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Chapter 527 Remedy, Foot Injury!

“Will Shao Yanru expose it” Shao Wanru thought for a moment, rolled her watery eyes, and asked.

“She doesnt dare!” Chu Liuchen suddenly said meaningfully.

It meant that if she didnt expose it, Shao Yanru would definitely not take the initiative to do that.

After all, the hole was now in Shao Yanrus main room.

Although Shao Yanru had gone down the mountain long before, Shao Yanru was the owner of the main room anyway.

She couldnt stay out of it, but Shao Yanru couldnt either.

Now Shao Yanru knew something about it, and so did she.

But neither of them knew who was behind it.

In this respect, they were on equal terms.

In this case, she could apply the original plan to deal with Shao Yanru.

With her watery eyes blinking twice and her long eyelashes drooping slightly, she thought for a moment and said, “Your Highness, its getting late.

Youd better go back early!”

There were some things in which she did not want to interfere too much.

In the last life, she ended up with tragedy.

Meanwhile, Chu Liuchen managed to trample on everyone with his own strength.

So she was not necessarily helping him by interfering too much in his life.

“Are you going to drive me away now Huh” Chu Liuchen said, as he stroked her hair casually.

“Shao Yanru fell into the trap today, so she is very likely to strike first tomorrow morning for fear that what happened today would be found out!” Shao Wanru pushed Chu Liuchen and said.

“Even so, she has to do that tomorrow!” Chu Liuchen said, increasingly inadvertent.

“Your Highness…” Shao Wanru reached out to pull his robe and said helplessly.

If she allowed him to stay here longer, she would really be unable to get up tomorrow due to her lack of sleep.

“Its going to be your birthday a few days later.

Ill instruct someone to send you a birthday gift.” Chu Liuchen looked at her and suddenly said with a chuckle.

Shao Wanru froze for a moment and raised her head warily.

In the past years, Chu Liuchen had always prepared a birthday gift for her, but he had never told her that in advance.

He usually came and gave her the birthday gift directly.

Chu Liuchen let go of Shao Wanru, stood up, tidied up his clothes, looked back at Shao Wanrus wide-opened watery eyes and said, “Ill instruct someone to send it here!”

He deliberately emphasized the three words “send it here”.

After that, under the gaze of Shao Wanru, who looked surprised, he lifted the corners of his thin lips to show a beautiful smile, and jumped down from the window!

Knowing that there were rocks beneath the window, Shao Wanru was not so horrified.

After thinking for a while, she walked to the window and closed it, and then leaned against the window with a frown…

Early the next morning, Shao Wanru was woken up by Qu Les anxious scream.

She looked blankly at Qu Les face, and rubbed the part between her eyebrows after a long while.

She went to sleep late last night.

Besides, she didnt sleep well all night because of being horrified by the passage.

She seemed to feel that she had just fallen asleep when hearing Qu Les scream.

“Whats the matter” Shao Wanru asked in a low spirit.

“Miss, bad news.

The First Miss fell and has been seriously injured.

Theyve sent for a doctor!” Qu Le said as she helped Shao Wanru sit up, “Sister Yujie thinks that youd better go and have a look.”

Since Shao Yanru had fallen and hurt her leg, Shao Wanru should certainly go and visit her as her cousin.

She glanced at the sky outside the window and found that dawn had just broken.

Shao Yanru began her farce a little early indeed.

She rubbed her eyes and got up with Qu Les help.

Yujie had prepared her toilet articles.

After washing and dressing, Shao Wanru went to Shao Yanrus room with Yujie.

As soon as they arrived at the door, Shuqi came out before they knocked on the door.

Seeing Shao Wanru come over, Shuqi hurriedly bowed to her.

“How did your master fall and get hurt” Shao Wanru asked.

“I dont know.

She was fine during the day yesterday, but just had a little difficulty walking freely.

Her injury didnt seem to be aggravated at night.

So I thought she would be fine later.

Unexpectedly, her leg has swelled up after a night,” Shuqi said with a tired face, seeming to have not slept well all night.

“Have you sent for a doctor” Shao Wanru asked, as she walked inside.

“Yes, but it has to be approved by the officials of the Ministry of Justice.

Ive asked the nuns of the Yuhui Nunnery to ask for instructions just now,” Shuqi said hurriedly.

Shao Yanru claimed that she fell during the day yesterday and had difficulty walking after that.

Therefore, although the officials of the Ministry of Justice saw a lady last night, it was not her.

Shao Yanrus idea was quite good.

It not only spread the news of her injury, but also explained that the lady showing up there last night for a secret meeting would not be her without words.

The next move depended on how cooperative Qi Tianyu was with her!

Nevertheless, Shao Wanru also wanted to see how cooperative Qi Tianyu was with Shao Yanru.

Entering the inner room, Shao Wanru saw Shao Yanru lying in bed.

Her pale and haggard face could really convince others that what she claimed was true.

Since she said so, Shao Wanru naturally took it seriously.

Both of them seemed to have forgotten what had happened last night.

After they exchanged greetings gently for a while, the doctor came.

The doctor was not specially fetched from down the mountain, but brought here by the Ministry of Justice.

There had been some injured people on the mountain before, so the Ministry of Justice brought a doctor to the mountain at that time.

At this time, hearing that Shao Yanru needed a doctor, they naturally sent someone to bring the doctor here.

Coincidentally, the one that brought the doctor here was none other than Qiu Yu.

