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Chapter 439 Stained Clothes Could Not Be Worn

Qin Yuru\'s carriage had been left in Duke Xing\'s Mansion, which was a flaw left here!

At that time, after Qin Yuru\'s true feature had been revealed, all the people of Qin\'s Mansion left.

Old Madam had come on her own carriage.

In that case, she naturally had no face to stay in Duke Xing\'s Mansion, so Old Madam definitely took Qin Yuru to leave together on her own carriage.

At that moment, no one would care about the carriage that Qin Yuru had taken to come here before.

Of course, even if she had thought of the carriage, she would not have the face to mention the previous one.

That carriage would be bound to leave in Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

This was another reason why Qin Wanru had asked Old Madam Qin to come here.

She could take away Qin Yuru, whose true feature had been exposed at that time.

Everything had been closely linked, and Qin Wanru had almost anticipated all the people\'s reactions.

Then the next thing to do was to send this carriage to the third branch of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Third Madam Shao had been badly injured and could not get up until now, which meant that she had not conspired with Qin Yuru and Madam of Duke Xing.

In other words, she had been injured by Qin Yuru and Madam of Duke Xing.

In addition, there were rumors that Qin Yuru was said to have saved Third Madam Shao.

Even if it was really an accident, the third branch of Shao\'s Mansion could not calmly accept this, not to mention that there might be some scheme to be found out.

Qin Wanru was seizing the opportunity.

Madam of Duke Xing would be so busy to deal with troubles that she would have time to plot against her or could not plan carefully in a hurry.

She knew that Madam of Duke Xing would take action before she had a firm foothold in Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Who is there Suddenly, an old maid\'s voice came from outside.

I come to send clothes to Second Miss, a servant girl said timidly.

The old maid looked up and down at the two servant girls and then she looked at the clothes and ornaments in the tray in their hands.

She did not find anything strange, so she let them in.

Two servant girls came in one after the other.

When she saw Qin Wanru leaning against the bed in the room, the servant girl hurriedly went up to salute her and said, Dear Fifth Miss.

There were four Young Misses in Duke Xing\'s Mansion, and they were all older than Qin Wanru.

In this way, Qin Wanru was the Fifth Miss Shao in Shao\'s Mansion.

Qin Wanru had not been officially recorded in the Shao pedigree yet, but everyone knew that this was just a matter of time.

Everyone in the mansion calling her in this way first was also to make a good impression on Qin Wanru.

What\'s the matter Qin Wanru asked calmly.

Hearing that Miss woken up, Madam asked me to send Fifth Miss some clean clothes, the leading servant girl answered respectfully.

There were several pieces of clothes on the tray in her hands, and they were all new.

The latter servant girl held a smaller tray in her hands, on which there were three exquisite jewelry boxes.

Obviously they were some accessories.

Yujie answered, Our Miss has brought her own clothes!

Our Madam says that Fifth Miss is the Miss of lineal descent in our mansion.

This is a different status, so she naturally needs to wear some new clothes.

These clothes were taken directly from the tailor shop by our Madam according to Miss\'s figure.

That shop is the best one in the capital city.

The servant girl answered.

How could she get ready-made clothes so quickly Qin Wanru was secretly shocked.

It could almost be said that after she had exposed Qin Yuru and spoiled the plan made by Madam of Duke Xing, Madam of Duke Xing immediately danced to another tune and prepared ready-made clothes for her.

All these happened at a very fast speed.

Thank your Madam for me! Qin Wanru said softly.

Although people in Duke Xing\'s Mansion called her Fifth Miss because of politeness, she did not have to call Madam of Duke Xing Second Aunt first!

Yes, I\'ll leave! The two servant girls handed the trays in their hands to Yujie and Qu Le respectively and left.

Seeing the two servant girls disappear at the door, Qin Wanru frowned slightly and turned to look at the two trays of clothes and accessories.

Yujie put the tray on the table, took out a piece of clothes from it and shook to unfold it.

Even though she had prepared mentally, when she saw the embroidery pattern on it, she could not help but praise it.

It was a beautiful set of clothes with pale pinkish purple, which was also in line with Qin Wanru\'s usual style of dressing.

The yellow flowers dotted on the corner of the skirt formed an uneven lace pattern, which made people feel that it had a girlish cuteness.

It was indeed the style that the young girls liked at the moment.

The next several sets were all like this.

There were four sets of clothes in total.

Each of them was extremely beautiful, and the size was suitable.

For some women who were good at making clothes, they could make clothes with almost perfect sizes only by taking a few glances.

There must be some women who were skilled at making clothes and working for Madam of Duke Xing.

Such women had seen Qin Wanru before, so they could pick out such appropriate ready-made clothes.

What about the clothes I wore before Qin Wanru frowned and asked.


should be in the previous courtyard! Yujie hesitated for a moment and said.

After coming here, they had lived in the courtyard near the Chuihua Gate with Qin Yuru.

Now they were still in the wing room near the flower hall.

However, this was only a temporary place to rest.

After all, they could not really live here.

Let\'s go back first. Qin Wanru lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

Qu Le came over and crouched down to help her put shoes on.

