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Chapter 460 I Have People and I Can Help You!

There was a big leap in his words, so Shao Wanru seemingly failed to keep up with him for a moment.

She lagged in response and then stretched out her hand to take out the jade pendant that Empress Dowager had given her.

Empress Dowager has changed it! She reached out her hand and handed the jade pendant to Chu Liuchen.

The previous jade pendant was his, and now the so-called exchanged jade pendant was certainly his.

This is not my jade pendant! Chu Liuchen slightly narrowed his eyes, in which there was a sense of danger, and he looked not very happy.

Empress Dowager said she liked your previous jade pendant, Your Highness, Shao Wanru said helplessly.

She did not understand what this grandmother and grandson were doing.

She rolled her watery eyes and glanced at Chu Liuchen.

She did not believe Chu Liuchen did not know that Empress Dowager would exchange the jade pendant.

He had asked her to wear it all the time, which meant that he had already anticipated this scene, right

I gave you my jade pendant, but you lost it and took out such a jade pendant.

Don\'t you think that I should punish you Chu Liuchen shook the teacup in his hand, seeing the ripples on the tea, and said very casually.

Shao Wanru was worried and asked obediently, What do you want to do, Prince

Even if it was a trap, she had to jump!

Since Imperial Grandmother has given you this jade pendant, don\'t lose it in the future.

This jade pendant was used by Imperial Grandmother to find a wife for me.

Chu Liuchen suddenly laughed, and looked extremely lazy and pleased with himself.

He put down the cup in his hand and leaned back in a pleased and lazy way.

His face was pale but vivid and there was less darkness on his face that was hidden in his heart.

Chu Liuchen was really a beautiful young man who was like a man walking out of a painting.

Shao Wanru\'s hands shook and she almost broke the jade pendant.

She reached out hurriedly and held it tightly.

What does Empress Dowager mean Shao Wanru felt a little uneasy.

The agreement with Chu Liuchen was one thing, but Empress Dowager seeing it and giving her a jade pendant was another story.

She had a bad conscience of being caught by an elder.

Imperial Grandmother obviously means that she will accept you.

Although I have not made a formal engagement with you yet, this matter is also considered to be put on the table.

Your Highness, this is not appropriate, isn\'t it Shao Wanru hesitated as she held the jade pendant in her hand.

She wanted to send it back but remembered that this jade pendant was from Empress Dowager.

She would have to return it to Empress Dowager if she wanted to do so.

Why is this not appropriate Chu Liuchen gave her a sidelong glance with an unkind look.

I\'m going to the nunnery to observe mourning for my parents for three years.

If Prince takes a fancy to someone else in the next three years, it will be no good for you to give me this jade pendant first!

Shao Wanru spoke as she thought about the wording.

She frowned slightly and looked a little pitiful.

Chu Liuchen was very satisfied and said, You will stay in the nunnery for three years, but not be locked up.

You can still go out for a walk if you want.

When the weather is good, you can also go around to enjoy the scenery.

If I have time, I can also go there to take a walk.

I heard that there is a peach forest behind Yuhui Nunnery, which is very elegant.

If I am free, I will go to enjoy the scenery and visit you by the way!

Shao Wanru was stunned at Chu Liuchen.

What did he take Yuhui Nunnery for A backyard garden And he would go to walk around and visit her by the way if he was free

You\'d better stay in the capital city, Prince.

There are nuns in the Yuhui Nunnery, so it is inconvenient! Shao Wanru said implicitly after thinking for a while.

What You don\'t want to see me Chu Liuchen\'s face darkened and he was unhappy.

How could it be It is just because that is the nunnery! Shao Wanru felt that her reminder was clear enough.

The nunnery was a place full of women.

Why would he, a man, come to the nunnery

I am in poor condition.

Mingqiu Nun in the Yuhui Nunnery has excellent medical skills, so Imperial Grandmother has allowed her to treat me. A lazy smile reappeared on Chu Liuchen\'s face.

He sat up and poured himself a cup of tea elegantly.

Then he raised his head and asked Shao Wanru, Do you want a cup

Thank you, Prince.

I have got one! Looking at the full tea in her teacup, Shao Wanru said helplessly.

She put the jade pendant on the table and asked, Your Highness, what about this jade pendant

I have given it to you, so it is naturally yours.

Do you want me to take the jade pendant back Since I have set my heart on you, I will not contradict myself to take back the jade that Imperial Grandmother gave you! Chu Liuchen took the jade pendant and looked at it.

He waved it in his hand with satisfaction and then pushed it in front of Shao Wanru.

This is the jade pendant used to engage a legal wife for me.

Prince, don\'t you think it\'s inappropriate Shao Wanru frowned and asked.

It is fine! Although you are quite young and seem not to be very useful, you are still more useful than others. Chu Liuchen looked her up and down with dislike and said.

His words made Shao Wanru speechless.

After a moment of silence, she carefully kept the jade pendant in her sleeves.

Since she had promised him before, she had to cooperate with him no matter what Chu Liuchen would do.

Although it was a little early to let Empress Dowager know this now, she thought that Chu Liuchen might be pushed too far on his marriage by Empress Dowager.

The messages had already been spread a lot that Empress Dowager was going to choose concubines for these princes.

