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What do you mean by what to do Qi Rongzhi that vixen had scalded Yu Ru, what else can we do Well go report it to the General later and make the Qi Magistrate give us an explanation.

Last time Yu Ru and Qi Tianyu caused such a big scene, the General felt that it is us who have wronged Qi Magistrate.

But this time around, this time they\'re in the wrong!”

While walking, Madam Di scowled between gritted teeth.

Madam, are you saying that we should use this incident to make up for the previous one Servant Chou took two quick steps and caught up with her and asked in a lowered voice.

Madam Di\'s heart faltered.

She stood rooted to the ground and her eyes lit up.

“Yes, that\'s exactly what we\'re going to do.

If they still want to tarnish Qi Rongzhi\'s reputation, then they must acknowledge what Yu Ru did in the past.

Otherwise, they can forget about it! Qi Rongzhi is so evil-hearted, she could even destroy one\'s face just because of her wishful thinking! If this gets out, who would dare to marry her!

“So Madam is saying that we should discuss with the Madam of Magistrate Qi first Servant Chou caught up with her trend of thoughts.

“Yes, we must have a good talk about it, but we shouldnt hurry, we can leave them hanging for a while, this time around, theyre the ones who are panicking!” Madam Di started walking again and her face was plastered with a sinister smile.

Her daughters reputation had been completely tarnished.

Jing capital was far from where they were.

Although news of the incident might not reach there, it would be good if Magistrate Qi could change their words.

She initially wanted Qin Wanru to be the scapegoat, but seeing how the situation was turning out, she could only think of other ways for her to inevitably held responsible for it.

Since Qi Rongzhi wanted to budge in, then she better not think about running away

Although Madam Li was also a very direct person, both families wanted something.

Isnt it better for them to have a good discussion and push everything to others and save their daughters from their miseries By then, not only Qin Wanru, even Shui Ruolan might lose her reputation because of this incident.

Thinking about this, a satisfied smile formed on Madam Dis face.

At this moment, she have to quickly write to Jing capital to ask for help.

It isnt a bad thing if she could make Yu Ru suffer a bit silently and push the responsibility of the incident of losing reputation to Qin Wanru and Shui Ruolan.

Madam Di believed that her own family in the capital would have good ointment given by the palace.

Qin Yurus injury would get better!

Qin Wanru did not return to her own house.

She sat on the swing that she always went to.

She bit gently into her bottom red cherry lip and her body swayed along with the swing.

She was absent-minded and frowned while being deep in thoughts.

Madam Di had always been cunning and full of tricks.

If Qin Wanru was not careful, she may XXX.

Some things cannot be calculated alone, she needed someone to cooperate with her.

Hence, at this moment, she need to find someone to cooperate with her to solve her problem.

And she had to find this person from Qi Magistrate.

As for Qi Rongzhis side, she need to make them bring the issue out, in case Madam Xi use this incident to come to a consensus with Madam Li and eventually push all the blame to others.

These two women, one was cunning and evil, one was direct and had a black heart.

If they were to come together and plan something, Qin Wanru would definitely be used as a shield for themselves.

It looked like Qin Wanru had to make Yu Feng find Qi Baiyu to raise the matter in the magistrate.

She planned out the whole thing in her mind.

She let go of the swing in her hand and stood up.

Suddenly, a soft voice whispered by her ear, “Qin Wanru, Qin Wanru!”

This voice was extremely familiar.

Her heart shriveled and she looked up immediately.

She came face to face with a youngster squatting on the wall opposite of her.

Her eyes glistened as she stared at him; it was the person whom she was going to look for - Qi Baiyu.

“Brother Bai Yu!” Qin Wanru jumped off the swing and ran to the wall immediately.

She looked up and smiled at the young man lying on the top of the wall.

The young man hugged the tree beside him as he squatted on top of the wall.

His round eyes looked very well-spirited and a smile was plastered on his face.

He had a pair of light dimples that made his smile look clean and warm.

He also had the of fresh spirit of a youth and looked really handsome.

Spotting Qin Wanru below the wall, he smiled and waved at her.

Qin Wanru looked around her and found two rectangle cardboard boxes piled up at a corner.

She quickly carried them over.

Luckily, they were empty, so they were not too heavy for her.

She carried them to where Qi Baiyu was squatting.

Placing one above the other, she started to climb up while trembling a little.

“Qin Wanru, be careful!” Seeing her climb up so wobbly, the young man lost his smile and reminded her nervously.

The cardboard boxes did not look stable and were swaying a little.

He was really worried that she would fall over.

He stretched out his hand to pull her up in case she falls over before she could even stand up.

“Im fine!” Qin Wanru climbed up carefully and gradually stood up.

She pulled his hand her body swayed a little and she was so scared her face turned as white as snow immediately .

She quickly flung herself to the wall and did not bulge an inch.

“Qin Wanru, are you alright” He felt a movement on his hand and his face turned white too.

He quickly pulled her up and asked nervously.


Im fine!” Qin Wanru tried to focus and Looking up at the sunshine boy, she asked him softly, “Brother Bai Yu, why are you here What a coincidence!”

She was just about to get someone to find him and he appeared.

This was an coincidence!

“When the one at home cried and said that she wants to come back, I knew that something had happened, so I can over to take a look.

