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Chapter 367 What a Big Trap

What nonsense!” In a moment of fluster, Qin Yuru scolded and screamed at the doctor with her hand pointing at him, “Who are you, the vulgar man How dare you talk nonsense! If not poisoned, then why would my mother get poisoned before That one is the best doctor in the capital city.

Do you dare to say you are better than him”

“The best doctor in the capital city” The doctor who came later raised his eyebrows, glanced at the doctor who tried to hide behind the crowd and said indifferently, “Well, he is the best one in the city but I possess the medical skills which have been handed down from my ancestors.

By the way, I am sure that I am much better than the so-called famous doctor who once killed his patient!”

“He killed his patient”

“You, you make nonsense!” Qin Yuru stunned and was at a loss for words.

The latter stood up, walked into the crowd and pulled the former out.

He stared the former up and down and said, “It is unexpected to see you here since that accident happened.

You have said you would leave here before, havent you”

Qin Wanru felt funny.

It seemed that the doctor who came first was very doubtful.

Moreover, normal doctors would not be willing to play along with Madam Dis game in that most of them cherished their reputation and nobody would do that, except those who were not well-known yet.

Even though Madam Di had claimed again and again that this doctor was good and consulted him before, Qin Wanru had doubted him.

However, she didnt expect that they knew each other.

What a surprise!

“I, I was about to leave but, you know, something happened in the mansion, and, and then they asked me to come here…” The former suddenly lost his swagger and answered timidly.

“You sprayed yourself with safflower powder, dont you Otherwise, why would you have such a heavy smell of safflower Is that necessary for you to pour safflower powder over yourself when treating a poisoned patient Dont you fear that something bad might happen to the pregnant lady in the mansion when she breathes in your heavy smell of safflower powder” the latter asked severely.

“I, I never think of… that.” The former got into a panic.

“Never think of that Or you do know there is a pregnant madam in Qins Mansion, dont you” When the latter doctor walked into the courtyard, he saw Shui Ruolan who had a baby bump and quickly noticed that she was pregnant.

“I, I…” The former doctor didnt expect to see a peer here, a peer who enjoyed a great reputation in the capital city.

With his face turning red, he was made speechless for a while.

Suddenly he shouted, “I AM HERE TO TREAT SOMEONE! Everything is in a mess! And I do never think of that!”

“Then why would you spray yourself with safflower powder” The latter doctor didnt intent to let go of him and asked sharply.

“I was, I was organizing medicinal herbs at home and I spilled the safflower powder because of my carelessness!” The former had no choice but to give such a weird answer.

“Spilled the safflower powder” Qin Huaiyongs voice suddenly came behind the crowd.

He slightly pushed Shui Ruolan whom he was holding to the back and said to her in a low voice, “Youd better go to the yard first.”

When Qin Huaiyong came back, someone immediately told him that Madam Di hung herself because Shui Ruolan had always wanted to push her out and nobody knew how Madam Di was on now.

Hearing the news, Qin Huaiyong came here hurriedly.

Although he had no more feelings for Madam Di, things would get complicated if she really died.

The Old Madam of Duke Yongs Mansion was not a person who could be trifled with and if Madam Di died, the Old Madam would cause a big trouble!

Whats worse, the agreement Duke Yongs Mansion and Qins Mansion finally reached would be gone!

As he came to Yulan Pavilion, he saw Shui Ruolan sitting in the courtyard leisurely.

Qin Huaiyong felt a bit angry for the incident was related to Shui Ruolan but she just sat there and looked relaxed and didnt concern herself about Madam Di.

Qin Huaiyong even thought that maybe everything his servants told him was true and maybe Shui Ruolan did plot against Madam Di, making her keep causing troubles and making Qin Yuru notorious.

Seeing Qin Huaiyong coming, Shui Ruolan quickly bowed to him while Qin Huaiyong only snorted, dragged her and strode towards the yard.

When hearing the latter doctors words, he finally realized that he misunderstood her.

A heavy smell of safflower haunted the former doctor, making her unable to stay in the room.

Shui Ruolan looked up at Qin Huaiyong and then she slightly touched her belly when her gaze turned indifferent.

As Qin Huaiyong asked her to leave here, she looked at him, nodded and then turned around and left.

“Madam, youd better have a seat!” Qionghua said softly.

Taking a deep breath, Shui Ruolan tried to suppress the bad feeling in her mind.

She reached out and caressed her belly softly.

Then she walked towards the stone bench she sat just now.

Even though she had nothing, she had her baby! Deciding not to think about those complicated things, Shui Ruolan tried her best to calm down and not to be influenced by other things.

Wanru was right.

She could not lose her baby.

Nothing would matter if her baby was still there.

“Father, mother, mother was dying.

Now you are here just in time.

Please come and see her! How, how would she take things too hard and decide to hang herself” Seeing Qin Huaiyong here, Qin Yuru rushed out, grasped Qin Huaiyongs coat and burst out crying.

As she had cried for a long time before, now her voice sounded hoarse, her eyes looked red and swollen and her hair was messy, making her looked quite pity.

