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Chapter 431 The Proof Without Proven Ability

He said these words in a very certain way but everyone felt dubious about his words.

When the matter related to Qin Wanru happened, Qin Huaiyong also said for certain, but it turned out in the end that Qin Wanru was not Qin Huaiyong\'s biological daughter.

Or did he try to implement this plan again

Or did he try to defend his daughter

So his words actually had no proven ability!

First Miss Qin, I heard that when you were in Jiangzhou, you changed your age from fifteen to thirteen, didn\'t you Nanny Gao spoke for Rui\'an Great Elder Princess.

However, when she finished, she didn\'t wait for Qin Yuru\'s explanation but looked at Qi Rongzhi who stood beside Qin Wanru and asked, First Miss Qi, where is your evidence before

She investigated this thing before Rui\'an Great Elder Princess came here, but how could she know Even though Qi Rongzhi was confused, she didn\'t dare to disobey Great Elder Princess\' order.

She nodded and asked the witness who was a supervisor to come here.

Later, she smiled at Nanny Gao and answered, The witness is a supervisor and he has the transcript of the alteration of her census register.

Qi Rongzhi pointed at Xixiang, the servant girl and said, She can prove Qin Yuru now is fifteen.

Besides, she can also prove that Qin Yuru was eligible to marry my brother because of her age.

Seeing Qin Yuru\'s plan was totally scuppered, Qi Rongzhi behaved in a way that she had nothing to do with Qin Yuru now while thinking she had shown those pieces of evidence.

Qi Rongzhi, you are lying! Qin Yuru flushed.

She wiped away her tears and snarled.

Her hands, which were holding her handkerchief, kept trembling.

Qin Huaiyong\'s gaze fell upon her face.

It could tell that he now was in a bad mood from his tightly frowned eyebrows.

He seemed to be in a tangle and obviously, he seemed to have no idea about this matter.

The fact will tell whether I am lying.

Qin Yuru, I have never expected that you will try to take sister Wanru\'s place and even to impersonate her identity.

No wonder Madam Di and you did your best to plot against sister Wanru in Jiangzhou and even asked others to kidnap her! How vicious you are!

Qi Rongzhi pointed at Qin Yuru and shouted abuse at her in a righteous manner.

She now was in the right.

Great Elder Princess, do you consider Qin Wanru as your biological daughter just because of these things Old Madam said in a bad mood.

She had been embarrassed by Rui\'an Great Elder Princess and Rui\'an Great Elder Princess now even recognized Qin Wanru whom she hated most as Qinghua\'s biological daughter so she blurted out.

Even if Qin Yuru might not Qinghua\'s biological daughter, it should not be Qin Wanru!

It seems that you do hate Wanru, Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion! Rui\'an Great Elder Princess said as she looked cold.

Before Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion replied, she said to Nanny Gao, Bring him here!

Yes, princess! Nanny Gao answered and gesticulated toward an old maid who was near the entrance.

The old maid immediately understood and brought in a middle-aged man.

When seeing clearly the man\'s face, Madam of Duke Xing blenched.

Her face turned pale and her fingers were trembling slightly.

Shao Huai stepped forward and suddenly knelt down in front of Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

Old Madam, nice to see you! he said with a trembling voice.

Although he had not worked in Duke Xing\'s Mansion for years, he still felt grateful to his former master.

Are you, are you Shao Huai

Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion suddenly stood up and she was shaking in excitement.

He is my son\'s servant! I sent him to find my son but there has been no message at all these years.

I have thought he also died in the war.

However, he just appears in front of me now!

Yes, Old Madam, I am Shao Huai. Thinking of his dead master, Shao Huai answered sadly.

Do you, do you find your master Excited, Old Madam asked hurriedly.

She had always been proud of her eldest son and thus, when she saw Shao Huai, she got totally excited.

Master was gone in the war... Shao Huai burst into tears.

He had spent years finding his master.

Later, when he knew his master had a little daughter, he then kept looking for the little miss.

However, he had always missed the opportunities to meet his little miss.

Thinking of what he had done for these years, he couldn\'t help crying.

Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion lurched while Nanny Yu hurried to support her.

The feeling of that she supposed her son had died was totally different from the one of that somebody told her that her son had died.

Is he really dead Old Madam took a deep breath and choked with sobs with her red-rimmed eyes.

Yes, but we still have our little miss! I find her.

She is Second Miss Qin of Ningyuan Army General\'s Mansion! She is the former Heir of Duke Xing and Infanta\'s biological daughter! Pointing at Qin Wanru, Shao Huai wiped away his tears and said, Old Madam, I have figured it out! The former Heir of Duke Xing trusted Ningyuan Army General with his daughter, Second Miss Qin on his deathbed.

Qin Huaiyong\'s fingers hid in the sleeve suddenly jerked.

Ningyuan Army General, can you explain this Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion wiped away her tears and looked at Qin Huaiyong.

Since he arrived here, he seldom talked.

Although today\'s matters were closely related to his two daughters, he acted like an onlooker.

Finding Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion asked him, Qin Huaiyong looked somehow hesitant as he frowned tightly.

Huai\'er, tell them! Old Madam Qin said slowly.

Yes, mother! After answering his mother\'s words, Qin Huaiyong then told them the story at that time.

He didn\'t know who Qin Wanrus biological father was at first.

During the war, every department had generals who were sent over from other places.

Besides, many people were promoted as generals temporarily because those former generals who had owned a higher status all died in the war.

