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Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Chu Liuchen smiled slightly and said, “Uncle, do you have a jade like this This was what Imperial Grandmother awarded to Uncle just now.

I forgot to give it to you! If Imperial Grandmother knows that I have done this wrong, she will probably punish me!”

Prince Cheng pouted slightly with a frozen smile.

“So is this jade supposed to be mine It is my jade that has fallen down.

No wonder he looks so carefree.”

No one would believe the so-called punishment!

Everyone knew how much Empress Dowager valued him.

She would not punish him just because of a small jade.

“Third brother, Imperial Grandmother has also given Uncle another jade before, but where does this one come from” Prince Zhou sourly said on the side.

He had known nothing about this jade.

He only saw Chu Liuchen playing with it in his hand all the way and thought that he might have found it somewhere else and might just play with it casually.

He did not expect that it was given by Imperial Grandmother, which made him not balanced in his heart.

Actually, he was the most distinguished grandson of Imperial Grandmother.

Why would such a sick boy be treated highly He felt aggrieved in his heart but did not show this on his face.

He glanced at Prince Cheng, who seemed to be even more depressed than he was, so he immediately became delighted.

Compared with Prince Cheng who had seen his jade broken, his experiences were much better.

“Imperial Grandmother says that this jade will be given to the girl that Uncle chooses, but now…” Chu Liuchen shook his hand innocently and looked at Prince Cheng sincerely.

“Uncle, if there is a jade similar to this, you can use that piece first.

After I get home, I will send a few pieces of jade to Uncle as compensation!”

“Compensation Is the jade that Empress Dowager awards compensable

Prince Chengs hands trembled.

Even though he had believed in Buddhism and cultivated self-control for many years, the blue veins could not help but stand out on his temples.

He finally managed to suppress his anger and asked someone to clean up the broken pieces.

“Two nephews, are you going to accompany me to meet and choose some girls”

Prince Cheng was also annoyed.

He might as well not bring up this matter so as not to make himself angry when thinking about it.

“I dare not say that I will accompany you to choose.

However, since I have nothing to do now, I can help Uncle to meet and choose beautiful girls!” Prince Zhou said with a smile.

He also saw that Prince Cheng was so angry that he stopped talking about the jade.

Wherever this patient went, he would give offense to someone.

Even Uncle, who lived a quiet life of inaction, was been irritated to such a degree.

In the past, only his brothers had been irritated, but now it was found that even Prince Cheng, who belonged to the elder generation, was speechless with anger.

Thinking of this, Prince Zhou figured it out and was in a good mood.

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Before he came, his mother asked him to keep an eye on Prince Cheng and see the Misses of which families he would choose.

It was difficult for Prince Cheng to reject Prince Zhous idea.

Then he looked at Chu Liuchen and wanted to ask for his opinion!

“Uncle, do you have a place to rest After resting for a while, I will go to see how Uncle chooses beauties!” Chu Liuchen stretched out his hand and clenched it into a fist at the corner of his mouth to cough quietly and then said slowly.

Did he mean that he would come back after taking a break at half time

Prince Cheng was really speechless, but he also knew that one of them was sent by Empress Dowager, and the other was by Empress.

So they would not leave easily.

He immediately asked someone to take Chu Liuchen to rest.

After being interrupted by them, Prince Cheng was not in the mood to further talk about the previous topic, and his eyes fell on the names on the paper that Empress Dowager had given him.

Since it was inevitable for him to choose one wife from these girls, he would naturally choose one whom he was more satisfied with.

“Uncle, which one do you prefer” Prince Zhou also became interested and leaned over.

He shouldered the responsibility of asking for some information, so he certainly wanted to hear Prince Chengs opinion.

Prince Cheng was speechless for a moment and he slowly slid his fingers across these names.

It was obvious that he could not make up his mind now.

“Uncle, look, Ive heard that this Miss is very beautiful.

How about choosing her” Prince Zhou enthusiastically pointed out the name of a Miss.

This Miss had a good relationship with Empress family.

“If Prince Cheng can marry this Miss, he will have a closer relationship with me…” thought Prince Zhou.

The place where Chu Liuchen rested was also a pavilion in the garden, which was not far from the one where Prince Cheng was.

This pavilion was not as high as the previous one, but when he sat in front of the window, he could still see most of the scenery in the garden.

From time to time, several young Misses passed by under the pavilion with laughter.

“Your Highness, what do you think of this place” Xiqi asked respectfully.

Xiao Xuanzi loosened the back of the wheelchair, stood up, and turned around with picky eyes.

Looking around, he reluctantly nodded and said, “Just rest here!”

After that, he waved his hand and said, “Report back to your Prince that he does not need to arrange people for our Prince, lest there be some misunderstandings and inconveniences for you!”

Chu Liuchen had brought a few guards with him.

After so many assassinations had happened, no matter which prince went out, he would bring a few accompanying guards with him.

“Yes, yes, I will report to our Prince right now!” Xiqi nodded repeatedly and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He was afraid that Xiao Xuanzi would ask for some guards from him.

If Prince Chen had an accident under the protection of the guards of Prince Chengs Mansion, then his master Prince Cheng would definitely be blamed.

Different from other princes, Prince Chen was likely to have an accident, which could easily be known from his weak condition.

