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“Qin Wanru, with no outsiders here at this moment, you dont need to pretend.

You dropped and smashed my bracelets that day.

Isnt it because you cant bear to see that my bracelets were rewarded by Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion” Qin Yuru said with a sneer.

There were no others in the room indeed.

Besides Qin Yuru and Qin Wanru, only their henchmen were present.

Others might not know something, but the maids did.

Qin Yuru and Qin Wanru were incompatible, and just pretended to be intimate sisters in front of others.

Nevertheless, although all the maids present were henchmen, they were still different.

Yujie stood with a calm face behind Qin Wanru, and even dared to steal a glance at Qin Yuru lightly, as if she didnt care about Qin Yurus words and stood here just to watch the show.

Her expression and Qin Wanrus mild expression formed a delightful contrast.

Both of them didnt panic.

Behind Qin Yuru were Mei Xue and Meiyan.

Both of them lowered their heads and stood quietly, motionless, as if neither of them existed.

They dared not glance at Qin Wanru.

Now everyone in the mansion knew that the Second Miss was tough.

Mei Xue and Meiyan had taken the initiative to bully her, but now they no longer dared to act rashly.

In contrast, Qin Yuru felt wronged.

They were in her room, but her maids were not as at ease as Qin Wanrus maid.

“Big Sister, why do you say that I dont know what you mean by saying this.

Why do you say that its my fault Others dont know what happened on that day clearly, but you must know it clearly.

With no outsiders here at this moment, you dont have to pretend to be wronged anymore.

The trouble was caused by you.

I was actually involved in it by you.

After all, Im also a daughter of the Qin family!”

Qin Wanrus smile faded.

Although she still looked mild, she said in a sharp tone.

“Qin Wanru, how dare you insist saying that” Qin Yuru trembled in anger.

Others didnt know what had happened in the carriage clearly, but both she and Qin Wanru knew it.

However, now Qin Wanru did not admit it.

Madam Di had said that in this case, it was extremely easy for Qin Wanru to become complacent.

After all, she and her mother had already fallen into such a situation.

At this time, with no one around, Qin Wanru could tell the truth.

“Big Sister, why cant I say that Since you did it, I can mention it.” Qin Wanru smiled coldly and stood up.

“I intended to come and see how you are doing.

I thought that Madam Di is leaving soon, so you must be sad.

Although we are on bad terms with each other, both of us are the members of the Qin family.

However, it seems that you dont care about Madam Di at all, but keep arguing with me.

Well, Im leaving!”

After finishing her words, Qin Wanru turned around and was about to leave.

“Qin Wanru, dont you feel guilty for making my mother fall into this situation My mother has raised you up.

Even though shes a little bit biased towards me, you should be grateful for her upbringing.

At least she has treated you sincerely!” Qin Yuru yelled at the top of her voice.

Qin Wanru stopped without turning around.

“Big Sister, are you asking me to thank Madam Di for not having succeeded in kidnapping me from Jingxin Monastery and selling me”

Her words made Qin Yuru pause for a moment, but Qin Yuru responded quickly and immediately said, “Second sister, is it the reason why you hate my mother and intend to ruin my mother and me”

“Big Sister, I dont know what you mean by saying this.

I just want to tell you that the fact that Madam Di intended to ruin my reputation and even sell me for the sake of you has wiped out my gratitude for her upbringing.

Regarding other things, I dont want to look into or mention them.

I hope that you can stop mentioning that I should be grateful for her upbringing.

If she raises me up with the intention of ruining me, she shouldnt have done that!”

Qin Wanru slowly turned her head and looked at Qin Yuru with coldness in her watery eyes.

Madam Di had raised her up If it werent for her biological father who died for saving Qin Huaiyong, the Qins Mansion would not necessarily raise her up.

Or even if they did that, they would not raise her up as a Miss.

It could be said that her biological father had exchanged his life for everything she got, so she didnt need to be grateful for Madam Dis upbringing.

If she should be grateful for that, how should they return the favor of saving Qin Huaiyongs life Should they return it with another life

Feeling hatred and pain in her heart, she clenched her fists tightly at the bottom of her sleeves with a pale face and her lips closed.

After finished speaking, she gave Qin Yuru a hard look and turned to leave.

Yujie caught up with her after trotting for a while.

The scene was completely like that Qin Wanru was wronged by Qin Yuru and left in anger.

Qin Yuru stamped her foot with hatred.

Watching Qin Wanru leave, she gnashed her teeth in anger.

Qin Wanru was so tight-lipped that she didnt reveal anything.

“First Miss, you said that the Second Miss dropped and smashed your bracelets on purpose, but why did she say that you are the one who did it” Watching Qin Wanru leave, Nanny Huang, who came behind from the screen, said thoughtfully.

“Nanny Huang, trust me.

Its really Qin Wanru who trapped me.

She intends to prevent me from returning to Duke Xings Mansion.” Qin Yuru gnashed her teeth, said in anger and looked coldly at Qin Wanru.

If her gaze was material, Qin Wanru could have been killed for a thousand times.

“First Miss, it doesnt matter whether I trust you or not.

