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Chapter 474 Qin Yuru Is Married!

“Go away.

You are so narrow-minded.

No wonder Fifth Miss is angry.” The voice in the Zen room became more and more relaxed, with a hint of distancing itself from the secular world.

It could cleanse the filth in ones heart.

Just from the sound, one could tell that the person inside was a superior being who had a quiet temperament.

“Master, it is clear that they messed up and deliberately framed me.

I beg you to testify for me!” The person kneeling at the door was Huiqing, who propped herself up and her face was teary and full of hatred.

“Idiot, there is no point in talking about this.

Go sweep the floor properly.

You cannot do this again!” Master Pu Shans voice lowered as she murmured in a low voice.

Obviously, this meant that she no longer cared about Huiqings problem.

“Senior Sister, please get up.

Master never bothers about this sort of thing!” Huiming came out of the dark corner by the window and pulled her up as she tried to coax her.

“First Miss is masters proudest follower.

Her paintings have somewhat reached the true skills of a master.

Originally, she could have stayed in the mountain for some time and her skills would have improved immensely.

Even if she could not make the master become more well-known, she could continue to follow the master to learn her painting skills.

But it was this Fifth Miss who forced First Miss to come down from the mountain.

How could she have the cheek to stay here!”

Huiqing stood up with a look of anger and resentment, but she did not dare to speak loudly, for fear that Master Pu Shan who was inside, would get angry.

She and Huiming were both disciples of Master Pu Shan.

They had built up a good relationship over the years and they got along well with First Miss Shao.

Suddenly, Fifth Miss Shao came and their good friend First Miss Shao had to leave the mountain because of her bad reputation.

They were angry and took it out on Shao Wanru.

That was the reason why they made things difficult for her.

Huiming heard her subconsciously raising her voice, so she quickly covered her mouth with her hand and whispered.

“Senior Sister, we are not as strong as they are.

Let us wait and see.

When there is a chance, we can help the First Miss!”

Huiqing nodded.

For a gentleman to take his revenge, ten years was not too long! Would that not be a one-year-sweep It did not matter.

She still had two years to go.

She gritted her teeth and looked at her masters Zen room again.

Then she stepped away lightly.

Even if she was full of anger and resentment, she could not disturb her masters self-cultivation.

“Master, Fifth Miss Shao said she wanted to use First Misss room.” Huiming stepped forward and reported respectfully to the Zen room.

She felt that Fifth Miss Shao had overrated herself and dared to make such a request.

Everyone knew that First Miss Shao was the person master valued most.

Even though she was not a direct disciple, the masters love for her had long surpassed the relationship between teacher and disciple.

First Miss Shao had only just left and now, Fifth Miss Shao was making such a request to the nunnery master.

She really felt that Fifth Miss Shao was too shameless.

After her master turned her down, she would go straight and report to Fifth Miss Shao.

She wanted to see if Fifth Miss would be humiliated.

“Let her use it!” A low and gentle voice came out of the Zen room calmly.

“Master…” Huimings eyes widened.

Even Huiqing, who had walked to the entrance of the courtyard, stopped in her tracks and turned her head in surprise.

Neither of them had expected this answer.

“Master!” Huiqing said in a low voice.

“You can leave now.

You cannot make trouble for Fifth Miss Shao in the future!” The voice in the Zen room became increasingly distant.

Huiqing and Huiming looked at each other in dismay.

Their master had really given up First Miss Shaos private room…

Shao Wanrus move to Shao Yanrus courtyard happened a few days later.

The two yards were far away from each other, but there was a straight route linking them.

The high wall on one side of the road spanned the distance from one end to the other.

It was the length between Shao Wanrus yard and the yard Shao Yanru lived in before.

The wall was very high, but it was not the wall of the Yuhui Nunnery.

It was only a long wall, with a small side door.

Yujie had deliberately observed the side door before.

Basically, it was only open for a while in the morning.

No one came out.

They just sent some daily consumables like vegetables through this door.

Someone was waiting at the door to receive them.

She was also a nun dressed in black, but she looked much more delicate than the nuns outside.

Yujie even saw a few who were especially beautiful.

This should be the residence of the former imperial concubines and some palace maids who served them at that time!

The only son of the Former Emperor was Chu Liuchen.

When Chu Liuchen was born, the Former Emperor was in poor health.

Shao Wanru sometimes thought, why did he not turn his son into a daughter at that time

“If it had been so, all the problems might be solved.”

At that time, the Emperor was already in control.

The former Empress, who was pregnant, could no longer take charge of the imperial palace.

She could only hide in a corner of the palace.

It was not difficult for him to kill this child or let the child become a “princess”.

Then why did he leave Chu Liuchen behind

Although he was in poor health, as long as he existed for one day, this matter would not stop.

The rumors that the Emperor had robbed his nephew of the throne would continue to spread.

“He did not use the method once and for all.

Is this really the Emperors kindness”

The Former Emperor had only one son.

The other consorts of the Former Emperor were moved into the nunnery behind the high wall.

It was fortunate that the Former Emperor did not have many consorts.

After observing for a few days and finding a routine, Yujie no longer watched the side door.

