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Chapter 393 A Bravado! To Invite Other Physicians to Check

Qin Huaiyong continued to say indifferently, “Your mother just asked Wanru to leave so you have to take care of your mother and dont let her get tired or emotional.

She is the one who gives life to you.

Even though she treats other badly, she never maltreats you!” Then, he turned around and walked away without any words.

“No, no, father! How, how can things become like this How” Behind him, Qin Yuru exclaimed sorrowfully, with a rare accent of indignation.

Even so, Qin Huaiyong ignored her and kept walking!

Since Qin Wanru came back from Madam Dis Yulan Pavilion, she went back to Xinning Pavilion first and was surprised to find Shui Ruolan was there! Seeing Qin Wanru back, Shui Ruolan quickly checked her around and finally relaxed when knowing Qin Wanru was alright.

She then let her sit beside her and asked a servant girl to serve a cup of tea.

“Wanru, is there any problem” she asked gently.


Father asked me to come back and claimed that Big Sister will look after Madam Di!” Qin Wanru answered with a smile as she picked up the cup and took a sip of tea.

“Isnt your Big Sister sick” Madam Dowager asked in surprise.

“She was sick.

When I went there, she still needed two servant girls to support her.

Now she is getting better and she doesnt need anyone to help her!” Qin Wanru replied, smilingly.

Her words sounded reasonable.

Thinking for a while, Madam Dowager looked gloomy and sighed.

“Thats her biological mother! She now has been sick and how can Yuru be unwilling to take care of her mother”

Madam Dowager simply thought Qin Yuru was reluctant to look after Madam Di but she would never know the other true reasons behind this matter.

“Well, it might be because this is all happening so fast!” Qin Wanru replied vaguely.

Since father didnt tell Madam Dowager and Shui Ruolan the truth, it was inappropriate for her to let them know.

“Yuru now is too…” Madam Dowager didnt believe her words for she knew clearly that Qin Yuru was selfish and cruel.

Since Madam Di had become like this, she would definitely be unwilling to take care of Madam Di and that was why they caused so many troubles.

Even though Madam Dowager knew what kind of person Qin Yuru was and what things Qin Yuru had done before, she didnt think in that way.

However, considering her character, she now believed that Qin Yuru might do things like that.

When it came down to it, she was affected by Madam Di and learned from her.

Thus, it could be said that Madam Di deserved it!

“What does the imperial physician say” Madam Dowager sighed again and asked.

She didnt want to bother herself with Madam Di and Qin Yurus matter so she changed the topic.

“Her vocal cords were injured which means that she might not be able to talk anymore.

However, thats not the most serious problem.

Madam Di suffered a stroke.

Although it is not quite bad, half her body might be paralyzed hereafter.

The doctor mentioned that she needs somebody to look after her and she should avoid being emotional and needs a quiet rest to recover.”

Qin Wanru summarized the imperial physicians words and answered.

Madam Dowager and Shui Ruolan exchanged surprised glances.

They never expected the situation would become so bad.

Madam Di couldnt take care of herself and might be deprived of the ability to speak

“Did the imperial physician really say those words” Madam Dowager still asked, looking incredulous.


Father now should have known it and thats why he came to Madam Dis courtyard.

When he got there, he happened to see Madam Di losing her temper so he just asked me to go back!”

Qin Wanru answered.

Madam Di had committed so many cruelties so she deserved it to some extent.

When she had become like this, Qin Huaiyong would definitely go to see her when he knew.

And that was an important reason why Qin Wanru provoked Madam Di particularly.

In consideration of Madam Dis current situation, she needed a person who could look after her all the time.

Even though it didnt mean that the daughter must do everything herself, she had to take care of her mother carefully and quit attending many parties hereafter.

Qin Yuru, who had always liked to be in the spotlight and intended to let Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion accept her as Madam of Duke Xings nominal daughter, certainly could not face the truth.

Qin Wanru never considered looking after Madam Di as she knew Madam Di was not good even though she didnt feel her pulse.

A quiet bed rest Madam Di would not settle down to take a good rest cure for she found out it was Qin Yuru who caused her illness.

Even if Qin Wanru helped her recover well, nobody would think highly of her.

Nevertheless, if she didnt serve Madam Di well, everybody would blame her for Madam Dis sickness.

In addition, Qin Wanru was not a saint.

If she returned good for evil, then what would be remaining for the good What goes around comes around!

Even so, she had to try, or Duke Yongs Mansion would definitely make troubles for her and so did Madam Di.

While she saw Madam Dis extremely venomous gaze, she realized that Madam Di had blamed her mother and her for her miserable situation.

“As things moves so fast, Madam Di must have not figured out a good way to torture me.

Over a period of time, she will have me take care of her and find a way to plot against me.

Since she now is in poor health, it is quite easy for her to pretend to faint and remain unconscious!”

To be honest, Qin Wanru was unwilling to get involved again.

Thus, she decided to shoot first by offering to serve Madam Di.

Now since she was rejected, she could claim that it was not because of her reluctance to take care of Madam Di but because of Madam Dis rejection of her help that she decided to leave.

Then whatever Duke Yongs Mansion intended to say, she had nothing to do with that and she believed that her father would explain clearly for her to Duke Yongs Mansion.

In order to advance, she just needed to retreat a little bit.

Now since she had nothing to do with Madam Dis matter, she just needed to keep a watchful eye on Yulan Pavilion.

She was sure that Madam Di and Qin Yuru would not live peacefully.

“Mother, since it is sister who turns Wanrus help down, then just let it go.

Otherwise, she may figure out something vicious again to torture Wanru later.” Looking at Madam Dowager, Shui Ruolan claimed.

