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Chapter 376 The Mysterious Woman Standing at the Gate of the Palace

He didnt say much but there was a bit of craving under his eyes.

This eagerness made Empress Dowagers eyes red.

The grandson that she was most concerned about might not see these night scenes that he was eager for at a time.

“Its OK that Chener wants to take a rest!” The emperors expression became more and more gentle.

Such a gentle tone could not be seen by many concubines.

For a while, many jealous eyes entangled in Chu Liuchens body, but then a lot of sarcasm appeared on the corners of lips of many people.

He was just a sick prince, and nobody would care about a dying man.

“Thank you, my uncle!” Chu Liuchen said.

He went out of the hall with Xiao Xuanzi.

Outside the main hall, Chu Liuchen stood under the tree to calm himself down, and he reached out to rub his forehead.

There were many people in the main hall.

His head did feel a little uncomfortable.

When he was outside the main hall, he felt slightly better.

“Chener…” He heard a very soft voice beside his ears.

Chu Liuchen turned back and saw a beautiful woman appearing under the shadow of a tree, wearing light white clothes, and the moonlight shadow like stars dripped on them was like dark flowers printed on her clothes.

A pair of beautiful big eyes full of tears, looked at Chu Liuchen, which were full of longing.

The two palace maids stood behind her.

Seeing that she was going to fall down, they hurriedly reached out to help her, while secretly looking at Chu Liuchen.

Chu Liuchens eyes turned back calmly as if he didnt see the woman under the tree.

He shook his robe sleeves, turning and striding away.

Xiao Xuanzi looked at that woman.

After a quick ritual, he quickly caught up with Chu Liuchen.

Looking at the back of Chu Liuchen who was leaving, two lines of tears slowly slipped down on the pretty face of the woman.

“Imperial concubine, dont be sad.

Your Highness will understand you.” A palace maid comforted her in a low voice.

“Hes blaming me.

He has always been blaming me…” The woman muttered to herself, tears rolling down on her pretty cheeks like flowers.

She cried silently.

“Imperial concubine, Your Highness will definitely understand you in the future and will forgive you!” The palace maid comforted her again quickly.

“Lets go back!” she said.

The woman lowered her head and wiped her tears.

She raised her head after a long while.

“Arent we waiting for the emperor” said another palace maid, looking at the tall palace over there.

“Why should we wait!” The woman shook her head and her purpose of waiting here had been achieved.

So why should she wait again.

The two palace maids supported the woman to leave, as mysterious as when she came.

All the concubines ranked were in the hall and nobody knew who was she

“Master, where are you going” Xiao Xuanzi followed behind Chu Liuchen, and asked him anxiously when he did not mean to turn to his palace.

“Exit the palace to enjoy the night scene!” Chu Liuchen said casually as if the woman just now did not disturb his heart.

“At this time Would you like to take a break” Xiao Xuanzi felt that his masters face was too red.

Such a red face really didnt indicate that he was drunk

“No, lets go to see the scenes!” Chu Liuchen said.

“Yes, master!” Xiao Xuanzi hurriedly said.

After leaving the palace gate, Chu Liuchens carriage was stopped at the gate of the palace in an early time.

Chu Liuchen stepped on the carriage at the door, and the carriage moved slowly.

In the carriage, Chu Liuchens long eyes narrowed slightly.

He held his head with one hand, leaning on the couch on one side.

“Master, Second Miss is traveling with First Miss of Qins Mansion and two Childes of Qis mansion today.

The two Childes of Qis mansion are the two sons of Jiangzhou magistrate before!”

Xiao Xuanzi reported to Chu Liuchen.

“Why should they follow her” Chu Liuchen said lightly.

“I dont know.

Maybe it is because that General Qin is afraid that his two daughters will get lost, so he finds them.

When they were in Jiangzhou, the two families had good relationship!”

“When they were in Jiangzhou, they had good relationship but they didnt have marriage relationship.

Now they are like this.

They could really go back to their original situation! He really had a big heart! Check what Qin Huaiyong wants to do!” Chu Liuchen sneered.

“Yes, I know.

I will ask people to check it now!” Xiao Xuanzi nodded.

This was indeed a peculiar thing, and it seemed to be abnormal.

“Where is she” Chu Liuchen said for granted.

“Second Miss is strolling on the street and when she separated with others, she entered a calligraphy and painting shop.

It was the calligraphy and painting shop that the shopkeeper had always been looking for that unknown generals calligraphy.

After entering, she has not come out yet!” Although Xiao Xuanzi followed Chu Liuchen all the time, he had got the news early.

“Go there!” he said lazily.

Chu Liuchens lips hooked slightly.

“Yes, its not far from here, and it will be faster to get around from behind!” Xiao Xuanzi lifted the curtains and looked at the night view outside.

It was very suitable to pass from here in the past, and it was fast, but today was different.

People were blocking the main road, so going around on the small streets would be faster.

The carriage turned silently in one direction, and then entered a junction …

Qin Wanru looked at the eyes of Xiao Xuanzi in front of her in shock and covered her face with a piece of parchment.

Qin Wanru also recognized that it was Xiao Xuanzi.

“Second Miss, come in with me.

Our master is waiting for you inside!”

