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Chapter 464 Guarantee! Will Your Body Get Better

Even if I believe you for the time being, tell me what happened last night How could these messy things happen Duke Xing\'s Mansion has always had a good reputation for so many years.

Why did such a thing that would tarnish our reputation happen to you on the day you just got back

Old Madam tried to suppress her anger and asked in a low voice, with a serious look on her face.

Shao Wanru was so angry that she felt it was really ridiculous.

How partial Old Madam was that she thought all the trouble had been caused by her last night.

Everyone had seen clearly that someone had wanted to frame her, but in Old Madam\'s view, it was Shao Wanru who had created trouble and ruined the continuous good reputation of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Old Madam, please investigate into this matter clearly and seek justice for Wanru! Shao Wanru raised her shimmery eyes and looked at Old Madam directly.

Who does not want me to find my origin Who has such a big feud with me and wants to kill me Who can come and go freely in the Duke Xing\'s Mansion and scheme against me

Shao Wanru spoke in a low voice.

Her bright eyes were clear.

She looked straight at Old Madam as if she could see through her.

You are presumptuous! Old Madam was so angry that her face turned livid and her hands were trembling.

Old Madam, don\'t be angry.

You cannot get angry.

Be careful! Seeing that, Nanny Yu was shocked and patted her lightly on her back to help her get her breath.

Then, she chided Shao Wanru lightly, Fifth Miss, how can you speak to Old Madam in this way It is for your own good that Old Madam wants to warn you of something important!

For my own good, is it to ask me to shoulder all the responsibilities of this matter Or do I have to say that I plotted against myself Is it because I was not clear-minded that I thought so

Shao seemed unhurried as she said this.

These words made Nanny Yu speechless, because she knew Old Madam\'s thoughts very well.

This was the reason why Old Madam stopped Shao Wanru today and it was true that she wanted Fifth Miss to take some responsibility.

In this way, it would be easier for Duke Xing\'s Mansion to explain and it had no need to take on too much responsibility.

However, after hearing Shao Wanru\'s words, besides Nanny Yu, even Old Madam could not say anything.

She patted the wall of the carriage repeatedly and said angrily, Okay, okay...

Great Elder Princess will protect her, so she turns her nose up at Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Let her do as she wants.

Let us go!

They could not agree with each other, so were they going to drive her away

Shao Wanru stood up and bowed deeply to Old Madam.

Then she got off the carriage with Yujie\'s help and disbelief appeared in Old Madam\'s eyes.

Shao Wanru bowed respectfully to the carriage and said, Old Madam, Wanru asks for leave!

Old Madam, who was in the carriage, shouted angrily, Go! Go away!

Shao Wanru naturally turned around and got on to the carriage of Prince Chen\'s Mansion, then entered Great Elder Princess\'s Mansion.

Old Madam, Old Madam, don\'t be angry.

Take care of yourself! Looking at Old Madam\'s pale face, Nanny Yu comforted her anxiously.

You see.

Such a bad temper.

She is the same as her mother, it makes me sick to see her.

She shows no respect to her elders.

Not only does she contradict her elders, but also dares to make that face.

What a girl! The mother and the daughter are all the same, and neither of them is a good person!

Old Madam scolded her.

Old Madam, don\'t be angry.

We are in front of the gate of Great Elder Princess\' Mansion. Nanny Yu became anxious, because Old Madam\'s voice became a little loud.

They were at the side of the road and many people might hear this.

Someone had said before that Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion disliked her new granddaughter and secretly plotted against her.

Now Old Madam behaved in this way, which would give more cause for gossip.

I... Old Madam also knew that it was not appropriate to say this at this time.

There was a gust of anger stuck in her chest which could not be moved and made her feel very uncomfortable.

Go back to the mansion first! Old Madam took a deep breath.

Her face gradually calmed down and then she said in a cold voice.

Seeing that Old Madam finally calmed down, Nanny Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

She was really afraid that Old Madam\'s old illness would recur.

If something really happened, she, as a servant, could not bear this burden.

Suddenly, she remembered that Fifth Miss had helped Old Madam previously when she met with an accident, so she did not know what to say for the moment and could only sigh in her heart.

After all, there was no fate of a grandparent and grandchild relationship between Old Madam and Fifth Miss.

She ordered the carriage to turn in the direction of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

It was quiet in the carriage.

After a long time, Old Madam asked coldly, What do you think we should do

At this time, she also calmed down and frowned.

She had been so angry when she had to give an explanation.

Now even Empress Dowager Queen had known about this.

We can only investigate it carefully! Nanny Yu said vaguely, Old Madam, you are quite old.

Let Madam check it out! Madam has always been competent, so there will be a conclusion!

It is the only thing we can do now! Old Madam patted the carriage wall with resentment and rebuked, If she can take part of the responsibility, the whole Duke Xing\'s Mansion would not be pushed into the midst of the storm.

Anyway, she did not grow up in Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

You see, she is as selfish as her!

Yes, Old Madam, you are right.

You can teach her slowly in the future! Nanny Yu said with a smile.

Teach her How can I teach her I wanted to ignore her for a while before teaching her, and then such a thing happened, you see She is really a troublemaker.

Duke Xing\'s Mansion has been peaceful and decent for so many years with a good reputation.

