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Chapter 461 A Weak Mind for Life

Chu Liuchen gave a meaningful chuckle.

Thank you, Your Highness! Shao Wanru stood up and bowed to Chu Liuchen respectfully.

Chu Liuchen elegantly waved his hand, pointed to the seat and gestured her to sit down.

He said in a very easy-going way, Our current relationship has been made clear, so helping you is helping me and I will not haggle over this! But...

When saying this, he stopped.

Shao Wanru held the handkerchief in her hand and her heart was in her throat.

She waited for the crucial turning point to come.

I heard that Duke Xing has a good temper and seldom gets angry.

Even if there is something wrong, he would just turn around and leave at most, so his reputation on the court has always been very good.

I actually feel strange.

Is Duke Xing\'s temper really so good Did he get angry last night

Chu Liuchen smiled leisurely.

Shao Wanru thought for a moment and said honestly, He got angry yesterday.

It can be seen that he was really angry.

Did he hit someone Chu Liuchen said with a smile.

No, he didn\'t. Shao Wanru spoke frankly.

Then, she added, At least he didn\'t before I left.

This kind of thing brought shame to the whole Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

What\'s more, there were so many people who had seen it.

It almost pointed straightly at Madam of Duke Xing, but Duke Xing did not lose his temper.

If he is not a person who really has a good temper, he must have ulterior motives.

Chu Liuchen stretched out his slender fingers and gently knocked on the table twice, and said in a lazy way.

So he was either a loyal person or a traitor.

Shao Wanru understood what he meant.

She had thought about it carefully.

After rebirth, some things had become clear, and she had also seen them more clearly.

Everyone said that her Second Uncle Duke Xing was a good-tempered person, and he also had a good-tempered look.

He was chubby and always laughed before saying a word.

However, there were many people in this world whose appearances did not match their characters, just like this Prince Chen in front of her.

If someone was confused by his sickly appearance, he would die without knowing how he had died.

After this elegant and sickly Prince Chen waved his hand, there would be blood flowing like stream in the palace and those strong opponents would kneel at his feet one by one.

In her last life, she had not seen Duke Xing, but rumors had been spread everywhere that he had good temper and got along well with Madam of Duke Xing.

Many Misses from aristocratic families had thought that they had no need to marry into wealth or to marry handsome people.

It was fine to marry someone like Duke Xing.

There was no need to talk about the character of Madam of Duke Xing.

She obviously showed happiness on the face with bitterness in her heart.

Duke Xing got along well with her, but was it really because of his good temper that he could bear with everything If so, she would not think highly of him, because those who could bear the great evil had no difference from great evil!

What\'s more, she always thought that this Second Uncle was not simple.

The so-called good reputation was to show people, and he plotted to achieve something bigger, right

He must have ulterior motives! Shao Wanru did not conceal this and spoke out what was on her mind with a straight face.

If you return to Duke Xing\'s Mansion, help me find out who is behind him! Chu Liuchen leaned back comfortably and said casually.

Who do you think he had sought refuge with, Prince Shao Wanru could not help but ask.

Since he said so, he must have some evidence.

I\'m not sure yet.

Since you are mine, investigate this matter for me. Chu Liuchen was happy to see that this matter would cause Shao Wanru enough headaches.

I\'m afraid you have to wait three years for this. Shao Wanru hesitated for a moment and said.

I can afford to wait three years! Chu Liuchen raised his eyebrows and smiled.

He seemed to be in a good mood, You do not have to worry about it and you can deal with the matter in Yuhui Nunnery first.

You have to pay attention to Pushan Nun, the painting teacher of Shao Yanru in Yuhui Nunnery!

What is wrong with her

As for the specific problem, you just need to be careful.

Don\'t feel that you cannot stand it only after staying there for a few days.

Besides, your elder sister is now in the Yuhui Nunnery too.

She is not a quiet person!

Chu Liuchen said meaningfully.

It was hard for Shao Wanru to reply his words.

No quiet in Yuhui Nunnery Did this match what she was thinking

I am tired, too.

You can walk around on your own! Chu Liuchen held his head with one hand and closed his eyes slightly.

Yes, Your Highness! Shao Wanru stood up and bowed to him respectfully.

Then she turned and left, followed closely by Yujie.

After a few steps, she suddenly found that she was still holding Chu Liuchen\'s handkerchief in her hand, so she turned back in a hurry.

In front of the table, Chu Liuchen slightly bowed his head and did not look well.

He supported his forehead with one hand and covered his face with the wide sleeves of his robe as if he was sleeping.

Shao Wanru suddenly felt something wrong.

The hand that was supporting his head trembled slightly.

She took a quick step forward and grabbed his hand.

Following her hand, Chu Liuchen went limp.

Shao Wanru hurriedly reached out to hug him and she could not help but sit on the ground.

Before she could sit up, she put her hand on the pulse on his right hand.

She felt that the skin on his hand was as white as snow and his face was so pale that it was almost bloodless.

Although he had also looked pale when he had been sitting here and talking cheerfully and humorously just now, he had not been as pale and gaunt as he was now, as if he were a man made of ice and snow.

Master! Xiao Xuanzi screamed and rushed over.

Yujie grabbed him and said, Don\'t move first.

Let our Miss take the pulse for Prince.

Our master has an old illness.

