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Cousin, I...

I am...

wait a minute, I should wait for aunt to recover! Shui Ruolan tried to break off his hand, while looking gently at Qin Huaiyong\'s body.

There were not too many requests, only let him take care of the Old Grandma\'s body.

Qin Huaiyong was in a shock.

The Old Grandma was ill, and the disease was very serious.

She was not sick at this time in the past, but suddenly she was sick.

When he went to visit the Old Grandma, he had asked Nanny Duan that only the youngest daughter had came to visit the Old Grandma recently, Mrs.

Qin and Qin Yuru had never been here to see her.

Although the Old Grandma was not his biological mother, she had raised him up since childhood.

He grew up with his own father died early.

From this point of view, the Old Grandma was equivalent to his biological mother.

The relationship between the mother and the child couldn\'t be replaced by anyone.

He knew what Shui Ruolan meant by her words and he was moved.

Thus he looked deeply at her and loosened his hand, then nodded and said seriously, Fine, I see, then you come back two days later!

Since Qin Yuru now hurt her hand, her temper was very bad, and now she was forcing people to make her food in the kitchen because she couldn\'t fall asleep.

Her servant Mei Yan was not dare to be disobedient, so she went to the kitchen with a lattern and it was the tenth time she did so but she didn\'t dare to act oppositely, because Mei Xue was just slapped hard on her face for several times since she took too much time to bring the vase.

All the close servants of Qin Yuru knew that she was just pretending to be gentle in front of people outside.

It was a letter, and it was said that it was the Young Lady wrote to the son of Duke Yong, which was···, the Young Lady would not dare to go out if it was read by other people! The laughter was light, it people could still hear it from the wall since it was quiet at the time.

Mei Yan was stunned and hid behind the wall.

You don\'t tell me, that letter was found by Qionghua.

If it was seen by the general, it is not just the Young Lady, and even the Madam will be too shameful to go out! Another voice came out with laughter and sounded like two servants.

Mei Yan was greatly shocked.

She picked up the lantern in her hand and looked at the high wall around her.

She then turned to the right, where there was a moon cave door, she needed to find out these two gossipy servants.

Since the letter was only knew by several close servants of the Madam and the Young Lady, but the voices just now were clearly from two normal servants.

How could anyone else know about the thing that Madam and the Young Madam wrote the letter and why would Qionghua find it.

Mei Yan was so stressful that she could not help shivering when thought of what might happen next.

When she hurriedly went throught the wall, she found that there was no people there already.

She stood still and thought about it, and then went back since she had no time to go to the kitchen.

Mei Yan, how did you get the snacks back so soon Mei Yan met Mei Xue from the inside when she arrived at the door of the house, whose face was swollen and it was clear that she was slapped, which made Mei Yan feel sad since they were both the closest servants of Qin Yuru and people were all respectful to them, and no one could laugh at them.

With such a face, Mei Xue was too scard to walk outside, as well as she.

Is Miss sleeping Mei Yan asked with a low voice.

Not yet! Mei Xue shook her head with bitterness and her face changed when she saw nothing on her hand, she warned her, Mei Yan, you are going to get hurt when you walked in like this···”

I have something urgent! Mei Yan interrupted Mei Xue and walked in by lifting up the curtain.

She entered the inside room by crossing the outside one.

Qin Yuru sat under the light and lifted her head with cold look when she heard the noise.

She was about to be angry when she saw that there was nothing on Mei Yan\'s hand, and threw the cup on the table towards her face.

She usually cared about her own reputation, and she would do it subtly even if she did something to hurt her servants because of anger.

She especially hid a long needle in the needle thread, which was used to hurt her servants, instead of embroidering.

She had left all the bruises on the hands and arms of the servants that nobody could tell.

Mei Yan avoided the teacup that coming towards her, which did not hurt her face but smashed right to her foot.

On your knees! Qin Yuru said with a cold and sullen voice.

Her face was covered with ointment, which was green in little spots, which also made her eyebrows green under the light of the lamp.

The ointment was soft and greasy, which made her original pretty face look disgusting.

Miss! Mei Yan pleaded while looking at the fragments to her foot.

You don\'t like the fragments on the floor I\'ll sell you to the cheap place if you don\'t kneel down, and I\'ll see if you still don\'t like it! Qin Yuru said with a cold smile.

Miss, I have something important to tell you! Mei Yan did not dare to hesitate, since she had seem so many times that her own prestigeous lady secretly did something like this.

She then knelt down and the ceramic chips sticked into her leg, the pain made her face instantly go pale.

