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Chapter 437 Speed Is Precious in a War! Hurry up!

Qin Wanru had been dreaming.

Every scene of her dreams was disordered and snatchy.

The final scene was that Chu Liuchen stared at her when standing in the red imperial palace.

Her stiff and contorted body was cut in half and they constituted a weird posture.

There was blood everywhere.

However, a voice calling Zhuozhuo, Zhuozhuo suddenly sounded in the bloody scene.

It sounded desperate and painful, seeming that the whole world was going to be ruined.

She suddenly sat bolt upright, sweating heavily.

She stared at a point in the air and felt everywhere was stained with her blood.

The last scene in her dream was the place where she was killed...

Zhuozhuo, are you okay Do you feel uncomfortable A gentle but anxious voice sounded in her ears.

The voice was true.

It was different from those voices which sounded desperate and made her blood freeze in her dreams.

Turning her stiff neck, Qin Wanru looked aside and found it was Rui\'an Great Elder Princess who looked worried.

Zhuozhuo, are you okay Do you need to see an imperial physician I asked two imperial physicians to come here with me when I entered the imperial palace!\'

Rui\'an Great Elder Princess reached out and held her hands.

Qin Wanru\'s hands were cold and sweating.

When Rui\'an Great Elder Princess realized that her granddaughter was sweating in an abnormal way, she looked worried and pale out of anxiety.

Qin Wanru first closed her eyes and then opened them after calming down.

When she found where she was, she finally realized that she was not in the inner palace where she was cut in half in her last life and that there was nobody calling her in an extremely desperate way.

Her mouth curved into a slightly ironic smile as she remembered what had happened before she lost consciousness.

Grandma, I am fine.

I just remembered something, Qin Wanru answered softly, holding Rui\'an Great Elder Princess\'s hands.

This little girl was in sweat while her hair fell around her shoulder casually with several strands of hair hanging over her forehead which was bedewed with sweat.

Her watery and shimmery big eyes made her look much more pitiful.

Rui\'an Great Elder Princess didn\'t notice this before and now when she saw her eyes, she felt much sadder as Qin Wanru\'s eyes did remind her of her daughter.

Her eyes were quite like her mother‘s.

She felt extremely heartbroken when she was watching her eyes.

Taking a towel from a servant girl, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess helped Qin Wanru tuck her hair bedewed with sweat behind her ears and wiped away her sweat gently.

She said very softly, Don\'t worry.

I am here with you and nobody will dare to hurt you even though now your family name is Shao.

If they mess with you, you can take my name.

Rui\'an Great Elder Princess now thought that had she been much stronger, Shao Jiang might have married into their mansion and lived with his bride\'s family and the tragedy would not have happened.

Moreover, her grandson and granddaughter could have taken her family name and it would have seemed that they had nothing to do with the partial and snorty old woman of Duke Xing\'s Mansion!

Certainly, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess felt that it might be quite difficult for the Heir of Duke Xing to be willing to marry into their mansion but maybe he would love to!

However, she could only think about this matter in her mind now.

Grandma, did my father like writing Did my mother love planting flowers Qin Wanru held Rui\'an Great Elder Princess\'s hand hurriedly and asked anxiously.

Yes, they did. As Qin Wanru\'s words reminded her of her daughter and son-in-law, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess got red-rimmed eyes.

What a good couple they were! They were made for each other.

However, why did the crude old woman dislike them Why did she drive them away and even push them to die in their prime

Given this point, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess knew that she would never live in harmony with Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion all her life.

Did my father have a scar on his left thumb Did, did my mother have a little red spot between her eyebrows Qin Wanru choked with sobs.

Two lives! For the first time, she saw things clearly in her dreams.

Was that couple with a little daughter her parents

YES! YES! YES! THEY DID! How did you know A lump came into Rui\'an Great Elder Princess\'s throat.

It seemed that their voices sounded in her ears and their faces appeared in her sight.

Grandma, I was dreaming... answered Qin Wanru, softly with her red-rimmed eyes.

The delicate girl just sat on the bed with her tear-stained and sweat-stained face, which made her look quite pitiful.

My dear! Rui\'an Great Elder Princess suddenly held Qin Wanru in her arms.

When she patted on her back lightly, she also began to cry.

She now hated Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion more.

Without her, her daughter and son-in-law would not have died and her lovely granddaughter would not have left her family and have suffered a lot in the past.

Now she could only meet her parents in her dreams.

She knew she was the polar opposite of Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

When Qin Wanru cried silently, she heard Rui\'an Great Elder Princess\'s weeping.

Reaching out and patting on Rui\'an Great Elder Princess gently, she comforted her softly, Grandma, I am fine.

In her last life, she didn\'t find her origin and return to her true family, while Qin Yuru took her identity.

Her plan was the same as that in her last life; Duke Xing\'s Mansion didn\'t accept her as the former Heir of Duke Xing\'s biological daughter as Rui\'an Great Elder Princess would not care about this kind of ceremony to accept a nominal miss.

However, did Qin Yuru do nothing to Rui\'an Great Elder Princess

A trace of darkness flashed upon in her eyes when Rui\'an Great Elder Princess didn\'t notice that.