Qin Wanru stood up straight with Yujie\'s help.

She composed herself and felt that her condition was not bad, so she nodded to the two servant girls.

There was nothing else in the room that needed packing up.

The master and two servants just took the two trays of gifts and went out.

Seeing Qin Wanru coming out, the four old maids saluted to Qin Wanru in a hurry, and then followed Qin Wanru to the inner courtyard.

Now all the people in Duke Xing\'s Mansion knew that the Second Miss Qin was the daughter of the former heir of Duke Xing.

Those who saw them on the way would naturally step aside to salute her.

Qin Wanru together with a group of people stepped into Chuihua Gate and came to the yard where they had lived before.

When she pushed the courtyard door open, she saw a few old maids and servant girls who were tidying up in the courtyard.

She was immediately stunned, because there had been no servants in the courtyard when she had left.

Fifth Miss, why do you come back An old maid in charge came over in a hurry and asked in surprise.

Shouldn\'t I come back Qin Wanru asked softly.

This is just a guest yard.

How can we let Fifth Miss live here Madam has arranged another place for Fifth Miss to live.

I\'ll take you there right now, the old maid in charge said enthusiastically to flatter her.

Madam of Duke Xing has already prepared a courtyard for me Qin Wanru\'s expression became strange.

Yes, she has been prepared it early.

This guest yard is so shabby that we cannot let Fifth Miss live here.

Fifth Miss, please come with me.

Yujie, take the clothes that we brought before! Since everything had already been arranged in a reasonable manner, it was obviously not convenient for Qin Wanru to refuse, so she ordered Yujie at once.

Two old maids from Great Elder Princess\'s Mansion took the trays from Yujie and Qu Le, and politely retreated behind them.

Do you still have clothes left here, Fifth Miss The face of the old maid in charge turned pale with shock, and it was obvious that something bad had happened.

Our Miss comes here to accompany First Miss, so she naturally brought clothes here, Qu Le said unhappily.

The old maid in charge started panicking.

She pointed to somewhere and said anxiously, We come to clean up the courtyard and find some clothes.

We think they belong to the First Miss of Qin\'s Mansion, so we throw them out.

We do not know that Fifth Miss\'s clothes are also in them.

Please forgive us!

Everyone looked over in the direction of her finger.

When they saw the pile of clothes clearly, Yujie\'s face turned pale with anger.

It was indeed the clothes that Qin Wanru had brought to Duke Xing\'s Mansion before.

The clothes had been wrapped in a package, but now a few corners of the package were torn.

The package was thrown in disorder and the clothes and other things inside also fell out.

The people in the courtyard were cleaning.

It was unknown whether it was because they thought that these were Qin Yuru\'s clothes.

No one cared about those clothes and they got wet from the water used for cleaning up, which made them look like a pile of garbage.

Seeing that things were not going well, the old maid in charge rushed over and did not dare to open the package directly.

She just stuffed the clothes that had fallen outside into the package and said in a hurry, Fifth Miss, I do not know that this is yours.

Fortunately, it is only a little wet now.

Everything inside should be fine and can still be used.

After stuffing all the clothes into the package, the old maid in charge came over with a sad face and carried several packages.

Looking at the old maid\'s hands, which seemed to be stained with dirty water in cleaning, Yujie\'s face turned livid.

She stretched out to pull the packages from the old maid\'s hands.

Looking at the few big black handprints on them, she was so angry that she could not say a word.

She knew that the clothes and other things inside had been stained with no need to look inside.

Are you airhead When our miss came yesterday, she said that she would live here. Yujie\'s face changed out of anger.

Qin Wanru\'s eyes fell on the supervisor\'s face.

Although the old maid looked respectful and a little panic on her face, her eyes were very flexible and she was a clever old maid at first glance.

Then Qin Wanru looked at the helpless servants in the courtyard with the corners of lips slightly raised.

Sure enough, the trouble was waiting for her here.

Where is the newly arranged yard Qin Wanru narrowed her eyes with a trace of coldness flashing in her shiny eyes.

Yes, yes, I\'ll take you there right now! Seeing that Qin Wanru did not pursue the matter anymore, the old maid in charge flattered her excitedly and then led the way in front of her.

Qin Wanru turned around and followed her calmly.

Miss! Yujie stamped her feet angrily.

She felt that Qin Wanru should not generously let this old maid leave.

Let me take a rest first.

I am tired! Qin Wanru reached out to touch her head, and then closed her eyes.

Seeing that she was so weak, Yujie dared not to make any more trouble.

She quickly reached out to hold her and followed the old maid in charge of the inner courtyard in a hurry.

It seemed that this time the yard would not be next to the entrance of Chuihua Gate.

She was also very curious about another courtyard that Madam of Duke Xing had prepared for her.

To judge from the old maid\'s words, the new courtyard was not a yard for guests but a yard that had been prepared early.

Was it because of Qin Yuru

In her last life, she had heard that Qin Yuru\'s courtyard in Duke Xing\'s Mansion was beautiful and magnificent.

It had been said that it was one of the main courtyards of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

She did not know whether it was the one where Qin Yuru had lived in the last life.

If so, she knew something about it!

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