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“Your parents have been preparing betrothal gifts for your brother” Calming down, Qin Wanru asked anxiously.

“Yes! There are many gifts! They are much more precious than those our mansion gave your mansion before.

Well, it is unlikely that they are preparing those betrothal gifts for me!” Qi Baiyu answered ironically.

He was only a son of a concubine, so people in the Qi Mansion would not pay any attention to him.

Moreover, the size of betrothal gifts this time far outweighed that of the gifts Qi Tianyu gave Qin Yuru before.

From this, everyone then realized how important this occasion was going to be.

“What else do you know” Sitting up straight, Qin Wanru asked seriously.

“Nothing important.

I only know that they are preparing these betrothal gifts.

Besides, my brother has been frequenting your mansion recently.

If he is not visiting your mansion, then he just reads books at home.

If it is not your mansion, I do not know which other mansion our mansion is preparing the betrothal gifts for!”

Qi Baiyu replied casually.

Qi Baiyu was quite young, so he never thought too much.

Thus, his character was still immature.

After answering Qin Wanru, he then brought them back to the original topic again.

Grimacing at Qin Wanru, he said, “Qin Wanru, can you imagine that your sister is now having a lovers talk with my brother But I can hardly believe that she will marry into Duke Yongs Mansion, while she still behaves like this, right”

Qin Wanru sat there silently, with coldness in her eyes.

Grasping her handkerchief very firmly, she answered casually, “I dont know.” Her looks did not indicate whether she had heard what Qi Baiyu said.

Now she finally realized what was going on.

She had everything figured out! She knew the reason why Qi Tianyu was always at the Qin Mansion; she knew the reason why Qi Tianyu would treat Qin Yuru in such a modest way; she knew the reason why he reacted so unhappily when he heard Qin Yurus greeting of “Brother Tianyu”, but would call Qin Wanru “Sister Wanru” privately!

Suddenly, it all made sense.

It was part of his plan!

Angry and offended, Qin Wanru felt that all the blood in her body was racing toward her head! Biting her lips tightly, she tried her best to calm down.

“Qi Tianyu wants to marry me”

Now she was sure that she was the one Qi Tianyu decided to give the betrothal gifts to! That was why Qi Tianyu was always at the Qin Mansion; that was why he would pretend to have nothing to do with Qin Yuru in front of her; that was why he would address her by her nickname so intimately! “I see!”

“Qi Tianyu wants to marry me! And Qin Huaiyong is agreeable!”

There seemed to be blazing flames crackling and popping in her head.

However, she only felt a sense of extreme coldness in her heart, which left only a trace of hopelessness in her eyes.

Qi Baiyu finally noticed there was something wrong with Qin Wanru, when he found Qin Wanru ignoring him when he talked to her.

“Qin Wanru, are you alright” He turned to her and asked hurriedly.

“I am good.” Qin Wanru had done her best to control her anger and had now finally calmed down.

The corners of her mouth lifted slightly and she said, “I am afraid that your mansion is indeed preparing those betrothal gifts for our mansion!”

“How” Noticing the anger rising in her eyes, Qi Baiyu became serious and asked.

“I am afraid I am your dear elder brothers target!” Qin Wanru explained reluctantly, in a choked voice.

As her long eyelashes fluttered, she did not bother to hide the implacable hatred in her eyes.

“I will never stop until I die!” His voice kept haunting her.

This time, it seemed that Qi Tianyu would resort to using other tactics!

Qi Baiyu did not understand at the very beginning, but when he realized what was going on, he became angry.

Banging the table firmly, he shouted, “How dare he How can he still plan these things without feeling any regrets! If you had not been clever enough, you would have been ruined by him! Just look at them! He still wants to have an affair with Qin Yuru! How dare he try to marry you!”

The cup on the table shook and the water splashed around, because of his banging.

They knew clearly about the whole event.

Qin Wanru had almost destroyed by Qi Tianyu.

If Qin Wanru had not reacted quickly and smashed the sedan chair first, there would have been irreparable damages! If that had happened, how would things have turned out Qi Baiyu dared not even imagine.

Not only would Qin Wanru have been ruined, but he would also have been affected.

He had nearly been charged with the guilt of having an affair.

Even though he would not have been doomed eternally because of his gender, while Qin Wanru was only a girl, he could not have got away with that disaster, successfully.

When he did not think of this incident, Qi Baiyu still treated Qi Tianyu as his dear brother, but once this incident had happened to him, he would be suspicious of Qi Tianyu.

“Who mentioned that” Compared with Qi Baiyu, Qin Wanru was much calmer.

Qi Baiyu sat down again and said after thinking calmly for a while.

“It is my brother who talks about it.

There were no betrothal gifts sent to us before.

However, when these gifts started arriving at our mansion all of a sudden, my brother still accepted them normally, which means that he must have known about this thing.”

Qin Wanru paused and was not surprised by his words.

“When we were still in Jiangzhou, Magistrate Qi and his wife have always looked down upon me.

They knew that I was just an adopted child, because of the war.

But Qin Huaiyong must not have told them the truth, so they have always considered me as a normal orphan, who was lucky enough to be adopted by the kind-hearted Qin Huaiyong.”

“I am an orphan and I am not Qin Huaiyongs biological daughter.

Thus, for them, I can never compare with the daughter borne by Qin Huaiyongs concubine!”

“And thats why Magistrate Qi and his wife have always not regarded Qi Rongzhis bullying against me as a serious and important thing when we were in Jiangzhou!”