It has only been a day since she came back, but she has badly ruined the reputation of the whole Duke Xing\'s Mansion!

Old Madam said angrily.

When you go back, ask Madam to come here and find a few people to take responsibility for it.

If one does not work, you can find two.

Just say it is a coincidence. Old Madam said.

Don\'t worry, Old Madam.

I will call Madam here as soon as I go back! It was easy to answer.

Nanny Yu answered quickly and sighed in her heart.

In fact, she still sympathized with Fifth Miss.

But she could not help her.

After all, she was just a servant.

Even if she wanted to speak up for Fifth Miss, she did not dare to!

Shao Wanru originally wanted to go to the Yuhui Nunnery early tomorrow morning, but Rui\'an Great Elder Princess did not allow her to do so.

She also said that she had to prepare something for her and asked the reverend of the Yuhui Nunnery to prepare a courtyard.

These things could not be completed so quickly.

Since she would live there for three years, the courtyard could not be such a simple one.

The Yuhui Nunnery needed to prepare the courtyard and Great Elder Princess had to send someone to check it.

Though she was going to experience the religious life, she was not going to be an ascetic nun.

It was necessary to redecorate the place.

There were many Misses from aristocratic families in the nunnery, such as Shao Yanru.

But no one would be there for three years.

The girls\' time were limited as they were in their prime now.

How could they be delayed for three years Even though the engagement was a little early for Shao Wanru at her age, it would be best if they became familiar with each other for one or two years and wait a year or two after they became adults.

However, Shao Wanru was now going to enter the nunnery to carry out her filial duty.

Great Elder Princess felt sorry for her and she scolded Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion for being partial.

After she asked Shao Wanru to stay for a few more days, she asked someone to get everything ready within the next few days.

Then, she would ask Shao Wanru to go to Yuhui Nunnery.

It was set after the 15th of the first lunar month.

It had taken her a lot of effort to get her granddaughter back, but she was being forced to go to the nunnery.

Great Elder Princess was distressed and angry, but she also knew that this was the best way.

Duke Xing\'s Mansion was a dangerous place for her granddaughter.

It would be better if she could leave.

There was one more thing that Great Elder Princess was very concerned about.

After Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion left, Empress Dowager Queen also told her directly that the jade she gave Shao Wanru was the one meant for the future Princess Chen.

That was to say, she had made an engagement for Shao Wanru and Chu Liuchen for the time being, but she did not make it public at the moment.

She wanted her to take care of her as well.

From this statement of Empress Dowager Queen, Great Elder Princess had mixed feelings.

She quite liked Chu Liuchen.

It could be said that this time she was able to be reunited with her granddaughter because of the discreet help of Chu Liuchen.

But when she thought of Chu Liuchen\'s health, Great Elder Princess felt sad.

How many years could he live with such a body

When that happened, wouldn\'t her granddaughter become a widow

Fortunately, the Empress Dowager Queen also said that if Chu Liuchen could not live longer, their relationship would not be made known to the public.

In this way, Shao Wanru\'s future would not be ruined.

However, if Chu Liuchen was in good health, Shao Wanru would be engaged to Chu Liuchen.

This matter had to be settled first.

It seemed that this was the only way.

Now Great Elder Princess did not even know whether she hoped that something would happen to Chu Liuchen or she hoped that he would be fine all the time

The most important question, however, was whether he would get better

Because of her concern, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess specially went to Prince Chen\'s Mansion.

She wanted to check his complexion using the excuse of visiting Chu Liuchen due to his illness.

When he went back yesterday, he was lying down all the time.

At the thought of this, Great Elder Princess\'s heart was in her throat.

She had a hard life, and her daughter also had a hard life.

But her granddaughter, who was just recognized, might also have a hard life.

Chu Liuchen met Rui\'an Great Elder Princess in his study.

When he saw her coming in, he stood up and greeted her respectfully and then invited her to sit down.

How is your health Great Elder Princess was none too polite.

She put down the teacup in her hand and asked with a frown.

I am fine now and I am dealing with it slowly, Chu Liuchen replied gently, looking very at ease and contented.

Weren\'t you recuperating all the time It did not work, did it Great Elder Princess knew it was hurtful, but when she thought of her poor granddaughter, she had to ask.

Before, Doctor Qi cured me.

And now I have Mingqiu Nun.

She is taking care of the part that Doctor Qi was not good at before. Xiao Xuanzi explained with a smile.

A thought came to Great Elder Princess\'s mind.

She stared at Chu Liuchen and asked after a moment of hesitation, Will your body get better

Don\'t worry, great-aunt.

I will get better! Chu Liuchen smiled leisurely, looking elegant and handsome.

Why did you faint yesterday Great Elder Princess\'s eyes were sharp and her hands trembled slightly.

She was a little excited.

When I entered the palace in the morning, I did not take the medicine, and it happened that the medicine could be replaced! Chu Liuchen said slowly, as if he had already guessed Great Elder Princess\'s question.

Will you get better Great Elder Princess repeated, and her hope was raised, I heard that you have always given up on yourself before!

A patient who was bent on seeking death, even the gods could not save him!

I will be fine.

I will not indulge in self pity anymore! The answer was very positive, which made Great Elder Princess\'s hopes which had been raised, come crashing down.

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