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Chapter 471 The Evil Nun Bullied Others to Infuriate Others!

As a playboy, Zhang Lanjue still had a sense of justice.

When he heard this, he almost kicked the door in.

But after thinking about it, he turned back.

As a man, if he did it in the nunnery, it was hard to say whether it would be good or bad.

He had to ask his sister for help.

“Brother, what are you doing Mother told you to come back soon.” He just took a few steps when he saw his younger sister, Zhang Qilan, coming over with a servant girl.

Seeing that Zhang Lanjue did not come back, Madam Zhang was really worried, so she asked her daughter to come and have a look.

“Come here, come here.” Zhang Lanjue stretched out his hand and pressed a finger on his lips, making a gesture of silence.

He pointed to the side door where the sound came from.

Then he walked over there softly and waved hand to Zhang Qilan.

When looked at her brothers sneaky movements and heard the voice coming from the nearby side hall, Zhang Qilan was also interested.

The two siblings, together with a servant girl, stood behind the door and listened to the noise.

“Huiqing Nun, you let our Miss clean up the Buddha hall over there.

Our Miss has cleaned up neatly.

You did not let our Miss have lunch, so these steamed buns were also saved by us instead of being given by you.

Why are you still so pushy Do you bully us because you think there is no patron behind our Miss”

Yujie stood in front of Shao Wanru and said with her sharp eyes.

During this period of time, Yujie had been following Shao Wanru, expressing weakness and incompetence.

Now she was so furious that she glared at Huiqing.

Her vicious look startled Huiqing actually.

But Huiqing immediately felt that there was no need to fear her.

Even Miss Shao was so weak now, what could a servant girl do

First Miss Shao had also said that they could just let her make a fuss and make the matter bigger.

It would be better if she could not stay in the Yuhui Nunnery.

She was on a mourning trip for three years.

If after guarding for only a few days, she fled down the mountain, then in the future, she would have no face to say something about the good reputation of mourning for filial piety.

“Oh, whats wrong Do you want to rebel I just dont let your Miss eat.

Whats wrong You said it was cleaned up.

When I came here just now, it was very dirty.

As for steamed buns, why should I give any to her She did not have lunch as a Miss, so you two servant girls didnt have lunch either.

Havent you heard of it”

In the past few days, Huiqing had been very powerful in front of Shao Wanru.

Now that Yujie dared to refute her, she immediately sneered and thought, “I will not be afraid of a little servant girl!”

She tried to suppress Yujie with words.

Zhang Lanjue was almost angry.

The nun in the nunnery was really outrageous.

What she said was not only unpleasant, but also partly used the method of involvement.

She did not worry about getting herself into trouble.

“Huiqing, you are such a bully! Our Miss is not someone you can pick on just because you want to!” Qu Le also stood up with her face full of anger.

“Oh, does she want to overturn the world If she has the ability, dont cultivate in the Yuhui Nunnery.

If shes unwilling, then she can go down the mountain on her own! There is no one in the Yuhui Nunnery to stop her.

If she doesnt work in the nunnery, it will be impossible for her to eat for free!” Huiqing said with sarcasm.

After saying that, she looked at the steamed bun in Qu Les hand, which just had two bites taken out of it, and gave it a good pat.

Qu Le was caught off guard so she cried out in surprise.

The steamed bun fell from her hand and rolled on the floor twice.

Immediately, the snow-white steamed bun was stained black.

“This is a steamed bun of our nunnery.

We dont raise good-for-nothings!” Huiqing said confidently.

Qu Les face turned pale with anger.

She gritted her teeth and her whole body trembled.

“Huiqing, you and I did not have any grudges in the past, and we have not had any enmity with each other.

Ever since I came up the mountain to cultivate myself, you have been looking for trouble everywhere and have wanted to drive me down the mountain.

From time to time, you told me to get out of the mountain if I could not stand it.

I did not know you before, but you are so mean to me.

You gave dirty work to our master and servant, and you did not even give food to us.

Whose idea is this”

Shao Wanru seemed to pull Qu Les sleeve calmly, indicating for her to not be angry.

She turned to look at Huiqing and asked disdainfully.

This question was very straightforward.

It was almost at the heart of the matter, without the usual “order for peace”.

Huiqing was choked by the question, but then she became ashamed and angry.

If she was actually frightened by a weak Miss, then she could not show off in front of others again.

“It doesnt matter who I work for.

In any case, you do not think about staying in the Yuhui Nunnery.

If I ask you to leave, get out of here quickly.

Do not come back again.

The Yuhui Nunnery does not welcome you.

If you insist on staying here, this kind of thing will happen every day.

I want to see how long you can hold on!”

Huiqing was so angry that she spoke without thinking.

With her worries being revealed suddenly, she felt extremely ashamed and angry.

Zhang Lanjue, who was at the side door, could not stand it anymore.

He reached out and poked his sisters arm.

Zhang Qilan also felt that she could not bear it anymore.

Was this an evil nun bullying others

In the past, their mother had said that the nuns from the Yuhui Nunnery were not bad.

All of them were quiet and uninteresting and seemed to have the aura of Buddha.

But what she had heard was totally different.

She was simply not a human being!

After she and her brother looked at each other, the two siblings immediately understood each other.

Zhang Lanjue kicked the half-closed side door open.

Zhang Qilan broke in with her servant girl and shouted, “Where does the evil nun come from How does she dare to brag like this Do all the nuns in the Yuhui Nunnery bully the guests like this”

Zhang Qilans voice was not low.

