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Chapter 458 Exchange a Jade Pendant for a Jade Pendant

What Go to a nunnery and observe mourning for her parents for three years The Empress Dowager was dumbfounded and almost dropped the string of beads in her hand.

Rui\'an Great Elder Princess clearly saw that the string of beads was presented by the master of the Yuhui Nunnery and had been consecrated.

The Empress Dowager usually liked to put them in her hands and gently stroke them.

Your Highness, do you think this child can live in Duke Xing\'s Mansion She almost got killed on the first day she entered Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

The one perfectly seized the opportunity and intended to ruin Zhuozhuo when she was taking a bath.

What\'s more, where did the high-quality kerosene come from

Rui\'an Great Elder Princess, whose eyes were red, wiped her tears with a handkerchief and said angrily.

She had always been on intimate terms with the Empress Dowager.

On one hand, she had got along well with the Empress Dowager before she got married.

On the other hand, she was in a miserable situation after her husband and her only daughter died.

But even so, she stayed tough in front of others, and only exposed her weakness in front of the Empress Dowager.

Knowing that this child was of extraordinary significance to her, the Empress Dowager couldn\'t bring herself to say anything against it.

Your Highness, there is a small ancestral hall behind my courtyard, and I also use it as a Buddha hall.

Wanru can observe mourning for her parents there. Madam Dowager of Duke Xing\'s Mansion thought for a while and said cautiously.

She still didn\'t want to let Shao Wanru leave.

Last night, she had spent a long time discussing with her son and daughter-in-law, but failed to come up with any reasonable conclusion.

She thought that as a little girl, what could Shao Wanru do Even with Rui\'an Great Elder Princess as her backing, it was unjustifiable for Shao Wanru to live in another place.

She could live in another place for a few days, but she couldn\'t live outside forever.

Rui\'an Great Elder Princess became furious.

She glared at Old Madam and said angrily, You burned Zhuozhuo\'s courtyard and intended to kill her.

After that, you intend to send her to the family temple What are you up to You\'ve hounded this child\'s parents to death.

Are you going to hound her and her brother to death as well

There was another saying that the Madams and Misses, who had made a mistake, would be sent to the small Buddha Hall or ancestral hall of the mansion where they should live for a period.

This was almost an unwritten rule in aristocratic families.

The Empress Dowager was also displeased.

She snorted and said, Madam Dowager, do you mean that Shao Wanru has made a mistake

Of course not.

Since she insists on observing mourning for her parents, she can do that in our mansion.

As an unmarried Miss, it\'s inappropriate for her to live outside! Old Madam said with worry on her face, as if she really cared about Shao Wanru.

Since you\'re worried about her living outside, the First Miss of your mansion has been living outside for a period, why are you assured to let her do that Is the First Miss nobler than Zhuozhuo so that she can live wherever she wants to live

Rui\'an Great Elder Princess said in an aggressive manner.

Ru\'er does that for learning painting... Madam Dowager blushed and explained.

Is learning painting more important than observing mourning for parents Old Madam, you only pay attention to something romantic and don\'t really care about the true filial piety. Rui\'an Great Elder Princess mocked her.

Learning painting was actually not something romantic, but it was indeed a literary pursuit.

Hearing Great Elder Princess\'s description, even the Empress Dowager considered the First Miss Shao extremely immature and restless.

She lived outside just for learning painting and didn\'t care that her family would worry about her.

Filial piety is naturally superior.

Learning painting is certainly not as important as filial piety. The Empress Dowager began to be partial.

She had forgotten that she had praised the First Miss Shao repeatedly when hearing of her deeds.

At that time, she said that the First Miss Shao was a good girl and could be considered one of the most talented girls in the capital city, and Duke Xing\'s Mansion had done a good job in raising such an elegant and dignified girl.

Old Madam blushed, but she couldn\'t defend herself.

During their discussion yesterday, they didn\'t expect that Shao Wanru would make such a request and didn\'t think of a way to deal with it.

She was even more speechless when Great Elder Princess mentioned Shao Yanru just now.

In the confrontation between filial piety and literary pursuit, everyone could instantly figure out the answer that filial piety was more important.

Why don\'t you find out the one setting the yard on fire in the next few days and then take Zhuozhuo back Rui\'an Great Elder Princess sneered.

Old Madam became increasingly speechless.

She had suspected that her daughter-in-law was the one setting the yard on fire yesterday.

However, Madam of Duke Xing swore to God in her room, cried and claimed that she didn\'t know who was behind it and it had nothing to do with her.

Otherwise, she wouldn\'t have burned that yard.

Burning that yard meant catastrophe to her.

Hearing her words, Old Madam immediately believed her.

But if it wasn\'t her daughter-in-law, who would it be Old Madam didn\'t figure it out after thinking for a whole night, but she knew that it was not easy to check it out.

You are killing my granddaughter by asking her to live in your mansion before finding out the truth and the one behind it.

Old Madam, is it your real intention Great Elder Princess stared fixedly at Old Madam and asked harshly.

Since it\'ll take you some time to check it out, it is unsafe indeed for Shao Wanru to live in your mansion.

It is reasonable for her to live in the Yuhui Nunnery in the name of observing mourning for her parents.

Well, it\'s settled.

We\'ll claim that she\'s going to observe mourning for her parents for three years.

Let\'s talk about other things after three years!