Shao Wanru went to Shao Yanrus quiet room.

She passed through the side door and looked at it.

It was not too high and was one meter wide.

Then she looked at the high wall which was like a palace wall.

After a moment of silence, she continued to move forward.

“Miss, there are a few nuns living in the yard outside.

They are the nuns who watch over this little door!” Yujie reported the news she heard to Shao Wanru.

Shao Wanru nodded calmly and continued walking forward.

The door to Shao Yanrus previous courtyard was locked.

Yujie went forward and opened the door with the key.

Since Pu Shan Nun consented, the key of the courtyard was sent to Yujie.

When she pushed the door open, she realized that the courtyard was very clean.

It was obvious that there were people who cleaned it regularly.

The yard was bigger than Shao Wanrus yard.

There were several main rooms in the yard, with annexes at the side.

It was similar to the one where Shao Wanru lived in the Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion.

All the other rooms were closed, but the door of the second one on the right was slightly ajar.

This one should be Shao Yanrus so-called quiet room.

When she pushed the door open, she found that the floor was overlaid with wood, which was the same color as that of the willows.

There were some classic simplicity in the original color.

There was a window that occupied more than half of the wall at the back.

When she pulled up the curtains, sunlight streamed into the room.

There was a view of the scattered mountains outside the window.

It was beautiful from afar and near.

Looking out of the window, she felt relaxed and happy.

No wonder the ladies who came to Yuhui Nunnery during their final days tried their best to get a glimpse of Shao Yanrus quiet room.

Painting here would not only keep the heart and soul quiet, but also calm ones heart and stir up the sources of inspiration.

“Miss, it is so beautiful here.

It is much more beautiful than yours!” Yujie could not help but exclaim.

“Is it set at the edge of the cliff” Qu Le tilted her head and looked out of the window.

“It should be.

It is not easy to build it here.

This kind of place could not have been built casually.

Usually, people in the nunnery will leave this kind of place for pilgrims to enjoy the view.

If they are occupied by this courtyard, no one can see the scenery in front of us!”

Yujie felt that it was a loss for Yuhui Nunnery.

“This courtyard has been built only recently!” Shao Wanru looked around and took a few slow steps toward the window.

“It should have been specially built for Shao Yanru.”

“Yuhui Nunnery gave in so easily to this First Miss Shao.

She came here for a few months and her reputation suffered such a big blow, but the nunnery did not seem to be affected!”

Yujie pouted and felt that this First Miss Shao had so much luxury, even with such a low key profile.

Everyone thought that First Miss Shao came to the mountain for self-cultivation.

Looking at this scenery, not to mention a few months of self-cultivation, Yujie felt that it would not be bad to cultivate even for a few years.

Yujie, who grew up in the mountains since she was a child, especially longed for this kind of life.

“There is nothing to lose.

First Miss Shao must have given them a lot of benefits.” Shao Wanru smiled lightly as a trace of darkness appeared in her eyes.

Shao Yanru had been very kind to Yuhui Nunnery in her past life.

After entering the palace, she had given gifts to Yuhui Nunnery from time to time.

Besides, even the imperial concubines of the Former Emperor received benefits.

In her previous life, Shao Wanru had heard of a rumor that had something to do with Shao Yanrus room.

However, she did not know whether it was true.

However, it did not matter.

She would be the one to take over the room from now on.

Shao Wanru, who was on the mountain, began to live a quiet life.

She lived a peaceful but fulfilling life.

She read scriptures for her parents every day and did embroidery like the other girls from aristocratic families.

Sometimes, she would follow Mingqiu Nun to learn about medicine.

When she was in Jiangzhou, she had been in too much of a hurry to study it well.

Sometimes, she would walk long distances to draw in the quiet room.

Shao Wanru was able to draw portraits for the girls in her past life.

She was very talented in painting.

Furthermore, she had good painting skills and she liked drawing very much.

She also had a kind of feeling in this peaceful and quiet environment.

There were no worldly affairs in the mountains.

Gradually, Fifth Miss Shao, as well as some rumors about Fifth Miss Shao disappeared along with the other rumors.

There had never been a shortage of other rumors in the capital city.

Today, the gossip was mainly about the marriage of the Young Lady of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion.

First Miss Qins reputation was ruined and in tatters.

In order to climb up the ranks, she abandoned her ex-fiance before their marriage.

Later, she was engaged to the current one and wanted to hook up with Prince Cheng.

After she failed to do so, she pretended to be the daughter of Princess Qinghua and the former Heir of Duke Xing.

Later, she was driven out.

This time, there was only a red sedan chair that was carried from Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion to Duke Yongs Mansion.

Originally, she only invited several close friends of hers, but she did not know that the news had spread all over, due to some unknown reason.

On the day of the wedding, after the bridal sedan chair carrying Qin Yuru went past, many rotten eggs and rotten cabbages were thrown by onlookers from both sides of the road.

This was something that had never happened before.

It was said that the new bride who was carried into Duke Yongs Mansion was so angry that she smashed a lot of things in the wedding bedroom, which made the relatives and friends laugh at her.

There used to be a joke about Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion, but now it became a joke of Duke Yongs Mansion!

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