No one knew whether he would suddenly crash.

At that time, both Emperor and Empress Dowager would have vented their anger on his master Prince Cheng.

At present, it was the best to not use the guards of Prince Chengs Mansion.

Xiqi even felt that the guards in their mansion should stay away from Prince Chen.

Even if something happened to Prince Chen later, it would be his own guards business, and have nothing to do with Prince Chengs Mansion.

After bowing to Chu Liuchen again, Xiqi retreated downstairs, and he nodded and waved to a dark corner.

Immediately, a guard came out from a dark place on the roadside and Xiqi said, “Do not keep an eye on here.

Prince Chen is now resting inside and his guards are here.

It may cause inconvenience if we offend them!”

Xiqi pointed at several guards who were standing downstairs and said.

He did not want Prince Chen to mistakenly think that he was under Prince Chengs surveillance.

A few guards heard the noise and they all turned their eyes here.

Those cold eyes fell on Xiqi, which made him unconsciously tremble with fear.

He gave a command to the guards of their own mansion and left in a hurry.

His master also wanted to keep a distance from this unlucky Prince Chen.

In terms of this matter, it could be said that it was Prince Chen who caused such a big commotion.

If it had not been for Prince Chens disturbance and that he had passed out, his master Prince Cheng would not have appeared in public and been caught in others sight, and he would not have been forced to marry an unsuitable wife.

Every time he thought of this, he would beat his chest and stamp his feet for his master.

It had happened suddenly at that time.

In order not to attract others attention, his master had deliberately led people to Prince Chens side.

Unexpectedly, Prince Chen had not acted as a shield, but had let his master expose himself in front of everyone.

After living in seclusion for so many years, he had gradually faded out of everyones sight.

However, because of a sudden assassination, his master was targeted by someone, and even Emperor and Empress Dowager paid attention to him.

It could be said that this was all because of this unlucky Prince Chen.

If any other prince had been present at that time, it would not be possible to end up like this.

Of course, there was still a questionable point in this matter.

This Prince Chen looked so ill, but at that time he had been holding a girl in his arms, right Who was she When had Prince Chen had a girl he liked

As for this point, neither Prince Cheng nor Xiqi could figure it out.

Moreover, under that circumstance, Prince Cheng had not dared to keep many watches on Chu Liuchen, so he had only seen that person leave and disappear in the end.

Was that a real person or a fake one A man or a woman Young or old Everything was confusing.

Xiqi dared not to say that the one at that time must be a young Miss from an aristocratic family.

Perhaps a prostitute in a brothel If she was a prostitute in a brothel, then she was most likely to be a young girl that made a living only as a performer.

Of course, these were all his master Prince Chengs guess.

Xiqi thought that such a sick Prince still thought of beauties, so there was no need to worry about him, even if he might be healthy now.

Maybe it was because he indulged in womanizing that he became sick and weak.

It was said that Prince Chen stayed away from womanizing.

He had thrown out all the sex-educating maids from the palace and even killed them.

Perhaps this rumor had been exaggerated.

His master looked down on Prince Chen even more.

He was just a sick and weak playboy who took advantage of Empress Dowagers power.

It would be better to stay away from him than to deal with him!

So as to avoid his bad luck spreading to his master.

Chu Liuchen sat in the wheelchair and he slowly patted his armrest after he saw Xiqi leaving.

“Master!” Xiao Xuanzi rushed over.

“Bring that girl here!” Chu Liuchen said calmly, with his eyes slightly closed and his head leaning back.

“This is Prince Chengs Mansion.

Master, arent you afraid that Prince Cheng will know this” Xiao Xuanzi asked worriedly.

Although he had seen that Xiqi had asked guards to leave, it was not sure whether there was someone else here.

After all, this was Prince Chengs Mansion, and they were not as familiar with the terrain here as those of Prince Chengs Mansion.

Chu Liuchen closed his eyes slightly and snorted.

“How dare she come here at such time! Since she has already come here, why should she care about where she goes”

“Master, I am afraid that Second Miss must come here! The invitation cards have been sent from Prince Chengs Mansion and I have also heard that they cannot simply refuse to come this time.

The two Misses of Qins Mansion all meet the requirement, so they have to come here!”

Xiao Xuanzi explained for Qin Wanru with a smile.

“Meet the requirement She is really suitable.

Prince Cheng wants to choose some young girls now, so she is a suitable one!” Chu Liuchen opened his eyes slightly, which shone brightly.

Xiao Xuanzi knew that his master was in a bad mood now, so he said with a smile.

“Go to inform Ruian Great Elder Princess that Prince Cheng may choose some young Misses.

Even if he does not get married now, he can still keep them as a backup.

Let Great Elder Princess pay attention to this!”

Chu Liuchen snorted and did not want to say any more about this.

“Yes, I will go to inform Ruian Great Elder Princess in a while.

What about Second Miss Qin” Xiao Xuanzi nodded and bowed.

“Ask her to be more cautious, lest she should happen to be chosen by Prince Cheng.

This Uncle finally agrees to get married, so Imperial Grandmother and Emperor Uncle are tolerant of his choices.

Whoever carelessly comes into sight at this time may be chosen by Prince Cheng.” Chu Liuchen said slowly.

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