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Chapter 397 Anxious and Annoyed Qin Yuru

When the carriage passed the shop, Qin Wanru looked serious.

She should have seen this man in her last life for many times.

When his figure flashed in front of her, even though it was only a vague profile, she felt quite familiar with him.

However, she could remember nothing when she tried her best to search for information about this man in her mind.

“Miss, Miss” Yujies voice brought her back.

“What” She tilted her head to look at Yujie and asked.

“Miss, why are they still interrogating” Yujie asked as she pointed at several soldiers in surprise.

The carriage was running forward when some soldiers appeared in front of them.

Then it stopped quickly.

“What is going on” Qin Yuru opened her eyes and asked.

Mei Xue lifted the curtain and checked.

She answered, “Miss, the road is blocked.

There are many other carriages in front of us.”

“Get down and see what is going on.” Thinking for a while, Qin Wanru ordered Yujie.

Yujie nodded and got down the carriage immediately.

Later, she came back.

“Miss, the road is blocked.

It is said that these soldiers are looking for an assassin along this road to Prince Chengs Mansion.

Since there are many ladies who are to attend the consort selection held by Prince Chengs Mansion, every carriage has to be checked.

We cannot move until we finish the interrogation!” answered Yujie.

Frowned, Qin Wanru asked, “Until the interrogation is finished Are there many carriages”


I took a glance at the troops.

Those carriages follow one after another and I can see nothing but only carriages.”

Yujie replied.

“What I am afraid we will arrive at Prince Chengs Mansion at lunch time given this situation!” Qin Yuru said with a gloomy look.

How could she let go of this hard-won opportunity easily when she was finally released

She even did her best to restrain herself from arguing with Qin Wanru when thinking how precious this opportunity was!

Nanny Huangs words sounded in her ears.

Today she particularly wouldnt let the chance just slip away for she came prepared!

Qin Wanru didnt respond to Qin Yurus bad tone.

She just lowered her head and began to think.

For a few moments, she said to Yujie, “Then we will just wait!”

Then she leaned against the carriage.

With her long eyelashes lowering to cover her eyes, it seemed that she was also to have a rest!

“How can we just wait Till when” Qin Yuru kicked Qin Wanru heavily with her outstretched leg.

“What do you mean” Withdrawing her legs, Qin Wanru half opened her eyes and asked casually.

“Send your servant girl to check around and to see if there is any other way! We cant arrive at the Prince Chengs Mansion until the banquet begins!”

Qin Yuru shouted angrily at her.

Nanny Huang had told her it would be late when the banquet began!

“If you cant wait, you can send Mei Xue to ask around.

As for the shortcut…” Qin Wanru squinted slightly as a trace of sarcasm appeared in her eyes, “If there really exists any shortcut, then why will everyone still stay here There must be many ladies who also want to arrive at Prince Chengs Mansion immediately like you!”

Although she showed no interest in the position of Prince Chengs Consort, she also wanted to know what kind of person Prince Cheng was.

Compared with Qin Wanru who just arrived in the capital city, those ladies of aristocratic families were much more familiar with the roads.

Since everyone had to wait here, it was obvious that there was no shortcut, or roads to Prince Chengs Mansion had been blocked

Qin Wanru thought it was good to be stuck in traffic.

Everyone now had to stay here so she could quickly finish the banquet and leave when they finally arrived at Prince Chengs Mansion.

She could even claim that she worried about Madam Di who had to take a rest in Qins Mansion.

Since Madam Di had been seriously sick, the whole capital city had known that Qins Mansion was looking for good physicians to save her.

However, no matter who had come to check Madam Di, they just told her to have a good rest, which would have a great influence on her recovery.

Nobody dared to affirm that Madam Di would get better.

Qin Wanru had expected these physicians answers.

Even though she had not felt Madam Dis pulse in person, she almost inferred how Madam Di was.

Since the imperial physician, Doctor Li had no other way to help Madam Di fully recover, there might not be any other highly skilled physician who could help her in the world.

If there were any physician whose skills were better than those imperial physicians, he would be invited to treat Chu Liuchen in the imperial palace.

Compared with Chu Liuchens identity, Madam Di was nothing.

However, it would be a great excuse for her to leave Prince Chengs Mansion!

Since she had received the invitation card, she then couldnt turn it down but could leave earlier! Qin Wanru had sensed that Prince Chengs Mansion had become the vortex of this series of events so it would be better for her to get as far away from there as possible!

However, it seemed that only she thought in this way while Qin Yuru didnt.

Frowned, she looked Qin Yuru up and down.

A thought occurred to her! Did Qin Yuru like Prince Cheng

“If Mei Xue goes, then I will have no servant girl to serve me!” Qin Yuru said to Qin Wanru as she took it for granted while staring at her.

How could she still be so proud of herself Her answer almost amused Qin Wanru.

How could Qin Yuru still think she could act willfully here just as she was in Jiangzhou She still did whatever she wanted! Moreover, she even ordered Qin Wanru like ordering her servant!

“You must be kidding! I also have only one servant girl here!” answered Qin Wanru leisurely.

Then she just closed her eyes and didnt want to care about Qin Yuru.

