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Chapter 505 Asking for the Picture Album for the First Time

“Fifth Miss, Im here to ask for the picture album of the Yuhui Nunnery.

Ive heard from Huiming Nun that the book is with you, so I came here to fetch it.

Old Madam wants to see it!”

The old maid of Duke Xings Mansion came in, and she bowed to Shao Wanru.

Then she said with a big smile on her face.

“A picture album” Shao Wanru raised her voice and frowned.

She seemed to be a little displeased.

“Yes, it was the album.

I showed it to you before.

At that time, you didnt say you wanted to change the way of putting the offerings.

After it was knocked to the ground by a servant girl, you picked it up to have a look again.

When I left, you were reading the album carefully!” Huiming put her hands cross together and smiled kindly.

The ins and outs of the picture album were clearly explained.

As soon as she finished her words, she saw Shao Wanrus face become more and more serious.

“When First Miss went down the mountain before, she said that this picture album showed different ways of putting things which were used when they did religious services.

First Miss said that she didnt understand, so she picked one randomly.

Old Madam felt uneasy, so she asked me to take the picture album down the mountain so as to let First Miss pick one more time.” The supervisor Nanny smiled brightly, her face like a big chrysanthemum in full bloom.

It was as if she did not see Shao Wanrus displeasure written on her face.

“Originally, this kind of picture album cant be taken down the mountain.

But the Old Madam of your manor is different, so she can take it down and have a look at it for the time being.”

Huiming explained with a smile.

The two people cooperated very well with each other, and every sentence they said was hinting that Shan Wanru must take the picture album out.

Shao Wanru lowered her eyes coldly.

After a long while, she raised her head and said coldly, “Ill look at the picture album again! When I finish reading it, Ill send it down to Old Madam!”

“Didnt you finish reading yesterday, Fifth Miss Whats more, there were only a few pages!” Huiming said in surprise.

Yujie was angry and said coldly, “Cant our Miss read it more times You just allow our Miss to take only a look at the things taken out from your Yuhui Nunnery”

“Its not like that… but the Old Madam at the foot of the mountain urged me.

She is still waiting for me in the mansion.

How about you let Old Madam have a look at it first, Fifth Miss, and I will send it to you after she finishes” The old maid of Duke Xings Mansion was very clever and eased things up with a smile.

Shao Wanru pulled up the corners of her mouth.

The maids words sounded nice, as if she were thinking of Shao Wanru.

But in fact, Old Madam was waiting for it.

As a younger generation, Shao Wanru couldnt keep the album herself even if she wanted to.

Whether she could read it later or not, they were just words for the sake of her face.

No one would take it seriously.

Huiming didnt say anything but crossed her hands together with a smile.

In her opinion, no matter what Shao Wanru said, she had to give this picture album out.

In the name of Old Madam, she could suppress Shao Wanru, who didnt dare to refuse!

Shao Wanru didnt say anything and just looked at Yujie.

Yujie understood what she meant and stepped forward to stand in front of the old maid.

She deliberately changed the topic and said, “Yesterday, you punished the servant girl and let her frame our Miss with unclear words, didnt you”

“I really dont know what happened yesterday.

This girl has always been timid and clumsy.

I didnt expect that she would make such a misunderstanding! I am really wronged.

I forgot her when I was busy.

I didnt expect her, such a clumsy girl, to kneel there!”

The old maid was fully prepared.

Hearing Yujies question, she immediately complained.

Yujie glared at the old maid angrily and said, “Is that a misunderstanding”

“Of course, its a misunderstanding.

Is there anyone trying to frame Fifth Miss The servant girl was brought here from the mansion, and Fifth Miss met her for the first time yesterday, so even if this girl did anything, it has nothing to do with Fifth Miss.

I made a mistake.

Its all my fault.

I hope you can forgive me, Fifth Miss!”

The old maid said with a smile.

Since the matter was over and Shao Wanru didnt get hurt at all, she didnt think it was something serious.

In deed, it was only the thing that Fifth Miss used to distract her attention, so she didnt believe that Shao Wanru would take it seriously.

“Kneel down!” Shao Wanrus cold voice contained certain cruelty.

The old maid and Huiming were both shocked.

Shao Wanrus expression was unpleasant just now, but there was still a smile on her face from time to time.

However, no one thought that she would censure them suddenly.

“Fifth… Fifth Miss…” The old maid stammered.

“Our Miss asks you to kneel, you just do it!” Yujie lifted her leg and kicked hard on the old maids leg.

The old maid took two steps back and fell heavily on the ground.

“Fifth Miss, I dont know what Ive done to make you so angry.

What happened yesterday was a misunderstanding.

After the servant girl came back, I also went to report the matter to Old Madam.

She also reprimanded me and only said that I was not allowed to make such a mistake again and that she wouldnt pursue the matter this time.

Do you think this matter has to be investigated again, Fifth Miss”

She felt a pain in her legs, and then she looked at Huimings surprised face.

The old maids face flushed, and she felt ashamed.

Just now, when she and Huiming were waiting outside the house, they had whispered to each other.

She told Huiming that Fifth Miss was not worth worrying about and dared not punish her for what had happened yesterday.

Her being forced to kneel down was also like a heavy slap on the face, and the old maid could not accept it.

“She was trying to threaten me with Old Madam again.