When she heard what Huiqing said before, she felt the same.

At this time, she stared directly at Huiqing, who looked at the side door in astonishment, and said, “Go, call the master who was in charge of the ritual just now.

I want to see if the people in the Yuhui Nunnery are all like this!”

The servant girl turned around and ran out to the main hall.

During the short rest, the nuns of the Yuhui Nunnery left the hall, but there were still one or two of them guarding outside.

“Aye, who are you You should meddle in other peoples business!” Huiqing was shocked, and then immediately flew into a rage after she came to her senses.

She did not know who he was.

Huiqing followed Shao Wanru here, so she did not know who was holding the ceremony.

But no matter who he was, no one could intervene in a matter in the nunnery.

“When the road is unfair, people will step on it.

How dare you people in the nunnery bully a Miss who lives and practices in the nunnery I didnt expect that the reputation of the Yuhui Nunnery was fake!”

Zhang Lanjue was afraid that his sister would be at a disadvantage, so he sneered.

“You are right.

Its the first time I have heard of such a thing.

From what you have said, people in your nunnery have done a lot of bullying, havent you You make a Miss who practices here do some chores, and whats more, its dirty and messy.

If not, you dont give her food.

What do you think your nunnery is”

Zhang Qilan stared at her and spoke loudly.

She could empathize with this Miss.

Just now, her mother let her live in the Yuhui Nunnery for a while to control her temper.

If she really lived in the Yuhui Nunnery, she would be bullied to death.

She was not good-tempered, so she might ruin the whole nunnery.

By then, her mother would blame her for not going easy on others.

Thinking of this, Zhang Qilan suddenly felt lucky that she had discovered this kind of thing.

Otherwise, when it was her turn, if she really made a fuss, her mother would ask her to copy the Womens Precepts and Daughters Warns 100 times!

No, she had to help this Miss, so that her mother would know that the Yuhui Nunnery was not a good place to go.

The last time she lived here, she was lucky not to be abused.

This time, she might not be so lucky.

“It is said that the families of the young ladies who cultivate here have given sesame oil money.

They do not live for nothing.

If they do not pay, the people in the Yuhui Nunnery will not accept them!” Zhang Lanjue said with her hands on her waist.

“You… you…” Huiqing was tongue-tied and speechless.

“Huiqing, what was going on” There was an old voice coming from behind.

Everyone looked back behind Huiqing and saw two nuns coming from the direction of the side halls gate.

The first one was talking.

Zhang Qilans servant girl was leading the way, and it was obvious that she had brought the nuns here.

“Master Puyu, when the Abbess was preaching, Fifth Miss Shao was gossiping with a servant girl outside.

After I said a few words to her, she even talked back.

I told her to clean up the place where the Abbess was preaching.

She didnt tidy up and she even snuck here and stole steamed buns to eat!”

As soon as she saw someone coming out of the nunnery, Huiqing, in the weak situation, rushed forward and complained.

“Master, you did not say that just now.

You said that this Miss had to do all kinds of dirty and tiring work.

If she didnt do it well, she could not even have lunch.

The two servant girls were loyal and gave their lunch to this Miss.

You came over and knocked her steamed bun away.

You also said that she had better go down the mountain if she couldnt stay here.

You didnt allow her to cultivate on the mountain.

You said that your nunnery doesnt feed people for free!”

Zhang Lanjue could not bear to listen to Huiqings words and stepped forward to testify for Shao Wanru.

Then, he pointed at the steamed bun that was still on the ground and spoke loudly.

“If the people in your nunnery are like this, who would dare to come here” Zhang Qilan also said indignantly.

“Puyu Nun, Ive already packed up the place where the Abbess preaches.” Shao Wanru walked to the front of Puyu Nun and stood still.

Then she bowed to her with a calm look.

“You are talking nonsense, but you didnt clean up the mess at all,” Huiqing shouted out her grievances.

She was really not afraid of this matter.

She had seen it just now.

It was extremely chaotic, and pieces of paper were thrown everywhere.

“When we left just now, everything was sorted out.

If you dont believe me, Puyu Nun, we can go and have a look now.” Yujie stepped forward angrily and stood in front of Shao Wanru.

From her vigilant look, it could be seen that she was afraid that the people from the Yuhui Nunnery would do harm to her Miss.

They didnt know how the Yuhui Nunnery had bullied the young master and the servants.

The young master and her servants had been bullied so badly that they were as vigilant as soldiers.

“Let us go and have a look.

Dont think that we are just talking nonsense.

Someone is good at fabricating!” Zhang Lanjue shouted loudly.

“Yes, let us go and have a look immediately.

The one who does not want to is feeling guilty.

Will the Yuhui Nunnery help this evil nun” Of course, Zhang Qilan was following her brothers lead.

At this point, it was impossible not to take a look.

A few more servants from the Prime Ministers Mansion came over and stood on the side of their Young Master and Miss.

Seeing them arguing, Puyu Nun had a headache.

She nodded helplessly and said, “Let us go and have a look!”

At this point, it was not enough to convince the public if they did not see it!

The group of people went to the Buddha Hall where the Abbess had preached.

Along the way, they also met some other pilgrims.

The pilgrims did not know what had happened, and they also went forward along with them.

Some busybodies asked about it while they were walking.

Several servants of the Prime Ministers Mansion naturally helped their masters.

They said that a nun of the Yuhui Nunnery was not honest and was trying to force a Miss to go down the mountain!

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