Then I will keep it for you first.

If you need it at some time, just ask me for it! After thinking for a while, she felt that it would be better to make it clearer, lest many things would happen when Chu Liuchen fell in love with someone else.

It was better to leave her words here, which made everything simple and clear.

Okay, okay, if I want it, just ask you! Chu Liuchen waved his hand impatiently and did not want to talk about the jade pendant any more.

He sulked when seeing that she carefully put away the jade pendant and pretended that she just wanted to keep it for you first and then to give it to someone suitable someday.

He was in a bad mood!

Since he was in a bad mood, looking a little unhappy, he glared at Shao Wanru and ask, Tell me what happened in your mansion yesterday.

After the guards left, she retold the whole story to him.

They must want to plot against me and ruin my reputation.

No one saw the face of the woman in the pavilion, but they can guess it might be me, because they saw the same clothes.

In addition, the water wave directed at my place and I have taken a bath and changed my clothes.

Even though it was not me, it must be me! It is hard to explain!

Shao Wanru blinked twice with her long lashes and said in a low voice.

Duke Xing\'s Mansion can\'t tolerate you to such degree Chu Liuchen asked slowly, Didn\'t they say they are your blood relatives Is there any blood feud between you

His words made Shao Wanru\'s heart miss a beat.

She thought for a while and said in distress, Prince, if I help Hao\'er to take the position of the Heir of Duke Xing\'s Mansion, do you think this can be counted as a blood feud

There were some things that she still had some doubts about.

At this time, she could not help but take them out and ask Chu Liuchen.

Was it really just because of the position of the Heir of Duke Xing

In her last life, something had happened to Hao\'er, and she had also been killed in the plot of Duke Xing\'s wife and daughter.

To cut the weeds and dig up the roots Chu Liuchen suddenly smiled in a pleasant but cold voice.

It seemed that something had viciously sliced through Shao Wanru\'s heart and shattered her weak defense.

Her fingers trembled slightly before she held on the teacup by her hand and took two big gulps of it.

She choked because she drank in a hurry.

For a moment, she tilted her head to the side and coughed in a loud voice.

The water she had just drunk also choked out, causing tears to flow down.

Suddenly, a white handkerchief with nobleness appeared in front of her eyes, on which there were lightish squares.

She coughed hard twice, raised her misty eyes to look at the handkerchief.

Following the handkerchief, she looked at Chu Liuchen\'s hand and then Chu Liuchen.

Chu Liuchen seemed to be amused by her reaction.

He raised the corner of his lips and put the handkerchief into Shao Wanru\'s hands and said lazily, Have you guessed it Or have you been thinking about it long since

If she had not guessed this a long time ago, she would not have had such a big reaction.

Shao Wanru lowered her eyes and her long lashes lay tiredly on her pale face.

She sighed softly and said, I have guessed this before.

Then go and find it out.

No matter who it is, it is perfectly justified that blood will have blood! Chu Liuchen seemed to be extremely satisfied with her straightforwardness.

His beautiful eyes slightly raised, with a bit of warmth different from the past, but his words still made people feel cold in the heart.

However, at this moment, these words went into Shao Wanru\'s heart.

Prince, could you lend a few people to me Shao Wanru lifted her eyes and asked as she held the handkerchief in her hands.

Why do you say that Chu Liuchen asked gently.

I want to send someone to investigate what happened in the past and to find out every detail of what happened after Father and Mother had left, Shao Wanru said seriously.

Even if you can make it clear, aren\'t you afraid Chu Liuchen asked with interest.

I\'m not afraid.

If I find out it is really someone who harmed my parents, then an eye must be for an eye, and blood must atone for blood!

Shao Wanru said very calmly, but her beautiful eyes were full of blood-thirsty killing intent, which clearly revealed in front of Chu Liuchen.

She had crawled out of the bloody hell, so she did not need to fear!

She would not obviously say these words in front of others, but she felt that there was nothing she could not say to Chu Liuchen!

He only looked ill and weak, but in fact, he was the most ruthless and bloodthirsty.

More than half of the people in the imperial palace had been killed by him and they were all beautiful women.

Even against the entire Duke Xing\'s Mansion Do you know that they can be seen as your relatives now Chu Liuchen looked at her and asked with a faint smile on his face.

My relatives are not Duke Xing\'s Mansion! Shao Wanru said with contempt.

Such contempt and disregard of all rules did not conform to the norms and could even be said that she challenged all the etiquette.

The bloodline represented family affection from the beginning, as well as the most reasonable combination of interests!

Clap, clap, clap! A gentle clap came from Chu Liuchen\'s hands, which brought Shao Wanru back to her thoughts.

She looked up at Chu Liuchen\'s handsome and gentle face and she did not understand what he was doing.

Zhuozhuo is right.

The so-called family affection and blood ties are nothing.

If he wants to harm you, he will not be restricted by blood ties.

Since then, why should you care too much about the so-called blood ties

The cold words seemed to come from Jiuyou Hell.

With the gentle smile on his face, they made people tremble in their hearts for no reason, as if something had been released.

Yujie had always been bold, but now she could not help hiding behind Shao Wanru.

I have people and I can help you!

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