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In the crowd, the kneeling servant girl cried with embarrassment.

There was also a hand print on her face, and half of her face was red and swollen.

Compared with the other white and delicate face, it was obvious that her one half face was red and swollen.

“What the hell is going on with the servant girl I ask you but you dont say anything.”

“Which mansion are you from”

“Who hits you Youre in the Yuhui Nunnery.

Not everyone in it could punish you easily.

She is so evil.

Being so arrogant outside, what can she do in her mansion”

“Which mansion does she come from”

Some people were asking questions, while some were sighing, and some were asking each other.

It was really hard to tell which mansion the servant girl was from.

No matter what, and no matter how they asked, the servant girl did not say anything.

She continued to cry and kneel there.

Outside the crowd, Shao Wanru rolled her watery eyes and looked at the kneeling servant girl.

She was indeed the servant girl who had been punished to kneel down.

But she didnt know who slapped on her face.

She walked over slowly and stood in front of the servant girl.

She looked at the servant girls face, squatted down and looked at the servant girls eyes carefully.

The servant girls eyes were red and swollen.

She looked at Shao Wanru blankly.

She was confused, but at the same time, she didnt know what to do.

“Hey, what are you crying here What happened” Yujies voice came from behind her, with some astonishment.

The servant girl turned around and immediately recognized Yujie.

She turned to Yujie and said, “Sister Yujie, Fifth Miss… Fifth Miss…”

Speaking of this, she immediately choked with sobs.

Shao Wanru, who was standing behind her, stood up straight and looked at the back of the servant girl with watery eyes.

Her words sounded vague and she was complaining about her!

“What happened to our Miss Who slapped you Why do you stay here” Yujie looked up and down and her face was full of surprise.

“Fifth Miss… Fifth Miss…” The servant girl seemed as if she wanted to say something.

However, her voice was choked and she could not speak a single word.

Other than this “Fifth Miss”, there were only the sounds of crying.

“What did our Miss do to you Tell me.

Wont you say that it was our Miss who slapped you, will you” Yujie asked impatiently.

The servant girl shook her hands hard and continued to cry, but she stopped saying a word.

Her eyes were panicked and her body was trembling slightly.

She looked like she had been scared.

She was frightened a lot by the “Fifth Miss” mentioned by Yujie!

“Whose Fifth Miss is she”

“Which mansion is she from Look at how pitiful she is.

Shes really scared out of her wits.”

“Even if this girl was really beaten by the Fifth Miss, she doesnt seem to dare to say it!”

The crowd started to talk again.

Each of them had their own opinions.

In conclusion, it was Shao Wanru, the Fifth Miss, who had done this.

Yujie squatted in front of the servant girl and reached out to gesture at her face.

“I dont think I slap you, right”

The hand print on the servant girls face was obvious.

Yujies hand was relatively small, so it could be seen clearly that the handprint was not hers.

It was bigger than hers.

The servant girl shook her head hard this time, and said in a panic, “Its not Sister Yu… Yujie, its not you!”

Yujie breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Its good that its not me, lest I cant explain it clearly later!”

Yujie said angrily, “Who else could it be if it wasnt me Come on, tell me.

Ill ask my Miss to help you.

We dont know the people in the mansion today and we dont know who beat you, but its okay to report it to the Old Madam!”

“No… no!” The servant girl burst into tears.

“Why not Are you afraid that someone will retaliate” Yujie frowned in confusion.

Suddenly, a gentle voice came from outside the crowd, “Excuse me, are you from Duke Xings Mansion” People looked back and saw a nun from Yuhui Nunnery.

The crowd parted, and Shao Wanrus gaze fell on the nun.

Her eyes were deep, and she did not think that they had prepared so much.

The nun walked to the front of the servant girl and looked at the Buddha hall not far away.

Then she looked at the servant girl and gently asked again, “Are you the servant girl from Duke Xings Mansion who accompanied the Fifth Miss of your mansion to deal with the Buddha business just now”

The servant girl cried and nodded hard.

Immediately, there was another stir in the crowd.

Because of Yujies words before, people had thought that this Fifth Miss was impossible.

But now, they felt that it was possible to be her.

The Fifth Miss should be the one who really slapped the servant girl!

Yujie sneered and looked at the nun.

“This nuns words are really unreasonable.

Our Miss and the other servants in the Duke Xings Mansion dont know each other, and they just accompanied her to have a look.

In the whole process, it was the supervisor of the Duke Xings Mansion who was in charge.

How could you say that she accompanied our Miss to deal with it”

She didnt know this nun.

Yuhui Nunnery was very big and there were also many nuns, so it was normal that she didnt know her.

“Excuse me, madam.

I made an indiscreet remark!” The nun apologized to Yujie in a peaceful voice.

Yujie ignored her, gave the handkerchief in her hand to the servant girl, and then pulled her up.

The servant girl originally wanted to struggle not to get up, but Yujie was strong enough to pull her up.

“If you want to fight back, then stand up.

You dont have to cry like this.

Just tell me who slap you!”

The servant girl stood up and looked left and right in a panic.

