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Chapter 420 To Recognize Qin Yuru as the Nominal Daughter Tomorrow

Madam, I feel that this plan is too abrupt, don\'t you think so Qin Yuru did not stay in the room for a very long time.

Thus, as soon as she left, Nanny Sheng hurriedly asked.

Yes, it is.

However, I am afraid there will not be another chance in the future, if we don\'t seize this right now! Madam of Duke Xing gritted her teeth and answered.

If she had known Qin Yuru had caused such trouble again, she would have had time to reconsider her plan.

But she had no time now.

Should I inform Duke Xing of this plan Nanny Sheng frowned and said, Since it is so abrupt, I think it\'s necessary to tell Duke Xing, right

No, it is useless.

What\'s worse, he might say something about us.

Thus, since Old Madam has agreed, we don\'t need to wait anymore! Madam of Duke Xing rebuffed her suggestion.

There might be changes if they waited.

She had planned this for a long time and finally she managed to plant a bait in Madam Di and Qin Yuru\'s mouth.

If she missed Qin Yuru, there might not be another person who would reach out to her so actively, and had even prepared such a familiar bogus background.

Even though the two words, active and passive looked similar, when it came to this plan, the slight difference would play an important role in deciding who should be responsible for the plan, once the lie was exposed!

Madam of Duke Xing was a very careful person and she definitely would not tell everyone that she was the master planner in an aboveboard way!

Tomorrow, seriously Nanny Sheng pointed in a direction hesitantly.

It was the direction of Old Madam\'s courtyard.

Yes, tomorrow! Madam of Duke Xing nodded, You need to find some servant girls and old maids who are good at massage and let them take turns to knead First Miss Qin\'s neck.

We must make sure her neck recovers by tomorrow! Or she would look stupid.

People would feel that Duke Xing\'s Mansion was so anxious that they seemed to be hiding something when recognizing Qin Yuru who suffered from a stiff neck, as their nominal daughter.

Madam of Duke Xing would not let others think in this way!

A fake niece.

What she could benefit from this plan wasn\'t simply that a position was taken!

Everything that came next will be up to Qin Yuru\'s performance!

There was a huge difference between the plan with Qin Yuru and the one without this person! The reason why her daughter came back to the capital city secretly to meet Qin Yuru, was to confirm whether the plan was able to be implemented.

Madam, I am afraid that it might be difficult! Just imagine, no one can recover from a stiff neck caused by an awkward sleeping posture so fast! Not to mention First Miss Qin\'s injury! Her situation was much worse than just stiffness of the neck! Nanny Sheng thought it was too difficult to take action.

Thus, she withdrew her hands and shook her head.

Madam of Duke Xing paused and looked gloomy.

Is there no way to let her recover Is there no expedient treatment for a stiff neck caused by a wrong sleeping posture

Nanny Sheng frowned at first, but then her eyes suddenly brightened! She answered hurriedly, Madam, there is a way, but it might hurt!

How Madam of Duke Xing seemed delighted.

Old Madam once suffered this problem.

Then Duke Xing invited an old maid to massage Old Madam.

I also wanted to learn this treatment at that time, so later I tried to get on well with her privately.

She did not turn me down, but taught me some skills too.

During our talks, she once told me if someone hopes to look normal or to recover quickly from this condition, the person needs to receive acupuncture!

Nanny Sheng said.

She knew this by accident.

Nanny Sheng just asked about this casually, and the old maid also answered her at leisure.

A stiff neck caused by a bad sleeping posture actually did not matter too much, but it would cause some inconvenience.

If the person who suffered this had to attend a formal occasion, this would make the person look awkward and stupid.

Acupuncture could not help the person recover completely, but could only make the person look normal.

The person would still feel that the neck was stiff.

If the person moved the neck, it would hurt actually.

Anyway, acupuncture could only help the neck not to be twisted, but it would not help the patient to recover from this.

Moreover, if the neck stiffness was very serious, then the acupuncture would have a worse effect on the patient.

The adjustment process for forcing a twisted neck to become a straight but stiff neck would lead to an injury of the tissues, because of the stiffening of the tendons.

Qin Yuru\'s tissues had been injured.

Compared with the neck stiffness caused by a bad sleeping posture, she would be afflicted by this treatment.

She might not be able to move her neck for a very long time later.

When Nanny Sheng explained this to Madam of Duke Xing, the latter quickly nodded in agreement and said, Is that old maid still here Let her treat Qin Yuru with acupuncture!

She did not care about Qin Yuru\' health at all.


I will invite her to come here privately.

However, Qin Yuru\'s expression may not be good, even if her neck looks normal tomorrow. Nanny Sheng hesitated.

The treatment would hurt any ordinary person, not to mention a patient.

Thus, Qin Yuru\'s expression would not be good, because of the pain.

It doesn\'t matter.

I just need her to finish her task successfully tomorrow.

After that, she will have a lot of time to rest.

As for whether the treatment can help her recover completely, it does not matter.

She just hit a carriage, so it is normal for her to look bad. Madam of Duke Xing smiled coldly and sneered.

She has caused so much trouble, and I have to handle these problems for her.

Thus, she has to show her sincerity!

I get it.

Now I am going to arrange for this treatment! Nanny Sheng agreed with Madam of Duke Xing, so she replied immediately.

Nanny Sheng looked down on First Miss Qin who tried to cling on to those rich and famous socialites.

Hold on.

