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Chapter 488 A Person Bringing Bad Luck, The So-Called Relative!

“She doesnt plan to vacate your quiet room Why” After hearing the servant girls report, Madam of Duke Xing got angry immediately.

She looked sullen and slapped on the table so heavily that the teacups on the table almost jumped up because of the shock.

It had almost been three years.

In these three years, she had not sent people to Yuhui Nunnery because she was afraid that something bad would happen.

At that time, more negative comments would come out.

Three years ago, when the yard had been on fire, Duke Xings Mansion had to give in and consent to this girls quiet practice in Yuhui Nunnery.

Unexpectedly, this girl had no rest when she was in Yuhui Nunnery and she even occupied the quiet room carefully prepared for her eldest daughter.

The quiet room would be extremely useful for her.

If not for her daughters advice, she had thought that Yuhui Nunnery would have locked the room and not lent it to that girl.

“Mother, you are so naive!” Compared with her, Shao Yanru was very calm, as a lake without waves.

She felt that her mother was really ridiculous.

If that little girl was so easy to deal with, it would be impossible for her to go directly to Yuhui Nunnery and to observe mourning for her parents after Duke Xings Mansion had recognized her as the relative.

This was not a very honorable thing for the whole Duke Xings Mansion.

Till now, many people still said that people in Duke Xings Mansion disliked this Fifth Miss Shao who had just been recognized and did not treat her as their own child.

Some people said that people in Duke Xings Mansion were ungrateful and indifferent.

Some even said that Old Madam and Madam of Duke Xings Mansion were not good people.

They squeezed Fifth Miss Shao and made her have to leave Duke Xings Mansion and stay in the nunnery to observe mourning for her parents quietly…

There had been many opinions, but her mother had still been so naive that she thought she could just wave her hand to get rid of Shao Wanru.

It was also because of Shao Wanru that Shao Yanru had had to leave Yuhui Nunnery in advance.

The loss in this matter was not small.

Being mocked by her own daughter that she was so naive, Madam of Duke Xing said with her face turned red, “Now I ask you what you should do.

That girl doesnt want to celebrate her birthday, and she only wants to keep her door closed to observe mourning in your quiet room.

You think you can stop her from observing mourning for your elder uncle and aunt”

“My elder uncle and aunt are my elders.

Of course, I cant say anything like that!” Shao Yanru said slowly.

“Look, look at this.

You cant even do this.

How dare you mock me When she said so, theres nothing we can do about it.

Even your grandmother cant let her vacate the quiet room.

How can you get it back”

Madam of Duke Xing said angrily.

“We cant do it, but it doesnt mean that others cant.” Shao Yanru raised her face and said.

She really looked down upon her mother.

Although people from outside might view Madam of Duke Xing as a decent position, she couldnt even win her fathers heart.

She was really so useless.

Her mother, Madam of Duke Xing had support from her grandmother and she also had her elder brother and her, but her mother was still jealous of others, which made her mother and her father grow apart.

Now her mother could not even deal with a little girl, and made herself also implicated.

Originally, as long as her mother, Madam of Duke Xing took action, she would not be involved in such matters.

But her mother was so useless.

“Who are the others” Madam of Duke Xing was so excited that she no longer cared about the disrespect in her daughters words.

She had always been afraid of her daughter and dared not to argue too much.

“Mother, although Fifth Sister said that she does not want to celebrate, you have to show your concern, right” Shao Yanru didnt answer her question and changed the topic to ask.

“I gave her gifts on the mountain every year.

Its not like I havent given her any gift in previous years.

But she just ignored me every time.”

Madam of Duke Xing pulled her handkerchief and said angrily.

“That was then, and this is now.

Since I have said in the imperial palace that I will celebrate her birthday, Mother, you should naturally make good preparations.

This time, the gifts must be much better than those in previous years.

I will go to ask grandmother later whether there are any gifts to send.

At that time, Mother, you send her all the gifts prepared by Duke Xings Mansion to celebrate her birthday,” Shao Yanru said.

“You still ask your grandmother for gifts for her Your grandmother doesnt like her, so you dont have to ask!” Madam of Duke Xing became more and more unhappy.

“Mother, youre Madam of Duke Xing, and Fifth Sisters Second Aunt.

In other words, youre also her elder.

But the real elder is actually my grandmother.

Whatever grandmother says will matter, but if you say one more sentence, people will doubt it.” Shao Yanru stood up and felt that she had nothing to say to her mother.

She had already made it so clear, but her mother was still thinking about the trivial details.

“Hows the thing I asked you to do”

“Dont worry.

It has been quietly spread.” Being rebuked by her daughter again and again, Madam of Duke Xing also felt ashamed.

However, she didnt want to say anything and immediately answered.

“Im going to visit grandmother.

You ask someone to work harder.” Shao Yanru ordered as she walked out.

She neither wanted to discuss everything with her mother nor wanted to talk too much about it.

It was not bad that her mother became a pawn for her! Her status was her advantage! Thinking about this, she still thought that her mother was stupid.

She had so many advantages, but she didnt know how to cut the weeds and dig up the roots, and she even left behind disaster, which made Shao Yanru have to clear the obstacles for her.

Hearing that her beloved granddaughter was coming, Old Madam hurried to ask Nanny Yu to let her in.

Seeing Shao Yanrus beautiful face when she came in, Old Madam was very happy.

She didnt wait for her salute and warmly pulled Shao Yanru to sit down beside her.

