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The little eunuch was the one who served Prince Cheng!

“Prince Cheng!” Qin Yuru raised her head and stared at Prince Chen piteously.

She answered as her face looked slightly red, “Duke Yongs Mansion is merely my maternal family!”

Although she answered vaguely, the true meaning hid in her words was very clear.

Everyone there immediately understood what she meant!

Staring at Qin Yuru, Qin Wanru smiled as brightly and elegantly as a blooming ice flower among the crowd.

It was obvious that Qin Yuru was dissatisfied with Di Yan so she intended to marry up!

How dare she say these words Her answer indicated that Prince Cheng misunderstood her! According to her words, even though she had something to do with Duke Yongs Mansion, it was because the latter was her maternal family and she didnt engage to the heir of Duke Yongs Mansion just as the rumor said.

Prince Cheng frowned tightly and his gaze fell on Qin Yuru.

He knew what Qin Yuru meant.

However, had Qin Yuru not been so notorious, he could have agreed to let her be one of his concubines not only because it would not matter too much to accept one more woman in his inner courtyard when he had to choose his consort, but also because she had Qin Huaiyong support her.

However, how could this woman be so notorious!

Besides, she sometimes did act in a rakish manner.

Prince Zhou also got the point and burst into laughter.

He said, “Uncle, why not accept her since First Miss Qin is so…”

Deliberately, he stopped and didnt finish his words.

He even blinked at Prince Cheng amusedly, leaving everyone there thinking boundlessly.

Many ladies there glared at Qin Yuru out of envy, inwardly cursing Qin Yuru for her rascal behaviors.

Although they didnt know what Qin Yuru had done, it seemed obvious that there was something between them.

“Qin Yuru doesnt engage to anybody It is known that she has engaged to the heir of Duke Yong, isnt it” A lady pretended to whisper to people next to her because she could not bear it anymore.

“I suppose she does engage to someone.

When Ning Caixians event occurred, it is said that she has engagement with others!”

“It seems that Duke Yongs Mansion has even sent presents to them!” Some ladies who were angry began to discuss and completely ignored Qin Yuru whose face turned scarlet and then white.

Qin Yuru thought in her heart hatefully that how they could come here so fast which made her unable to deal with this situation now! However, even so, she knew she had to stop their discussion.

Thus, she raised her head and looked over the crowd.

Suddenly, her eyes twinkled.

She raised her voice and said to Qin Wanru who now stood behind the crowd, “Second sister.”

Ruian Great Elder Princess immediately looked dark.

Qin Wanru had tried to avoid being involved in this drama, but since now Qin Yuru attempted to take her down with her, Qin Wanru then decided not to hide.

Qin Wanru stepped forward from the crowd and answered generously, “Big sister!”

Qin Wanru answered in a manner that she was not intimate with Qin Yuru but she also was not cold with her.

Even though she was young, she acted at leisure.

Prince Cheng noticed her.

Watching her slender figure, he frowned.

The reason why he would pay attention to her was that the injunction master once told him that Second Miss Qin was a good choice for him to select her as his concubine.

However, the girl who stood in front of him was too young.

Even though she did look pretty, he had no feelings for her.

Moreover, he had never taken time to deliberate these stuff.

“Where have you been Why did you disappear halfway suddenly I even got lost when trying to look for you! I just dont know why I would be here and even offended Prince Cheng,” said Qin Yuru softly.

The moment she saw Qin Wanru she knew she had a perfect excuse now.

“I was walking behind and following you.

Then when I found you not here, I just thought you would be in the Flower Hall.

Thus I went there with other ladies, but it turned out that you were not there!” answered Qin Wanru simply.

In her eyes half-covered by her long eyelashes, there was a trace of indifference.

It seemed that they didnt get on well with each other!

Qin sisters should arrive at Prince Chengs Mansion together.

However, the elder one rushed forward so hurriedly that she got rid of the younger one who was following her.

Later, the younger one went to the Flower Hall by following other ladies while the elder one disappeared mysteriously.

Now the elder one began to claim that she was to look for her young sister!

There were many ladies heading for the Flower Hall.

If she did turn back to find her sister, she should be on that road and it would be impossible for her to wander here.

“Since Second Miss Qin who should have been walking behind you disappeared, you should have looked for her on the same way but not on another way beside, right” Ruian Great Elder Princess asked, smiling slightly.

Ruian Great Elder Princess understood that Qin Yuru was trying to take Qin Wanru down with her.

Given that Qin Yuru dared to do this even in front of her, it seemed that she had done the same thing to Qin Wanru in Qins Mansion for many times.

When Ruian Great Elder Princess thought her granddaughter who had no parent had always been treated unfairly in this way, a hint of hatred flashed upon her eyes.

“I, I did get lost!” If it were Qin Wanru who argued, Qin Yuru would know how to answer her.

However, since it was Great Elder Princess who asked, in a straightforward way, Qin Yuru suddenly was afraid to answer.

She looked up and stared at Prince Cheng who stood beside, asking him for help with her watery eyes.

