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Shao Wanru was shocked by Chu Liuchens action.

Her long eyelashes fluttered twice and she closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, she found that it was not dark anymore.

She could not help looking out of the window.

Outside, the mountains seemed to huddle together and the moonlight was gentle and beautiful.

The atmosphere in the darkness became increasingly intense, then she felt her waist being strongly hugged and Chu Liuchen played continuously with the jade pendant hung around her waist.

Feeling hot, Shao Wanru wanted to push Chu Liuchen away.

She reached out her hand and asked.

“Your Highness, who do you think is most likely to marry her”

However, Chu Liuchen grabbed her hand and pulled it aside, saying, “I do not think she can marry anyone!”

This answer made Shao Wanru fall silent.

In her previous life, Shao Yanru was indeed unmarried.

The man she was going to marry could not be the Emperor.

It could only be Prince Zhou or Prince Yue.

But in the end, neither of them was hers.

Shao Yanru did not wait to marry them because she had entered the palace.

“Shao Yanrus reputation is so good and she is so beautiful.

Why cant she get married Her family background should be good enough!” Shao Wanru was puzzled.

She could not figure this out ever since she was reborn.

Shao Yanru could be said to have gained the upper hand and all the benefits.

Why could she not marry whom she wanted to marry Besides, she was a scheming woman and she even resorted to all kinds of means.

“A woman who thinks that she can play with men all over the world and thinks that all men will bow and scrape to her pomegranate-colored dress.

She is thinking too highly of herself! It is too much!”

Chu Liuchen casually played with the jade pendant in his hand.

This jade pendant was bestowed by the Empress Dowager.

He felt that it was quite a good thing to fiddle with, especially when it was hung on her slender waist.

“Do Prince Yue and Prince Zhou also have any special feelings for her” Shao Wanru thought over his words and asked tentatively.

“Stay away from this woman from now on, or you will not have a good ending!” Chu Liuchen snorted coldly.

She did not know whether it meant that Shao Wanru was right or wrong.

He reached out and patted her on the head to warn her.

“If she does not have anything against me, then that is fine.

But if she has something planned for me, then I am not that easy to bully!” Shao Wanru said, her red lips curving in a sneer.

She was certain that Shao Yanru had no good intentions toward her and would definitely do something bad to her and she would not show any mercy, of course.

Things that happened in the last life were too mysterious.

Shao Wanru did not want to tell Chu Liuchen about these mysterious happenings.

But she could not explain her hostility toward Shao Yanru.

This was the only explanation.

There was a reason why she targeted Shao Yanru in the future.

“I have sent secret guards to protect you.

If you need anything, just use them!” Chu Liuchen said lightly and then changed the topic, “Did Chu Liuxin come here today”

“Yes, he was here.

He seemed to have visited with a few other Misses.

I suppose he is on a blind date!” Shao Wanru said.

She could not see Chu Liuchens expression clearly in the dark, but she knew that he did not look happy at the moment, so she tried to explain.

Chu Liuxin did not hide the truth from her when he came over.

When he talked about this, Chu Liuxin even complained that his brothers were not married at his age.

Why were they so anxious to ask him to get married

“The blind date is not in the capital city.

What is he doing here Is it possible that he can find someone in the nunnery to go on a date with him” Chu Liuchen said unpleasantly.

“This… I dont know!” Shao Wanru was speechless, but she also felt that Chu Liuchen was absolutely right.

This blind date should not have taken place in the nunnery.

“The next time he comes, you dont need to pay any attention to him!” Chu Liuchen said with a snort.

“He even helped me bring a letter to Shao Yanru today!” Shao Wanrus shimmery eyes shone in the moonlight.

“Why is he even involved If he brings the letter to Duke Xings Mansion, he will get himself involved in this matter!” Chu Liuchen said lightly.

Although his voice was gentle and refined, there was a trace of sarcasm in it.

Shao Wanru was surprised and said, “Is it possible that Shao Yanru wants to marry Prince Xin”

“Why not Doesnt he have a good impression of her Although Chu Liuxin did not make much progress, he is still a prince.

Maybe she can trigger some sparks with him!”

Shao Wanru fell silent when she heard these words.

She did not speak for a long time.

Chu Liuchen seemed surprised by Shao Wanrus silence at this moment, so he touched her pink cheeks with his hand and pinched them maliciously.

Shao Wanru was in so much pain that she pushed his hand away.

“What about Your highness Didnt she look for you before”

Chu Liuxin was a cold person, so too was Chu Liuchen.

Since Chu Liuxin could be sparked, Chu Liuchen might also be targeted by her.

Although he had an awkward status and was in poor health, he was still favored by the Empress Dowager Queen and the Emperor.

“Of course, she also looked for me.

But after being slapped by me, everything became peaceful!” Chu Liuchen said lazily.

“What, Your Highness slapped her” Shao Wanru was stunned for a moment before she got up.

