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Chapter 410 Qin Huaiyong Took the Field

Qin Yuru didnt expect that Di Yan would break in and even try to drag her out of the room in front of everyone! When she reacted, she found she was dragged to the door by Di Yan.

She quickly grabbed the door frame and cried, “COUSIN, I GOT WRONGED! They thought I attempted to attract Prince Chengs attention but I have been engaged to you! How can, how can I…”

When she finished, she burst into tears.

She looked so pitiful that her words seemed to be true!

“NO, NO! BRING HER BACK!” Old Madam was scared by Di Yans sudden rudeness.

When she realized what happened, she immediately shouted and banged the table heavily.

At the next moment, several servant girls and old maids hurried to grasp Qin Yuru while others tried to pried his hand.

Countess Yong stood up angrily and scolded, “Yaner! WHAT ARE YOU DOING”

Di Yans hands were pried by an old maid.

He stunnedly stared at Qin Yuru who now crumbled down on the ground with tears and then his eyes also got red.

He walked into the room and said to Countess Yong, “Mother, I dont want to marry this mean woman.”

“BANG!” The heavy slap in Di Yans face shocked everyone in the room.

Di Yan looked incredulously at Old Madam who had always loved him the most and tears nearly rolled down his face.

Trying hard to suppress the sorrow, Di Yan asked very slowly, “Grandma, are aunt and this mean woman your only families Are my parents and I not your families”

“What, what are you talking about Your cousin is a victim!” Old Madam was also stunned.

She stared at her hands as her body was trembling.

She had always favored Di Yan.

He was the heir of Duke Yongs Mansion and would inherit the title in the future.

Thus, other grandsons and granddaughters were no match for him.

However, even so, she just slapped her favorite grandson in the face heavily!

“Grandma, why do I have to marry this mean woman How can you not take Duke Yongs Mansions centurial fine reputation into account She has always been evil and vicious and she always attempts to take others down with her! She used to do this and now she still does! I am afraid that people in the capital city will say that she violates the womans virtue because she still tried to seduce Prince Cheng when she has been engaged to me! Grandma, just tell me how can I face people!”

Di Yan said madly.

He knew this matter by accident.

A lady who went to Prince Chengs Mansion fell down so she had to leave in advance.

It was coincidental that her brother went to pick her up.

On their way home, she then told her brother this farce happening in the mansion today.

After he sent his sister home, he quickly informed Di Yan of this matter as he was one of Di Yans friends.

The instant he was told the story, he could not bear it anymore.

He hurried to find his mother out of rage.

However, he was told that his mother had gone to Old Madams room.

When he got here, he found Qin Yuru was with them and even was pretending how innocent she was! In a fury, he broke in and grabbed Qin Yuru out of the room.

“Yaner, it, it is not true!” Old Madam tried her best to calm down.

“What It is real! It is the truth! Grandma, I just leave my words here.

CANCEL THE ENGAGEMENT! I will never marry this woman! If you continue to force me to marry her, I will leave and will never go back!”

Di Yan yelled in a fury with his stiff neck.

When he finished, he turned around and was ready to leave.

“Servant! Catch this unfilial son!” seeing things going wrong, Countess Yong shouted hurriedly.

Several old maids at the entrance immediately stood in front of Di Yan and tried to keep him in the room.

However, this time Di Yan was determined to leave.

He pushed away these old maids heavily while they still grabbed him and didnt let him leave.

The scuffle at the entrance caused more pearls to fall down.

Di Yan stepped in one of those pearls and almost fell over.

This made him much more fierce.

He jerked away an old maids hand and kicked another old maid heavily and was going to rush out of the door.

However, the next moment, he suddenly stopped because he saw Qin Huaiyong outside the room.

When seeing Qin Huaiyongs angry face, Di Yan immediately became resigned.

When he was in Qins Mansion, he had been assigned drills by Qin Huaiyong.

Thus, as he saw Qin Huaiyong, his legs were weak and his anger seemed to fade.

Qin Huaiyong saw him and directly grabbed his collar without any words.

He was dragged into the room and was pushed fiercely forward.

Di Yan stumbled backwards at once and then he bumped heavily on the desk behind.

The great pain made him bend down.

Countess Yong hurried to support him and glared at Qin Huaiyong hatefully.

If she didnt care about her title of a madam of aristocratic family, she would swear at him!

Qin Huaiyong strode into the room.

He first bowed to Old Madam who was sitting in the first seat and then to Countess Yong as he looked livid.

Then he raised his head and said, “Old Madam and Madam please ask your servants to leave.”

It seemed that he intended to discuss something with them.

Old Madam didnt know what to do before so she actually relaxed a bit when seeing Qin Huaiyong.

She quickly waved her hands and, the next moment, her servant girls and old maids all left.

Countess Yong didnt want to agree but seeing her mother-in-law let her servants leave, she also gestured her servants to leave after thinking for a while.

“You two stay outside the room!” Qin Huaiyong snarled at Qin Yuru and Di Yan with a fierce look.