“Big Sister Why is there only one earring Do you drop it somewhere” before Prince Cheng spoke, Qin Wanru asked when she fixed her eyes on Qin Yurus earlobe on which there should have been an earring hanging.

“I, I might lose it somewhere!” explained Qin Yuru nervously, since she didnt expect Qin Wanru would notice the detail.

“Then let me look for it with you!” Qin Wanru looked back at her and suggested.

It was known that earring was the personal item of a lady of aristocratic family, so this type of thing should be kept carefully.

If a man had it, then the ladys reputation and her moral integrity would be ruined completely!

Qin Wanru answered in a very decent way.

Even though she didnt show her affection for Qin Yuru, she seemed to pay attention to this matter.

Some sober and mature ladies kept nodding in agreement.

In this case, the very first thing they should do was find the earring.

Otherwise, things could really go wrong!

Confusedly, Prince Zhou looked at Qin Yuru and then looked back at the little eunuch who he sent to contact Qin Yuru.

His eunuch should be the only one who was in touch with her.

The little eunuch blinked at him and took out the handkerchief on which there was a slightly bulged part.

Even though it was not conspicuous, Prince Zhou noticed the detail.

The handkerchief was the spare one he asked the eunuch to keep.

Reaching out, he took the folded handkerchief and felt something was inside.

It should be a round and long stuff.

Then when he watched Qin Yurus another earring, his look changed slightly.

“First Miss Qin audaciously wrapped her earring with the handkerchief herself at that time and tried to give me No, no.

She must have thought my eunuch is the one who serves Prince Cheng and that is why she tried to send her personal item to him as a token privately!”

Realizing this point, Prince Zhou calmed down.

There were many pretty ladies and he didnt want this one in front of him at all.

If he were haunted by her, it would be a total disaster.

“Uncle, have a look!” Prince Zhou walked to Prince Cheng with a bright smile and gave the handkerchief in which there was the earring to him.

Prince Cheng took the handkerchief involuntarily.

When he realized what the thing was, his face changed.

He quickly realized how it all happened.

There was nothing but only deep disgust in his eyes.

“How dare she slip her earring to Chu Liuzhous eunuch! She must think that he is my eunuch and must attempt to socialize with me in privacy!”

He wanted nothing to do with this notorious First Miss Qin!

“Servants! Help First Miss Qin find her earring!” Prince Cheng passed this handkerchief to Xiqi who stood behind him impassively.

When Xiqi took it, he looked stunned when lightly pinching the handkerchief.

He immediately understood what it was, but he didnt know his masters meaning.

Prince Cheng took a sideways glance at Qin Yuru and shook his head.

Xiqi quickly understood and then asked some little eunuch to find the earring on the way she came.

“Big Sister, where have you been Lets go there and have a look!” Qin Wanru had noticed what happened between the two princes, but she just pretended to see nothing and said to Qin Yuru.

“Ah, yeah, good.

That way!” when realizing she had to lead the way, Qin Yuru was flustered and casually pointed in a direction.

She wanted to use the earring as an excuse for her to meet Prince Cheng privately or a proper reason for her to see Prince Cheng.

She believed that Prince Cheng would fall in love with her if they had a nice conversation.

However, she never expected things would become like this!

Qin Yuru had tried to use Qin Wanru, the mean girl to divert others attention but everything just went out of control.

Gnashing her teeth secretively, she then pointed in a direction reluctantly.

Everyone felt suspicious as Qin Yuru was pointing in the direction where the two princes came.

Obviously, she did intend to seduce Prince Cheng.

“Ask more people to find the earring!” Ruian Great Elder Princess ordered the old maid beside.

Then this old maid quickly left with several old maids and servant girls.

“Big Sister, lets find it on our own!” seeing Qin Yuru didnt move, Qin Wanru said and smiled.

“Okay, lets do this!” Qin Yuru could do nothing but answer her now.

“I find it! I find it!” Someone shouted! Qin Yuru felt her heart throbbing quickly and looked at Prince Cheng involuntarily.

When she found him standing there impassively and looked at the eunuch who was running towards them, she was flustered and felt something was wrong.

The eunuch who held the earring stopped in front of them and panted heavily.

He said to Prince Cheng, “Your Highness, I find the earring! It is under the tree!”

The little eunuch pointed at a tree at random.

Qin Yurus countenance looked rigid.

She bit her lips lightly and almost fell down.

She had tried her best to send her earring to Prince Cheng! Or did Prince Cheng not want her earring and that was why he intended to return her the earring in this way Then why did he let the little eunuch show that he had paid attention to her before

Raising her head, she looked at Prince Cheng with tears in her eyes.

She was so sad that she looked almost fainted.

Nobody would not doubt the truth behind the earring, the truth related to Prince Cheng and Qin Yuru.

The noisy crowd suddenly became silent because of Qin Yurus reaction.

Their gaze which was on Qin Yurus face quickly shifted to Prince Cheng.

They were waiting for Prince Chengs explanation!

Nobody would believe nothing had happened between them given this situation…

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