When she knew Qin Wanru went to Madam Dis room, she felt anxious and quickly got Madam Dowager here.

But there was nothing Madam Dowager could do about it.

Shui Ruolan had planned to ask Qin Wanru back by making excuses for Qin Wanru or for herself several days later.

Since now Qin Wanru had been back, she could finally rest assured!

“Just let it be.

Madam Di cant blame others in that it is she who doesnt want Wanru.

Moreover, she has Yuru there take care of her.

Anyway, things about Yulan Pavilion can be given preference to from now on because, you know, she has been in such situation…” Madam Dowager gave another sigh.

She didnt expect that these things would happen to Madam Di.

No matter how Madam Dowager disliked Madam Di, she didnt think that Madam Di would be in such position.

“Dont worry, mother.

They will have the preference of those good things.” Nodding in agreement, Shui Ruolan promised.

In fact, they all knew the hidden meaning.

Why Madam Di had become like this was totally because of her own mistake.

However, to avoid being criticized by Duke Yongs Mansion, the best way was to serve Madam Di well and to show their kindness to her.

Since she had always showed a dying look, it was certain that she would not get better.

Anyway, it was quite easy for them to do surface acting in front of others!

“Old Grandma, since now Big Sister has moved to Madam Dis house, just let her take charge of everything.

If they wants and needs anything, just meet her demands as much as possible.

If Big Sister wants something else, wed better prepare for her.

If she wants something delicious or necessary for their life, let her have them.

I know there is a very good old maid who is good at making desserts in the kitchen and let her serve Madam Di!”

Thinking for a while, Qin Wanru said as her watery eyes rolled.

She had not figured out the suspicious old maids role so she decided to send her back to Madam Di and saw what Madam Di would react when finding her servant whom she sent away back again.

She would not keep silent!

“Good, very good.

Then let the dessert chef serve Madam Di and work in her little kitchen.” Madam Dowager nodded in agreement.

“Mother, is it necessary to invite other doctors to check There might be other ways to help Madam Di get better.” Shui Ruolan frowned and asked as she now noticed another problem.

“The imperial physician has diagnosed.

Will the imperial physician be unhappy when knowing we invite other physicians” Madam Dowager remained wary.

It was known that it was quite hard to have an imperial physician give a home visit.

It was Duke Yongs Mansion who invited this Doctor Li this time.

If they found other physicians, Madam Dowager was afraid that the imperial physician would think his professional ability was doubted by Qins Mansion.

Qins family just arrived in the capital city and didnt know much about those rules.

As Madam Dowager had left capital city for years, she wasnt clear that if there was a taboo on these matters.

“Old Grandma, no matter whether this Doctor Li will get irritated, we have to invite more physicians to check Madam Di.

Just look at her! If she misses the best period of treatment, she will be like that forever! Besides, we might be blamed for her current situation if some physicians doubt why we didnt find people to treat her in the future!”

Qin Wanru analyzed.

Her idea actually coincided with Duke Yongs Mansions.

This time they sent such a group of people to come here and they seemed to criticize her.

Had Qin Wanru not kept saying firmly that Prince Yue could testify for her, these people would have made a mess of everything!

They didnt come with good intention today.

“Mother, just invite physicians to see Madam Di! If she recovers, our mansion will reward for their effort!” Shui Ruolan nodded to show her agreement with Qin Wanru.

Regardless of whether there was a possibility to get Madam Di better, Qins Mansion must show their sincerity and determination to do their best to treat Madam Di.

“Okay, I will have Nanny Duan tell your father and let him make the decision!” Although Madam Dowager still remained worried, she decided to let Qin Huaiyong take charge of these matters.

Qin Huaiyong was a general and he must know better what was going on outside.

If those things were good for him and for Qins Mansion, then just do as he said.

Settling down this problem and having a free talk with them, Qin Wanru then left with Shui Ruolan after greeting Madam Dowager.

When they reached the door, Shui Ruolan stared at Qin Wanru as if she was about to say something.

“Mother Do you want to tell me something” Looking at Shui Ruolan, Qin Wanru knew she had something to tell her so she asked directly with a bright smile.

“Wanru, I do have something to ask you!” As Shui Ruolan answered, she turned around and walked towards the garden.

Qin Wanru then quickly followed.

Seeing Qin Wanru walking behind, Shui Ruolan hesitated for a second as she needed to choose appropriate words.

Then she asked, “Wanru, how do you think of Master Qi, you know, Qi Tianyu”

Qin Wanru raised her head in shock.

“How” Looking at Shui Ruolan, she asked with confusion, “Mother What do you mean”

“Your father says that Qi Tianyu is good at writing and some of the famous scholars in the capital city have approved his ability.

Besides, he now is well-known among those people who also participate in the metropolitan examination.

Many people are sure that he will pass the exam this time! Moreover, Duke Xing thinks highly of him.

It is said that on one hand, it is because of Qi Rongzhi while on the other hand, it is because of his character! Your father also believes that he will enjoy a bright future!”

Shui Ruolan frowned tightly and cast her hesitant gaze on Qin Wanru.

She knew for a woman, no matter how it sounded like a happy thing, a woman would not consider the mans future as the most important thing.

If she disliked him, however bright his future was, she would not care about that.

“Mother, is it father who lets you ask about my opinion” Standing firmly, Qin Wanru raised her head and looked at Shui Ruolan with her beautiful eyes in which there was a trace of calmness but also a hint of sarcasm.

She answered eloquently, “I would rather live alone all my life with only a lamp and a statue of Buddha than marry him!”

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