There were concerned faces on both sides and a veiled face that she didnt know.

“Say it.

So many people are listening to you.

This is not Duke Xings Mansion.

No one can be arrogant and domineering.”

“Yes, yes, and there is the original nun of the monastery!”…

Perhaps the words of the crowd had moved the servant girl, giving her some courage.

She said fearfully as she wiped away her tears, “Fifth… Fifth Miss…”

“You mean our Miss slap you” Yujie raised her voice immediately and said loudly.

Seeing that the servant girl was still crying, she said, “You dont have to talk anymore.

Just nod or shake your head!”

Everyone became quiet, and their eyes fell on the head of the servant girl.

When they saw that she nodded slightly after a long hesitation, they immediately got excited.

“It is indeed the Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion.

It seems that she is a cruel person.”

“Of course.

Or she would not let this little servant kneel in front of the temple, even in the Yuhui Nunnery.

No Miss with good manners would do such a thing!”

“Thats right.

We dont know what kind of vicious person the Fifth Miss of Duke Xings Mansion is.

Isnt she afraid that she will annoy Bodhisattva and make her angry, causing her to suffer”

Immediately, a few people put their hands together and bowed to the Buddha from a distance, looking nervous and scared.

The nun also put her hands together and chanted a Buddhas name in the direction of the Buddhist temple.

The crowd was in a tumult.

Since even the nuns of the Yuhui Nunnery had done this, they were afraid that Buddha would really punish them.

Most of the people who came to the Yuhui Nunnery were to worship Buddha, so they naturally believed in this kind of thing.

All of them turned pale and followed the nun to chant the Buddhas name.

“Well, its over.

Youd better go back to where you came from.

Buddha will see all living things!” the nun said gently after reciting the Buddhas name.

“Thank, thank you, nun…” The servant girl wiped her face and limped away.

Shao Wanru hinted Yujie.

It was really unclear for her if they asked the servant girl to leave at this time.

“Hey, dont go.

You said that our Miss hit you, but why did our Miss hit you Our Miss has been in the temple just now.

When did she hit you Since you said that our Miss hit you, you should make it clear.

Its unclear.

Are you trying to frame our Miss again”

Yujie reached out to hold the servant girl and shouted.

Her loud and reasonable voice attracted many peoples attention.

“You mean our Miss hit you just now, but you dont even know our Miss.

How could it be our Miss who hit you Our Miss has been living in Yuhui Nunnery all the time, and Im the only servant girl who came out today.

You and the others came here today to deal with the Buddha things.

My miss and I just watched by the side.

Why were all these things our Misss fault!”

Yujie became louder, and said one sentence after another, “Since the slap on your face was not made by me, then it was made by our Miss, wasnt it Apart from me, our Miss couldnt command you.

Now Im going to call her over and make a comparison to see whether this handprint was made by her.”

As Yujie said, she turned around and was about to leave.

The servant girl was in a great hurry and reached out to stop her.

“What are you doing Your face has swollen so much.

If it swells for a while, we will not be able to see the fingerprints.

If I go late, it will be more difficult to explain,” Yujie pushed away the servant girls hand and said angrily.

The servant girl cried while holding her hand, and her face was full of panic and fear.

It was hard to tell whether it was because she was guilty or because she was truly afraid.

“Was the hand print on your face really made by your Fifth Miss” Shao Wanru asked lightly.

The servant girl nodded first and then shook her head.

She still did not say a word, but tears fell down one after another.

She looked extremely pitiful!

“Do you know me” Shao Wanru asked gently.

The servant girl shook her head hard.

There were strangers around, and she only remembered Yujies face very clearly.

Her tears blurred her vision.

“Since you dont know me, why did you keep hinting that I hit you” Shao Wanrus eyes grew colder.

Yujie came over and bowed to Shao Wanru respectfully.

She said, “Miss!”

Everyone was shocked and looked at Shao Wanru in shock.

She had been here for some time and she had even been seen by servant girls.

This servant girl really did not know her.

However, she was the Fifth Miss that the servant girl had mentioned earlier.

This made many people understand the meaning of it.


“I cant believe these people are trying to frame their master!”

“How could a servant dare to frame her master There must be someone behind her!”

“I remember now.

The Fifth Miss of the Duke Xings Mansion is the one in the news who returned to the family a few years ago.

It is said that everyone in the Duke Xings Mansion doesnt like her and forced her to come to the Yuhui Nunnery to observe mourning for her parents for three years.”

Someone put a link between the front and the back, and came to such a conclusion.

Suddenly, the buried old matter was dug up.

“Yujie, ask someone to send her to Old Madam and ask who is trying to frame me this time!” Shao Wanru said tiredly.

Although she only had a pair of cold and charming watery eyes, they were undoubtedly sad.

Then, without looking at the crowd, she turned around and was about to leave.

“Fifth Miss… Fifth Miss, you didnt hit me.

It was the supervisor Nanny who punished me just now!” The servant girl finally finished her sentence and knelt heavily on the ground towards Shao Wanrus back.

She couldnt afford to frame her master!

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