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Chapter 542 The Truth about Taoist Priest Xiushui

Seeing that Old Madams face darkened, Taoist Priest Xiushui knew that Old Madam was rather displeased, so she said with a slight smile, “Dont worry, Old Madam.

I didnt mean that she doesnt have to shave her head.

I intend to take her to my Baiyun Taoist Temple and shave and mark her head after selecting a fortunate hour and a lucky day.

Its much better than doing it in a rush today!”

Old Madam didnt say anything, but just gave Taoist Priest Xiushui a hard look.

Taoist Priest Xiushui immediately understood that Old Madam was afraid that Ruian Great Elder Princess would come up the mountain after getting the news and take Shao Wanru away, so she comforted Old Madam with a smile at once.

“Old Madam, you came up the mountain today only to visit your granddaughters.

Ill take her and her maids away.

Others wont know it.

Even if the staff of the Ministry of Justice knows it, they will only think that the Fifth Miss has gone with me for Taoism meditation.

After a few days, Ill shave her head formally and report it to Ruian Great Elder Princess!”

Taoist Priest Xiushui said with a smile and involuntarily looked toward Shao Wanru.

Such a gorgeous girl was supposed to exist in a painting, because she was as ravishing as jade.

It was a pity that such a pretty girl had to shave her dark hair.

Taoist Priest Xiushui was a little reluctant to shave the hair of her, who was so ravishing as if she was separated from the mortal world by clouds.

She would like to have some fun with the little beauty before shaving her head!

Old Madam thought for a while and finally nodded.

She came up the mountain today in a rush and would go down the mountain soon.

In such a short time, Ruian Great Elder Princess would not know that she had secretly taken Shao Wanru away.

Regarding the others in the Yuhui Nunnery, she could ask her eldest granddaughter Shao Yanru, who had always been capable, to comfort them.

There should be no nuns in this temple daring to tell Ruian Great Elder Princess about it.

She could afford to wait a few days.

“Okay, well do as you said.

Ill leave her to you from now on!” Old Madam nodded and agreed, thinking that it would also work.

Shao Wanru sneered beside them, who were talking about how to deal with her in front of her without asking her opinion.

How disgusting it was!

Taoist Priest Xiushui involuntarily glanced at Shao Wanru, but met her cold and gloomy eyes and couldnt help trembling in her heart.

The Fifth Miss was gorgeous indeed, but her eyes were too cold.

Just a glance from her was enough to freeze Taoist Priest Xiushuis blood.

Taoist Priest Xiushui thought that if later she got the opportunity to sleep with Shao Wanru, she must cover her eyes.

It would be more enjoyable to see Shao Wanrus face partly covered.

Thinking of this, Taoist Priest Xiushui felt her body went limp and couldnt wait to take away this exceedingly charming little beauty at once.

Looking at Old Madams face, she couldnt stay here for another moment.

With such an exceedingly gorgeous beauty, she considered her life worth living.

It was a pity to shave the little beautys head, so she wouldnt do it.

Thinking that the little beautys head had to be marked after being shaved, she considered it unreasonable.

Taoist Priest Xiushui intended to hide the little beauty and just report that she died of illness.

Anyway it was Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion who made Shao Wanru become a nun, so what happened later had nothing to do with her.

With her good reputation, she did not believe that she would get involved in it.

As soon as Old Madam agreed, two female servants rushed over in an attempt to seize Shao Wanru.

At this moment, Shao Wanru had retreated to the front of a table, picked up the teapot on the table and threw it at the two female servants.

The two female servants hurriedly stepped back in panic so that they tripped over each others foot and fell heavily on the ground.

Meanwhile, the teapot fell at their feet and was smashed into pieces, some of which punctured their bodies.

They screamed in pain.

“You are so rebellious!” Old Madam said, trembling in anger and pointing at Shao Wanru with a trembling finger, with the wish of seeing Shao Wanru die at this moment, “Seize her and tie her up!”

“Old Madam, who are you going to tie up” There suddenly came a cold voice from the door.

Everyone looked up at the door.

Ruian Great Elder Princess raised her head and came in, attended by a large group of maids and old maids.

She obviously brought more servants than Old Madam, and even two guards escorting her all the way here showed up at last.

Great Elder Princess came over and sat down on the left side of Old Madam, looking at the ground coldly and asked, “Whats going on”

The two female servants did not dare to continue crying and just looked at Old Madam secretly.

Yujie suddenly pushed away the four female servants, who were dragging her, rushed to Ruian Great Elder Princess and complained loudly with tears, “Great Elder Princess, please save my master.

Old Madam came up the mountain today and intended to shave and mark my masters head without saying anything and thus to make my master become a nun!”

“Become a nun” Ruian Great Elder Princess looked at Old Madam with her head tilted, looked arrogant and tough and said, “Old Madam, do you mean to make all the young ladies of your mansion become nuns Why is Zhuozhuo the only one seized here while the First Miss of your mansion is absent Do you intend to hurt Zhuozhuo”

Seeing Ruian Great Elder Princess come in, Old Madam shook her body and almost fell down.

But now she had to answer with forced composure, “Wanrus silver bracelets were dug out in the hall.

Other silver bracelets were normal, while Wanrus silver bracelets were weird and covered with a layer of dark ants.

I was afraid that there was something wrong, so I specially instructed someone to find her longevity lock.”

“I heard that the longevity lock was kept in Great Elder Princesss mansion, but it was also covered with ants when it was exposed.

I have never heard of such a thing.

