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Chapter 554 Get the Fidgets and Have an Attack of His Old Illness

In the quiet night, the ground was drenched with blood where a handsome man dressed in snow-white clothes was sitting quietly in a large chair and could smell blood floating in the air.

Several men in black died in front of him.

Some of them were beheaded, some were stabbed in the heart, and some were still alive but lay in a pool of blood, could not move and looked up at the handsome man dressed in plain clothes.

If they hadnt been in the current situation, none of them would have realized that the man in front of them turned out to be a real devilish murderer.

“Your Highness, how should we deal with them” Xiao Xuanzi stepped on the blood and asked.

“Kill them all!” Chu Liuchen said lightly in a listless voice and glanced at the ground soaked in blood.

“What about the two survivors Should we interrogate them” Xiao Xuanzi pointed to the corner and asked.

“Go ahead.

If they cant offer any useful information, peel them off,” Chu Liuchen said casually, stood up and turned around to walk away.

“You, you are just an invalid, who is about to die.

How dare you dream of…” An assassin, who was still alive, felt that there was no way to survive, so he cursed at once.

An arrow coming from an unknown place hit him in the chest accurately at the moment, and then he suddenly stopped talking.

The night was filled with strange silence.

“Find out the alive members of the nine branches of their family.

If they cant offer the useful information, kill them all!” Chu Liuchen said and coughed in a low voice.

His sick and handsome face looked a little tired.

If others saw him, they would think that the prince was born weak, but in fact, he had not slept since last night.

“Chu Liuchen, you will come to a sticky end…” One of them screamed, hoping that he could be shot in the chest and die.

In this case, at least he didnt need to worry that the members of the nine branches of his family would be killed.

But this time he was not shot, but was knocked out by a hilt.

They were assassins sent to kill Chu Liuchen.

They had considered it a piece of cake.

Everyone in the country knew that Prince Chen was going to die.

Even if he was not really going to die, he was extremely weak.

Unexpectedly, the assassin striking first was stabbed to death in the chest by him with the sword he drew from the guard beside him.

Prince Chen, the sickly and weak eldest son of the former emperor, even had difficulty in walking.

Why could he stab the assassin with a backhand attack so skillfully and neatly that ordinary people couldnt compare with him

The assassins immediately felt that something was wrong and intended to escape.

Unexpectedly, just as the idea came into their mind, they were either killed or injured.

At the moment, Prince Chen meant that the survivors among them should tell the truth, otherwise the members of the nine branches of their family would be implicated.

So the alive assassins wished they had died a moment ago.

“Your Highness, Your Highness, Im willing to tell you who intended to kill you!” A man in black suddenly shouted.

Chu Liuchen stopped and looked at an assassin lying not far away from him.

With his leg injured, he could only climb over at this moment.

Chu Liuchen stared coldly at the assassin crawling over.

His face was covered with a mask, and the wounds on his body were bleeding as he climbed.

But even so, the man in black was still slowly approaching Chu Liuchen, while saying, “Your Highness, I know who it is.

Please spare my life.”

He said in a choked voice in terror, holding his injured thigh tightly with one hand and struggling to crawl to Chu Liuchen.

Chu Liuchen looked at him quietly, and his pretty eyes looked cold and bloodthirsty in the dark and as deep as bottomless gloom.

Tearing apart his mask as gentle as jade, he was more like the Asura King in the bloody night.

The assassin slowly climbed up to Chu Liuchen, raised his head, and reached out to grab Chu Liuchens robe.

However, before he touched it, the assassin screamed with his hand shot and fixed to the ground.

As he moved his hand fixed to the ground with strength, two tiny needles in his hand fell to the ground and made a crisp sound.

They were made of iron.

If he managed to grab Chu Liuchens robe just now, the two poisonous needles would have pierced into Chu Liuchens body silently.

“Try them on him!” Chu Liuchen withdrew his sleeve crossbow and said with his eyes looking fluid and pretty.

Xiao Xuanzi answered and went over, cautiously picked up the bright end of the poisonous needles and pierced them into the assassins hand.

There came another heartrending cry.

“Cut his tongue and do it again!” Chu Liuchen said lightly.

A guard immediately came over, reached out neatly to seize the assassin by the throat and swayed his sword.

Half of the assassins tongue fell on the ground at once.

The assassin felt such great pain that he curled up into a ball.

However, with his voice stuck in his throat, he could only hiss.

This time Xiao Xuanzi picked up the poisonous needles and pierced them into the assassins hand again.

The rest of the assassins, who were still alive, were stunned, and they could no longer take death calmly.

Chu Liuchen walked out of the yard slowly.

Xiao Xuanzi threw away the needles casually and hurriedly came after him to serve him.

It was a villa outside the city, and Chu Liuchen had lived here recently.

It was not far from the Yuhui Nunnery.

Unexpectedly it was noticed by someone!

He had intended to live in the Yuhui Nunnery for a few days.

But at the thought that those, who lived here, were all female, he went back to his villa at the foot of the mountain.

“Master, how should we deal with these people after interrogation” Xiao Xuanzi quickened his pace to walk behind his master, and asked again carefully.

“Kill them!” Chu Liuchen said listlessly.

“Leave no one alive Shall we send one or two of them to the imperial palace” Xiao Xuanzi asked in astonishment, because his master usually left one or two people alive in such a situation.

