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Chapter 408 The Rescue Escalated the Matter!

Prince Cheng turned around and looked at Qin Yuru at leisure.

Pretending to be confused by her, who looked close to tears, he stepped backwards and said to Prince Zhou, “Prince Zhou, it is you who asked the little eunuch to inquire about the ladys background.

Is it possible that she lost her earring there”

Prince Cheng didnt intend to get Prince Zhou involved.

However, when Prince Zhou gave him the handkerchief, he took it, which meant he had decided to deal with this matter.

Given the current situation, he had to disclose the truth.

Since he had kept a low profile for these years, he would not allow Qin Yuru, the bad apple, to interfere with his plan when he had to get married.

“I have no idea! She was wandering around to attract your attention, wasnt she You are her target! Besides, I just sent someone to ask about her and I dont know where she dropped her earring!” Stunned by Prince Chengs words, Prince Zhou answered immediately and looked unhappy.

Prince Zhou would not accept this situation when realizing Prince Cheng attempted to shift the blame onto him.

Since Prince Zhou was not married, he would be tarnished by Qin Yuru if he was stuck with her.

Thus, he replied to Prince Cheng in an impatient way.

Their conversation completely exposed what Qin Yuru had done to the crowd.

Seeing these two princes reacted in a way that they were reluctant to be stuck with Qin Yuru, those ladies who had been jealous of her now were gloating and scoffed at her in an undertone with their handkerchiefs covering their faces.

The color went from Qin Yurus face.

She now only felt ashamed and resentful as she didnt expect that it was Prince Cheng who told the truth.

Tears rolled down Qin Yurus face.

She covered her face with her hands and ran out, crying bitterly.

Ruian Great Elder Princess gave a sign to an old maid beside.

Then the old maid nodded and left to chase after Qin Yuru.

After all, since she now was in charge of the reception, she had to prevent Qin Yuru from any accident.

“Mei Xue, take the earring and see how Big Sister is!” Qin Wanru soberly ordered Mei Xue who now froze there.

Things were changing too fast, making Mei Xue unable to respond.

Hearing Qin Wanrus words, she quickly grabbed the earring from the eunuchs hand and went after Qin Yuru when crying “Lady! Lady!”.

“Great Elder Princess, I have to see how Big Sister is doing!” Qin Wanru said to Ruian Great Elder Princess reverently.

In fact, Great Elder Princess didnt want Qin Wanru to leave because she finally was able to see her granddaughter.

However, as regards the current situation, she was clear that Qin Wanru had to do this.

Even though they didnt get on well with each other, she had to comfort Qin Yuru at this time.

“Off you go, Second Miss Qin.

We have prepared rooms for ladies to have a rest in the mansion.

Thus, you can take First Miss Qin there!” answered Ruian Great Elder Princess.

“I sure appreciate, Great Elder Princess!” Qin Wanru bowed sideways to her and then headed in the direction that Qin Yuru left with Yujie hastily.

It was not good for her to stay here.

Since there was a chance for Qin Wanru to get away from the ill-disposed Prince Cheng, it was better to leave as soon as possible.

She didnt want to get involved in this farce of Prince Chengs Mansion!

Qin Yuru had thought she had won Prince Chengs heart and had attracted his attention, but she didnt know that accidentally, her behavior made Prince Cheng and Prince Zhou shift blame onto each other and even disclose what she had done.

Qin Wanru clearly witnessed the whole process that Prince Zhou gave the handkerchief to Prince Cheng and the latter then passed this to the eunuch behind him.

Qin Yuru had believed that she had seduced Prince Cheng but she didnt know that Prince Cheng was not a man who had compassion for womanhood and she didnt anticipate that he would really unmask her.

As regards Prince Zhou who just wanted to see the fun, he had no feeling for Qin Yuru so he directly debunked her!

When Qin Wanru found Qin Yuru, the latter was sitting in a corridor, crying bitterly.

Mei Xue was trying her best to comfort her lady.

Walking unhurriedly towards her, Qin Wanru also took a seat in the corridor.

However, she didnt comfort Qin Yuru but just sat there, half leaned against the railing and began to appreciate the view outside.

Even though there was no good view for her to appreciate because leaves withered and fell, she could have a look at the corridor and the eave at least.

“Qin Wanru, are you satisfied now You have embarrassed me in front of everyone! How, how vicious you are!” Wiping tears, Qin Yuru yelled at Qin Wanru venomously.

“I dont understand,” answered Qin Wanru softly.

She looked back at Qin Yuru and smiled slightly.

“YOU DONT UNDERSTAND How dare you say that Had you not said my earring was lost, Prince Cheng and Prince Zhou would not have humiliated me!” Qin Yuru was totally irritated.

She almost wanted to stand up and slap Qin Wanru in the face.

Mei Xue saw things went wrong.

She quickly grabbed her sleeve and beckoned her not to be impulsive.

“Your earring is lost.

Dont you think you have to find it Or do you think it is okay to leave it in Prince Chengs Mansion” Qin Wanru asked indifferently.

Qin Yuru was so angry that her intense hatred arose in her heart.

She glared at Qin Wanru in a malicious way and shouted, “Qin Wanru, YOU DID IT ON PURPOSE!”

“Your thought, actually is right!” Qin Wanru smiled and lifted her eyebrows.