She was sure that I didnt dare to do anything to her.” Shao Wanru thought to herself, sneered, and said, “If I really let the servant girl frame me yesterday, I will lose my reputation.

Yet, you didnt receive any punishment except for that youre not allowed to do it again.

I didnt know that the rules of Duke Xings Mansion would be so loose that the people there would escape punishment with this excuse, though they framed their master.”



“Go, send this old maid to the carriage at the gate of the Yuhui Nunnery for disrespecting her master.

I dont need this kind of maid who is disrespectful to and frames her master!” Shao Wanru said with a cold and cruel face, and her bright watery eyes were filled with coldness.

“Yes, Ill pull her out now!” Yujie nodded and was going to pull the old maid.

The old maid was panicked.

She reached out to hold a pillar and shouted, “Fifth Miss, what happened yesterday really had nothing to do with me.

I just left this servant girl by accident.

I really didnt want to hurt you!”

The old maid was really in a panic at this time.

It was said that many people had seen what had happened yesterday.

When she came to the Yuhui Nunnery today, there were many rumors.

If the pilgrims in the nunnery knew that she was the mastermind of what had happened yesterday, she would be accused of being a servant who framed the master.

Many people would see it if she was dragged out like that!

“Fifth Miss, Fifth Miss, it was really not me.

I really didnt hurt you.” Yujie had already reached out to grab the maid, and she was very strong.

Even if the old maid held the pillar, she couldnt hold it for a long time, so she cried out in a hurry.

“Fifth Miss, can you listen to me” Huiming couldnt stand there and do nothing any longer; she stepped forward in a hurry.

“Whats the matter” Shao Wanru raised her eyes and waved her hand, and Yujie stepped aside.

“Fifth Miss, you shouldnt deal with this matter in the nunnery.

Whether or not the old maid has done something wrong, she should be brought back to the mansion for further investigation.

Otherwise, if she were to really get into trouble, it would be embarrassing for you, Fifth Miss.

In Yuhui Nunnery, people would only talk about you.

After all, it would affect your reputation!”

“What do you mean” Shao Wanru seemed to be moved.

“This was caused by Old Madam of your mansion.

You should at least report it to Old Madam.

Its better for you to send someone to take the old maid down the mountain and let Old Madam punish her, Fifth Miss!”

Huiming Nun seemed to stand by Shao Wanrus side and think for her.

Her attitude was very kind.

Shao Wanru seemed to be hesitant.

It seemed like she could not make up her mind for the moment.

When Huiming saw this, she immediately added, “Fifth Miss, youre now in Yuhui Nunnery.

To put it bluntly, youre like a semi-female nun.

If you get angry at any time, others will only think that youre too arrogant instead of mourning for the former heir of Duke Xings Mansion and Infanta Qinghua.

This is not good!”

Shao Wanru narrowed her eyes slightly.

She thought for a while and then nodded obediently.

“Okay, let her go down the mountain and let Old Madam deal with her!”

The old maid was relieved, and then cautiously said, “Fifth Miss, please let me take the picture album down the mountain, and then I will apologize to Old Madam!”

“You still want to take the picture album down the mountain at this time” Shao Wanru laughed coldly.

“Im guilty, but Im here for the picture album this time.

If you could let me take the picture album down the mountain, I wont be punished by Old Madam for a second time.

Please save me, Fifth Miss!”

The old maid burst into tears.

She kowtowed from time to time while wiping her tears.

Judging from the red marks on her forehead, it was clear that she kowtowed heavily.

“I wont give the picture album to you for the time being so that you could not use it to avoid punishment.

Tell Old Madam that I will definitely ask someone to take it down the mountain after I finish reading it.”

Shao Wanru said as if she did not care.

She rolled her watery eyes, and her beautiful eyes shone brightly.

However, there was a hint of laziness in her gene.

“Fifth Miss…” The old maid cried and begged, “Fifth Miss, please forgive me.

Let me take the picture album down the mountain.

I wont make any mistakes in the future.

Please rest assured, Fifth Miss!”

Shao Wanru rubbed her forehead and said calmly, “Yujie, take her away.”

“Yes!” Yujie came over and grabbed the old maid forcefully.

The old maid didnt expect that and she had loosed her hands from the pillar.

Now being pulled by Yujie, she was immediately dragged out, leaving only her voice behind her, “Fifth Miss, Fifth Miss…”

The room suddenly became quiet, and there was only the crying of the old maid outside.

“Is there anything else that you want to do, Huiming Nun” Shao Wanru asked calmly as she raised her eyebrows and looked at the stunned Huiming.

“Im fine.

Im leaving!” Huiming swallowed hard and felt a little panic in her heart.

“Is this Fifth Miss Shao really like what First Miss said”

“Thank you, Huiming Nun!” Shao Wanru smiled faintly and her expression relaxed.

She waved her hand and Huiming left.

Huiming saw the old maid, who had stood up with tearful eyes and was holding on to the door frame to calm her breath.

The two peoples eyes met soundlessly, and then there was a smile in Huimings eyes, but she didnt stop walking.

She slowly walked out of the courtyard, and there was a hint of meditation in her eyes.

Sure enough, this Fifth Miss Shao was afraid of mentioning this picture album, so she deliberately used other things to refuse Old Madams request for the picture album.

Huiming was certain that something must have happened to this picture album

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