“HEY HOW CAN YOU BE SO THOUGHTLESS! Your servant girl seems to be much cleverer! It is okay for her to do more things!” Seeing Qin Wanru overlook her, Qin Yuru shouted unwillingly.

Realizing Qin Wanru didnt want to talk to her, Qin Yuru then turned around and ordered Yujie, “Yujie, just get down and ask around to see if there is any other road to Prince Chengs Mansion.”

“First Miss, I belong to my Second Miss.

Since Second Miss doesnt want me to get down, I dare not to disobey her!” Yujie had always disliked Qin Yuru and she could not bear her anymore when hearing her ceaseless calls.

Thus, she quickly replied.

Her words sounded reverent, but from her answer, everyone could know that actually Yujie also ignored her.

Qin Yuru was so angry that she got cold hands and feet.

If they had not been here, she would have slapped them heavily!

Qin Yuru tried her best to suppress her anger.

Then she turned to Mei Xue who sat beside her, saying, “You get down and check around!”

“Yes!” Mei Xue hurriedly answered and got down the carriage.

Later, she came back and said anxiously, “First Miss, it is impossible for our carriage which has stopped here to leave, and they say they must check every carriage carefully! If there is any carriage which intends to leave, all at their peril!”

As expected, those carriages which had stopped here were not allowed to leave now!

Even though Qin Wanru didnt open her eyes, she didnt sleep and heard everything clearly.

Since she had known they could not avoid this traffic congestion, she now was very happy! Thus, she just kept closing her eyes to enjoy her rest.

“Bad luck!” Seeing there was no other way for them to leave here, Qin Yuru cursed viciously! Then she tried to lean against the carriage to have a rest, but when her eyes were just closed, she quickly opened them when feeling annoyed and anxious! She raised her hand and lifted the curtain up to watch the scenery outside.

“When will they interrogate us”

“They say that they will interrogate every carriage one by one and I guess it will be soon!” answered Mei Xue timidly.

Looking out the window, Qin Yuru gnashed her teeth resignedly.

Then she quickly turned around to glare at Qin Wanru extremely ferociously, seeming that she now blamed Qin Wanru for this traffic congestion!

Qin Yuru still didnt calm down in the carriage.

She then closed her eyes and for a while she opened them again, kept asking when they would be interrogated and lifted up the curtain to look outside.

Qin Yuru looked annoyed.

Even though she found nothing by checking outside frequently, others had noticed her because of her behavior.

There was a restaurant not far away from their carriage and a window of a private room faced exactly the street they were on.

Two men stood beside the window and looked down carefully.

The handsome man who had his hand behind had not noticed Qin Yuru at the very beginning because some other ladies also did the same thing among the troops of carriages.

However, Qin Yuru checked so frequently that nobody could compare with her.

It seemed that she would pop her head out of the window to check every minute.

“Who is she” After noticing Qin Yuru because of her high frequency, the slender and tall man asked a servant behind him.

The servant walked forward and watched her for a while.

After recognizing the symbol on the carriage carefully, he then answered respectfully, “Your highness, it is the carriage of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion!”

“Ningyuan Army General Qin Huaiyong” The prince thought for a while and asked.

“Yes, General Qin!” The servant nodded.

“How many daughters does he have” the prince asked casually.

Looking down, he actually didnt see Qin Yurus face but her hair, for Qin Yuru only looked at the front but didnt raise her head.

To show graciousness of the imperial palace, Prince Cheng asked his servants to send several invitation cards to many aristocratic families which had more than two daughters.

“Ningyuan Army General has two daughters but I heard that they are not his biological daughters!” answered the servant.

It seemed that Qins Mansion had always been very noisy for people in that mansion always caused troubles! Thus, even if he didnt ask others, he could know information about them.

“How” The prince seemed to be curious.

Actually, it was pitiful enough for Qin Huaiyong to have two daughters but no son.

Now, they were not his biological daughters! How poor Qin Huaiyong was!

“At the very beginning, it is only said that Second Miss is not his biological daughter.

There is a rumor saying that she was adopted by General Qin in the war and later he then decided to treat her as his own daughter! But recently, it is said that the First Miss is not his biological daughter because the madam of this general hit this lady heavily which made her hurt.

If she were the biological daughter, the madam of this general would not have punished her so cruelly!”

The servant replied.

“Madam of Ningyuan Army General is fierce, isnt she But I heard that she has been sick and their family keeps looking for physicians to save her life! They have even invited the imperial physician! Even the physician can do nothing about her sickness” the prince asked curiously.

The hottest topic in the capital city had been the assassination against Prince Cheng recently but everyone just talked about this privately.

As for Madam Di of Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion, everyone had an open discussion over her.

Besides, everyone would like to use this to weaken the influence brought by the assassination against Prince Cheng.


She is not only fierce but vicious! She even planed venomously to kidnap Second Miss to sell her off only because Second Miss Qin is not her biological daughter! Since she has arrived in the capital city, she now wants to kill the unborn baby of the associate wife of General Qin!” The servant told everything he knew to his master without any exaggeration!

“What a horrible woman!” The prince took a deep sigh, thinking that the so-called female virtues including morality, appearance, speech and specialty were only a performance for the public! It was hard to believe in these sayings.

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