The next moment, she said coldly, “Or do you want me to get blamed for it”

Qin Yuru didnt expect that Qin Wanru would say these and would be unafraid of her.

She was shamed into anger and just wanted to tear Qin Wanru apart.

Qin Wanru stood up and said with a cold stare, “Lets return home.”

“What do you mean, Qin Wanru”


Do you still think it is proper for you to stay here I suppose youd better figure out how to explain to Duke Yongs Mansion, right” Qin Wanrus answer was undeniable.

There were many ladies in Prince Chengs Mansion and now Qin Yurus plan was uncovered.

Given the fact that Qin Yuru who had engaged to someone tried to seduce Prince Cheng and was rejected by him at last, it would not be just a little thing if Di Yan knew this.

Qin Yuru had only thought about what she should do when she succeeded.

Now since she failed, she finally realized that she didnt know how to explain to Di Yan.

She got flustered.

She didnt dare to seduce Prince Cheng anymore and she also couldnt give up Di Yan now.

She now was unable to focus on the quarrel with Qin Wanru.

She quickly stood up and hurried outside.

After Qin Wanru told something to the old maid who was ordered by Ruian Great Elder Princess to go after Qin Yuru, she then left with Qin Yuru.

When they got on the carriage, Qin Yuru suddenly said, “Go to Duke Yongs Mansion!”

She tried to fix it.

“No, Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion first and then take Big Sister to Duke Yongs Mansion!” Qin Wanru refused impassively because she didnt want to act with Qin Yuru in Duke Yongs Mansion.

Finding Qin Wanru disobeyed her, Qin Yuru glared at Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanru leaned against the carriage at leisure and said calmly.

“Big Sister, I wont go to Duke Yongs Mansion with you.

You can say what you want to say and you can do what you want to do.

Just dont take me down with you.

I dont want to retell the scene.”

If they were in Duke Yongs Mansion, people there would definitely ask Qin Wanru about the event.

Since Qin Yuru now didnt figure out how to lie, she didnt want Qin Wanru to screw up her plan.

“Generals Mansion first!” Qin Yuru said and glared at Qin Wanru viciously.

Then the carriage moved.

When they arrived at Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion, Qin Wanru got off.

Qin Yuru immediately asked the coachman to turn around and ran towards Duke Yongs Mansion.

She was so flustered that she was not in the mood to have a quarrel with Qin Wanru.

She must explain the whole thing before the matter came out from Prince Chengs Mansion.

Qin Wanru stood at the main gate and watched Qin Yurus carriage leaving.

Her eyes looked deep.

This time, Qin Yuru was really scared!

Good, very good.

The more scared she was, the more things she wanted to do!

Nominal daughter Nominal granddaughter So what Frankly, she was not the biological one!

It seemed that the title of nominal daughter or granddaughter was not Qin Yuru really wanted!

Fine, she didnt like it either.

What Duke Xings Mansion owed her was not only the title of the so-called nominal daughter or granddaughter…

When Qin Wanru walked into the mansion, she first went to greet Madam Dowager.

Not expecting Qin Wanru would come back at this time, Madam Dowager was stunned and then quickly asked Qin Wanru to come in her room.

When getting into the room, Qin Wanru was surprised to see Qin Huaiyong was here.

Then she hurried to bow to Madam Dowager and Qin Huaiyong.

“You should be in Prince Chengs Mansion with your sister, right” asked Madam Dowager in surprise.

“Something just went wrong so Big Sister now is going to Duke Yongs Mansion!” answered Qin Wanru vaguely.

“What” astounded, Madam Dowager worried about Qin Yuru for there were too many bad things that happened to her.

This time Qin Wanru didnt hide the truth and retold them what had happened in Prince Chengs Mansion.

As soon as she finished, Qin Huaiyong was extremely angry.

He banged the table heavily and strode angrily towards the door.

“Grandma, father, he, what” Qin Wanru was scared by Qin Huaiyongs reaction.

She murmured and watched in the direction Qin Huaiyong left.

“How evil! How evil!” Madam Dowager looked pale.

Her intense anger almost made her unable to breathe! She had never heard about this kind of thing in her life! She had never expected that Qin Yuru would do this thing! She picked Di Yan from countless choices after comparison! However, Qin Yuru now took a fancy to another man! She even fancied Prince Cheng!

It was reasonable for Duke Yongs Mansion to cancel the engagement with them since what Qin Yuru had done was disclosed in public!

“What should we do now, Grandma” Qin Wanru came to her, patted on Madam Dowagers back slightly to help her breathe smoothly and said.

“It depends on Duke Yongs Mansion.

If they insist on canceling the engagement, then just let them do it.” Madam Dowager sighed deeply and said helplessly.

“Will Duke Yongs Mansion really cancel the engagement It is Madam Dis maternal family!”

“Even if Duke Yongs Mansion is able to tolerate this kind of thing, Childe Di cannot do that! Your father now must be on the way to Duke Yongs Mansion.

Lets wait for the result.”

Madam Dowager answered helplessly.

She had never known a person could be so unashamed and could do this kind of thing in her life.

However, now Qin Yuru made it.

What could she say Besides, Qin Yuru was a family member of Qins Mansion!

Now they had to wait here but Duke Yongs Mansion now was totally in a mess!

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