What Seeing the blood at Mei Yan\'s foot, Qin Yuru felt a lot more good and said with a cold voice.

When I was going to the kitchen to get the snacks, I heard two servants across the wall talking about that Qionghua found a letter that you wrote to Duke Yong··· The pain was so harsh that she had to try to focus to tell her the news.

She was in so much pain that she sweated a lot on her forehead.

What, the letter was lost Tell me everything! Qin Yuru suddenly stood up with her face changed greatly.

She had to ignore punishing Mei Yan and said to Mei Xue who just followed in, Let her get up!

Mei Xue answered and hurriedly helped Mei Yan get up.

Miss, I heard that someone said so, so I walked there to see but found no one.

It must be the two servants that passed by, I don\'t know if what they were talking was true or not! Mei Yan got up with the help of others and said after she was a bit sober from the pain.

However, she did not dare to take responsibility.

She could only say that she did not know whether it was true or not.

In fact, the two servants were very clear.

If they did not really see it, how would they know.

Qin Yuru bit her teeth, and her face turned pale.

Go get my mother!

Mei Xue answered and went out hurriedly.

While Mei Yan stayed back carefully by holding the wall since her legs were still bleeding and she did not dare to move a little.


Qin came very soon with Nanny Zhou after hearing that Qin Yuru\'s letter was in Shui Ruolan\'s hand even if she did not want to see anyone.

What happened Mrs.

Qin came in with her face being swollen and asked urgently, what do you want to do now

Mother, the letters were sent by someone you chose, how come it was something I did. Qin Yuru was unhappy and said angrily.

I let people send it out, and then send people directly to the capital city, how can people let the letter go, Mrs.

Qin sat down in a chair upsetly, tell me what is going on

Things happened one after another, which made Mrs.

Qin incapable to handle.

You say! Qin Yuru said to Mei Yan with a cold voice.

Madam, I heard it from two servants when I went to the kitchen to help Miss get the snacks, but they left when I walked cross the wall, so I don\'t know if it was true or not! Mei Yan murmured while her head was lowered and she suddenly felt like that she was just being nosy.

What a useless one! Mrs.

Qin said angrily and rubbed her eyebrows.

She then took a deep breath to press down the anger in her chest.

Mother, what should I do now What if Shui Ruolan gave this letter to my father...


what should I do Qin Yuru panicked.


I will go to Shui Ruolan tomorrow, even if the letter was true, you would not be blamed for it! Mrs.

Qin pinched her hand and stood up again, and said with a cold voice after walking back and forth a few times.

What she said reminded Qin Yuru, who went calm after thought about it.

Shen then lifted her injured right hand, and said proudly, Yes, my hand is hurt, it is impossible to write a letter, if Shui Ruolan said it was written by me, then I can say that it was forged by her!

The letter was wrote by Mrs.

Qin, though she had changed the handwritting, she could not keep Qin Huaiyong away from suspecting.

If it happened in the past, Mrs.

Qin would not have to worry about it.

But she had made up her mind after she felt the pain on her face that she could not let Qin Huaiyong see the letter.

Not even a little suspecting.

Mother can we blame it on Qin Wanru Qin Yuru hated her so much and said while biting her teeth, a cattiness flashed across her eyes, and she believed that everything was related to Qin Wanru.

There is no way to blame it on her! Mrs.

Qin frowned and said impatiently.

It was already hard to deal with it, not to mention to blame it on Qin Wanru.

Mother, it was all because of Qin Wanru, there won\'t be so many troubles if she didn\'t smash the bridal sedan chair and let Qi Tianyu see the letters in my room, the bitch, I have to teach her some lesson. Qin Yuru\'s beautiful face went blue and said while biting her teeth.

She completely pushed all the responsibilities to Qin Wanru, as if she was innocent!

Yuru, she is still just a little girl, and the future marriage is still in my hands.

Your future is boundless.

How can you mess with such a girl She is just rubble, and you are jewelry, what you need to do is to make friends with her.

Things are settled in Jiangzhou, but you can have everything when you are in the capital city!


Qin looked up and looked at Qin Yuru\'s face coldly and scolded her.

But, mother, it\'s all because of her for me to get here, I can\'t resign! Qin Yuru said with her face twisted.

So what, you have plenty of chances in the future to step on her, so just stay in the house and take care of your wound, everything will be fine after your father goes to the capital city! Mrs.

Qin said to Qin Yuru with a terrifying voice, when he was in the capital city, he could not know about what happened in Jiangzhou, even if someone knew, it would have nothing to do with you after I blamed the letter thing on Qin Wanru.


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