Qin Huaiyong had never seen Qin Yuru like this before so he felt a bit sad and just let Qin Yuru take him to Madam Di.

Qin Wanru caught the trace of sadness on Qin Huaiyongs face.

With her long eyelashes lowering, it seemed there was almost no emotion in her eyes.

Then she raised her eyes again and looked calm.

Knowing Qin Huaiyong was here, Madam Di finally moved.

She covered her chest with her hands and seemed to say something but she only made sounds like “ah, ah” and failed to say a complete sentence.

“Mother…” Qin Yuru cried heavily, let go off Qin Huaiyong and rushed to Madam Di.

When she nearly fell upon Madam Di, she quickly stopped, took Madam Dis hands and cried, “Mother, mother, if you died, what should I do! I could not live without you!”

Seeing Qin Yurus sorrowful and anguished look, Qin Wanru just wanted to laugh.

What a good actress! Qin Yuru just wanted to kill Madam Di but now she pretended to feel sorrow and anguish and made everyone believe that she loved her mother very much and would not do anything to hurt her mother.

“How do you feel now” Seeing Madam Dis miserable look, Qin Huaiyong looked a little bit soft and asked.

Madam Di jerked her hands out Qin Yurus and grabbed Qin Huaiyong.

With tears falling, she wrote words on his hand with her fingers.

Qin Wanru knew clearly that Madam Di wrote down “Shui Ruolan” on Qin Huaiyongs hand.

“How could Madam Di still remember to plot against Shui Ruolan even when she has become like this!” Qin Wanru sneered.

“It should be Madam Di herself who set this trap and it should be Madam Di who planned the poisoning and the so-called famous doctor.

Madam Di must hang herself when knowing that mother and I were coming here.”

Moreover, the rope was short and it couldnt kill anyone.

Qin Wanru supposed that Madam Di was to pretend to faint so that Qin Huaiyong would not send her out the mansion at this time.

Madam Di must have bought off the several elders and asked them to testify against Shui Ruolan when things happened.

Then when Qin Huaiyong came back, the dice is cast.

Accused by everyone and influenced by the safflower powder sprayed on the doctor, Shui Ruolan was vulnerable when getting angry.

However, even if something awful happened, she could not blame it on Madam Di who should be unconscious according to the plan, which put her out of this.

It was a big, vicious and dangerous trap.

Qin Wanru was sure that not only Madam Di was planning this but also Duke Yongs Mansion was behind the scenes.

Otherwise, it was impossible for Madam Di to set such a huge trap so quickly while she had been released for only one day.

Well, Madam Di didnt expect that Qin Yuru would use her death in exchange for her huge benefit.

If Madam Di died, Shui Ruolan could not keep herself out of this accident even if she was innocent.

It must turn out to be internecine, or worse.

“Father, it is Madam Shui who poisoned mother! She cant take this anymore so she decided to kill herself!” Qin Yuru cried.

Qin Wanru walked forward and bowed deeply to Qin Huaiyong calmly.

“Father, the doctor just checked Madam Di and it turns out that Madam Di didnt get poisoned at all.

As for the rumor, I found out that only Nanny Zhou once said this while others didnt know at all.

Well, about this doctor who sprays himself with safflower powder, father, please figure out the source of the safflower powder!”

Qin Wanru didnt mention the three sophisticated elders.

They were frightened by Qin Wanru once and she was sure that they would not dare to act rashly.

They would stay still till they had a clear goal.

If she dominated the situation, the three elders would not walk into the room rashly.

“No poisoning” Qin Huaiyong frowned.

Madam Di grabbed Qin Huaiyong and shook her head with her tears dropping, which made her look pity.

“YOU LIAR!” Qin Yuru screamed and pointed at Qin Wanru.

She could not accept those words.

“Father, if you dont believe, you can send someone to figure out.

Qin Wanru answered unhurriedly.

Madam Dis cruelty and viciousness against others were outrageous, but she would never treat herself like this.

“She had vomited up everything.

How can we find them” said Qin Yuru coldly.

“Vomited Where did you throw” Qin Wanru continued to ask with her calm expression.

Nanny Zhou quickly answered, “After Madam Di had vomited, and I poured the vomit and cleaned up with water!”

Then there was no trace left! Hearing Nanny Zhous answer, Qin Yuru relaxed and felt proud.

She knew that Nanny Zhou would not ignore such an obvious bug when she had been Madam Dis right hand for years!

“Second Sister, since she had cleaned up, where can you find the vomit and how” Qin Yuru choked with sobs, looking pity and a bit angry.

“You cleaned up everything” Qin Wanru ignored her but turned to ask Nanny Zhou.

“Yes, everything.

It was an unpleasant smell so I didnt want to keep the vomit.

So I cleaned up everything very soon!” Nanny Zhou kept nodding.

“Very soon Then when”

“Once Madam vomited up everything, I went to clean it up!”

“Once Madam Di vomited, Nanny Zhou you cleaned it up.

Then do you know if Madam Di was poisoned at that time” Qin Wanru probed into the detail and asked.

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