They didnt dare to say anything.

Wiping tears, Qin Yuru stood up and retreated to the door.

Glancing at Di Yan who moved back with her, she called timidly with tears, “Cousin!”

She called him as softly as she treated him carefully when she had been to Duke Yongs Mansion for the first time.

However, this method was useless! Since Di Yan had known what she had done in Prince Chengs Mansion, he now gnashed his teeth with hatred towards her and didnt want to respond to her who tried to be nice.

He snorted, turned around and walked to the yard next to a corridor.

It seemed that he now treated her like trash!

Seeing Di Yan who was leaving her, Qin Yuru became more and more flustered and anxious.

Why did Qin Huaiyong come Did Qin Wanru tell him

“Everything will be fine, right I am his only daughter!”

“But that is not enough! I have to do more! Yes, Duke Xings Mansion! Once Duke Xings Mansion supports me, I will not be discarded by Duke Yongs Mansion even if I do something wrong!”

Shao Jieers words occurred to her.

Gnashing her teeth, she nodded and whispered to Mei Xue secretively.

Then, Mei Xue hurried to leave when hearing her order.

When she was in Duke Yongs Mansion, she had given benefits to one or two servant girls.

It was much easier to let them send messages for her here than in Qins Mansion!

Moreover, she had to go back later.

She could not wait anymore.

She had not determined the date with Shao Jieer but just told her she would inform her of the date when she could go out of Qins Mansion next time! However, she wasnt sure when she would be allowed to leave the mansion again.

Thus, she couldnt wait anymore.

Without Duke Xings Mansion, the situation would definitely get worse!

Besides, when she accomplished this, it could rehabilitate her reputation!

Qin Yuru was immersed in her thought.

Different ideas kept appearing in her mind.

She looked angry, then complacent, and even vicious.

Di Yan who witnessed the process felt more hateful towards Qin Yuru.

He was extremely regretful for his decision that he not only agreed with his grandma to be engaged to Qin Yuru but also persuaded his mother to accept this decision without thinking clearly!

Di Yan now hoped Qin Yuru to die! At least, his reputation would not be affected by her! Leaning his hand against his forehead, he felt his little veins were nearly popping out of his head! No, he couldnt compromise today! He didnt want to marry such an evil woman!

They were thinking respectively, and stood away from each other.

They should have been a couple and should have been intimate with each other.

However, now, they treated each other as their most hateful person.

When they had eye contact, the antipathy towards Qin Yuru in Di Yans eyes was very clear!

Qin Yuru at first looked at him timidly and then her eyes turned to be sharp.

She even raised her head and stared at Di Yan proudly.

If she became the nominal granddaughter of Duke Xings Mansion, Di Yan could not be her only choice! However, in consideration of the current situation, she needed him.

No matter whether he agreed or disagreed, she had to let him accept this engagement with her.

The engagement could not be canceled for the time being!

Finally there came a sound from the room! Qin Huaiyong strode outside and his indifferent gaze fell on Qin Yuru, which made Qin Yuru tremble.

He snorted at Qin Yuru and then he turned to Di Yan and said coldly, “Take me to meet your father!”

“Yes, uncle.” Di Yan now calmed down after tidying up his mood.

Taking a deep breath, he left with Qin Huaiyong.

Countess Yong also walked to the door and stared at Qin Yuru outside through the broken pearl curtain.

She looked at Qin Yuru with disgust and hatred.

However, she tried her best to suppress her anger, lifted up the curtain and gestured peacefully to Qin Yuru who now was standing in the corridor.

“Yuru, come here.

Your grandma has something to tell you!”

Countess Yongs reaction delighted Qin Yuru! She immediately stopped thinking and walked to her obediently.

Then she walked in the main room when following Countess Yong.

In the room, Old Madam was still sitting in the first seat.

When seeing Qin Yuru there, she quickly waved to her.

Qin Yuru came to her hurriedly.

She wanted to kneel down when holding Old Madams hands but Old Madam pulled her heavily.

“Yuru, dont cry.

It is only a rumor.

Your aunt and uncle will not believe it.

Now you just need to stay in your mansion and dont walk outside.

Take good care of your mother.

People have a sense of justice naturally.

Those sayings that you violate the womans virtues are not true!”

“Grandma…” Qin Yuru cried again.

Wiping tears, she turned to Countess Yong gratefully and said, “Aunt!”

“It is fine! Dont worry.

Everything will be fine as long as members of our family dont believe it! You need to take care of yourself and dont leave your mansion!” Countess Yong forced a smile on her face and said.

Qin Yuru kept nodding gratefully.

She was choked by sobbing again, which made Old Madams eyes red.

Reaching out and patting on her head, Old Madam said, “Fine, dont cry.

Since you now are in my mansion, you can leave after the lunch.”

“I promise, grandma! I will always listen to you!” Qin Yuru nodded heavily with her tears rolling down, which made her look more pitiful.

Old Madam suddenly hugged her and also burst into tears, crying, “My poor kid! Everything will be okay! We can get through this!”

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