“No, no one cares about these people!” Chu Liuchen said with a sneer.

In the moonlight, he showed an elegant smile again, as if the devilish murderer in the sea of blood were not him.

“Master, do you mean that those men in black were not sent by any of the princes” Xiao Xuanzi couldnt help asking another question.

After that, he realized the meaning behind his question, hurriedly knelt down and said, “Please forgive me!”

“Get up and prepare a carriage for me.

Im going to the Yuhui Nunnery!” Chu Liuchen said casually.

“Your Highness, are you going to see the Fifth Miss in this state” Xiao Xuanzi said, turning pale with fright.

“Cant I meet her now” Chu Liuchen said with a cold face, looking increasingly gloomy.

“Master, you have a murderous look now.

The Fifth Miss will be scared after seeing it!” Xiao Xuanzi hurriedly lowered his head in fear and explained.

As he felt the coldness in the air slowly faded away, he heard Chu Liuchens voice, “Go prepare bath water!”

After taking a bath, with the strong murderous intent on his face disappearing, Chu Liuchen became gentle again.

He changed into a white robe and put on a light gray cloak.

Only his hair was streaming loose and not bound because it was half dry.

The carriage had been prepared.

Chu Liuchen got in the carriage at the gate of the courtyard, followed by Xiao Xuanzi.

Chu Liuchen headed for the Yuhui Nunnery with his entourage.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Yuhui Nunnery, they were also stopped by the officials on duty of the Ministry of Justice.

“My master is Prince Chen!” Xiao Xuanzi poked his head out and said angrily.

“Greetings, Your Highness!” The two officials of the Ministry of Justice hurriedly lowered their heads, knelt down and said.

“Prepare a yard for my master.

Hes going to stay here today.” Xiao Xuanzi jumped off the carriage and gave an order.

“But… at this moment…” The officials of the Ministry of Justice looked at the moon in the sky in trouble and said.

It was almost midnight.

The nuns of the Yuhui Nunnery had already gone to bed, so it was impossible to find a yard for Chu Liuchen.

“Hurry up.

If anything happens to my master, you can be prepared to be beheaded!” Xiao Xuanzi said harshly in a sharp voice.

The two members of the Ministry of Justice looked at each other and didnt dare to disagree.

The smart one of them hurried to find a courtyard.

They had been here for some time and knew which courtyards accommodating pilgrims were empty.

In view of Prince Chens high status, they had to pick the best courtyard for him.

A locked courtyard was kicked open violently.

After Chu Liuchens servants got inside, looked around and found nothing unusual, Chu Liuchen slowly walked inside, followed by Xiao Xuanzi.

There was actually a large courtyard.

Judging from the standard of it, it seemed to be unsuitable for ordinary people, but it was a very good residence for Prince Chen,

Chu Liuchen looked around with a strange look and found that it turned out to be the courtyard, where he had intended to live before.

He lifted the corners of his mouth and became much less gloomy.

At the sight of this, Xiao Xuanzi felt relieved.

“Master, do you want to go to bed now” Xiao Xuanzi pointed to the door of the main room and asked.

Today his masters breath was unstable, so he was very worried about him.

“No!” Chu Liuchen stood in the yard with his hair disheveled, looked at the sky and said.

After that, under Xiao Xuanzis surprised eye, he jumped up and headed for the opposite roof.

“Hurry up and follow! His Highness” Xiao Xuanzi waved his hand and said.

Several dark shadows followed Chu Liuchen, and then disappeared in Xiao Xuanzis sight with Chu Liuchen.

Xiao Xuanzi frowned tightly.

In view of his masters unstable breath today, how could Xiao Xuanzi not worry about him In the past, when his masters breath was unstable, a bad mood could cause the onset of his masters illness.

At this moment, his master still went out.

At the thought of this, Xiao Xuanzi walked around in circles anxiously, and then sent someone down the mountain to ask the imperial physician staying in the villa to come over.

He had better get prepared lest his master should have a recurrence of his old illness.

Since his master was treated by Doctor Qi and Mingqiu Nun, his master had taken medicine obediently and no longer given up on himself like before, so his master was fine!

Nevertheless, his masters mood swing had gone so far that even Xiao Xuanzi didnt dare to ask more questions.

Xiao Xuanzi sighed helplessly and looked at the place where Chu Liuchen disappeared…

Shao Wanru was sleeping.

She went down the mountain and handled some business, and went to bed early after returning.

Later, hearing that Shao Yanru had come back, she just neglected it.

When she was sleeping soundly, she suddenly felt a gust of cold wind blowing and somehow had a dream.

In her dream, she seemed to be in a room with numerous white prayer flags, dressed in white mourning clothes, kneeling in front of the coffin and feeling empty.

Was she in the Deputy Prime Ministers Mansion The room with numerous white prayer flags was the scene after Wen Xichis death.

An old lady came in angrily, followed by a group of people, and slapped her violently in the face twice.

She bumped into the coffin, and blood immediately dripped from her forehead…

“Youve always dressed in fancy clothes and behaved in an affected way.

How dare you act so improperly in the mourning hall I dont dare to keep you in our mansion.

Get out of our Wens Mansion.

Now I repudiate you on behalf of my son!”

Behind the old lady was Gu Xishu, who held a handkerchief and showed a complacent smile…

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