She anxiously asked people to serve tea and said, “Do you feel hot Why do you walk in such a hurry Take your time to come here!”

Although it was just early autumn, it was still very hot.

Along the way, Shao Yanrus white and tender face was covered with some little sweat.

Shao Yanru said gently, “Grandmother, Im neither hot nor tired.

I walked in a hurry because I want to see grandmother, but its not that hot!” Shao Yanru said softly.

She took a fan from the servant girl and fanned Old Madam in person.

Looking at her most satisfied granddaughter acting like this, Old Madam felt more and more pity for her.

She took the fan from her hands and said, “Just let servant girls do it.

Youre a Miss.

How can you do such a thing Youd better chat with me!”

“Okay!” Shao Yanru said happily.

Her charming and obedient look was totally different from before when she was in front of Madam of Duke Xing.

Shao Yanru sat down beside Old Madam and said to Nanny Yu with a smile, “Nanny Yu, if there is anything new going on outside recently, please tell grandmother to amuse her!”

Old Madam liked to hear some gossip outside to kill time.

If people around went out and encountered some funny things, they would come to Old Madam, and Old Madam would reward them when she heard something interesting.

Therefore, when Old Madams servants went out, they would inquire about some strange things and talk about it in front of Old Madam.

“There are some things, but they are not so good!” Nanny Yu said with a smile.

“What do you mean by being not so good” Shao Yanru asked in surprise.

Nanny Yu couldnt speak for a moment because of the question, so she could only look at Old Madam.

Remembering what Nanny Yu had heard before, Old Madam said unhappily, “Yes, there is nothing good.

A person bringing bad luck appears in our mansion, so nothing good will happen!”

Shao Yanru was shocked and asked with a pale face, “A person bringing bad luck Who, who is it I heard that such a person will indeed fall on evil days!”

“Its Shao Wanru.

Shes just the person bringing bad luck.

Why did we recognize her at that time It will also be good for her to stay in Qins Mansion!”

Old Madam patted the table angrily and sighed.

“What happened” Shao Yanru became more and more surprised.

“Obviously your uncle and aunt died because of her.

She brought death signs to her parents, and next, its time to bring death signs to the other elders.

Its said that she has a hard life.

Oh, how could there be such a person who was so cruel to kill her parents with her misfortune It is fortunate that she has been in the Yuhui Nunnery in the past three years and her natal destiny has been suppressed by the Bodhisattva.

If she comes back, she will…”

Old Madam felt a headache.

If it was possible, she really didnt want this granddaughter to come back.

It was a mistake to admit her, but now she could not refuse her coming back.

Thinking that the three-year deadline would come soon, Old Madam became more worried, and thought about how to prevent her from coming back.

“Grandmother, these are all rumors.

You cannot take them seriously!” Shao Yanru persuaded in a soft voice.

“How can they be rumors Look, your elder uncle was originally fine, and he would not get into any trouble, but he died because of her.

Your elder aunt was also blessed with the status of royal Princess, but she couldnt stand Shao Wanrus bad luck and died.

In the past, Haoer almost lost his life again, and your elder brothers yard was burned.

All these things happened because of her, a person bringing bad luck.

Oh, damn it!”

Old Madam pressed her fist against her forehead, feeling extremely angry.

Without Ruian Great Elder Princess, she could punish her as she wanted, but Ruian Great Elder Princess meddled in this.

Even if Old Madam suppressed them with her status as an elder, she could only suppress Shao Wanru.

She couldnt let Ruian Great Elder Princess dread, and might even irritate Ruian Great Elder Princess.

Old Madam had no choice but to worry about this.

Shao Yanru tugged at Old Madams sleeve and said familiarly, “Grandmother, forget it.

They are just rumors.

They cant be true and no one can prove them.

They just say them carelessly.

Grandmother, Fifth Sister is going to celebrate her birthday.

What kind of gifts are you going to give her Please let me have a look and I can prepare my gifts according to it!”

“She still wants to celebrate What Doesnt know what she is doing on the mountain!” Old Madam said in a bad mood.

“Grandmother, it is I who want to celebrate Fifth Sisters birthday.

Shell come back soon.

If I dont celebrate her birthday, our sisters will be estranged from each other!” Shao Yanru said in a coquettish tone.

Shao Wanru would come back This sentence hit Old Madam hard on the heart.

She had been worrying about Shao Wanrus fate these days.

Now, after hearing Shao Yanrus words, she was not in the mood to chat with her favorite granddaughter and her face turned cold at once.

She couldnt let Shao Wanru come back, otherwise all the people in this mansion would lose their life!

“Why does she come back Let her stay in Yuhui Nunnery forever!” Old Madam said coldly.

“Grandmother, we cant do that.

She has not made any mistakes.

How could she stay on the mountain forever What will other people think of our Duke Xings Mansion”

Shao Yanru raised her head and said in shock.

She looked at Old Madam carefully and dared not to act like a spoiled child anymore.

“Why cant she stay on the mountain forever Her reputation is not good!” Seeing that her eldest granddaughter was still speaking for her youngest granddaughter, Old Madam became angrier and angrier.

“Her bad reputation was a rumor.

Its fake!” Shao Yanru still defended Shao Wanru.

“Fake can also be true! Ruer, you dont have to worry about it.

If you want to give gifts, just do it.

Ill ask someone to send it to her!” Shao Yanru reasserted herself and finally reminded Old Madam.

Old Madams eyes lit up…

She indeed had a gift for Shao Wanru!

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