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Chapter 438 Sarcastic! They Were Blood-related!

When Rui\'an Great Elder Princess left, four strong old maids guarded the door.

Since her granddaughter hoped they would finish this task faster, then Duke Xing\'s Mansion must hurry up.

Otherwise, if they wanted a problem, then she would give them one! It was different from what they had reached a consensus on, it would be reasonable for her to say Duke Xing\'s Mansion was reluctant to accept her biological granddaughter as one of their family member.

Seeing Rui\'an Great Elder Princess leaving, Qin Wanru looked at Yujie.

The latter then looked at four strong old maids outside the room and found they were obedient and were all standing outside the room.

There was a distance between them and the room.

It was perfect as they would not hear their conversation in the room while they could protect Qin Wanru.

They were reliable! They knew the drill.

Taking a few steps forward, Yujie lowered her voice and said, Miss, Qing Yue says that First Miss Qin will marry Childe Di in a month!

Before Qin Wanru lost her consciousness, she had made sure everything was in order.

She had known she would not return to Qin\'s Mansion when she accomplished this task.

Thus, she especially let Old Madam Qin bring Qing Yue here and then asked her to return to Qin\'s Mansion with Old Madam Qin again with the excuse that she wanted Qing Yue to bring something for her.

She also asked Qing Yue to inform her of any message in Qin\'s Mansion.

Even though she didn\'t expect that she would black out suddenly, it was fortunate that Yujie and Qing Yue were clever and Qing Yue had delivered messages to them.

Tell me, Qin Wanru said impassively.

Given the relationship between Di Yan and Qin Yuru, it was hard to imagine that they would marry each other soon.

Besides, the whole capital city now should know the matter that Qin Yuru tried to impersonate Rui\'an Great Elder Princess\'s granddaughter.

Why did Duke Yong\'s Mansion still insist on letting Di Yan marry Qin Yuru

According to Qing Yue, the general flew into a volcanic rage after he went back to Qin\'s Mansion.

He first reprimanded First Miss Qin and then went to visit Madam Dowager.

When he came back, he sent people to invite Duke Yong and Childe Di to come to Qin\'s Mansion.

Nobody knew what they talked about.

When they finished the talk, it was very late so general asked people to prepare dinner for them.

Childe Di was drunk and went to take a rest.

When First Miss knew that, she came to him with hangover remedy.

Then, they spent the night together.

Yujie said in a low voice.

It was totally a scandal, which led to a disorder in Qin\'s Mansion.

The general was to break off the engagement with Duke Yong\'s Mansion.

Now it was obvious that they could not cancel the engagement but even had to let them get married as soon as possible.

Miss, you might be surprised that Childe Di even slapped First Miss Qin in her face when he left and said that she did it deliberately. Yujie continued to say, chuckling.

She felt delighted as she finally found First Miss Qin who had always tried to plot against her miss now was extremely embarrassed.

So she set a trap for Di Yan to force him to marry her When Di Yan was sober, he must know he was totally on the hook.

Di Yan must slap her in the face out of rage and of hatred!

However, usually Qin Yuru would be grounded if she did something wrong.

However, it was quite dubious for her to be able to bring hangover drugs to Di Yan.

It seemed that Duke Yong\'s Mansion bit the bullet and promised to let Di Yan marry Qin Yuru.

On the one hand, Qin Yuru had spent a night with Di Yan together.

On the other hand, it must be Qin Huaiyong who dominated this event.

Given the current situation, it was the best end-result for Qin Yuru!

In her last life, Qin Huaiyong had never given her a hand when she was involved in troubles.

This time, when Qin Yuru got into troubles, Qin Huaiyong then tried his best to help her.

They were blood-related! A trace of coldness appeared in her eyes while her long eyelashes fluttered, overshadowing her eyes.

Paused, Qin Wanru raised her head and asked, Is there any rumor about the event which happened in Prince Cheng\'s Mansion Yujie passed her a cup of tea and she sipped.

The temperature of tea was perfect and even made people feel warm.

After taking a sip of tea, she felt her hands and feet bedewed with sweat were getting warm again.

Then she took another sip of tea and passed the cup to Yujie.


According to Qing Yue, the whole city today now knows the event.

Well, exactly, it is spread out yesterday evening.

Since First Miss got hurt and saved Third Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion, the saying was still tactful.

However, today, rumors about First Miss Qin are spreading everywhere! Some people say that how dare she seduce Prince Cheng when she has been engaged while others say that she took another girl\'s identity and tried to become the lineal miss of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Yujie replied in a very pleasant way.

It was Qu Le who told her in the morning.

Qin Wanru sent Qu Le to spread rumors earlier this morning for even though someone intended to stop her, it was too late.

Qin Wanru smiled.

She was pretty, so even though she now was a bit tired and weak, she still looked charming.

Although she was young, she was like a peerless beauty now.

Where is Qu Le now

As you ordered before, I asked Qu Le to send gifts to Third Madam when she came back and let her tell Third Madam that it was from Madam Dowager to apologize to her for First Miss Qin\'s mistake.

Yujie responded gently.

Before Qin Wanru lost her consciousness, she had told her servant girls that they had to make sure everything was in order, even though she fainted.