Before the doctor entered the room, Shao Wanru hid behind the gauze curtain, and the gauze curtain around the bed was also let down.

The old doctor walked in slowly under the guidance of Shuqi.

Shao Yanru stretched out her hand from the bed, and the old doctor reached out to feel her pulse.

Qiu Yu also came in.

One master was lying in bed, while the other master hid behind the bed, only leaving behind the maids, none of whom dared to drive Qiu Yu away.

So he entered the room directly.

Before Shuqi could say anything after the old doctor felt the pulse, Qiu Yu asked anxiously, “Hows the First Miss”

“Can I have a look at your wound” the old doctor said after a hesitation.

He had better look at the wound before making a diagnosis, but there were numerous rules of treating a Miss of an aristocratic family.

“Of course!” Shao Yanru said, short of breath.

Shuqi hurriedly reached out to help Shao Yanru put a leg out through the curtain.

After the old doctor examined it, she hurriedly pushed it inside.

Shao Wanru also saw clearly that Shao Yanrus leg was bruised and swollen indeed.

With a trace of deepness across her eyes, Shao Wanru thought that Shao Yanru was so cruel to herself that she must have hurt herself after returning last night.

“Do you feel a sharp pain when pressing it” The old doctor stroked his long beard, nodded and asked another question.

“My master doesnt feel especially sharp pain, but feels a dull pain all over her leg.” Shuqi gave the answer she had prepared.

“She did twist her ankle.

Shes deficient in vital energy and has a feeble constitution, but its not serious because shes not injured in the sinews or bones.

She just needs to rest for a few days during which she should avoid getting out of bed and walking.

I happen to bring some ointment.

Apply it to her wound three times a day, and she will recover slowly.”

The old doctor said, as he took out a small porcelain bottle from his medicine chest.

Shuqi nodded repeatedly, hurriedly took it and asked, “Doctor, is there anything my master should be aware of while taking this medicine”

“She should watch her diet and avoid eating too much greasy food.

In addition, she should avoid moving and stay in bed these days.

Fortunately, your master didnt walk much after twisting her ankle.

Otherwise, she wont be able to recover in a few days!”

The old doctor told Shuqi.

“Exactly, after my master twisted her ankle, she was afraid that her injury would be aggravated.

So she has stayed in her room since she came back yesterday!”

Shuqi said and nodded repeatedly, looking glad.

Qiu Yu suddenly let out a sigh of relief and thought, “Sure enough, I didnt misjudge her.

How could it be possible for a fair lady like the First Miss Shao to meet Qi Tianyu in secret” He had asked Qi Tianyu in private after returning yesterday.

Qi Tianyu kept denying it and claimed that he had never met the First Miss of Duke Xings Mansion.

Although his sister was the adopted daughter of Madam of Duke Xing, there was a prudent reserve between males and females.

Moreover, his sister was just an adopted daughter rather than a biological daughter.

So he certainly had never met the First Miss Shao.

Regarding the character “ru”, it was really a coincidence that his confidantes name also included the character “ru”.

Qiu Yu had been dubious last night, but now he thought that Qi Tianyu was really his good buddy and had told the truth.

The First Miss Shao had twisted her ankle yesterday, and it was proved by the old doctor that her injury made her unable to walk much.

So the lady showing up last night must not be her.

Nevertheless, the maid showing up last night inexplicably seemed to be Shuqi.

At that time, everyone focused on Shao Yanru, while neglecting the maid whose face was uncovered.

Later both the lady and the maid left, so they lost the chance to notice the maid.

In this case, Qiu Yu thought that yesterday he might have taken it for granted that the maid was Shuqi in front of him.

It was obvious that he was wrong and mistook the maid for Shuqi!

Thinking of this, Qiu Yu felt at ease.

Although his colleagues promised not to spread the news yesterday, they said something mean about it.

Now he thought that he had justice on his side.

“I also have some medicine for healing the injury in sinews and bones.

How about sending some to the First Miss Shao later” Qiu Yu said with a smile.

He glanced at the hanging gauze curtain through which he could only see a figure faintly, and then his eyes rested on her half-exposed hand.

Her skin as smooth as butter was so attractive.

“Thank you, Your Excellency, but you dont have to do that.

The medicine given by the doctor is enough!” Shuqi said.

She certainly knew that her master would not take a fancy to the man in front, so she refused euphemistically.

Her master, who treasured her reputation a lot, would never allow any gossip about her and a man she considered not good enough for her.

The man obviously took a fancy to her master.

After seeing plenty of this kind of thing, Shuqi did not take it seriously.

She, who had refused plenty of men on behalf of her master, was quite good at doing this.

Shao Yanru just wanted him to bear witness to her injury.

Except for this, she didnt want to be entangled with him.

“Your Excellency, do you have better medicine than that given by the doctor” A voice suddenly came from behind the gauze curtain.

“Yes, yes, its better, much better.

It was granted by the imperial palace!” Qiu Yu said, looking at the curtain in surprise with an involuntary smile.

He, who looked a little embarrassed because of being refused by Shuqi, immediately became beaming with joy.

The First Miss Shao treated him differently as he expected, and the maid didnt respond on instructions from her.

“Since it is granted by the imperial palace, it must be good.

I hope that you can give my Big Sister some!” Shao Wanrus voice continued coming from behind the gauze curtain.

She said sincerely in a soft and crisp voice.

Qiu Yu froze at first, and then immediately realized that it was the voice of the Fifth Miss of the Shaos Mansion.

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