Xiao Xuanzi stood at the door not far behind Qin Wanru and said to Qin Wanru with a smile.

“Where is Yujie” Qin Wanru looked around, failing to find the figure of Yujie.

“Yujie has already gone into it and she is in the yard now.

Second Miss, please!” Xiao Xuanzis smiling face was like a blossoming flower, and he stretched his fingers behind him.

Qin Wanru stepped helplessly.

When she went in the yard, she saw that Yujie did stand in the yard, but she was blocked by a guard in front of her, and the sword in his hand was across in front of Yujie.

“Let her go!” Qin Wanru said with a bit anger.

The courtyard door was closed.

Xiao Xuanzi took off the handkerchief on his face and waved his hands.

The sword in the guards hand fell, and Yujie hurried to Qin Wanrus side, and said anxiously, “Miss!”

She was thinking about answering the words of her Miss, but she was pulled into this place by someone and before she was to talk, a sword reached her neck.

She was so scared that she did not dare to move.

When she saw it was Xiao Xuanzi now, she relieved!

“Dont be anxious, Yujie.

This is to hide ourselves from others eyes!” Xiao Xuanzi smiled and came over to apologize to her.

Yujie gave him a stern glance and said nothing.

“Wheres your master” Qin Wanru asked, looking at the empty courtyard.

“My master is waiting for you upstairs.

Second Miss, please quickly go up!” Xiao Xuanzi reached out his hands and pointed at the attic over his head.

There was light in the attic, and only one figure could be seen.

Qin Wanru sighed helplessly and turned to walk in the room.

Yujie wanted to keep up with her movements, but was pulled by Xiao Xuanzi.

“Yujie, please enjoy the scenery downstairs.

The attic is where our masters appreciate the scenery, and we cant be insurgents!”

“Yujie, you stay downstairs!” Qin Wanru said slowly after setting her pace.

Needless to say this was the meaning of Chu Liuchen.

“Yes, Miss!” Although Yujie was unwilling, she had to stay, and gave Xiao Xuanzi a stern glance, shaking her hand fiercely to shake away the hands of Xiao Xuanzi.

She stood under the wall on the one side of the courtyard alone.

“Who wants to appreciate the night view, you do it if you want!”

Looking at Qin Wanru in front, who stepped into the room one step by one step, Xiao Xuanzi smiled with satisfaction.

He looked at Yujie who was still very angry, running over and pointing at the wing next to them.

“Do you want to go there to sit for a while There are prepared pastries brought from the palace.”

The pastries from the palace Yujie was moved by him.

Seeing that Yujie was hesitating, Xiao Xuanzi followed her at once and said, “They were prepared by the imperial chef in the palace for today.

Even if you want to eat them in the past, you may not have them!”

Even the people in the palace might not necessarily eat them, which could indicate that they were good things.

Yujie felt that she was hungry.

She ate a few in the mansion before, but it was only a little bit!

But even so, she didnt intend to forgive Xiao Xuanzi.

She gave him a stern glance, turned and strode to the compartment.

She was hungry now, so she wanted to eat these pastries first…

Qin Wanru stepped up the stairs step by step, turned a bend, and went up to the attic on the second floor.

There was a light in the attic, and there was a table next to the window with many dishes.

The dishes were very hot, so it should be cooked just now and delivered on the table.

At this time, Chu Liuchen had sat back to the chair and reached out his hands to pick up the cup in front of him.

He took a sip and slowly turned his head.

His handsome face had a flush that never appeared in the past.

He made people more and more feel that he was like a jade and no one was paralleled with him.

Such a Chu Liuchen even made people feel amazing.

Handsome and flawless, unparalleled in the world.

Qin Wanru had to admire Chu Liuchens face, which was so beautiful that women would be ashamed of their faces.

Such an appearance lacked certain beauty because of his pale face in the past.

But now it would be a little more enchanting than before.

“Come, sit down!” Chu Liuchen reached out his hands and pointed at the chair opposite him.

There was a table full of dishes with two chairs.

Looking from the window, it was an excellent place.

Qin Wanru walked here.

After sitting down, she immediately swallowed a drool secretly in front of a plate of sweet pastries.

She wasnt full actually.

Before when she was in Qins Mansion, Qi Tianyu and Qin Yuru sat there.

She observed them carefully without eating much.

The thing was too weird so she lost her mind about eating.

At this time, she became hungry because of the smell of the dishes in front of her.

Her stomach not only felt hungry but also made a sound.

Hearing the sound besides her ears, Qin Wanrus face was stunned first, then flushed, and then she looked at Chu Liuchen in shame, not even knowing how to react.

Even though she was reborn again, she had never encountered such an embarrassing moment.

As a Miss of aristocratic family, she was so hungry that her stomach made a sound in front of Chu Liuchen.

What situation it was.

Chu Liuchen was also stunned.

He raised his handsome eyes and looked at Qin Wanru.

No matter how intelligent he was, he could not expect such a scene.

Later, when he saw Qin Wanrus ashamed eyes, he suddenly laughed…

Qin Wanru tried hard to keep herself calm and wanted to make her look normal, but when she saw Chu Liuchens overly handsome face with smile, her face was flushed like blood.

And what made her feel more ashamed was that her stomach made a sound again!

It even made a sound again…

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