You\'d better inform Duke Yong\'s Mansion that Old Madam will recognize Qin Yuru as her nominal granddaughter tomorrow and let them come over to attend the ceremony.

I get it.

What about Qin\'s Mansion

Old Madam will deal with Qin\'s Mansion on her own.

We don\'t have to interfere in matters related to Qin\'s Mansion! Madam of Duke Xing\'s mouth lifted at the corners.

She would not ask for trouble!

Paving the road She had nothing to do with these things!

If something really happened, she also had nothing to do with it!

Qin Wanru did not know Old Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion had invited Qin Huaiyong.

She just knew she had irritated Old Madam completely and it seemed that Old Madam had considered her as an extremely disgusting girl.

She had achieved her goal!

Since her real identity did have something to do with Duke Xing\'s Mansion and now she was unwilling to live here, Old Madam\'s hatred toward her would play an important role.

The more Old Madam hated her, the more it made sense for her to leave Duke Xing\'s Mansion!

Since her age now was her weakness, she needed an appropriate excuse to leave!

Now she was sitting in a pavilion and looking at Qi Rongzhi who was in front of her, in a gentle way.

Compared with her mild look, Qi Rongzhi looked irritated!

Obviously, Qi Rongzhi was angry and anxious!

As she was wandering around, Qi Rongzhi stopped her by suddenly appearing behind a rockery.

Now they were sitting in a pavilion behind a rockery.

The place was very secluded.

The pavilion was hidden by a rockery and there was a wall on the other side.

They could hear what the others were talking about outside, while those people could not see them.

Qi Rongzhi found a good place.

What does Qin Yuru want Qi Rongzhi felt uneasy.

She asked in a low voice, while she looked pale.

She did not want the others to hear their conversation, while passing through.

Since she knew Qin Yuru had moved into the mansion, she had been uneasy, worried, annoyed and irritated!

The oldest Miss of Duke Xing\'s Mansion. Qin Wanru smiled as her long eyelashes fluttered, which made her shimmery eyes look bright, clean and intriguing.

Qi Rongzhi used to begrudge Qin Wanru\'s beauty when she saw this.

However, today, her attention was not directed toward Qin Wanru and thus, she had no time to focus on Qin Wanru\'s inborn beauty.

Qin Yuru occupied her whole mind.

The only thing she worried about was that Qin Yuru\'s appearance would pose as a threat to her!

How can she become the oldest miss Or does she really treat herself as the daughter of the former Heir of Duke Xing Qi Rongzhi fidgeted.

Qin Wanru had partly disclosed the truth in a covert way, during their talks before.

Why not You don\'t know.

I don\'t know.

Nobody knows! Qin Wanru smiled and said softly.

She looked so serene that she seemed to have nothing to do with this matter.

We don\'t know Qin Yuru must think she is able to lie to everyone! Qi Rongzhi gnashed her teeth.

How could she let Qin Yuru accomplish her goal! She did not want Qin Yuru to share love with her! Of course, there was not only the love, but also the attention of Old Madam and Madam of Duke Xing\'s Mansion!

No, she would not allow Qin Yuru to move into the Duke Xing\'s Mansion!

Jiangzhou is too far! It might be late! Old Madam asked me to invite my father to come.

It seems that she wants to discuss my Big Sister\'s affair with him.

There may be some news tomorrow!

Qin Wanru lowered her head and pulled at her clothes.

Her mouth curved slightly.

What! Now! Qi Rongzhi immediately stood up and circled around the pavilion.

She had thought there might be some time before Qin Yuru was recognized by Duke Xing\'s Mansion! When she heard Qin Wanru\'s words, she also felt that something might happen tomorrow.

She had to stop this!

However, she had not persuaded her brother yet! Her brother would not give her the evidence now! What could she do What could she do

Qi Rongzhi was extremely worried and she was sweating profusely!

First Miss Qi, why are you so anxious Sit down and take a sip of tea.

My big sister will be your sister in the future.

As for the good sisterhood, I remember that you two were on good terms while we were in Jiangzhou, right Qin Wanru checked her clothes and stood up, and seemed as if she was about to leave leisurely.

Since she had nothing to do with this matter, she did not feel anxious at all.

Getting on well with Qin Yuru How dare she Qi Rongzhi sneered.

She now hated Qin Yuru and thought Qin Yuru was there to grab wealth and fame from her!

Why not She has prepared for this for a very long time! Now nobody can prove that she is not the one! Qin Wanru meant it.

Who says no There is! Qi Rongzhi denied angrily.

Even though there is evidence, I am afraid that you cannot get it. Qin Wanru smiled.

She looked much more graceful.

Rolling her shimmery eyes, she said, I am not sure whether you can beat my big sister.

When we were in Jiangzhou, you always lost!

In Jiangzhou, it was believed that Qin Yuru was a perfect lady.

Her status was superior in cities around Jiangzhou.

Even Qi Tianyu had to give in.

If Qi Rongzhi intended to spar with her, Qi Rongzhi would be asked by Qi Tianyu not to confront Qin Yuru each time.

Thus, that was why Qi Rongzhi was always mad at Qin Wanru.

As she thought of this, Qi Rongzhi could not bear it anymore.

She felt there was a blazing fire in her heart.

I will get that! She shouted angrily.

You will get that Or are you going to steal it Qin Wanru looked at her in surprise and appeared to be stunned!

A buzzing sound suddenly appeared in Qi Rongzhi\'s mind.

Her eyes became rounded...

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