Seeing that Old Madam was chocked by Great Elder Princess\'s words, the Empress Dowager helped them make a decision.

Since they argued in front of the Empress Dowager, they naturally intended to ask her to make a decision.

Since the Empress Dowager said so, Duke Xing\'s Mansion had no reason to refuse it.

Duke Xing\'s Mansion was in the wrong about yesterday\'s arson.

Unless they could find a person admitting that he/she was behind the arson last night with valid evidence, they had no voice in this matter.

Since the Empress Dowager said so, Madam Dowager had to agree.

Shao Wanru, who was standing at the bottom of the stairs, heaved a sigh of relief.

She had finally received the Empress Dowager\'s approval for it.

Come here! The Empress Dowager looked up at Shao Wanru.

After measuring her with the eye, the Empress Dowager looked at the jade pendant on her waist and waved to her kindly.

A palace maid came over and helped her up.

Shao Wanru slowly walked up the stairs and stood in front of the Empress Dowager.

Sit down here.

I really like such a filial child like you! the Empress Dowager said gently.

A palace maid hurriedly moved a chair over and placed it next to the Empress Dowager.

Shao Wanru sat down with good manners and felt uneasy.

Shouldn\'t she be allowed to leave since the matter had been settled at this moment Why did the Empress Dowager keep her here

This jade pendant is nice.

Where did you get it from The Empress Dowager glanced at her and then suddenly looked towards her waist.

Let me take a look!

Shao Wanru hurriedly reached out to take off the jade pendant and presented it respectfully.

The Empress Dowager picked up the jade pendant and looked at it carefully.

Sensing the warmth on the jade pendant, she looked at Shao Wanru with increasing darkness in her eyes.

Shao Wanru lowered her head nervously and looked down at her toes.

She could sense that the Empress Dowager kept looking at her and felt profoundly regretful of bringing the jade pendant into the imperial palace.

She did that in case of encountering Chu Liuchen.

He had told her to bring the jade pendant with her.

If he saw that she didn\'t bring it, he would probably make trouble again.

Therefore, she decided to bring it obediently just in case.

Unexpectedly, she didn\'t encounter Chu Liuchen, but attracted the Empress Dowager\'s attention.

The Empress Dowager must have found that this jade pendant belonged to Chu Liuchen.

Thinking of this, she blushed.

This jade pendant is nice.

Where did you get it The Empress Dowager looked over the jade pendant a few times and asked calmly.

Hearing the Empress Dowager\'s question, Shao Wanru knew that the Empress Dowager probably would not reveal the secret.

She heaved a sigh of relief in her heart and hurriedly answered, Reporting to Your Highness, this is a gift from a friend!

Friend The Empress Dowager looked at Shao Wanru with a faint smile.

With her heart skipping a beat, Shao Wanru hurriedly composed herself.

After that, she became calm immediately.

Speaking of the jade pendant, she actually had a clear conscience.

Chu Liuchen insisted on giving it to her, and she didn\'t ask for it.

I like this jade pendant.

Maybe I can exchange another piece of jade pendant for your jade pendant.

What do you say Seeing that she calmed down so soon, the Empress Dowager nodded in secret, but did not leave Shao Wanru any chance to answer and continued asking.

It\'s my pleasure.

Your Highness, if you like it, we don\'t have to exchange jade pendants! Shao Wanru said cautiously.

There was no need for exchange, because it belonged to Chu Liuchen.

I won\'t take anything from a child.

Someone brings me a piece of jade pendant. The Empress Dowager leaned back, smiled gently, and pointed at a chair by the side.

Shao Wanru stepped forward obediently and sat down.

A palace maid behind her had brought a piece of jade pendant.

The Empress Dowager placed the jade pendant in her hands onto the tray held by the palace maid, took out the jade pendant from the tray and handed it to Shao Wanru with a smile after taking a look at it.

She said with gentle and amiable eyes, I can\'t take your jade pendant for nothing.

I\'ll exchange this piece of jade pendant for yours!

Thank you for your reward, Your Highness! Shao Wanru said with her long eyelashes fluttering several times.

She didn\'t know what was going on.

Did the Empress Dowager take a liking to Chu Liuchen\'s jade pendant

She even had an absurd thought.

Could it be possible that the Empress Dowager had taken a liking to Chu Liuchen\'s jade pendant long ago, but it was not convenient for her to exchange with him, so she immediately exchanged for it at the sight that it was in her hands

Bring this piece of jade pendant with you from now on.

This piece of jade pendant of mine is very nourishing.

I\'ve been in possession of it for many years and have never granted it to anyone.

It is rare that I feel pleased at the sight of your jade pendant.

So I exchange this piece of jade pendant for the jade pendant you like. Watching a slightly ignorant girl sitting in front of her blankly with delicate features which were pleasing to the eye, the Empress Dowager showed a more cheerful smile.

Shao Wanru was a good girl.

She had thought that there was a problem with her identity, but now Shao Wanru seemed to be a perfect match for Chu Liuchen with her identity.

She didn\'t need to play the villain anymore.

She had been in a bad mood because of the bad reputation of Ningyuan Army General\'s Mansion, but now it had gone.

Thinking about this child\'s family background, she found her really pitiful.

At this moment, Shao Wanru looked cute and likable with such delicate features.

She felt so satisfied with her.

The brat dared to give away the warm jade pendant for nourishing his body.

She would definitely criticize him fiercely...

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