How is it Are you alright” Qi Baiyu pulled her hand and only smiled when he saw that she was not swaying anymore.

“They didnt say anything when they went back” Qin Wanru was anxious to find out about Qi Rongzhi and her mother.

“Of course they did! Chun Yi was beaten up and a few servants were sold.

It was quite a chaos.

Qi Rongs side was a total mess and my big brother is still defending your big sister.

He said that Qi Rongzhi was too demanding, but Qi Rongzhis face was already swollen from being hit by Qin Yuru, how is she supposed to let it pass so easily The two had a big fight!”

Qi Baiyu acquired a grass out of nowhere and causally put it on his mouth.

The sunshine boy now looked more cool.

“Even until this point Qi Tianyu still thinks that Qin Yuru had been set up.

Shes really capable!” Qin Wanru snorted and a tint of hostility flashed across her eyes.

It was like this the last time too, no matter how much she explained, Qi Baiyu would only believe that Qin Yuru caused her potential marriage with Qi Tianyu to fall apart.

Qi Baiyu believed that she wanted Qi Tianyu to watch his most beloved woman marry someone else.

Hence, he was cry against her.

Even when she was already in a terrible state during them and evidence had been found, it was as if Qi Tianyus was blindfolded, he would not believe Qi Baiyu.

He tortured himself like Qin Yuru and even almost tarnished his own innocence.

“Can we make the two of them blow this up It had already blown up, but we need more people to know!” Qin Wanru gritted against the pearly-white teeth.

“It had already blown up” Qi Baiyu raised his brows.

“Yes, blow it up, until it cannot be turned around, until the two families will never reconcile again,” Qin Wanru nodded and said softly.

So what if Qi Tianyu still believed in Qin Yuru He was alone in this stance.

Now that he had yet to gain influence, his voice was nothing.

“Okay, just nice we have some guests at our magistrate today.

Mother had originally invited many people over to talk about something,” Qi Baiyu nodded and said.

“To talk about what” Qin Wanrus heart moved.

“About big brother.

Initially, big brother thought that the Big Miss in your family had been wronged, so he pleaded Mother to invite some family members to talk about it, to talk about how there might be people in your magistrate that had set her up.

But Qi Rongzhi had ruined the plan!”

Qi Baiyu snorted.


“Then help me to stir this up! Let everyone in your family know! Lets see if the two families can ever reconcile!” Qin Wanru blinked her quick-witted eyes and said.

“Okay, then Ill head back first!” Qi Baiyu nodded.

He let go of his hand and was going to jump down the wall while holding onto the tree when he suddenly paused and said, “You should go down first, Ill watch you go!”

“Im fine, you go!” Qin Wanru shook her head.

She was afraid that things would not happen on time as planned.

It was better to get things done as soon as possible.

Seeing the rush in her eyes, Qi Baiyu helplessly stretched out his hand and touched her head.

“Okay! Then be careful when you go down, dont fall over!”

As compared to the arrogant and dominant Qi Rongzhi, Qi Baiyu has always thought that a younger sister should be like Qin Wanru, soft and cute.

In the past, when the two families came together, Baiyu was more willing to play with Qin Wanru.

She would not look down on his identity as a commoner son of a royalty, nor would she be so spoilt to destroy everything and push the blame to others.

She would also not vent her slight anger on others.

“I will be careful, head on back!” Qin Wanru retrieved her hand from his and carefully squatted down while looking up and shaking her head.

“Go quickly, dont be too late, the people in your house are heading back!”

“Okay, then Ill go first!” When she squatted down, Qin Baiyu saw that the cardboard box only swayed a little, they looked quite sturdy, so he was rest assured.

After bidding goodbye to her, he held onto the branch of the tree and slid off the wall swiftly and landed at the foot of tree.

In the past when he secretly came to play with Qin Wanru, he often climbed this tree.

He was highly experienced.

After getting off the tree, Qi Baiyu turned and ran indoors immediately.

Qi Rongzhi was making a fuss at this moment, all he needed to do was to stir up the issue and let it blow up.

Now that there were so many people at the meeting, it was perfect timing.

Hearing the footsteps from outside disappear, Qin Wanru finally let down her heart.

Qi Baiyu has always been smart.

He had no difficulties with things like this.

She believed that soon she would be able to hear news from the chaos in Magistrate Qi.

This time around, both families could not even maintain a superficial relationship.

She wanted to break the hand that helped Qin Yuru in her evil doings.

She carefully stuck her foot out and tapped a few times before she finally stepped onto the edge of a box.

She tiptoed a few times and felt that the base is solid, so she stuck out another foot.

When she went up, she was driven by her motivation to talk to Qi Baiyu and she was not scared.

Now, the cardboard box swayed twice and she started to fear.

She bit onto her lip and froze.

After regaining her stance, she tried to stick out her foot and find a landing spot.

This time around, the firm base is the ground.

Qin Wanru, you\'re so brave, secretly dating in the back garden!” A dark and sinister voice sounded right by her ear.

Qin Wanru panicked and lost control of her feet.

She did not know what she was stepping on and her body slipped towards the side.

She tried to grab hold of the corners of the box but she had lost control from the fall.

Her whole person fell over to the side with the box in her hand...


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