How, how can we do We have to go back to the mansion... Xiao Xuanzi was so anxious that his forehead was sweating.

Yujie looked at Shao Wanru who was feeling the pulse and asked casually, Isn\'t there an imperial physician in the palace Why do you want to go back to your own mansion

You don\'t understand.

The imperial physicians in the palace can\'t treat my master.

And the medicine is also unreasonable.

Only the medicine in our mansion can treat him.

Xiao Xuanzi stamped his feet in a hurry.

Suddenly, he grabbed Yujie and said, You look after my master here first.

I\'ll report it to the Empress Dowager, and then find a soft couch to carry him back to our mansion.

Okay! Yujie nodded and agreed.

Xiao Xuanzi left hurriedly to report to Empress Dowager.

Shao Wanru finished feeling the pulse, and her face was extremely terrible.

She felt a little strange, but she did not dare to show it at this time.

She held Chu Liuchen and wanted to get him up.

Yujie quickly reached out to help her and the two helped him up again with difficulty.

At this time, Xiao Xuanzi had already finished reporting.

He took a soft couch and came over.

The Empress Dowager didn\'t have time to talk to Rui\'an Great Elder Princess and Old Madam.

She also hurried over.

When everyone lifted Chu Liuchen onto the soft couch and was about to carry him away, they realized that Chu Liuchen was holding Shao Wanru\'s hand tightly.

The Empress Dowager asked the palace maids and old maids to come forward a few times to separate them, but they failed to do it.

She asked Xiao Xuanzi to take Shao Wanru with him in a hurry.

They walked directly from the palace to the Prince Chen\'s Mansion of Chu Liuchen through the side door.

Looking at Chu Liuchen\'s face and thinking of his pulse just now, Shao Wanru did not hesitate and followed the soft couch to the Prince Chen\'s Mansion.

Walking along the path, they walked very fast.

But even so, Xiao Xuanzi was still so anxious that sweat broke out all over his head.

He kept shouting Hurry up, Hurry up!

The side door had already been opened.

Shao Wanru saw two palace maids guarding at the side door and her eyes flickered.

The guards were usually the old maids in the palace.

Why would they send two young and beautiful palace maids to guard the door

When the soft couch entered the door, there was a half-squatted wheelchair which looked like a soft couch.

Chu Liuchen was placed on a soft couch-style wheelchair.

Xiao Xuanzi pushed it himself and hurried to the mansion.

They deftly turned a few intersections and came to the gate of a remote courtyard.

Yujie went forward to push the door open.

Xiao Xuanzi pushed Chu Liuchen in and shouted, Doctor Qi, Doctor Qi, come here.

Master fainted again.

The door in the middle of the house was pushed open, and a tall and slender middle-aged man appeared at the door, wearing a white cloth gown.

After listening to Xiao Xuanzi\'s words, he walked down in a hurry, glancing at Chu Liuchen, whose face was pale without any color, and said, Carry him in!

Xiao Xuanzi nodded and stepped to the front of the steps.

Then he picked up the soft couch, which was much bigger than him, and directly lifted it up and sent it into the room.

Shao Wanru was dragged into the room.

When they got inside, Doctor Qi had turned back and took out a brown jade bottle.

He poured out two pieces of medicine and sent them into Chu Liuchen\'s mouth.

Xiao Xuanzi slightly raised his head.

Although one of Shao Wanru\'s hands was pulled, the other hand was still enough to reach the table on the side.

There were teapots and teacups on the table.

She took one and poured a cup of water into it.

The temperature was suitable.

Two tiny medicine were fed to Chu Liuchen\'s mouth, and she also fed him a little warm water carefully.

Then she put it down and wiped his mouth with a handkerchief.

Xiao Xuanzi put Chu Liuchen down, and Doctor Qi reached out his hand to feel his pulse, and his face looked very terrible.

After a long time, he raised his head and looked at Xiao Xuanzi, saying, Did your Prince not take medicine again this morning

Xiao Xuanzi lowered his head at his question.

How can he be like this all the time Does he not treat his body as a body at all Even if it were an ordinary illness, it would become serious.

What\'s more, his illness started when he was born. Doctor Qi said angrily, If he does this again, I won\'t treat him.

He can do whatever he wants.

If he doesn\'t think about treating his own illness, no one can save him!

Doctor Qi was so annoyed that he scratched his head.

A thought crossed Shao Wanru\'s mind.

She suddenly understood where her oddity came from.

When she felt the pulse of him, she could sense that he was very weak.

He was even weaker than he had been a few times earlier.

It was as if his body had not been treated medicine appropriately.

He didn\'t want to live He had nothing to live for

Or it could be said that this future crown prince Your Highness had a weak will to live Her heart throbbed for no reason!

Doctor Qi, we really forgot this time.

My master was in a hurry to go to the palace...

to the palace... Xiao Xuanzi sweated profusely as he explained.

It could be seen that he was very guilty.

Suddenly, he saw Shao Wanru whose face was full of surprise.

He immediately reached out and said, My master was in a hurry to find Fifth Miss, so he forgot to take medicine.

Please forgive us, Doctor Qi.

Meet her You are trying to trick me again! said Doctor Qi.

He realized that Shao Wanru and her servants were still in the room.

He looked her up and down and frowned.

If Prince continues doing this, he is going to die! Why don\'t I go back early now I don\'t want to lose my life with your Prince some day!

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