She supported herself on Chu Liuchens chest with one hand and said in surprise.

This was something she had never heard of in her two lifetimes.

“When did it happen”

“It was about three years ago.

I cant remember the exact time.

When she almost fell into my arms.

I was so angry that I slapped her and then I fell down!” Chu Liuchen reached out and knocked away her elbow which she was supporting herself on.

Shao Wanrus hand felt sore, then her body went limp and she was pressed against Chu Liuchens chest.

This time, she was in an even more embarrassing position than the previous time.

Shao Wanru blushed greatly as she turned to the side in a hurry.

It still looked as if her waist was being firmly grasped by him.

At this time, she was glad that the light was off, otherwise, this person would laugh at her.

She composed herself and asked again, “This must have happened before she arrived at Yuhui Nunnery, right”

“I suppose so.

I did not notice that.

As long as she does not come and bother me, I dont care how many men she hooked up with.

But she cannot come and make me feel disgusted!” Chu Liuchens expression remained unchanged and he reached out to let her lie down more comfortably.

In the darkness, nobody could see that he had a vicious look on his face.

“Your Highness, do you know why Shao Yanru wanted to build this quiet room Was it just for her to learn how to paint This location is really not bad.” Shao Wanru finally calmed down and asked.

“I really did not take note of this.

If you want to investigate, you can ask someone to do it.

I left the secret guard you used in Duke Xings Mansion to you.

If you need anything, you can look for him! Next time, let Xiao Xuanzi instruct the servant girl named Yujie who accompanies you.

This servant girl seems to be strong and capable.

You can ask her to come to my mansion to study martial arts when you have time.”

Chu Liuchen closed his eyes and said this with a calm expression.

The light fragrance of the girl which drifted to his nose was not the fragrance of powder, but just the slight body scent of a woman.

In such a dark night, it gave people a feeling of peace and the place that had been left empty in his heart for many years was filled up somehow!

As his voice became softer and softer until it disappeared completely, the sounds in the house suddenly quietened down.

Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the door.

One time, two times, three times.

Shao Wanru was shocked.

She opened her eyes hurriedly.

She had almost fallen asleep just now.

Chu Liuchen stretched out his hand to grasp her slim waist and pulled her into his arms again.

After holding her for a while, he put her down and sat up.

He tidied his clothes and said, “I will go back first.

If there is any noise, remember not to come out.”

Shao Wanru nodded silently and sat up as well.

She watched him open the door and leave.

Then, she frowned and looked at the darkness beyond the door.

After waiting for some time, she suddenly heard a loud noise from outside, as well as the clashing sounds of weapons.

She could not help gripping her knees as a nervous look flashed in her eyes.

“Miss.” Yujie hurried in and closed the door of the quiet room.

There was no light in the room, so she could not locate where Shao Wanru was for a moment.

“Come here, I am on the mat.

Be careful of the table in front of me.” In the dark, Shao Wanru saw Yujie clearly and reminded her softly.

The table that had been kicked aside happened to be in front of Yujie at this time.

Yujie hurriedly reached out to hold it.

Sure enough, she came across the low table.

She said, while holding the table to walk toward the mat, “Miss, Prince asked you not to go out.”

“What is going on outside” Even though the door was closed, she could still hear the clashing of weapons.

“I dont know.

Just now, I peeped out and found that it came from beyond the high wall.

I do not know what happened, or if there is something strange going on at the other side of the high wall!”

Yujie said uneasily.

She had just received Xiao Xuanzis warning not to go out.

This matter had nothing to do with the two of them, master and servant, and it was definitely not something they should get involved in.

“On the other side of the high wall” Shao Wanru frowned and she intuitively felt that it had something to do with the previous imperial concubines.

She guessed that Shao Yanru had chosen this place for self-cultivation and said that she would study painting as well.

Wasnt it just for seeking fame Or was she planning something else Otherwise, why did she spend so much energy and money on it

This quiet room looked simple on the surface, but it was actually not that simple.

Every patch of grass and tree inside was extremely exquisite.

It was obvious that they had spent a lot of effort to build this room.

Moreover, it was not built in one day.

It seemed to be a little too much just to gain a reputation for it.

Furthermore, the high wall was just next to it and the side door was much closer than the courtyard where she lived!

What was the Shao Yanru looking for, or in other words, what was Duke Xings Mansion looking for

She quickly thought about what happened in her last life.

Suddenly, an idea came to her.

She remembered a person who was related to Shao Yanru.

It seemed that this person had a deep connection with Shao Yanru, but there did not seem to be any special connection between them.

In fact, she was also surprised that she suddenly thought of this person at this time.

Because that person was found from the folk place!

Could the statement be false Could it be that the person was not among the common folk, but within the high wall Could it be that Shao Yanrus quiet room was said to be an auspicious place where the Buddha manifested because of this person

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