You should make others trust you.

Now everyone is talking about your deeds.

They say that you are not only arrogant but also vicious.

You just shifted all the blame onto your younger sister after the accident.

Besides, you cursed and beat your younger sister on the street.

It can be seen that youve always done the same thing in your mansion.

Virtue, chastity and dignity are the most important things for a lady from an aristocratic family.

But you dont have any of them!”

Nanny Huang sighed helplessly and looked at Qin Yuru suspiciously.

She actually wanted to believe what Qin Yuru said.

Hearing Qin Wanru come over, she immediately hid herself and asked Qin Yuru to sound Qin Wanru out and make Qin Wanru tell the truth.

Unexpectedly, it still sounded like Qin Yurus fault.

Although Nanny Huang was wise, she didnt know what to do for a while.

Even now she didnt know whether she should trust Qin Yuru.

“Nanny Huang, my mother has entrusted you to take care of me and said that she will return you the favor in the future.

You know my family background now.

I will be a Miss of Duke Xings Mansion after returning to Duke Xings Mansion.

Considering my status, are you still not willing to help me” Qin Yuru collected her thoughts, turned her head to look at Nanny Huang and said coldly.

When Madam Di came to see Qin Yuru yesterday, Madam Di took Nanny Huang with her deliberately and told Nanny Huang to help Qin Yuru in the coming days.

“First Miss, are you really the daughter of the former Heir of Duke Xing and Infanta Qinghua” Nanny Huang looked at Qin Yuru with her eyes drifting.

Since she knew the news, she had always felt dubious.

Was this true

If it was true, Qin Yurus identity was indeed unusual, or could even be considered noble.

Ruian Great Elder Princess had no other relatives now.

If Qin Yurus identity was confirmed, Nanny Huangs status would be promoted as well.

As the emperors aunt, Ruian Great Elder Princess had an unusual status in the royal family.

“Nanny Huang, mother told you the truth yesterday.

Do you still not believe it now If it isnt true, Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion wouldnt think highly of me or even support me.

If it werent for that fact that my second sister has happened to save Old Madam, she could have been suppressed now!”

Qin Yuru said with a sneer.

Her words made Nanny Huang fall silent, and the balance in her heart swung to Qin Yurus side.

She had clearly known that Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion had sent someone here.

If it werent for the fact that Old Madam knew the identity of Qin Yuru, it was impossible for Old Madam to directly intervene in the affairs of the Qins Mansion.

In the capital, everyone knew that this Old Madam had spent most of her time worshipping the Buddha and rarely appeared in front of others.

Even if her relatives came to her mansion for some business, she rarely showed up.

How could she intervene rashly in the affair of a Miss who had just moved to the capital, not to mention that the Qins Mansion wasnt related to Duke Xings Mansion at all

Nanny Huang had lived in the capital for so many years, and knew some bygones in the capital.

Thinking of this, she nodded instantly.

“First Miss, rest assured.

I will help you!”


Nanny, can you tell me what to do next” Seeing Nanny Huang convinced, Qin Yuru was overjoyed and said hurriedly.

“Today is the eve of the Spring Festival, and we are going to worship the ancestors.

Madam Di is leaving tomorrow.

If there is still a chance, we can only do it today.

Do you want to keep Madam Di here or stay out of the trouble” Nanny Huang asked.

Since Qin Yuru was not the biological daughter of Madam Di, Nanny Huang felt that it was not necessary to consider Madam Di at this time.

“I naturally want to keep my mother here.

My mother has always been nice to me for so many years and secretly helped me find the home of my biological parents this time.

How dare I forget her great kindness Besides, if someone doubts my identity, my mother could testify for me.

She has some evidence to prove that!”

Qin Yuru said hurriedly.

Nanny Huang nodded secretly, and looked slightly eased.

Although the First Miss was unreliable with a terrible character and manners, she still had an advantage of being grateful for others kindness.

Madam Di had raised her for so many years, so she sincerely treated Madam Di.

It made Nanny Huang believe that the First Miss would also be grateful after she helped the First Miss.

“Since you think so, we can do that.

Regarding what Madam Di has done, theres no doubt that the general is disgusted and must send Madam Di away.

Nevertheless, the Second Miss and Madam Shui are the most displeased with Madam Di, right” Nanny Huang said cautiously.

“Yes, the two of them have always been displeased with me and my mother.” Qin Yuru nodded repeatedly.

“At this moment, if Madam Di and Madam Shui quarrel with each other, and something terrible happens to Madam Di, the General wouldnt drive Madam Di away instantly even if he is cruel!”

Nanny Huang said after thinking for a while.

“Nanny Huang, do you mean that my mother could quarrel with Shui Ruolan, and then pretend to be sick” Qin Yuru asked, opening her eyes wide.

“No, she cant pretend to be sick.

The general wont believe it.

She should be really sick!” Nanny Huang reminded her with a hint of hesitation across her eyes.

It was actually the scheme Nanny Zhou offered her yesterday.

Gnashing her teeth, Qin Yuru asked coldly, “Nanny Huang, what should we do”

She wanted to make it more significant if possible…

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