I intended to ask a nun of the Yuhui Nunnery to explain it, but Puming Nun of the Yuhui Nunnery said that the Yuhui Nunnery was not good at this and advised me to turn to Taoist Priest Xiushui of the Baiyun Taoist Temple.

Taoist Priest Xiushui said that Wanru has been possessed by a dark evil spirit and should pray in front of the Buddha.

Otherwise, all her elders will be influenced negatively!”

Old Madam said calmly.

Since Ruian Great Elder Princess was also an elder of Shao Wanrus, she did not believe that Ruian Great Elder Princess would not care about it at all.

“The Qi of a dark evil spirit” Ruian Great Elder Princess looked at Taoist Priest Xiushui, who was sitting opposite to her, and said.

Taoist Priest Xiushui stood up and bowed deeply to Ruian Great Elder Princess, and explained, saying, “It is indeed the Qi of a dark evil spirit, which is so powerful that it has influenced the Misss relatives.

If it is allowed to grow, it will definitely cause big trouble in the end.

Any elder related to the Miss can easily get into trouble.”

Shao Wanrus eyes fell on Taoist Priest Xiushui.

Shao Wanru didnt notice it when Taoist Priest Xiushui sat there a moment ago.

Now seeing her stand up, Shao Wanru found that she was much taller than ordinary ladies.

She was slender with delicate features.

Her smile made her look like a celestial being and her words inexplicably convincing.

Shao Wanru lifted the corners of her mouth to show a slight smile.

No wonder everyone admired this Taoist Priest Xiushui so much.

No matter in the last life or in this life, plenty of aristocratic families could only persuade him to come down the mountain to help them after begging him repeatedly.

Moreover, it was said that he was proficient in exorcism and at a high level of practicing Taoism.

But in fact, this Taoist Priest Xiushui was not a lady.

He was a scholar failing in an imperial examination and had an affair with the abbess of the Baiyun Taoist Temple.

Later, he somehow managed to mix himself inside the Taoist temple and was gradually promoted to the abbess.

In the last life, Taoist Priest Xiushuis identity was finally exposed because of a pretty Miss from an aristocratic family.

It was said that the Miss went up the mountain to worship the triple purity gods of Taoism and was raped by Taoist Priest Xiushui when living on the mountain.

The Miss, who was fiery, told what had happened to her after returning home and killed herself by banging her head against the wall.

Her family members rushed to the Taoist temple angrily and turned Taoist Priest Xiushui to the government office.

At first, he tried every means to defend himself.

Later, the officials took off his clothes and checked his body on the spot and thus to reveal the truth finally.

The entire Baiyun Taoist Temple had been searched.

It was said that numerous pretty ladies were released.

All of them were imprisoned by Taoist Priest Xiushui when visiting the Taoist temple alone, and had been hidden in the basement of the Baiyun Taoist Temple for several years.

“The Qi of a dark evil spirit” Ruian Great Elder Princess said with a sneer, “You mean this kind of ants”

Nanny Gao stepped forward and drew a small box from her bosom.

Everyone looked inside and found an ant, which was much bigger than an ordinary ant, in it.

Although there was only one ant, it still made them uncomfortable to look at it.

Old Madam sighed and said helplessly with her face turning gentle, “Your Highness, I have no other choice.

I cant let Wanru do harm to all these members of our mansion.

Ill leave her in front of the Buddha for the time being.

When she gets rid of the evil spirit in the future, Ill allow her to return to resume secular life!”

“Is this the origin of the dark evil spirit” Great Elder Princess ignored Old Madam, who was acting affectedly, looked at Taoist Priest Xiushui and asked.


I have figured it out with my fingers.

If you leave the dark evil spirit on the Fifth Miss aside, apart from its negative influence on Duke Xings Mansion, even Great Elder Princess and the younger brother of the Fifth Miss will probably…” Taoist Priest Xiushui said compassionately.

He did look like an eminent master who had attained wisdom with a strong sense of integrity.

Shao Wanru became furious.

She could stand being described as someone possessed by a dark evil spirit with a negative influence on her parents by Old Madam and this fake Taoist priest, but she would never allow anyone to curse her grandma and younger brother.

In the last life, her maternal grandma and younger brother ended up with a tragedy.

In this life, she would never allow it.

She touched a cup, picked it up and smashed it hard against Taoist Priest Xiushui with bloodthirstiness in her fierce eyes.

No one expected that she would suddenly do that.

Taoist Priest Xiushui was smashed in the face, and his clothes were drenched by the water in the cup.

The teacup fell to the ground, making a crisp cracking sound.

Old Madams face turned blue, then green and finally turned pale.

She glared at Shao Wanru, seeming to hate her to the core.

Shao Wanru raised her head slightly in a way a little similar to that of Great Elder Princess.

At the sight of this, Old Madam became increasingly angry.

At this moment, she, who was in no mood to care about Ruian Great Elder Princesss presence, picked up the teacup at hand and was about to throw it at Shao Wanru, while cursing, “You are such an evil creature.

You are possessed by an evil spirit indeed.

How dare you smash the teacup at the Taoist priest.

Do you, do you act like a decent lady”

As she said, she was about to smash the teacup at Shao Wanru with her trembling hand.

Ruian Great Elder Princess grabbed it quickly, threw it hard at Old Madams feet and said with a sneer, “Old Madam, do you mean that a qualified decent lady should allow others to curse her family members It turns out that Duke Xings Mansion has always educated their Misses in this way.”

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