Even though she was accepted by Duke Xing\'s Mansion as a nominal miss, she acted in a way that she was the former Heir of Duke Xing\'s biological daughter, which would definitely convince Rui\'an Great Elder Princess that she was her granddaughter.

Since Rui\'an Great Elder Princess would send people to investigate her, then Qin Yuru must have something which belonged to her in her last life.

Although Rui\'an Great Elder Princess was dubious, she would think that Qin Yuru was her biological granddaughter to a large extent.

If Qin Yuru said something or did something, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess must consider her as her granddaughter.

In her last life, Qin Yuru might somehow lead to the matter that Rui\'an Great Elder Princess decided to become a nun.

Without Hao\'er and Rui\'an Great Elder Princess, she could do nothing to save the situation even if she knew who she was in the end.

After Madam of Duke Xing got rid of her family and people she relied on step by step, she then aimed at her in the end.

She suddenly figured out those questions she didn\'t understand before.

Madam of Duke Xing did want to kill her because only in this way could she remove the source of the trouble.

However, as she feared that her plan would be so obvious, she chose to implement her vicious plan step by step and pushed her into the hell.

The death of her and all her family members had proved that how malicious Madam of Duke Xing was in her last life!

Good girl, it is good to know you are fine! I will protect you! Gently pushing Qin Wanru away, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess checked her countenance and found she had stopped crying.

Even though she still looked pale and her face was still tear-stained, she smiled, which made people feel heartbroken.

Her smile was so delicate and tender, which made Rui\'an Great Elder Princess feel sad.

However, fearing that her sadness would be delivered to Qin Wanru, she hurried to answer her when wiping away her tears casually with her handkerchief.

She asked Nanny Gao to bring Qin Wanru a mat and put it behind her.

Then she helped Qin Wanru recline on the mat.

Qin Wanru reclined against the mat obediently.

Taking her handkerchief from Yujie, she wiped away her tears and asked when looking around, Grandma, where am I

Her question made Rui\'an Great Elder Princess look sulky.

She scowled and said a little angrily, Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

I have asked Empress Dowager and Emperor to allow me to raise you in my mansion.

However, they said that it is much appropriate for Duke Xing\'s Mansion to raise you and write your name down their family tree before the Emperor knows the truth of your father\'s death and whether your father died by accident.

Thinking of this, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess regretted that she hadn\'t let her son-in-law marry into her mansion.

Otherwise, she could have the right to raise her biological granddaughter.

She didn\'t believe people of Duke Xing\'s Mansion because, in her mind, everyone was malicious there.

Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion dislikes me, doesn\'t she Why does she agree to let me live in Duke Xing\'s Mansion Raising eyebrows, Qin Wanru asked in surprise.

Well, does she dare to say no A timid and malicious old woman! Rui\'an Great Elder Princess sneered.

Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion was a coward! Especially when Qinghua married Shao Jiang, she didn\'t dare to say no in public even though she disliked Qinghua.

However, when Qinghua lived in their mansion, she then began to torture her.

Thinking in this way, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess felt much more worried.

Will Wanru be fine in Duke Xing\'s Mansion No, I have to send someone to help her here.

I will send four old maids to you.

If someone tries to hurt you, you can ask them to catch the guy and inform me.

I will come to you soon and see who dares to bully you! Rui\'an Great Elder Princess said angrily.

When Qinghua was alive, she refused her offer.

She even didn\'t know she was bullied in Duke Xing\'s Mansion because of that! Then as she couldn\'t bear to stay in Duke Xing\'s Mansion anymore, she then left.

This time, she would not let them play the same old trick.

Thank you, grandma. Qin Wanru nodded.

In Duke Xing\'s Mansion, she only had Yujie whom she believed while others didn\'t stand by her side so she needed to have people on her own side.

She would not live in Duke Xing\'s Mansion for a long time, but just for several days.

Thus, she needed to come up with a plan to leave Duke Xing\'s Mansion first.

She was too young so it was easy for others to handle her.

Grandma, when will they write my name down the genealogy book asked Qin Wanru.

Before she left, she had to make sure that Duke Xing\'s Mansion wrote her name down the family tree.

When she came back, she would take those things they owed her back.

However, first she had to defend her honor.

She would let them pay for what they had done to Hao\'er and her!

It should be in the near future. Rui\'an Great Elder Princess answered in an unanimated way.

The problem related to her granddaughter\'s family name always reminded her of her regret that she hadn\'t let her son-in-law live in their mansion.

Otherwise, her dear granddaughter was able to take her family name.

Grandma, can they get faster Maybe tomorrow I hope they can open the ancestral temple and write my name down the genealogy book. Thinking for a while, Qin Wanru said.

It would be better for her to launch a blitz when asking them to do this thing as fast as possible.

Tomorrow Rui\'an Great Elder Princess was shocked.

Yes, grandma.

I\'d like to do it as soon as possible. Qin Wanru took Rui\'an Great Elder Princess\'s hands.

Her little hands were as pale as jade, which made Rui\'an Great Elder Princess feel sad.

Fine, I will try.

If they refused, I will take you home and say that they don\'t want to write your name down their family tree. Standing up, Rui\'an Great Elder Princess replied.

She now was going to confront Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

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