“Since they have overlooked these things before, they will never change their minds.

Even if they really want me to marry Qi Tianyu, they will not have prepared so many betrothal gifts, unless somebody has told them something.”

“A person who has the ability to talk to Magistrate Qi and his wife and lives in the capital city The person could be no other but Qi Tianyu!”

“However, what have I done How did Qi Tianyu turn to me and decide to marry me”

“Which part of me is attractive to Qi Tianyu My background Or does he know my real origin”

Origin Qin Wanru did not think that Qi Tianyu would be so clever to know about that.

If it was not the origin, then it must be the background that impressed the First Young Master of the Qi Family!

Ruian Great Elder Princess favor Or the event where she impressed Chu Liuchen and was saved by him

“Can I get the letter your parents sent to Qi Tianyu” Qin Wanrus eyes flared as she asked.

“I will try!” Qi Baiyu gnashed his teeth and replied.

When Qi Baiyu became serious, he was not the immature boy any more.

Qin Wanru had realized that a long time ago, when Qi Rongzhis incident erupted in Jingxin Monastery.

“Maybe he will find something when he leaves here tonight!” Qin Wanru warned Qi Baiyu.

She had once provoked Qi Rongzhi.

In consideration of Qi Rongzhis disposition, she would not leave until she did something.

Qi Rongzhi must have come to Qi Tianyu and told him that they both could not benefit from Qin Yuru after she was recognized as the accepted daughter of Duke Xings Mansion.

Considering this, Qi Tianyu would definitely stand on Qi Rongzhis side.

However, Qin Wanru was not sure that if this was related to her.

But Qin Wanru was pretty sure that Qi Tianyu would not keep his silence tonight, when considering Qi Rongzhis words, Qin Yurus words, the scene he witnessed and the things he wanted…

In this case, people always tended to find what was necessary to them.

Even if the man did not want to show it at once, he would keep it, in case he needed it.

At least, he would not get flustered when he really needed it.

Qi Tianyu had always been well prepared for everything.

When he knew the girl in the bridal sedan chair was not Qin Yuru, he did nothing, but waited.

He wanted to seize the best opportunity to destroy Qin Wanru.

“I know what to do.

Dont worry.

If I get any information, I will send someone to let you know!” Qi Baiyu nodded, with a vicious look.

Several servant girls came in with four bowls of noodles on four plates.

Since they reached an agreement, they knew there was nothing else to say.

Then they picked up a bowl of noodles respectively, and began to eat.

Qin Wanru had enjoyed some pieces of cakes before, so she felt full after taking only a few mouthfuls.

Qi Baiyu was hungry, so he ate all of the noodles and finished the soup.

When he finished, she found it was late so she said goodbye to Qi Baiyu, and then went back to her Zhifang Pavilion.

When Nanny Duan left, she told them she had to inform Madam Dowager to reassure her.

After Madam Dowager had gone to bed, they did not have to greet her.

When Qin Wanru left, she did not let her servant girls accompany her, but went back to the inner courtyard alone.

She walked very slowly.

She had to wait for Yujie to come back! Since Qi Tianyu wanted to marry her, he would not spend too much with Qin Yuru privately!

“Sister Yuru, come on.

Please dont cry.

I have explained to you that I will not forget you.

Never! However, you cant behave so intimately in front of others!” Qi Tianyu was holding Qin Yuru and comforted her softly.

However, his gaze was not on her, but at the darkness far away, with a trace of impatience in it.

They had been there for a long time.

He was not sure whether Qin Wanru and Qi Baiyu would be suspicious of him.

“Brother Tianyu, I, I know.

It is my fault.

I should not have listened to my mother.

If I had not, if I had not listened to her, I, I would have married you, Brother Tianyu…” Qin Yuru had not had any good days recently, while Di Yan and she disliked each other.

However, she had to tolerate all these.

At the very beginning, Di Yan would comfort her, but now he seldom said anything sweet and nice to her.

Qi Tianyu was much better than him.

He was so gentle and sweet.

Recalling the feeling when they kissed each other, Qin Yuru acted coquettishly and leant closely against Qi Tianyu, reluctant to leave as her body almost dissolved into a pool of water as she hugged Qi Tianyu.

“Sister Yuru, just let it go.

I will be your younger sisters husband, your brother-in-law.

We have to make sure that no one knows that we once had an affair with each other !” Qi Tianyu patted her on the shoulder and soothed her in a very mild voice.

“No, no! You belong to me! But how could things become like this!” Qin Yuru cried sadly, grabbing Qi Tianyus sleeve.

She suddenly reached out and put his hand slowly on her chest, crying, “Brother Tianyu, just sense it.

Feel my heart! I only have you in my heart! I, I cant live without you!”

With his hand seized by Qin Yuru, Qi Tianyu could not resist her move, even if he now had no feelings for her and had another plan.

He held Qin Yurus head, excitement rising in his eyes and kissed her roughly.

He was so nervous and excited that his hands trembled.

Qin Yuru responded to him involuntarily, moaning and gasping coquettishly.

Hearing that, Yujie curled her lips.

“What an indecent couple! They are going to marry others respectively! How dare they still meet privately and share kisses! Well, it seems that they are quite familiar with such stuff! They must have kissed like this many times before!”

After a moment, Qi Tianyu pushed Qin Yuru aside gently, panting and said, “We must pretend to have severed our relationship.

Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to meet in the future!”

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