Thus, not long after Qin Wanru blacked out, Qu Le went directly to send gifts to Third Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion and Madam of Duke Xing were both in the Flower Hall and nobody would care about the things of inner courtyard.

Thus, nobody would expect that Qin Wanru would send people to find Third Madam who got hurt.

The timing was perfect.

When the drama was on in the flower hall, the inner courtyard knew nothing about that.

Third Madam\'s servant girl seemed to not know what happened in the flower hall.

As for why they didn\'t send gifts to Third Madam yesterday, it was because someone stopped them by saying that Third Madam was too weak to be able to meet them.

Thus, they supposed she would be better today, then they sent Qu Le to visit this Third Madam.

During their talk, Qu Le was back.

Those four old maids at the entrance quickly stopped her.

I want to see my miss. Rolling her eyes, Qu Le answered with a smile as she thought these four old maids served Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Since they now were in Duke Xing\'s Mansion, they could not offend this Old Madam.

Hearing there was a noise at the door, Yujie came out.

When she found it was Qu Le, she hurriedly talked to two of these old maids with a smile, Could you please allow Qu Le, my miss\'s private servant girl, to come in She is asked to bring some clothes for my miss and she is a bit late!

Knowing she was Qin Wanru\'s private servant girl, these old maids quickly made way for her.

When Qu Le came in, she hurriedly went to Yujie and asked anxiously while walking into the room, Does our miss wake up

Qu Le asked when she walked.

Since she now knew her father\'s identity, she cared about Qin Wanru much more.

As her father also served this family before, she would also do her best to serve this family.

Don\'t worry! Miss is awake. Yujie smiled and then they both entered the inner room.

When she saw Qin Wanru sitting on the bed in good condition, she felt relieved because her miss looked good even though her face was paler than usual.

Taking a step forward, she bowed to Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanru waved her hand to let her get up.

Have you seen Third Madam When Qu Le stood up, Qin Wanru asked.

Don\'t worry.

I have seen her and told her what you asked me to say.

She is hurt badly.

She not only gets hurt because of the impact of the terrible collision, but even broke her arm.

Thus, she needs to take a rest for a time.

Third Miss Shao and Fourth Miss Shao were there.

When they saw me, they were extremely angry.

Actually, without Third Madam Shao\'s words, Third Miss Shao who seemed to have a bad temper would have hit her.

Third Madam Shao had two daughters and they were her biological daughters.

What did Third Madam say when you said that you want the carriage Qin Wanru smiled as she had guessed how Third Madam Shao would react.

Although it was said that Qin Yuru\'s carriage collided with Third Madam\'s and Qin Yuru even tried to save her.

However, Third Madam was clear about the truth.

Given Qin Yuru\'s nature, she would not save Third Madam but would feel relieved when knowing she was fine.

Although it seemed that she did try to save her, it was just a formality.

There were servant girls and old maids with Third Madam and how could they let Qin Yuru alone come to save their madam.

Given Qin Yuru\'s neck, it was obvious that she could not meet anyone.

Even though Qin Yuru who had a stiff neck, had a plan to pretend to save Third Madam, she would not implement it actually.

It was real for her to hide and look on aside.

It was definitely not an accident yesterday.

Because of the event of Prince Cheng\'s Mansion, Qin Yuru was forced to come up with an idea.

How could she figure one out so quickly She must tell something to Duke Xing\'s Mansion while Third Madam was plotted against by Madam of Duke Xing coincidentally.

The fact should be that this Third Madam intended to go outside while Madam of Duke Xing did something to her, which made her carriage happen to collide with Qin Yuru\'s and even let Third Madam get hurt.

Qin Yuru must have known these things would happen.

She could know that from Qin Yuru\'s carriage.

As regards the clue, Qin Wanru then left it to Third Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

I told her that First Miss Qin left Duke Xing\'s Mansion in a hurry by taking Madam Dowager\'s carriage.

Thus, she wanted her carriage back.

I said that I hope Third Madam can allow me to finish this task and get the carriage back while I can let the coachman drive it back to Qin\'s Mansion.

Although Third Madam said nothing, Third Miss Shao refused and said they had to investigate the accident with the carriage.

Then I begged her to let me take the carriage back for several times, and Third Miss was much more determined that she would not let me take the carriage.

Qu Le adored her miss much.

The reason why Third Miss refused her suggestion for the first time was that she, as a servant of Qin\'s Mansion didn\'t apologize to Third Madam as soon as possible while First Miss Qin hit her.

However, since she kept begging them to allow her to take the carriage back, Third Miss felt doubtful and even Third Madam who was lying on the bed also looked at her in a very suspicious way.

She now had let Third Madam pay attention to the carriage so nobody could get that carriage.

How clever her miss was! She just sent First Miss Qin\'s carriage to Third Madam Shao by this means.

Things in the carriage could prove that someone planned this accident that First Miss Qin\'s carriage collided with Third Madam Shao\'s.

The fact that First Miss Qin tried to impersonate the lineal miss of Duke Xing\'s Mansion indicated that someone sent First Miss Qin to Duke Xing\'s Mansion deliberately.

The saying that First Miss Qin saved Third Madam Shao also proved this.

The sequence and flow of events had been carefully laid out.

These things were used to prove First Miss Qin was a lineal miss of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

But now, with these pieces of evidence, those malicious plans would be proven.

The carriage played a very important role in this plan...

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