At that time, a vice general who was dispatched from other places lived in Qin\'s Mansion.

He also brought a woman who was pregnant and his lovely daughter.

However, he lost touch with the woman and his daughter.

Luckily, he still found his daughter back.

Since he couldn\'t take care of his daughter, he then asked Old Madam Qin to help him look after his daughter.

Later, Qin Wanru\'s biological father died in the war and trusted Qin Huaiyong with his daughter and Qin Huaiyong also promised him that he would treat Qin Wanru as his own daughter.

Then he didn\'t say anything else.

Qin Wanru knew this story but her eyes still got red when hearing Qin Huaiyong\'s words.

Those ambiguous memories suddenly became clear.

However, when she tried to catch them, she found she could hardly do it and even felt a dull pain in her head.

I still have my mother\'s Glazed Cup.

It is my grandma who helps me keep it.

Madam Di and Big Sister have asked grandma to give them Glazed Cup but grandma refused! Qin Wanru said slowly and calmly while her eyes looked cold.

Qing Yue came in and gave Rui\'an Great Elder Princess a box reverently.

Rui\'an Great Elder Princess opened the box with her trembling hands.

Fenghua Glazed Cup showed up in front of everyone.

Old Madam, I asked some people who once had a relationship with the former Heir of Duke Xing when I went to Jiangzhou.

They all said that they have seen him and claimed that the former Heir of Duke Xing had been with Infanta Qinghua.

Little Miss had already been born while the Infanta still was pregnant with a little heir! Shao Huai took out a letter and gave it to Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

The content of the letter was the information he found in Jiangzhou and several witnesses\' depositions.

For him, the former Heir of Duke Xing\'s son was a little Heir of Duke Xing!

Old Madam, don\'t you still not understand it is First Miss Qin who plans these things She is the one who harbors those bad thoughts! She tries to take Qin Wanru\'s place and even to impersonate my daughter\'s biological daughter! She intends to pretend she has royal blood! Rui\'an Great Elder Princess raised her head and said as she stared coldly at Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion.

The facts allowed of no other explanation.

It was true that Qin Wanru was the former Heir of Duke Xing and Infanta Qinghua\'s biological daughter.

The reason why they could not find him was that they had no idea where he was.

Since now those who once had a relationship with the former Heir of Duke Xing knew, it was quite easy for them to follow the clues and continue to investigate.

Even if the former Heir of Duke Xing changed his name, they could find the clues if they said his features.

Qin Yuru harbors a bad thought! She must know sister Wanru\'s background and then she changed her age.

Besides, in order to impersonate the former Heir of Duke Xing\'s daughter, the eldest Miss of Duke Xing\'s Mansion and even the biological granddaughter of Great Elder Princess, she even forged a seal of bluegrass! How vicious she is!

Rolling her eyes, Qi Rongzhi suddenly shouted angrily.

NO! I AM WRONGED! I really have no idea about these things! I don\'t know when I got this seal and why I changed my age.

It is my mother who told me these things.

She said if I changed my age and got younger, people would gradually forget what happened in Jiangzhou and nobody would mention that again! She just worries that I will be discussed by others!

Qin Yuru got panic and cried bitterly.

Compared with the crime that telling a lie that she had royal blood, the crime that lying about her age was less serious.

By comparison, she started to cry out her grievances.

Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion sat down heavily on the chair.

She stared at Qin Yuru\'s face blankly and then looked at Qin Wanru\'s.

She was finally aware that she misunderstood!

Why wasn\'t Qin Yuru whom she favored her biological granddaughter and why was Qin Wanru whom she disliked her biological granddaughter

Qin Wanru was like Infanta Qinghua.

They both made Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion feel unpleasant.

Since she now knew Qin Wanru was her biological granddaughter, she still felt unhappy, even hateful and resentful towards Qin Wanru.

She even thought that Qin Wanru planned these all.

She had the seal of bluegrass but she didn\'t show it to them; she had the Fenghua Glazed Cup but she only gave it to Rui\'an Great Elder Princess; her servant even sent the old servant to Rui\'an Great Elder Princess directly! She must Qinghua\'s daughter and no wonder why Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion and she could not live in harmony fundamentally.

Qin Yuru, stop acting! You have no idea about these things That\'s impossible! If you weren\'t telling a lie, then why would Madam Di have tried her best to ask people to embroider the pattern of bluegrass on your dress in order to attract Duke Xing\'s Mansion\'s attention If you weren\'t telling a lie, then why would you have said that Old Madam likes you because you showed this seal to her

Qi Rongzhi who was standing beside Qin Wanru now tried to leave a good impression on Rui\'an Great Elder Princess and to please her wholeheartedly.

Seeing Qin Yuru still tried to defend herself, she then shouted at her immediately.

Although she didn\'t know the cause and effect, she was not an idiot.

It was obvious that there were many doubtful points after she thought about the whole matter carefully.

Qin Yuru, you might think your plan is flawless but actually it is full of loopholes! There really is no such thing as a secret.

How dare you impersonate sister Wanru\'s identity to seduce Prince Cheng! Don\'t you even think of that if you really took her place, Prince Cheng would be your uncle

Qi Rongzhi now was quick-minded.

Before she left her mansion, she heard the rumors about what Qin Yuru had done in Prince Cheng\'s Mansion and had considered how to use this rumor to threaten her.

Thus, she now went public with this matter to suppress Qin Yuru.

Now she hit the bull\'s-eye perfectly.

Her words this time not only shocked Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion but even Rui\'an Great Elder Princess!

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