold and indifferent, showing no care about the lives of others.

Chu Liuchen moved his fingers and felt relieved inexplicably, and the rage in his eyes faded.

He turned around, reached out to hold Shao Wanrus slender waist, and then lay down.

Shao Wanru was pressed down on his body.

She had been combing his hair just now and didnt remove the comb in time.

The comb happened to hit his face, and she heard a muffled groan.

Shao Wanru hurriedly threw away the comb in her hand and asked anxiously, “Your Highness, have you got hurt”

He had always been moody, and seemed to be tougher now.

The teeth of the comb was quite sharp and could scratch his face.

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